Whether imagined or real, the rivalry between Apple and Samsung is almost legendary. And nothing brings this rivalry to the fore more than a new flagship release from either company. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched in September 2014, and now Samsung has unveiled its latest creation, the Samsung Galaxy S6. But how does it compare with the iPhone? Let’s find out in our quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs the iPhone 6.

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Samsung has been promising a big upgrade to its design language for a long time now, and with this latest iteration, it looks like Samsung has finally delivered. Beginning with the shift in the choice of material, the Galaxy S6 now features a metallic frame, a concept introduced with the Galaxy Alpha and continued with the Note 4, and a glass back. Now, with its new design, the Galaxy S6 has become more like the iPhone 6, in that it also features a non-removable battery. This is something which we have seen on other Samsung devices like the Galaxy A series, and considering how loved the replaceable battery option was, this change for sure won’t be to everyone’s liking.

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However, the Galaxy S6 isn’t such a radical departure of Samsung’s standard design language that you can’t tell it is a Samsung. Previous design elements are still seen throughout, including the tactile home button up front, with an  integrated fingerprint scanner, now updated to a touch type version, and the inclusion of a heart rate monitor found next to the camera module.

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Apple continues its signature style with its unibody metal design as well. On the front, the single home button with integrated finger scanner, also touch type, make a return. The sides and edges have a bit more of a curve to them this time around, akin to the first iPhone, and as always, the iPhone continues to be one of the thinnest flagship smartphones around, resulting in a sleek body.

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As far as similarities between the device? While both are premium devices with similarly placed buttons, ports, headphone jacks, and speakers, and even the fact that the camera module on both devices protrude a little bit, both phones take different approaches when it comes to pushing aesthetics to the next level. For Apple, metallic unibody is the name of the game, while Samsung keeps its traditional design language, while giving it a healthy dose of premium materials.

All said and done, Apple has always been known for its designs, and now, Samsung has finally created a flagship with a design language and material choice that stands true to its high-end nature.

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The big news with the latest iPhones was the move to larger displays. The iPhone 6 comes with a 4.7-inch IPS LCD display, with a resolution of 1334 x 750, resulting in a pixel density of 326 ppi. For those wanting an even bigger display, Apple offers the iPhone 6 Plus with its 5.5-inch Full HD screen.

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Samsung’s offering is in between the two iPhone 6 models. At 5.1-inches, the Galaxy S6 has the same display size as the Galaxy S5. However, Samsung has moved on from Full HD and has used a Quad HD display, with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, resulting in a massive pixel density of 575 ppi.

Super AMOLED continues to offer what we love about it, with deep blacks, and vibrant colors that look even more vivid on this high resolution display. Both displays are impressive performers, and while the need for such high resolutions and pixel counts are still being debated, the difference is certainly noticeable when close up.

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As always, a by the numbers look isn’t fair when comparing devices from these two different ecosystems. That said, the iPhone 6 features an A8 chip, which comprises of a dual-core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz, and is backed by 1 GB of RAM. On the other hand, the Galaxy S6 packs one of the best processor packages available on any smartphone, the octa-core Exynos 7420, which is paired with 3GB RAM. This SoC and RAM combination should offer the fantastic performance we all expect, and a more streamlined version Touchwiz will help improve the speed even more.

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Despite the significant difference on paper, both processing packages do a great job in handling their respective experiences, and fans of either should have little to complain about. The iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 are both available in 32, 64, and 128 GB flavors. In a big change of stance for the Galaxy S family, the Galaxy S6 has no microSD slot, just like Apple’s iPhone 6, and something that will leave more than a few fans disappointed.

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In other hardware, the both the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 feature touch type fingerprint scanners that are integrated into their respective home buttons. While this was the standard with the iPhone since its introduction in the previous generation, in the case of the Galaxy S6, the move to this type of scanner is certainly a step up from the sometimes difficult to use swipe scanner found with the Galaxy S5. Making its way over from the Galaxy S5 is the heart rate monitor, but a feature that will surely be missed is the IP67 rating for protection against dust and water that the predecessor of the Galaxy S6 boasted.

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Apple stays away from the MP race that dominates the Android world. The iPhone 6 features an 8 MP rear shooter, the same as its predecessor, but with some improvements across the board, a better sensor, an auto focus system called Focus Pixels, and a software-based image stabilization system. Video gets a boost too, with the capability of capturing 240 fps slow motion video at 720p. The front-facing camera has a F/2.2 lens, and offers a burst mode and HDR video.

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The Galaxy S6 on the other hand packs a 16MP camera with OIS, similar to what is found with the Galaxy Note 4, though with a few extra software features thrown in. These changes include a new auto HDR mode, tracking autofocus that tracks moving objects like kids in a shot, and a double tap on the home button feature that launches up the camera in 0.7 seconds. Turning to the front, you’ll find a 5MP f 1.9 90 degree wide angle camera, great for all you selfie lovers out there.

