Huawei’s Nexus phone to feature 5.7-in screen and Snapdragon 810 – Chinese analyst

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 8, 2015

huawei ascend mate 7 unboxing initial setup aa (5 of 20)

Confirming older rumors about an upcoming Nexus device manufactured by Huawei, a respected Chinese analyst revealed some key features of the device.

The analyst is Jiutang Pan, Research Head at the Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics Research Institute specializing in the value chain of the electronics industry of China. Pan has authored several papers on the electronics industry and has accurately leaked details about upcoming devices from Chinese companies, including Xiaomi, Meizu, and Huawei. Most recently, Pan revealed the specifications of MediaTek’s next generation Helio X20 system on a chip.

Posting on Weibo, Jiutang Pan claims the Huawei-made Nexus will feature a 5.7-inch display of 2K (Quad HD) resolution and that it will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor. The device is said to be slated for the second half of the year, though that’s not a hard prediction to make given we’re close to June already.

If this is accurate, the Huawei Nexus shapes up to be a high-end affair, and one of a more manageable size, following the 5.96-inch monster that is the Nexus 6.

There’s a lot of sense in Google teaming up with a Chinese manufacturer for a Nexus device. Huawei, and its local peers like ZTE, Xiaomi, and even Lenovo, are the most dynamic Android OEMs right now. More importantly, they are the players that are winning market share in developing countries, where most new smartphone users are coming from. Plus, Google has a strong incentive to team with a Chinese player, as it hopes to return to the bustling Chinese market, potentially this year. Sundar Pichai himself said at MWC 2015 that Google plans to work with a local company to make this happen, and Huawei fits the bill perfectly.

How do you feel about a 5.7-inch Snapdragon 810 Nexus smartphone?

  • IncCo

    Come on make it smaller! If someone wants a big phone they can get the nexus 6.

  • KingofPing

    What the heck are they going to call this one???

    • AB K

      Nexus 7 Mini :-P

  • João Grácio

    Snapdragon 810? Please don´t

  • Konstantin Stefanov

    5.7 inch is a small screen these days. I am rocking my mate 7 6 inch screen and i feel turning to the p8 max as my next phone, whoever goes for 5.7 that’s just running after the hype not functionality or practicality (for us big screen lovers). for for 5.1, 5.5, 6 or 6.5+ or dont go there at all.

    • Lethal_1

      Seriously, 5.7″ is NOT a small screen!! The difference between 5.7″ → 6″ is so miniscule, not many people would see/feel the difference! IMO, around the 5″ → 5.5″ is around the sweet spot. Anything over 6″ is getting ridiculous!

      • Konstantin Stefanov

        It was ridiculous a 5.3 Note 1 for some back in the days now its considered sweet spot for some and to little for others, almost no one is saying that is to big.

        Saying that 5.7 and 6 inch diff is to small obviously you have not held a note 3 and mate 7 in your hands to spot the huge difference.

  • 5.7-inch? Big meh. I prefer a smaller phone as I often use it one-handed (still rocking the trusty Nexus 5).

  • Chong Wen Hao

    Will be be named nexus 5.7?

  • Alicemad

    I like this screen size. I’m worried mostly about that dreaded 810 which they need to throttle down to void overheating. I’m also worried about the build quality and pricing. This year’s Nexus devices were a flop and even Google admitted this. They were too expensive without reflecting the price tag in build quality. N9 and N6 had their issues and they didn’t went well in sales.

  • RG

    As a proud owner of the Nexus 6, its blistering speed and brilliant screen size, this may be the first time I keep a phone until the day it dies.

    I only want stock Android so downgrading to 5.7 inches and going with a dodgy processor is no reason for me to ‘upgrade’.

    • frhow

      Exactly!! N6 FTW!!

  • joakin2k

    Someone tell this people that we costumers want an upgraded “Nexus 5” , how many time we have to say it?

    • Tuci

      Its gonna be Ascend Mate7’s successor.

    • TDN

      Us customers do too!

    • CJ

      I don’t think that Google cares about costumers

    • MattEgansHairLine

      What has playing dress-up to do with anything?

