How to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android

by: Jimmy WestenbergJuly 20, 2016
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There was once a time when transferring contacts from one mobile platform to another meant manually typing in an endless amount of names, phone numbers and other information. Our smartphones can now do most of the work for us. And for the most part it can be accomplished in a very small amount of time.

Which is the best way to transfer contacts from an iPhone to an Android phone? Today we’ll walk you through all of the easiest methods, so you can get started and enjoy your Android device in no time.

If you need any help at all, feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll do our best to help you out as soon as possible!

Method #1 – Sync contacts with your Google account


First and foremost, to use your Android phone you’ll need a Google account. If you have yet to set one up, head to Google’s homepage and select the “create account” option. You can also do this directly from your smartphone, but the desktop experience is much better.

Once you’ve created your Google account, pick up your iPhone and navigate to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” section of your Settings menu. This is where you’ll enter in your Google account. Press the “Add Account” button, select the Gmail option, and enter in your login information.

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Your iPhone will then ask which parts of your Google account you’d like to sync. Make sure the Contacts option is selected; then your iPhone and Android devices will start syncing contacts with one another. This is the part where you’ll need to be patient. If you have a lot of contacts, it could take awhile. Just make sure to keep an internet connection while your contacts are syncing.

It should be noted that your iPhone won’t tell you when your contacts are done syncing. To check on their progress, navigate to the Google Contacts website from your desktop, sign in with your Google account, and check up on the list of contacts from there.

Once your contacts are done syncing, log in to your Android device with your Google account information, and you should be all set!

Method #2 – Transfer with iCloud


If you have iCloud enabled on your iPhone, this method should take no time at all.

On your iPhone, go to Settings, choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then choose “Accounts” where you should see “iCloud” listed. Choose this option, then turn on the toggle for “Contacts”. Your iPhone will prompt you to “Merge” your device’s contacts with iCloud.

Once this process is done, navigate to on your computer’s web browser, log in with your Apple ID, then select “Contacts”. Click on the gear icon in the lower-left corner, then press “Select All”. After that, click the wheel again and choose “Export vCard”.

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Navigate to, click on the “Mail” button, then select “Contacts”. Click the “More” tab, select “Import”, select “Choose File”, then select your saved vCard file. When it gets done importing, Gmail will display the number of contacts that have been imported. At this point you may have some duplicate contacts, and getting rid of these is easy. Simply press the “Find & Merge Duplicates” button under the “More” tab.

Method #3 – Transfer with iTunes

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If your contacts are stored locally or you’re using an account other than Gmail, you can also transfer your contacts through iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer.

First, connect your iPhone to your computer. Open iTunes and navigate to the device screen by clicking “iPhone” in the upper right-hand corner. Open the Info tab, then check the box next to “Sync Contacts with.” Choose “Google Contacts” from the dropdown menu, then enter your Google account information when prompted.

Once your iPhone is finished syncing, log in to your Android device with your Google account information, and your contacts should all be there.

Method #4 – Use a third party application


If for some reason the aforementioned methods don’t work for you, using a third party application may do the trick. Here are two of the best apps we’ve found in the Google Play Store:


With PhoneSwappr, you’ll be able to send all of your contacts to the cloud and easily retrieve them from another device. To begin, you’ll want to download PhoneSwappr to both your Android and iOS device. Open it on your iPhone, and click the “Send Contacts to Cloud” button. It might take a few minutes to synchronize. Once that’s complete, you’ll be shows a 6-digit code. Be sure to write this code down on a piece of paper so you don’t lose it!

Open the app on your Android device, and click the “Get Contacts from Cloud” button. Enter in the confirmation code, and wait for all of your contacts to sync with your device. This step might take a few minutes.

If everything went according to plan, your contacts should be automatically added to your Contacts app!

Download PhoneSwappr from Google Play
Download PhoneSwappr from the App Store

My Contacts Backup

My Contacts Backup is probably the most popular app for transferring contacts, but requires a few more steps than the first app. Download My Contacts Backup from the Apple Appstore. Once downloaded, open the app, and press the Backup button. Once the backup is complete, press the send button, and enter in your email address.

The app will send a .vcf file to your email address. Once the email has been sent, open the email from your Android phone, and click on the file. Once you get confirmation that your contacts have been added, head to your Contacts app to make sure everything transferred over correctly.

Download My Contacts Backup from the App Store

There are a few more ways to transfer contacts from iPhones to Android devices, but the two listed above are by far the easiest. Do you have any other methods? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  • Anon

    i use CoBook – it a free app for mac and ios (with android coming i believe). it will sync your between google and icloud contacts, as well as connect with FB, linkin, twitter. i just installed it on my mac, did some tweaking, let it sync, and that’s it.