Apple’s prowess in the smartphone camera department is well known, but Samsung is no slouch either, and while more in-depth testing is required, the Galaxy S6 will certainly offer a camera experience similar to or better than the Note 4.

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iOS 8 remains aesthetically similar to iOS 7, but introduces quite a few new features, like Apple Pay – to take advantage of the NFC chip, improvements to iCloud, a new Health app, improved notifications, and the ability to use third-party keyboards. You also get a one-handed mode, which is probably more useful on the larger sibling.

The need for the hour with Samsung devices wasn’t just to do with design and build quality, but also to do with the Touchwiz software experience. The good news is that Samsung has finally streamlined that experience as well. While still bright and colorful, the OS isn’t as bloated as previous generations with fewer Samsung apps installed by default. While Touchwiz largely looks the same as before, aside from a little debloating, Lollipop does bring a few aesthetic changes with regards to the recent apps/overview screen, the notification dropdown, and settings menus.

 iPhone 6Samsung Galaxy S6
Display4.7-inch IPS LCD
1334 x 750 resolution, 326 ppi
5.1-inch Super AMOLED
2560 x 1440 resolution, 577 ppi
Processor1.4 GHz dual-core Apple A8Exynos 7420
Storage32/64/128 GB32/64/128 GB
Camera8 MP rear camera
1.2 MP front-facing camera
16 MP rear camera with OIS
5 MP front-facing camera with 90 degree wide angle lens
ConnectivityWiFi a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.0, NFC (Apple Pay only), GPS+GLONASS
WiFi a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS+GLONASS
Networks3G/4G LTELTE cat 6 300/50
Battery1,810 mAh2,550 mAh
Fast charging
WPC and PMA-compatible wireless charging
SoftwareiOS 8Android 5.0 Lollipop
Dimensions138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm
129 grams
143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm
138 grams
ColorsSpace gray, silver, goldBlack, white, gold, blue

One good thing about competition (i.e. rivalry) is that it forces all involved to up their game. The iPhone has consistently set a standard for others not just to attain, but to surpass, and it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S6 might have done just that. While both companies will always have their fans, one thing is for sure, this is the best Galaxy S phone that Samsung has ever released.

Joshua Vergara
Writer, blogger, and videographer - Josh is a former support technician that learned much about technology by fixing everyone else's. On the side, he wrote and performed spoken word, maintained his own personal blogs, and began his own video podcast. Now, he's here at Android Authority looking to put it all together!
  • Powerfree

    So the conference just started and you publish the whole thing, embargo fail ?

  • Awayze

    Ugly. Just a wannabe iPhone.

    • sahand

      Try again. samsung has #1 market share. and that design? if you mean the edges, look at this: (samsung ativ, 2012)

      • David Stevens

        If I were a company I’d care more about profit then market share…..

        • Btort

          well you have neither so…..?

        • jimbo

          As a user, it appears you don’t care much about getting gouged.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Iphone is cheaper than the S6, and has twice the software support (iOS four years, Androids policy is only two years on cherry picked devices).

            Gouged by Google, Samsung and the carrier!

            You could be like the majority of Roiders and still have Heartbleed devices, that’s a good way to make roid cost effective, share all your personal data with googles clients, but also with anyone who wants to access your device.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Iphone is cheaper than the S6, and has twice the software support (iOS four years, Androids policy is only two years on cherry picked devices).

            Gouged by Google, Samsung and the carrier!

            You could be like the majority of Roiders and still have Heartbleed devices, that’s a good way to make roid cost effective, share all your personal data with googles clients, but also with anyone who wants to access your device..

    • FlyingBrick

      iPhone 6 is just a wanna be Samsung. Ugly.


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  • the jax

    expected more…

  • FM

    The iPhone comes in 16/64/128, no 32.

  • K9US

    ugh glass back ?

    Now it breaks when dropped. Morons.

    Gooooo Apple ! I hate them but they get my money

    • ‘noughsaid

      Gorilla Glass 4.. :/

  • Whatever1234

    Once again, Samsung trying to be Apple… and failing.

    • galaxyNote4isBoss

      It’s not even a contest the Galaxy S6 and S6Edge is definitely a must buy. Look at that shit flying off the UI that EXYNOS 7420 64bit 14nm processor is KICKING MAJOR ASS I applaud SAMSUNG PERIOD. Samsung made that crappy A-7 chip in the IPhone and will make the remainder of the upcoming Iphone 6s or Iphone 7 chips too. SAMSUNG IS TECHNOLOGY.

      • David Stevens

        I’m sure when the s6 drops there will be lines wrapped around the building…….sorry I thought this was an iPhone.

        • _X_

          it looks like an iPhone 6 from the bottom, but the S6 Edge looks like nothing before it.

        • jimbo

          You’re point is? The kardhians pulls in millions of viewers each week, doesn’t mean it’s quality television.

    • Ilyn

      Google for Samsung Ativ S and tell who copied whom.. That Ativ S came in 2012 btw.