      User error!

  • Pez Nospam

    Not buying anything with an SD810.

    • Ahmad M . Azam

      Dude.. Snapdragon 810 throtling issues are solved and if you want you can follow xiaomi Mi note pro reviews later. The new snapdragon 810 v 1.2 is fast and not throtling at all…Qualcomm is a big company and xiaomi it self helped the Qualcomm for the heating issues and once it solved they used SD 810 in their flagship device..i am a happy xiaomi mi 3 owner and beleive me nothing can compare an android device with xiaomi..they care for their customers and their devices are just awesome… :)

      • VictorMartino

        The problem is that their skin is way too heavy, there aren’t many custom ROMs and they probably never get updated

        • VictorMartino

          But then again a Nexus would fix all of that.

      • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

        Solved? Where solved? They don’t seem solvet on the G Flex 2. They don’t seem solved on the HTC One M9. And besides throttling issues you have the most important thing: battery life. It’s certainly not good here either!

        • KingofPing

          Yeah, because they went and placed the revised CPU in the G Flex 2 devices that had already sold…smh

          Not the brightest bulb in the pack, are you?

        • Airyl

          ……You’re not very bright huh?

      • SimSimma52

        Would rather have the Exynos 7420 or the next iteration from Qualcomm. The 810 has been underperforming for the price you pay. :

      • chanman


      • Major Sceptic

        It seems not all of them are fixed, I saw a review yesterday and the overheating problem appeared to be arrested, but the reviewer did mention throttling and some lag.

    • Jervis Dabreo

      I agree completely. 808, yes. 810, hell no!

    • KingofPing

      They probably should have mentioned in the article that Qualcomm has revised the chip and is currently on, I believe, v2.1 – which is stable and much cooler without the kind of throttling everyone here seems to be wigging out about.

  • Andrew Grush

    Personally, I hope that Huawei really is building a Nexus phone. The Chinese company is very underrated, especially in North America. I went from a Nexus 5 as my primary phone to a Mate 7, so I’d certainly be interested in this one.

    The only downside to the Mate 7 is its software, and so I’m very excited about the prospect of a vanilla build on a huawei.

    • Benedict

      As a Nexus user I’m tired of the vanilla version and really like the new EMUI 3.0 from Huawei which provides alle the function I desperately miss on a Nexus device.

    • Foramex

      We should definitely be seeing more of Huawei in the market, but OEMs don’t seem to realize that phones have a size limit.

      Phones above 5.5′ are just too much for daily use. While the same was said about 3.5′, there is a significant difference: only Apple was saying that, and it had no base. However, above 5.5′ you simply can’t utilize the phone with one hand, and in daily usage, this really sucks.

      There is the note, but that targets a niche that definitely doesn’t use their phone single-handedly. If you only have one spare hand, anything above 5.5′ is simply too big, and can get really frustrating. I mean, even trying to use the G3 with one hand it keeps almost-falling out of my hand.

      OEMs should really stick with 5.2-5.5′, everybody’s hands are already tired of it.

      • frhow

        Speak for yourself but I love the 6″ on the N6, so much so I cant go much lower than that, maybe 5.7 but thats it. After a week I realized this was the perfect sized phone for me.

        • Foramex

          I highly doubt you are saying that based on one-handed usage, which is possible at 5.5′ but not more.

          • King_Android

            Actually I can use it one handed or 2. Its not that much bigger once you get use to it being slightly bigger than a 5.2-5.7″ device with those huge bezels.

      • Airyl

        Speak for yourself. I love phones above 5.5-inches.

        • Foramex

          I highly doubt you are saying that based on one-handed usage, which might be possible at 5.5′ but not anymore, and that’s how most normal people use their phone

          • kg2105

            If you are using the iphone 6 plus as a reference, it has a huge bezel so it’s not as compact/easy to hold as 5.5 phones like the LG G3 that have a tiny bezel.

  • Julian Casio Santana King

    I’d rather another moto nexus

    • getReal

      In my opinion, they screwed it up with the build quality issues…
      I want a LG Nexus again.

