How To Calibrate Your Device’s Battery and Achieve Longer Battery Life

by: Matthew SabatiniJanuary 10, 2012

With great power comes great responsibility! And in the Android Community, with great power comes great loss of battery life. If you’re like most smart phone addicts, the battery meter is often half empty (or less). And to make matters even worse, over time, your battery life will probably get worse and worse due to the degrading health of the battery itself. Therefore, I have two solutions for you today. One option is less time consuming than the other, but both options have shown great battery life increases for tons of users. So without further adieu, the 2 best options for calibrating your phone’s battery:


Option 1: Battery Calibration (Root Required) – NeMa

This option is extremely simple given that your phone is already rooted. If your phone is not rooted, go ahead and root your device or procede to Option 2. If your phone is already rooted, simply follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Download Battery Calibration by NeMa for free from the Android Market.
  2. Plug in your phone and charge to 100%. (“It’s suggested, but not necessary, to let the phone fully discharge after calibration, then charged to 100% without break.”)
  3. Open Battery Calibration on your Android 2.1+ device and press the “Battery Calibration” button.
  4. Unplug your phone and enjoy a better battery life!
That was easy right? If you are a visual learner, feel free to take a look at the video below:

Option 2: (No Root) Physical Battery Calibration

This option is also very simple, but at the same time, a little more time consuming. If you have a rooted device, Option 1 is definitely the way to go. However, if you don’t know what “root” means, stick with Option 2 and go check out the root section of Android Authority.

1.Turn your phone on and charge it for 8 hours or more.

2.Unplug the charger.

3.Turn your phone off and charge it for one hour.

4.Unplug the charger.

5.Turn on the phone and wait 2 minutes.

6.Turn your phone off and charge it for one hour.

7.Unplug, turn it on and use as normal. Your battery life should now be a lot better.



Well folks, that’s it and that’s all! After completing one or both of these solutions, you should be seeing a substantial battery life increase. Keep in mind that a “calibration” is a comparison between measurements. Essentially, you are trying to achieve a “perfect world battery life”. Otherwise known as the battery life that a new phone would achieve. Therefore, if you are calibrating your 1 month old Galaxy Nexus, don’t expect any huge change on the battery life unless your battery was calibrated wrong within that month.

  • Alk1970

    Thaks for your suggestion. I will try this method. (un-rooted LG Optimus 2x)

  • Bigknowzz

    What about the calibration method of charging to 100% and then discharging to 0% 4 consecutive times?

    • Rocmc789

      why don’t you try it for yourself ?? and you let us know …

  • Pinkman1

    Galaxy S ii, don’t need this kind of Calibration…
    and this program not changing a thing for him.

    • mysky911

      any site for further info about batteri on S2?

  • AndroidMe123

    Did anyone try this? How did it turn out? Is the battery better?

    • Bigknowzz

      Finished this morning, no change in battery life.

      • Anonymouse

        I gave mine a day and it worked. My phone was old so I guess it had to be calibrated.

  • Option #1 is probably not doing anything for you as per Google ( Not sure about option #2, but probably a waste of time too. =)

    • yes, option 1 is a myth. Option 2 does definitely work. At least with HTC devices it seems as though it will get to a full charge then stop charging and then once it trickles down to a certain point it starts to charge again, all while the green full charge light is on. Unplugging it when its actually at 100% is a matter of chance, usually within minutes its down to 90%. Bump charging is probably the best way to get your full charge. Its way too much work IMO. Id get a battery charger and just charge the battery separately. Bump charging has been said to cause the battery to fail sooner, but I’m willing to bet you will be on your next device before you will notice any issues caused by bump charging. Just my 2¢

  • Bigknowzz

    So i did option 2 on Saturday and today im noticing a difference. Phone lasted 23 hours. I was getting about 18 before.

  • John

    This works great!

    • Matthew Sabatini

      Good to hear! How much has your battery life improved?

      • John

        I get 15 hours now. I only used to get 11!

  • Gerard Vincent

    how often should i calibrate?

    • Xentreali

      I think you should calibrate when u flash a new ROM or maybe when you do a factory reset.

  • Arii_s

    Thanks for the tip. Option 2 worked well for me on 1.5 yr old iPhone 4. Battery usually goes from 100 to 90 in first 10 mins of use. After this, only went down to 98% after first 10 mins. Great improvement.

  • Guest

    > 2.Unplug the charger.
    > 3.Turn your phone off and charge it for one hour.

    Great article. How do you charge your phone with it unplugged??? Step #2 *DEFINITELY* says to unplug it… Step 3 say “now charge it”.