      • Whatever1234

        Looks nothing like the iPhone 6. Apple has been doing rounded edges since I touch and the first iPhone. So yeah…

        • Rekha

          When you see a mobile which came before iPhone you will say nothing like iPhone. and if its Samsung then its copy.

          • mobilemann

            lol, whatever you need, fanboy!

          • Rekha

            Yeah. I expected that reply long before. have a nice day.

          • mobilemann

            The truth is powerful like that.

          • Rekha

            I don’t know how you assume me as a fanboy. I use Nexus 5 and Nokia N79. Yes true i still use that phone. My sister uses Samsung S2. Its laggy but not like it takes half day. lol

    • Rushan

      Check this out….

      • mobilemann

        that’s the only angle it looks like the ip6, that’s as bad as an apple fanboy showing just the bottom and claiming it’s 100%. Clearly, they copied apple again, look at the ear bugs as well. It’s ok, apple will cop off them when they implement multi window, and have already copied a ton from android.

        • das

          most people arguments are the rounded edges combined with 2.5d glass ,which is exactly what the ativ s has

          • mobilemann

            Well, I’m a bit more reasonable; the rounded edges remind me of the first iPhone. The glass is like it, although I think Sammy was more coping themselves off Nokia at the time.

    • jimbo

      The iPhone 6 plus copied who now? Even after apples patron saint jobs said no one would buy large screens.

    • das

      how is samsung trying to be apple ? their payment is more supported than apples, their display is 4 times the res of the iphone ,their battery is larger their processor is superior ,their look of the phone is superior ,it charges faster and has multiple wireless charging technologies preinstalled ,the only failure is apple fantards like you

  • Sizzler

    No microSD means I wait to see the LG G4.

    • patt

      Great keep waiting :D

    • Hahah why would you buy this iGalaxy S6 anyway? :D

    • flye

      Soon every manufacturer will gives Microsoft it’s middle finger and not putting a sdcard slot in phones.

      Trust me, you’ll get use to it without expandable storage

    • Belligerence

      With 128 Gb, what do you really need an SD card for? I do understand under certain situations it may be handy, but for the majority of people, they put in their SD card then don’t touch it again until they change phones. I feel that it’s rather pointless for the majority and is old tech. Additionally, the way Android handles SD cards now makes them more of a pain. 4 years ago, I would have agreed 100% but today…not worth the trouble except in limited situations.

      • Btort

        you’re going to be spending at least $150 on top of the regular price of the phone with 128GB you genius. the thing that set samsung different from other OEMS were the removable backs and sd slot

        • James Childress

          An SD card is far cheaper than what they charge for built in memory. If you catch them on sale you can get a 64GB microSD card for about $25. The premium for built in is far more expensive. I doubt they removed the slos out of design consideration but as another way to jack up the price of the phone for the convenience of more storage ala Apple.

          • Btort

            I got my 64GB about $25 shipped also during cyber monday. Ok getting rid of the removable back is fine (for some people) but they better give us another big perk like a ASOP like smoothness from the new touchwiz, not a somewhat debloated touchwiz that might still lag. No sd slot is a deal breaker for me also, but I’m willing to give up removable back IF they gave us another great feature…but sadly they didn’t. I hope the sales are worst than the S5 so they realize what they have done. It’s LG’s time to shine now, I hope

          • Kamina

            this thing is gonna sell like wildfire

          • Old Homeless Guy

            A $25 microSD card is not nowhere near as fast as UHS 2.0 memory.

            Is like comparing an SSD to a floppy drive, not even an HDD…

          • James Childress

            As long as it can play or record high definition video, how much speed do you need?

          • Old Homeless Guy

            The fastest is not enough.

  • SaRPeR

    Of course S6 is better but they shouldn’t have removed the MicroSD slot.

  • Ferd Nesler

    Wow – no SD card. I guess I waited for nothing as I will not buy a phone that will not accept an SD card. I think this was a Hugh mistake for Samsung not to put an SD card in this new phone. I would have accepted a phone that is slightly thicker as long as it had an SD card. This is one thing that Samsung had over the Apple lemmings. Samsung is trying to copy Apple and this is mistake. My S5 contract is up so now I will have to look for another phone as I was waiting for the new S6.

    • Bro, step aside from Samsung and taste the real Android experience.

      Buy a Motorola for vanilla Android, buy HTC if you like partying and entertainment and you should consider LG if you want an all around great phone ;)

  • fredphoesh

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
    Especially the edge. Samsung are the real innovators. Apple are followers, and their fans are followers of followers…

    • David Stevens

      Bitter much?

  • Милен Стефанов

    2K display and miserable battery + 4K video and NO sd card- who the fuck “invent” that ?

    • It may have the same mah as the s5 but as time goes by technology and science will never stop.

      For example you got the LG G3 with it’s 3000mah battery and you buy a 5000mah aftermarket battery, the 3000mah battery of lg would outperform the 5000mah battery just because of the technology behind it.