      • John Ross

        The nexus 5 was the crappiest quality one. Motorola has it in the bag

        • getReal

          What build issues did the Nexus 5 have? I remember none… Please enlighten me (i’m not being sarcastic btw)
          …whereas for the Nexus 6: screen issues and the back ‘Nexus’ word painting peeling of…

          • John Ross

            Complete garbage speaker. The sides were cheap plastic. I’m fine with plastic in general… But they used that CHEAP crappy plastic. The thing creaked. Buttons were loose and rattled. The worst thing was that damn speaker… That was a joke. And not a funny one at that.

            I’ve never seen a back of a nexus 6 peal off…and even if it did the phone is still light years beyond the nexus 5. Especially those BEAUTIFUL stereo speakers. Which should be the standard btw

          • getReal

            …The Nexus 5 never had a creaking issue… nor was it ‘cheap crappy plastic’ – see reviews, pick one up, ask owners…
            …whereas this Nexus 6 issue… Just look up YouTube.

          • John Ross

            I had 2 nexus 5’s and they both had rattling buttons, the back creaked when you told it in different ways. The SPEAKER IS GARBAGE. The N5 was the crappiest nexus device. End of story. Honestly it is embarrassing how bad the speaker was…LG should be ashamed

          • getReal

            … I am having a hard time believing you…
            I speak based on the quality of my Nexus 4 – superb, no creaking or anything, at all, after 2 years.
            …nor have I read any reports, or real-life anecdotes from owners, with complaints on the Nexus 5 – my roommate and his girlfriend, included.
            …and yeah, speaker is ‘garbage’ – as much as you can expect from a single mono speaker.

  • Marty

    This is terrible if true, Huawei producing the next Nexus phone. Huawei is a murdering company and Google should not be partnering with them.

    • Soul Reaver

      Loool, is this fore realz :D

      • Marty

        I provided a link and showed what to Google. See for yourself.

    • TheEvilPenguinGamer .

      From the Wiki article, sounds like he was metally ill and imagined he was compromising American security, so killed himself.

      • Marty

        Yeah, sure. It certainly couldn’t be the communist Chinese company. They’re as pure as light and harmless as a kitten, aren’t they?

        It has to be true, huh? After all, it comes from Huawei’s mouth. I figure if Huawei was caught on camera and witnessed by thousands of people murdering someone, all Huawei would need do is deny it and people would believe it.

        • TheEvilPenguinGamer .

          No, not from Huaweis mouth, his parents actually. Just read it.

          Also 2 America doctors and the FBI reached the conclusion it was suicide. Every single one of his parents claims was proved false one way or another.

          • Marty
          • TheEvilPenguinGamer .

            Yeah, judging from the name of that link, definitely looks like an unbiashed source. Oh, and there’s a book. Lol

          • Marty

            Yeah, has to be, huh? I mean…murder just never happens anywhere, especially in a communist company. It can’t be possible that anyone would ever believe the guy was murdered. In fact, nobody believes he was murdered. That link is an anomaly…

          • TheEvilPenguinGamer .

            It doesn’t make sense that he was murdered. Firstly, he was apparently asked to compromise US security, so it would make sense that the US would kill him. Would seem a bit counter productive for it to be the other way round, no?

          • Marty

            He refused to comply with the Chinese demands. That made him an immediate threat if he were to report on it.

          • TheEvilPenguinGamer .

            He refused to comply, according to who? Why would they take the risk of murdering a US citizen over what seems to be not exactly ‘top secret’ information. It’s just outlandish. The guy was prescribed anti depressants, told his parents he felt he was compromising US security, visitied suicide websites, American docots and FBI reached same conclusion as official investigators.

          • Marty

            Yeah, you go ahead and believe the bullshit the Chinese company put out. As far as I’m concerned, Huawei is guilty as sin and shall never be patronized. I hope the U.S. gov kicks their sorry asses out of this nation.

            Don’t bother responding to me anymore. It will be impossible for you or anyone else to sway me away from the belief that Huawei committed murder.