  • CmnSent

    If you back up your contacts to google (as I recommend everyone to do), then whatever device you sign on to(iPhone or Android), will import your contacts automatically. I do not understand why people dont do this. Use Yahoo if you would like, no matter. All contacts should be saved to your account, Not to your phone.

    • calinere

      Hello, here is a method which may help, and i’d like to share it with all of you:

    • WRP

      Some of us who have hundreds or more business contacts in google might NOT want all of these in their phone.

    • Dr Sudhansu Kumar Dash

      I just bought a Samsung Galaxy s4 (still using my trusty iPhone4s). I tried to transfer data from my iPhone to new Android with Samsung Smart Switch but I could manage to transfer only pictures and few songs. Not too impressive at all. There is another program called mobiletrans helped me to transfer my most important data including sms and contacts from my iPhone 4S to Galaxy s4:

    • Beniblo

      I have been dreading switching from a long term IOS user to Android, I tried your method but failed, I don’t know why, and I used phone to phone transfer program to transfer all contacts from my iPhone to Samsung S5, it is very powerful and easily copy everyting between Android, and iOS. hihgly recommend!

      This is guide: How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

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    • tester

      yes thats fine if you have your phone that is still working in your hand.
      its only transfering, which is what this is all about but long term back up is better. set up the google account ( g mail) and you have them forever no matter if you borrow a phone in another country.

  • iOS to Android to BB10

    Smooth sync for contacts and calendar works very well too.

  • You missed out on the easiest way to keep contacts in one place and sync to any device you use: IntouchApp! Its the Dropbox for contacts.. check it out:

  • Livia Alexandra

    Super guide, thanks for the tips! Easiest way to go is to Google sync, just takes a few minutes. Contacts can be transferred to Android even if you lost or broken the iPhone, just extract them from the iTunes backup using an iPhone Backup Extractor and import to Gmail, easy as pie!

  • droidbones

    how about you do what i did before i even moved the SIM card
    transfer contacts via….(wait for it)…Bluetooth!!
    but CMnSent is right – just back up to the cloud for accessibility

  • Jewest

    Or download a program named Backuptrans iPhone Contacts to Android Transfer. One click to finish the transferring.

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      Thanks, I have tried. And I also recommend a tool named Mobile Transfer which is quit useful in transferring contacts to from iPhone to Android.

    • Krista Hiles

      I tried using the second method to transfer my iPhone 5 contacts to my Galaxy Note 2, however, Gmail does no longer support Exchange so it did not work out.

      I did not use the first method since I’d rather keep away my iPhone from that monster iTunes. I ended up using the Phone Desktop Software and then these quick directions( … ) in order to transfer my complete iPhone 5 contact list to my new Samsung GALAXY Note 2.

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    Is there a way that I can transfer contacts to PC first and then restore to any other phone no matter it is an IOS or Andriod

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  • Shylo

    iTunes 11 no longer has a drop down box to sync to Google!

  • Amar Yellow Pages

    I used the contact backup app.. :-) thanks a bunch!

  • Mark

    I used an app called PhoneSwappr to transfer my contacts from iPhone4S to my new Galaxy S4 … and what was cool is that i did not need access to both the phones simultaneously… worked like a breeze.. it costed me $3 …

  • yvan.p

    iPhone contacts to Android transfer could be tricky. I had my iPhone contacts synced to iCloud which automatically meant that I cannot send the contacts to my Gmail account. I then decided to export the iphone contacts to the PC in Android format. As described here:

    Then import the contacts from the PC directly to the Android phone after connecting it to the PC too.

  • Colin Coye

    While this might not be the best method, I have found it best served what I needed when transferring my iphone contacts to my Android Galaxy S4:

    First, I don’t have a Gmail account, and even if I had, I would not wish to mix my email addresses with my iphone address book by syncing Gmail with my iphone address book. As a result, I used the above method in order to manually export my iphone contacts to my computer and in turn import them to my new Samsung Galaxy phone.

  • John LeGrand

    My contact list in my iphone was great because of the custom fields. But when the salesman at AT&T copied them to my motox x the fields didn’t transfer. I can’t tell which is my contacts home number vs the wife’s mobile, the husband’s mobile, the nanny’s mobile… they just say “other”.

    Also, none of the business’ transferred. So I tried WonderShare MobileGo to try to clean it up but made a bigger mess (duplications). Then before I had time to figure it out the trial subscription ended.

    So my question is; which is the BEST application, if possible (easiest, not cheapest), to get my contacts from iphone to motox, with and get rid of duplicates?


  • Omri

    The email say this: “If you want to restore backup contacts, tap on the attachment file on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) and import all contacts.” Implying that this app works only with iOS devices and restoring the contacts to Android would be impossible.