      • Милен Стефанов

        Don’t give a fuck about that “technology”- on my phone screen (1080p) uses more than 50% of battery… Jump to 2K resolution without increase of battery amperage will lead to 60-65+% of battery used by the screen…

        • You got a point there, i hope they got a load of software optimisation to cover it or else it could turn out really bad…

        • abhish3k

          First of all, it depends on the technology behind the screen. Does your phone has a IPS or a AMOLED display?
          Secondly, Note 4 battery drainage was about 15% lower than Note 3 despite the jump in resolution.

          • mobilemann


        • das

          nonsense ,higher resoluaiton does not mean 60% more drain ,u dont have a single clue what youre on about and u know nothing about tech

      • duong ngo

        It is less the S5 is 2800

      • Btort

        you do realize that those knock off batteries claiming to have more power is BS right? everyone would be using them if that’s the case. their just crooks from china hoping to trick people

        • Zerolemon batteries are legit

          • Btort

            yeah but they don’t advertise their batteries 1000 or so mah higher than the stock ones. maybe by 100 mah cause they take off the nfc chip. I see batteries from china all the time and their advertised and says they have 1000 more mah when they really don’t. zerolemon, anker or hyperion are legit though

          • mobilemann

            yeah, i only go for them for stupid ultra capacity batteries. For normal OEM batt’s tho, Anker all the way!

    • Gamblor77

      It’s a 14nm processor which is and 35% more efficient than the Note 4…there is no way you can claim “miserable battery” until the tests come out. On paper – even with a smaller battery than the S5, the S6 should last at least 25% longer per day. Not to mention the 2k screen actually takes up less power than the 1080p on the S5 so that’s not even an issue. All these people saying 2K will drain battery have no idea what they’re talking about. They don’t take into account the fact that screens and processors are constantly getting more efficient.

      • Милен Стефанов

        Maybe I have an idea is there a drain caused by the 2K screen…
        My day starts in 6 a.m. and somewhere around 11 p.m. it ends- roughly 16-18 hours. At night Note 3 still shows 10-15% battery- not bad…
        I get a Christmas gift, Note 4. In my hands, with my kind of usage this phone usually is dead somewhere around 9-10 p.m.- bad, very bad…
        All that new power saving technologies helps, but that 2K resolution in fact kills battery…

        • Gamblor77

          Welp…I’m keeping my fingers crossed regardless but with their push for wireless charging you may be right. :S
          It does have Ultra Power Save mode for those times when juice is low and you can survive with minimal functionality such as texting/calling/web browsing.
          I have a Note 3 also and it doesn’t have that so I’m actually looking forward to it. Also the super quick charge helps a lot too; so running low on battery is slowly becoming less of an issue.
          Same with the MicroSD. At first I was pissed but then after really thinking about it…the phone memory is many times faster than any SD card on the market. So it’s probably the better way to go and I’m willing to pay the extra cash for a 64-128gb version.

          • Милен Стефанов

            Yes, things like Ultra Power Save mode, wireless charging and etc. is available and helps, but they don’t work for me… I need something very simple- battery of my phone to last whole day intensive usage. It’s absolutely NO possible for me to use power save mode- I need 100% of my phone capabilities. I bought a Wireless Charging Cover for my Note 4 – it was a waste of $30+ because the only place where I can really use it is when I’m in home… Just the work don’t allow me to leave a phone on a desk for a 30-40 minutes to charge…

            Finally- YES, there’s a way to prolong yours battery live with new technologies. But is 100% sure that in equal conditions 2K display uses more battery power than a 1080p. And YES, I CAN make Note 4’s battery to last longer, but than conditions will NOT be equal. For me it’s enough that battery of Note 4 last until I get to home- battery dies faster, but not fast enough to be a problem…

          • Gamblor77

            Unfortunately I think you’re usage case isn’t typical and you either need to
            1) carry around an external battery pack (if you drive for work etc)
            2) wait 5 more years until OEMs get past the 24/hour heavy-use barrier. You have to be realistic about battery life though. Yes, I agree they could, and should have made the phone 8mm to be flush with the camera and put a 3500mah instead…but because Apple is retarded and keeps making idiots believe thinner is better… this is the market we’re in and Samsung wants to stay competitive, check all the requirements boxes and make them better than Apple.
            I use my phone a lot too but don’t expect more than 5 hours of screen on time because it’s not realistic with today’s sh*tty battery tech.
            You don’t hear many people saying they’re not going to buy a laptop because it “only” gets 14 hours of full time use do you?
            Most people would sh*t themselves for that kind of laptop battery life. This phone is just as powerful as most mid-tier laptops and 1/10 the size and lasts way longer yet people are still bashing it. I admit the smaller battery isn’t as practical but at some point we need to step back and appreciate the brilliant technology and engineering involved and just accept it…or wait a few generations.

          • Милен Стефанов

            Forget how we using our phones- even if batteries were 8000mAh some people will be unsatisfied… In same time many people uses phones with 2000-2200mAh batteries and they last 2 days without a problem.