    • Miniman200999

      Common sense isn’t very common hey…

      • Uhale

        There are two types of people in the world. Those that can extrapolate from incomplete data…

  • This is extremely perfect.

  • sabrina D

    Good to know about the product.

  • Manov rao

    Could be useful for Android users.

  • Cody

    that means unplug it from your phone then plug it back up dumbass!!!

  • Nice presentation. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ghamiz

    this is bull shit, ever since i’ve calibrated my battery using this technique (with root), as soon as i unplug my phone from the charger it shows 97% and if i plug it again it again starts charging and no effect battery life

    samsung gt-i9000, 2.3.6 VP

  • maxim

    option 2- does not work. Absolute bull shit. I tried on SGS2, no difference before and after charge ( calibration)

    • Raul4916

      Like he said read conclusion
      if its a month old it doesn’t Change!!!!

  • Didn’t feel up to attempting the root version, but I got about 20% improvement using the physical method – brilliant, thank you!

  • jean

    So many ways to calibrate battery level, first always let battery go to 0% then charge it, don’t charge it if it isn’t fully drained, second, just buy a second spare battery

  • Mindtravelling

    Why does the app require a root?

  • Indulis Bernsteins

    Without further ADO- sorry pet hate along with “could care less” which implies you must care a lot… because you *could* care less… real phrase is “couldn’t care less” i.e. I care zero so could not care less as there is no care less than 0. Rant over

    • Scott Stuhldreher

      that sh*t bugs me too

    • jawdrop

      always wondered why people say I could care less… because to me it means you care on some level. I agree couldn’t care less is the right phrase

  • Guest44

    The file that it deletes doesn’t affect battery life in any way. Batterystats.bin keeps track of what apps are using the battery. If you go under battery usage, you can see the data it collects. After you use the app to “calibrate,” those stats will be wiped. This has been confirmed in an article from a Google Tech. Also, in response to the previous comment, Li-on batteries don’t like to be discharged to 0% if they can help it

  • It’s quite interesting, Thanks for sharing.

  • paul

    I have a chinese sxz-pd10 android tablet. My battery seems to be losing power. I do not know if it is rootes, and do not know what the term means. What is the best way to restore battert life

  • Galaxy User

    Option #2 above works great if you add one last step. After fully charged the last time, unplug, immediatelty remove your battery for a minimum 3 minutes – no less.

    Put battery back in and use phone as normal.

    make sure not to discharge below 15% and charge to 100% for next couple of charges.

    If battery life gets bad again, do it all again as I have.

    my battery life on extended life battery on Galaxy S2 went down to 8 hours after I used it twice at below 5%. Second time it was 3%.Battery life went bonkas Using my other battery made no difference..

    After I did the process above with my added step my battery life (same battery) is now almost 2 days.

  • Rikzaah

    At the first step it says that charge for 8 or more hours, how much battery should i have when i start charging

  • Elheat19

    Option #2: on the first step: 1.Turn your phone on and charge it for 8 hours or more.
    This Means you need to turn your on your phone or tablet pc on screen time? or just let it sleep? answer plz .. ty

  • Deepdiver

    I know this is an old article but wanted to leave a comment anyway for someone coming across this. Lots of stuff on the android forums about this not working or not being necessary. Well, my 2 year old Motorola Droid X started having battery issues. Charge reading had become quite inconsistent and unreliable.

    Used Option 2 Friday overnight/Saturday morning this weekend. Now the charge/discharge are pretty linear again. Normal use i.e. dozen emails, half dozen 5 minute phone calls, dozen text messages, 15-20 minutes web browsing over the last 2 days gets me about 24 hours until down to 30% “orange bar”, pretty close to what I got with the phone new.

    The big hassle had become the inconsistency. I was left in a bad position last month when I really needed my phone GPS/Gmaps and the battery charge indicator was totally unreliable in both remaining charge (90% to 30% on standby GPS/wi-fi disabled only in 3 hours, 30% to 15% within 5 minutes after enabling GPS, 15% to 80% in about 10 minutes on charger (had to find one to borrow – big hassle) then back to 30% standby only in 10 minutes off charger GPS/wi-fi disabled again). Obviously the charge status displayed was inaccurate charging and discharging. Method 2 on my unrooted phone seems to have it all reset so I can rely on the meter again which was the real issue. I would have bought a new battery if needed but seems calibration was the actual problem.

  • m

    method 2: this worked great for me. went from 6 hours total to 40% after 8 hours w/ wifi on

  • Eloise20401

    did it work(either option)??

  • muhd haris

    If i want to charge my phone again……………do i repeat that step??????need answer asap

    • Valon

      no just to calibrate the batteriery