How to take screenshots on the HTC One

by: Alvin YbañezJuly 21, 2013


The HTC One is a piece of art with its alluring body plus its amazing hardware. On top of that, the HTC One packs a stunning, crystal clear display. Many often want to take screenshots of whatever is showing on the screen. Users capture Android screenshots for various reasons — perhaps to share to others how the screen looks like, or maybe to show off one’s high score in a game, or maybe to save a snapshot of the screen for later use.

Update: Click here to see how to take a screenshot with the HTC One (M8)

Whichever your reason is, this article will teach you how to take screenshots on the HTC One. For a visual guide, jump to our video tutorial at the end of this post. If you are in the learning mood another popular device to learn how to take screenshots on the Galaxy S4.


There is not just one, but two methods for taking capturing screenshots on the HTC One. The first method is the Power and Volume Down combination, which is commonly used on most Android devices. The second method is HTC’s custom button combination — the Power and Home button combo.

Android snapshot button combo

Just as you can on most recent Android devices, you can also take screenshots on the HTC One using the Power and Volume Down buttons.


Simultaneously press both buttons until you hear a shutter tone, then release the two buttons. The screenshot thumbnail is flashed briefly on the screen.


A notification also appears on the Notification Shade. Tap the notification to view your screenshot. Or, you can view your screenshots by opening the Screenshot album in the Gallery app.

HTC screenshot button combo

Another way to capture a screenshot is through combination of the Power and capacitive Home buttons. This button combination is also used on some HTC devices such as the HTC One X, HTC Desire X, and HTC Desire U.


To take a screenshot using this method, just hold down the Power button for about half a second and quickly tap the capacitive Home button. Don’t hold down the Power button for too long, or else you will see the Power dialog.


The difference of this method from the previous method is that it has a different flash animation and a slightly different shutter tone. Also, a toast message indicating a successful screenshot will appear at the bottom of the screen. This method, however, doesn’t allow you to view your new screenshot on the notification menu. You will have to view your screenshot directly in the Screenshot album in the Gallery app.

Video Guide

Check out our video guide:


Whichever screenshot button combination you use, capturing a screenshot on the HTC One is just a walk in the park. Using either of the methods described in this post, you can share what is displayed on your phone’s screen to your friends, contacts, or colleagues.

Do you frequently capture screenshots on your HTC One? What do you use them for? Which of the two methods do you use more often? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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  • Ben Enos

    You said that the power and home button method is an HTC custom combination, but my galaxy3 and my wife’s galaxy4 both use that method to screenshot.

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    To my mind, every samsung, at least S-series phone running Samsungs ROM 4.0.x or later, do have the option of screenshot by holding power and physical home button simultaneously.

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        • Simon Belmont

          Unfortunately, no. I think it might be a stock HTC One live wallpaper (I’ll check my wife’s HTC One and let you know).

          All of the lava lamp live wallpapers on the Google Play Store were very inferior. They looked terrible.

          • Олег Александров

            Thanks, Simon! The wallpaper is awesome!

          • Simon Belmont

            Yeah, it’s nice. My wife actually does have it on her HTC One.

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    How do you take screenshots with s3 cm mod? Thank you.

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    Next article : How to make a phone call with your phone ^^ then how you turn your phone on

    • Deonna Ashelen Gonzalez

      Don’t be like that. This is helpful since there are no instructions on screenshotting in the manual

      • Amine Elouakil

        On HTC Products especially the recent ones like the One includes tips and tricks (or something like I don’t remember the exact name and I don’t use my phone in english) enabled by default it’s a part of sense and it always newbies to learn about thiers devices Android and Sense features and functionalitaties and the Screenshot is part of that process, also the screenshotting is IN the manuel the One, check it out

  • Simon Belmont

    They had the same screenshot combination on my EVO 3D. The power + home button combination.

    For some reason I almost always ended up hitting home, and it didn’t register that I was also holding down the power button, so it would go back to the home screen and I’d be in the wrong place to take the screenshot. It was kind of frustrating somtimes.

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    This was helpful for me. I couldn’t get a screenshot to take with the power and volume down buttons because of my phone case, but the second method worked like magic. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the information. I like to look up recipes and take screen shots so I can look them up easily later

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  • hols

    My screenshots don’t save into my gallery and once I view them I can’t see them again.

    • Fabian

      Just a note that when you open you gallery, you have to click on “My Photos” and then change the view on the top right from “Events” to “Albums” before you’ll find it.
      I’m sure you eventually figured that out but I figured I’d post it for the next person who gets stuck. Took me a few minutes to find it as well so thought I’d save somebody else the trouble.

  • Dan

    The first method (power + volume down) doesn’t work? Tried it multiple times. All it’s doing is turning the volume down as if I weren’t touching the power button!

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    Nice article, but where are the screen shots stored?

    • bimplebean

      Found it: PicturesScreenshots. Not in DCIM.

      And I second the scolding here. I’m a tech professional and I didn’t know which keys were used for this. So you know it and you think it’s simple, great. The rest of the world is not always like you.

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    Thanks a lot. I never had a smartphone before this one so had no idea how to take screenshots. One quick google led me here and now I know two ways to do it (and both do work on the HTC1, I checked). To all the douches whinging, please stfu. There was a time when you didn’t know how to do it and plenty of people clearly found this helpful. Save your BS for your YouTube comments.

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