            But remember from where we start- if 2K resolution needs more power… And in my hands, with my type of usage, even with energy friendly technologies Note 4’s battery dies distinctly faster.

  • Coast


    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya

    • mobilemann

      kidding? MFI has no equal; the appstore is still higher quality, these are widely agree’d upon, but anyone who’s not a total fanboy.

  • peekoro

    Wow! Ok. I’ll give them credit on the edge screen. BUT…

    – New payment system. CHECK. (AKA Apple Pay)

    – New touch only finger scanner. CHECK. (AKA Apple Touch ID)

    – New all metal fram. CHECK. (AKA Apple iPhone since forever)

    – New non-replaceable batter. CHECK. (AKA Apple iPhone since forever)

    – Bottom of phone? EXACTLY like iPhone.


    Man. All the talking points Samsung fans have always insisted makes their phone better. All gone and just straight out copies Apple.

    Samsung Android fans. Seriously it’s time to look at LG/Sony/HTC/Xiaomi…

    • pekaboo

      – New payment system. _works with all payment system. unlike apple’s less than 10% supported locked down NFC

      – New touch only finger scanner. _finger print works with all payment system , better than apple.

      – New all metal frame. lot of phones had metal frames already. nothing new here

      – New non-replaceable battery. non-removable. but more mah capacity and efficient processor than iphone 6. so better than apple.

      – Bottom of phone. if you look closer. they are different. iphone uses propeitory lighng cable. while s6 uses universally accepted standard usb.

      • peekoro

        If it looks/sounds and acts like a duck. It’s a duck. Nothing wrong with being a follower and coping. At least admit it. Hey Apple went bigger after Samsung. That’s something…

        • ‘noughsaid

          Rather not. I love my Note 4, but I’m looking at the S6 right now. Like a lot. LG’s boring, Sony is slowly exiting the mobile market, HTC just pulled a M7/M8 with the M9, and Xiaomi just isn’t the thing in the US.

          • Anton

            I love my Note 4 aswel, it’s a really fantastic phone.

        • Prasad Velkuri

          Dell streak is the first phablet. I do not agree Note as first phablet. Samsung got a lot of marketing when it copied iPhone UI pixel to pixel…fonts, icons animations etc. Go check the engineering document produced in the courts.

          • das

            note 4 may not be first phablet ,but its the first of its ” kind ” as a power user device with more advanced features

          • Prasad Velkuri

            Then every iPhone was a kind of device… even 5s TouchID is copied exactly in S6. its easy to love some devices which we own or obsessed with… we should think open.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Power user and android consist of 12 year olds dropping roms on a phone that gets only two years of support if carriers allow.

            Keep dreaming your a hacker, but can you please just answer the phone and tell them to turn there PC off then on.

          • das

            fk u on about ?

      • MattEgansHairLine

        Less efficient processor, no bigger batteies than a 6+, and the design at the bottom is a rip-off, as any idiot (even a haemorRoid) can see you are deluding yourself.

    • edxgerrard.8


      octa core 64 bit proccesor
      better screen than iphone and not by miles but “light years”
      3GB memory ddr4 insted of 1gb
      ufs internal memory which a lot faster than emmc
      better camera than iphone
      bigger battery plus it charged full 50% faster than iphone 6

      and above all it is an android phone which mean you can do more things with the phone by customize the way you like rather than get bored after one day of use iphone (mabey few hours)

      and paying by phone wasn’t somthing that apple did first google was doing that before
      as apple didnt come first with the idea of tablet microsoft came with idea in erly 2000’s etc and microsoft refering it way back as talet pc not just tablet that is more like a phohone without the sim
      plus it got 32 gb of internal storage that is more than enough for an moderate phone owner

      you should be dumb to think that iphone 6 is better than galaxy s6 you may own a iphone but that dont mean it is the best phone ever

      • Eli Medina

        But, there is something all Android fans forget, the hardware and software playing nice with each other. I had an App for my automation lights on my S5, it would crash every time. I loved the system as it would work exactly as I like it, but no matter the time, it would open the app skewed, the photos on s5 are just idiotic …

        The s6 does look to be closing the gap between specs and looks, but they would have to really work on their software optimization.

        Personally, I like a phone that can be used throughout the day and have consistent battery, superb screen, convenient log in (Touch ID), Superb Camera, but most of all, know that each and every app I have will open each and every time, that includes phone not freezing or restarting at the store, before opening my google wallet!

        Don’t trust me though, I have owned every high end android phone until the Note 4. Android is still king of bugs and disgusting app instabilities. Once you taste IOS stability, it would require more than what the S6 offers, period.

        • das

          ios crashes more than android ,nuff said

          • Eli Medina

            DAS, you just like to pull stuff out of your hiney, don’t you? You see, unlike Android if there is any issues found, there is a developments community that is more attempt and fixes things, IOS developments is king, whether you like it or not. I am sorry, but credit has to be given where credit is due, Hardware on GS6 maybe > Iphone6, but software and stability IOS > Android any day.