  • Rin

    My Contacts Backup App worked great! Super easy for someone like me who isn’t great at tech stuff! Thanks!

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  • Dave West
  • iPhone_is_2_small

    The iTunes process does not work (there’s no Google selection possible), but the iCloud process worked perfectly! Thank you!!!

  • Dick Rubbins

    This worked excellent. I did the “Log into iCloud” technique and downloaded a .vcf of my contacts – I never knew about this before. Then I plugged my phone into my laptop via USB cable and copied the file into the phone’s storage folder. Then I did the import via the People app.

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  • Yangdu

    This is a good article, but creating a Google account and syncing contacts from iPhone to Google account is not as simple as it is mentioned here. Locally stored contacts may or may not sync to your Google account. In fact, usually the reverse happens: contacts from your Google account will pollute your iPhone. Google has bad habit of accumulating every email you have ever received or sent! Making the entire thing a mess.

    I’d like to recommend other easy solution to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device: ( move iPhone contacts to Android phone. Making the entire thing so easy!

  • Sally

    The iTunes transfer sucks! it doesn’t download it to your computer it downloaded it to my husband’s email on my MAC which was the default email service!!! You gotta warn people that it transfers the contacts to the default email on your desktop! now my husband’s android is gonna have his iPhone contacts, my iPhone contacts and his old ones, he is gonna be pissed!
    The easiest way is just to download the My contacts backup app

    • Sally

      Not the iTunes option, I meant iCloud option!

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    Email and google account is the good choose.Just backup and sync mobile phone contacts to eamil or google account.Then you can also download contacts from email or google account to another mobile phone .This is useful way!
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    Informative, I like it

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    I followed all instructions one by one to transfer contacts via iCloud from My iphone to my new android, but when I click on Export vCard it does nothing and I tried to go through iTunes but could not get Sync with Google contacts. I think as the technology becomes newer and easier so should transferring data and contacts. It clearly does not work!

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    iTunes 12 no longer supports google. I use Phone Transfer to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

  • Gary Hawkins

    Itunes 12 does not have the google contacts – you can only sync windows contacts – it’s the only options but then the box under that shows no contacts – so you cannot share contacts with itunes…… be quicker to re enter the contacts.
    99% of the software mentioned seems to only work they way it’s described once you purchase – it should NOT cost you extra to move contacts over – you just paid enough for the phone, they are NOT cheap at the better part of £1,000

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    Lol, no one moves from iPhone to crapdroid.

    • That’s why there isn’t a right method to do that hahahahaha

  • Filly Jnr

    If you have a motorola then migrate does it all for you

  • mrjayviper

    Method 1 doesn’t work

  • Khalid

    Nice, another options which does not requires itunes or iCloud to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone is SmartIO , hopefully it will help
    Tutorial :

  • Alice

    Great conclusion,but i think u r missing some really useful method. There r many kinds of android iphone file transfer app apart from listed above. I don’t prefer PhoneSwappr because i don’t trust the safety of cloud service. Even the safest iCloud has photos leaked, what other cloud i can trust?? Although the way using USB cable to transfer seems old fashined, but it’s the safest.

  • Caed Schoolfield

    Or you could use bluetooth.

  • Moving contacts from an iPhone to an Android may sound complicated, but it is actually really easy. We know that our Android phone is automatically backup & sync’s all contact on a smart phone to Gmail account. Same way iPhone is doing the same thing in icloud. Here you shared the best methods Jimmy.

  • Jagadish Rajendran

    HI Guys

    If! none of this works out, and you are using an older Iphone which does not support iCloud.
    Follow these instructions

    1. Download ‘Çontacts Kit’ From iTunes and select the contacts and back up
    2. send the back-up .csv file either through mail or upload to your ‘Dropbox’
    3. go to your gmail
    4. click the gmail and select contacts
    5. select ‘more’ and select ‘ímport’
    6. It will lead you to go to ‘old contacts’
    7. select more and click import
    8. browse and select the .csv file (received either through mail or from drop box)
    9. you will get an updated contact list w.e.r to Date
    10. now come back to your contacts page and refresh
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    the softwares such as anytrans are asking money to take back up, why wasting money….eeeeeeeee

    Thank you!!!!

  • Frustrated by android myths

    For heaven’s sakes. Why is everyone making a big deal out of this – sending new trasitionals of iPhone to Android on a long journey of using google, cloud, and other third party processes, downloading apps etc., when all one has to do is sync and save iPhone contacts to computer Address Book, export a vCard file (or the file type produced by a PC platform) from the Address Book, and then export that file via bluetooth to the new Android phone, which then automatically adds the contacts to its address book. Simple no third party involved.