  • Al Ricci

    At 5.7″ it’s outside of the sweet spot for me of about 5.2″. Looks like I’ll have to stick with my GS6e .

    • j7981

      Yeah, I have a Note 4 and love it but want my next phone to be a bit smaller. 5.2 sounds nice to me.

    • mrmrdoph

      i feel its depended on the frame. for me bigger screen is always better. but there is a limit to the overall device real estate. I had a note 2 and i would t go bigger in device size, but there was much unused surface for a screen.

  • Haris Saleem


    You can’t use even 5.5 with one hand on the go.

  • Jay Surprenant

    I think if the price is right I’m going to get it, everyone is so concerned with the snapdragon 810, come on man if it was really that serious why would OEMS still be using it? They’ve had a lot of time to get it right and its an awesome chip, so I don’t see why anyone would not want it, the new zte Nubia is using it, a few other devices use it, ill be all over this nexus man…

  • VictorMartino

    Too big for me, sadly.

  • Sqube

    5.7″, that’s unfortunate. I’m very curious as to why Google thinks that Nexus devices had to be among the (if not THE) biggest phones on the market.

  • Naga Tudor

    If they lower the price again….maybe…

  • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

    Snapdragon 810. 1440p. Not smart…

  • Jugo

    5.7″ = instant no.

    • RG

      Exactly. Make it bigger.

      • Bizzle


  • Mike Dye

    5.7 with minimal bezels and QI charging and i’m in.

  • I honestly would but I’m just a bigger fan of Motorola’s design language so I’ll probably be getting the Moto X 2015. Plus I’m not a fan of Octa-Core chips so I’m hoping for an 808 or even an 805.

    • MattEgansHairLine

      You mean Lenovo right, Motorola is a sticker since Google Scr-U-gled Motorola

  • AvalancheRyder

    As long as they continue to include radios for all carriers here in the US, this sounds great. Finally being able to use a Nexus device on Verizon with full root access and zero bloatware has been fantastic.

  • The Calm Critic

    I’d settle for a Nexus 6 refresh downgraded res to FHD, batt at Droid Turbo’s level and Moto’s “X” team tweaked Snapdragon 808 if they’re able to. Keep the front facing speakers and we’re set. Shamu 2015 done right imo.

  • David Tchulukhadze

    5.7 is too big. After Nexus 6 Google most provide more one hand manageable size device (around 5.0). Also worth to mention that lots of Huawei phones looks pretty similar to iPhone(however i know that they got few really attractive phones and pads) . All in all my standpoint is that Huawei is not that company who must create next generation of Nexus.

  • dcdttu

    I wish the phone was less than 5.5″, honestly, but I’ll take what I can get. I skipped the Nexus 6 and my Nexus 5 will be old as dirt by then.

    Also, if the next Nexus is AMOLED I will be very happy.

  • s2weden2000


  • Quikmix

    I’ll pass if they’re doing “high end” again (particularly on price). Midrange is where it’s at for me lately.

    • TheEvilPenguinGamer .

      Huawei can do high end specs for midrange price, which is probably why Google are choosing them.

  • Cakefish

    Still slightly too big (would much prefer <5.5" screen) and a Snapdragon 810 is not good enough (with 820 just around the corner). If this comes to pass, I may have to look elsewhere for a replacement for my Nexus 5. This is depressing rumour, as I've been hoping that this Nexus would be my next phone.

  • Dan McSweeney


    • MattEgansHairLine


  • walter kloster

    I don’t know how much real truth is in this post. imo a Huawei Nexus wouldn’t make much since for a US Nexus. I do not know of one single service provider that already has a relationship with Huawei and they don’t offer Huawei phones anywhere (I know of) in the US. I think the possibility of the rumored next Nexus phone will be by made by LG is more realistic. LG already has a huge fan base all over the US, Europe and Asia and have made a Nexus phone already that still is very popular in the Nexus community. From what rumors I’ve read LG is planning on making several different lines of phones this year, the LG G4, LG G4 Note, G4 mini, LG G-Flex2 and a LG Nexus. I don’t know how true any of what I read is, but they did have a lot of correct info on the G4 before it was announced. Imo I think a LG Nexus based on similar specs as the G4 would be a killer phone, it would be great if they use a front speaker(s) like the Nexus 6. I’ve never had a Huawei device or even seen one in person, so I can’t say if they are good devices or not. I’ve read a lot about them and seen videos on them and imo I think in order to actually decide on something you have to actually try it out for yourself and see how it works for you. So imo, until more people actually get to have a hands on, with these devices made by the smaller less known companies and make them more known to people, then the Nexus line will be continued to be made by larger, more popular phone/electronic companies.

  • Dan McSweeney

    Wouldn’t want 810, wouldn’t want the OEM.

  • Arman

    5.5 is the best size in my opinion.

  • Flip Jumpman

    Please keep front firing speakers!

  • Marslander

    If they use the same thin-bezel design like they use with the Mate 7, then the phone will probably look and feel more like a 5.5 inch phone than a 5.7 inch phone.

  • Wizzy

    Give it an IP67 rating and sell it at 500 bucks and I’ll be all over it.

  • TemporalArc

    What happened to the rumors of another LG nexus? I want that.

  • John Ross

    Back mounted speaker? Are you kidding me? This is f***ing garbage

    • Marslander

      The photo is of the Mate 7, not the new phone.

      • Lethal_1

        So does the *new* Huawei phone have “front facing speakers”.??

        • Marslander

          Who knows? But it’s safe to assume Google’s going to influence the design.

  • Rooney-

    Good partner for the Nexus. I m not okay about the size. Give a phone around 5-5.2 guys! And do not overprice the nexus just like what happened with the Moto Nexus! Way too costly for the nexus!

  • ron

    Wild be afoot better with a better processor. 810 and most qualcomm processors have had overhearing problems and poor performance. 6 in should remain but the caging should be shrunk with edge to edge. More team a must and sd card and removable battery.

  • monkey god

    If its 5.7 inch, then you might as well call it the 2015 Nexus 6. It doesn’t make sense for Google to have 2 Nexus phones so close together in size with no alternative for people who want to use a one-handed phone. It’s this kind of thing that will send buyers flocking to phones like the Galaxy S6 (5.1″) and upcoming 2015 Moto X (rumored to be 5.2″).

  • TDN

    I would prefer an LG refresh to the Nexus 5, put the 808 in it with 3 GB of RAM, fhd screen and a 3 Ah battery and it would just about be perfect for my needs.

    • MattEgansHairLine

      You describe a bunch of off the shelf parts, who cares if it is LG or Huawei? ,

      Same parts, built in the same factory, by the same people, the only difference is google would need to remove the Haewie logo and replace it with a different one instead if removing an LG logo.

      I could buy parts, ship them to a factory and get them put together. It’s not like any of these companies design customise CPUs!

  • flye

    but but but… my nexus 6 still feels so new….

  • big phones are better

    Lol at 5.7 inches. I use a 7 inch phone as my daily driver(huawei mediapad x2). 5.7 inches is so tiny and feels like a toy. When is google going to release the nexus 7 (2015) preferably with slim bezels?

  • Carl Enrico Millward

    It is not Huawei or Motorola that decided on these sizes, it was Google that said they must make such behemoth phablets. They could ask LG to do the same. I though think that the limit for the average consumer should be 5.29 inches, anything higher is going to cause them to lose out some of the market. They are targeting a small niche of consumers, which is stupid for business.

  • ibrahim

    would it be weird if i said that nexus 4 was the best nexus design i ever 5 i ok i 6 i stupid

  • Armin

    And it will cost a fortune again and be as much of a flop as the Nexus 6. No offense to the Nexus 6, i think its one of the top 3 phones of 2014 but the pricetag AND size killed it for most users….Google should really make a step more into “budget” if they want to stay compeititve :)

  • Ziich

    5.7 inch screen would be too big for my taste. I wish they would emulate the p8 rather than the ascend mate 7. I guess all my hopes rest on the moto x 2015.

  • Coven1993

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  • ByronKSammons

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