          • das

            apps crash more in ios ,thatsa a fact all reports says so

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Because you say it, it must be true…

            That’s why devs laugh in the face of googles CEOs.

          • das

            it is true ,look at reports

      • MattEgansHairLine

        All that processing power throttled by a poorly thought out OS and business model that only offers support for two years, all because it’s was a rushed copy of the iPhone designed by lawyers.

        Sad really, but now you know why Apple spend the money on software development and integration and has a business model that they control and not manufactuerers or carriers.

        Shortest planned obsolescence in the industry speaks volumes about the issues roid has, but marketed around with the biggest marketing budgets know to tech.

        Android is a shell game.

    • Btort

      you do realize android had mobile payment apps ever since the S4 and nfc enabled devices right? Oh wait I forgot you’re an isheep who constantly dreams of licking steve jobs nuts.

      • peekoro

        Mobile payment has been around with regular cellphones even before that. Learn the difference between mobile payment and a new payment system.(Dual stage authentication etc.)

      • das

        s3 had it too at the london olympics

  • RIP apple

    Samsung Destroyed the iphone 6 this year.!!

    Well done samsung.

    • Милен Стефанов

      You wish…

      • Well it’s true… It might be uglier than the iPhone 6, it will outperform the iPhone 6 from any corner.

        • Btort

          sure it can do more, but it’s still not going to be as smooth as the iphone 6. this is coming from a Note 4 owner. the reason I put up with touchwiz is because the removable back AND sd slot

          • Jose Romero

            Hands on videos have said there are zero lag and stutter and that performance is noticeably better on the S6 than Note 4.

          • Btort

            yeah with minimal testing, only time will tell. it’s still not gonna be as smooth as htc sense

          • MattEgansHairLine

            So it’s taken seven years to get close to losing the lag? Oh well, maybe in a few years you’ll get somewhere near the performance of the iPhone and iOS

          • Skeptic Spartan

            You mean the iOS that still doesn’t multitask. Step up to a modern OS like Android. Not even a thermonuclear war can stop it. ;)

          • MattEgansHairLine

            modern os like android? it’s base is as the creator states: so 1990’s.

            It just has a thin veneer of modernity, and if your skinned with touch wiz or whatever your manufactuerers and carrier are forcing onto you, then your really just nowhere near the benchmark Apple set every year.

            Why do you think your device with lagggggggh needs eight cores and 3gb of ram? Why Google can only offer software support for a maximum of two years on certain cherry picked devices?

            A modern well coded and co-ordinated business model can do this for four years, it’s called Apple.

            That S6 with a planned obsolescence of only two years and a higher RRP had better come with some playstations and 4k TVs (like last time when they failed with the S5) if they want to sell enough iphone 4 knock offs this time.

          • Skeptic Spartan

            I’m talking about Android not UI skins like touch wiz, and the 3gigs of ram come into play when multitasking. But you need not worry about that, iOS is a one trick pony. iOS has no need for more ram, because it does nothing with it like running things in the background like any other OS in the world. Not wonder Android leads in market share, people buy the better product. Not like I sheep, who would buy crap if it had an apple logo on it.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Apart from those tower games, what are you doing that actually requires more than 256mb of ram? Oh right, nothing.

            The sheep follow the biggest crowd, glad you understand your a sheep, falling for the biggest marketing budgets for a phone that iPhone users like to refer to as half a phone, with half the life.

            Roid is popular with the LittleSoftie crowd whose own mobile OS, shall we say, is an industry joke.

            Oh and that crap with an Apple logo on it still has less lag than you overpriced half life phone.

            How many months late will you get your update from last year?

            Or are you part of the Roid majority who still have the Heartbleed bug?

          • Android leads in market share because it occupies the low-end where Apple does not compete. Most android phones sold GLOBALLY are extremely low end specs. If you think the average Android phone sold in China or India has 3GB of RAM, you are kidding yourself.

          • Shadow

            It is not Google who chooses which devices get x amount of years of OS upgrades. That is the discretion of the Manufacturer. Plus my G3 runs way better than my friends iPhone 6 and my mom’s S5.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Google do what the carriers and manufacturers want in exchange for pushing roid.

            Why do Google state on its own roid site that the maximum upgrade period of roid is two years. As any honest roid user will tell you, the majority get no upgrades.

            If roid hardware and software was so good, your phone wouldn’t be redundant after two years.

            How many cores? At what clock speed? With how much ram? And you only get two years of software updates if you are lucky enough to get those two years?

            Iphones, 1/2 cores, less than 1.5ghz clock speed, 0.5-1gb of ram, four years of support.

            Poor coding created with a lawyer is never going to be as good as ios.

          • Shadow

            The update span for nexus devices are different than the manufacturer’s update span. My G3 is running 4 cores at 2.5 GHz with 3 GBs of RAM and my phone should be supported the same amount of time as an iPhone. Plus my phone was introduced last year and released in June of last year.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Sorry to tell you this, but googles policy is two years of updates.

            No more, and most devices get zero updates.

            It is to do with the agreement made by Google with carriers and manufacturers.

            Doesn’t matter about phone spec, it’s planned obsolesce of the most clinical kind to force contracts and upgrades at the pace carriers and manufacturers require for thier business model.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Ask Google why they drop support, they wrote the policy of 18 months (rumoured to be extended to a total of 24 months with the release of M).

            iOS is currently 48 months, but rumoured to be moving to 60 months with iOS 9 (and if you don’t mind running last year’s version with security patches, it is already 60 months).

          • Apple doesn’t need to “stop” Android. Apple needs to continue printing money from the iPhone 6.

            The iPhone 6 is printing apple money; please review Apple’s Q4 2014. Soon, the gold apple watch will print apple a lot of additional money.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Who told you iOS doesn’t have multi tasking?

            And it’s nice that Google is destroying OEMs with their business model, first Motorola crippled directly by Google and turned from a world respected American institution to a sticker for Lenovo (30,000 jobs gone).

            The only thing I worry about who to bet money on who’s next; htc, Sammy or Sony?

          • Skeptic Spartan

            Apple says so, on there development page it goes on to say on how a developer can write an app as to make it look like its multitasking and so on. iOS apps only appear to be multitasking. This has beenbeen long understood.

            As for Moto they had serious issues even before Android has bought by Google. So not sure what you mean there.

          • primalxconvoy


          • Asif Hasan

            But if you want smoothness from android, Nexus and Motorola devices are the way to go. Don’t mistake touchwiz performance for stock android.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Like the nexus 6 that bends itself?
            “Self-bend gate!”

            I want more than two years life from my phone, not to pre-planned obsolesce two years down the road

          • Asif Hasan

            Dude, that’s just a manufacturing defect. Nothing to get worked up about. Similarly, just because the iPhone 6 plus had some bending issues doesn’t mean it happens to everyone.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Read the comments section of the linked AA article, and see the hassle users are having returning devices, maybe they should call Googles customer services on… Oh that’s right no customer service.

            I had an issue with my iPhone 6, I walked into my local Apple Store (I bought it in Cambridge but live in London), five minutes later I’m off and on my way. No return codes, no arguing that I had been using it right, just a straight swap with profuse apologies.

            My last phone, iphone 4, had software updates for four years direct on day of release and a battery that still lasts a day and a half.

            Self-Bend Gate is a real issue for many Nexus 6 owners who are stuck with a dangerous device and no customer service.

            You get what you pay for.

          • Asif Hasan

            “You get what you pay for”? – Sorry, bro, you are wrong because the nexus 5 was a great device for the price. It is just that most smartphones are overpriced.

            “Read the comments” – I did; it is full of random dudes fighting and calling names”

            “IPhone 4 had software updates for four years and great battery life” – One of my cousins had an iPhone 4. When he updated to ios 7, things got laggy. In my opinion, it is better not to issue updates to an old phone if it can’t handle it very well. Don’t know why you brought that up because nexus devices have the best update support when it comes to android. But I admit that all the nexus smartphones have crappy battery life. But there are smartphones out there with better battery life than iPhone.

            Customer service- Motorola acknowledged the issue and said they would provide replacements. But yeah, Apple customer service is one of the best…. Can’t argue with that. But the fact that they initially lied about the bending issue(something like “only 9 people reported”) annoys me. Not gonna whine about that issue due to the good customer service and also the matter was actually blown out of proportion.

            Lastly, what’s with you using the term” self bend gate”? It’s actually the back cover getting unglued. Don’t know how widespread the issue is but I fail to see it making as many headlines. I only just came to know about it very recently although I am very updated about the Android world.

            Please note that I am no Apple/iPhone hater, far from it.(The iPhone 6 is great with one of the best smartphone cameras). But I’ll admit to liking
            Android more, especially stock android. Everyone has got their preference.

          • You get what you pay for is a fact.

            Kia Optima, Toyota Camry and Bentley Mulsanne are all four door sedans. They all have GPS and cruise control and power seats and even leather. Yet- one them is a bit different, is it not?

        • DDT

          Deffinitelly not. iPhone 6 must have a way better gaming perf thanks to ultra advenced GPU and the Apple Metal API.

          • Please don’t talk to me like that, iSheep.

          • Nick Eddy

            Shutup fandroid sheep

          • Asif Hasan

            He is really buying that marketing shit from Apple. Using flashy words like “ultrapixel”(HTC), ” metal api”,etc. have always been practised by smartphone manufacturers for marketing.

          • miggy23602

            Sure doesn’t my sister has no problem at all when she’s playing angry birds.. my s5 does lag a bit though as I play marvel ultimate champions or super Mario Bros on the Nintendo emulator. But the lag is very minimal I run a graphics booster app for my games and it all good.. wish my s6 could had that advanced gpu.. jajajaja what a joke

          • Skeptic Spartan

            “thanks to ultra advenced GPU”

            That’s pretty specific, does it have the more GBs in it too.

        • das

          ugly ? the iphone is the ugly one with its ugly antenna bands and tiy pathetic nipple looking camera

          • No shit, apple iPhone is indeed ugly as hell too but i think the galaxy s6 is just a bit uglier.

            I don’t give a shit anyway, i will never buy a phone of them anyway.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          If it was running a decent OS, but it’s running a skin on top of the OS on top of the real OS which has to compile on the fly.

          Lag is roid.

          No more excuses, ARM designed 64-bit cpu and lag is still there.

    • Btort

      you mean the note 4? the S6 is TRASH

    • Old Homeless Guy


      The iPhone 6 is already had half a year on the market, the 6S will KILL the S6 and then some more.

      • Anton

        Are you drunk?

      • miggy23602

        If going to write something please do it correctly,”the iPhone 6 HAS already had…” Remember this is an android forum, show some level of intelligence.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Lmao, you are so ironic

    • LOL18

      Sorry but Samsung is losing it’s edge and just taking desperate measures. Samsungs sales and profits last quarter just proves that it’s getting its ass kicked by Apple and the emerging Chinese manufacturers. Profits down over 70% and the trend looks like it will continue. The mobile business it extremely tough today and Apple is sucking up 90% of the industry profits. At the end of the day, the fans can defend and brag all they like but when money is running dry, the game is no longer fun for the manufacturers. It’s business simply. Money talks and bullshit walks!

      • das

        samsung is the best performing stikll out of the major brands ,market share DOES drop when new brands emerge ,thats life, dosnt mean samsung is bad …

    • mobilemann

      worse processor, loss of sd cards and battery compartment? these are the things that made me want to get a samsung device over an apple. They made it 20x worse, unless you’re a rabid fanboy, like most of the kids on this forum.

      • If you want something different than iPhone you should DEFENITLY NOT get a Samsung device EVER

      • MithrandirX

        Worse processor?

        At least it didn’t take you long to lose all credibility.

        The processor is actually the fastest on the market (quite a bit faster than Snapdragon 810)

        Agreed for SD card though we get up to 128 GB storage (UFS 2.0 which completely annihilates eMMC in performance : http://www.phonearena.com/news/AndroBench-comparison—the-Samsung-Galaxy-S6—S6-Edges-memory-speeds-obliterate-other-flagships_id66813).

        The battery is a shame though not a deal breaker.
        IP67 is too bad too though.

        But for me, here’s what makes it worth it :

        – Fastest CPU/GPU on the market, with the best efficiency (thanks to the 14nm process)
        – Fastest storage on the market and 128GB option
        – 3GB DDR4 memory
        – Much improved camera (which was already very good on the S5/Note 4) with a lot of features (you can even do things like separate exposure and focus point now :p) + OIS, Tracking AF, Real Time HDR, …
        – Great looking (that’s subjective though)
        – Best screen on the market (improves on the Note 4’s screen which was considered the best)
        – Very light Touchwiz with practically no bloat (all bloat apps are downloadable separately), with much improved performance
        – Android Lollipop
        – Wireless Charging
        – Fingerprint scanner (touch)
        – Mobeam (though I haven’t seen a confirmation that it was included, but it was on the S4, S5, Note 3 & Note 4, so it’d be surprising if it wasn’t)

        All in all, it’s looking like a great device (even with the omissions), much improved on the already great S5.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Read the article again, the writer is very careful with the wording.

          He claims the S6 CPU is ‘one of the best processor packages available on any smartphone’, not ‘the best’.

          To be fair, this is the closet any roid writer has ever come to saying ‘the iPhone is better’ without saying its better directly.

          Seeing as you don’t work at Samsung as a senior manager, I’ll beleive the writer above you.

          • MithrandirX

            I’m not talking about this article alone, but if you check all the benchmarks on different websites, you’ll notice it is faster than the iPhone’s as well.

            It seems you’re trying to read what you want to read. I could find the same meaning with any other brand than Apple too.
            The wording he used is just about being careful in case something later proves it’s not the fastest.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Is that faster running android, or is that a benchmark suite? Who is famous for rigging tests…

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Well reliable independent test show the iPhone has better multi core performance and the s6 has better single core performance.

            Running a test of single through to multi, they ended in a dead heat.

            That why tayloring key components with software is more important that using of-the-shelf parts and software like Samsung

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Maybe if they give away two TVs this time round instead of the one they had to give away with last years failure, they might get close to Apples (actual, not shipped) sales

    • What is your definition of “destroy”? Apple had mind blowing Q4 2014…

  • Mark M

    No micro sd card slot, no removable battery? I don’t care how “pretty” the phone is, without those 2 items, I won’t be upgrading my Galaxy.

  • Jones Johnson

    the iphone capacity should be 16/64/128.

  • