Samsung Galaxy S4: How to take a screenshot

by: ClaytonMay 23, 2013


UPDATE:  How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung has packed loads of features into the new Galaxy S4. With it’s beautiful display, who wouldn’t want to occasionally save a screenshot from their Android device?  As simple as it may sound, there are actually two screen capture methods in the Galaxy S4. One method is a bit more conventional to most Android users, while the other will be more familiar with users of previous Galaxy devices. Take a moment to watch our video tutorial to get a quick demo of both!

Method 1

– When you want to capture a screenshot, press and hold the power and home buttons simultaneously. You will get visual confirmation around the border of the screen. The screenshot can then be accessed from the notification bar.




Method 2 

Enable “Palm motion” under the “my device” settings tab. You can then swipe your palm across the screen to capture a screenshot. Like method 1, you will get a visual confirmation that the screen was captured.

If you have palm motion enabled, you can still use both methods at any time.


Enable “Capture screen” to use Method 2


Swipe palm from left to right across the screen

That’s all it takes folks! You can then access the photos and make edits to them before sharing them and storing them in the gallery.


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  • lil bit

    Dont use palm swipe, had this on my note 2 and occasionally it would respond to touch instead and leave the screen i wanted to SS, making me have to do the whole thing all over again.

    Yet another defective Samsung “feature” that I was better off without.

    • i use it all the time for s3 and it works without problems.

    • uu

      Huh? I have a note2 and always using this feature

    • I have a Note 2 and use this all the time as well…

    • technology

      Works like a charm both on my S3 and S4.

  • Sudeepto Dutta

    Palm Swipe is great when you don’t have the time to hold down those two keys & want to quickly take a snap of …for example a scene from a video or game :)

  • John A

    I just can’t get it to work properly atall. It only worked once, usually I end up moving screens. So frustrating

  • Matt V

    That notification shade is just hideous.

  • I used the palm motion all the time when I used touchwiz on my GS3, That is one of the few features I miss after switching to CM 10.1….

  • tester

    This doesn’t work on the Google S4

  • Giedrius Tuminauskas

    What was the version when testing S4? 4.2.1 / 4.2.2 ???

    • Super Guest 9000

      it is the same even on 5.0.1!!
      (btw still using s4)

  • Me

    Method 1 doesn’t work while you on call. It will shutdown your phone.

  • Kristilicious

    I’m loving method 2!

  • Mick

    Can you tell me if your second method works teh same way this guy did it??

    Since you don’t have screenshtos for it, I’m not sure if I’m doing it right… It just moves background apps instead.


    dear friend me get screen shot palm motion enabled.. small tip thats help everyone 100% working.. do your hand moving time touch the screen(we wiping the water from desk) now its works..try your self & comment it….

  • Emily K

    When I screenshot, the photo editor opens up. How do I get that off? It’s really irritating and I have no idea how I turned it on.

  • D.C. Blommaert

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 4S mini (4.2.2.) and neither works :-( The odd thing is that in settings under Palm motion, there is only one option (Mute/Pause), the Screen Capture is not even available. Any tips welcome!

  • Palm motion doesn’t work with landscape games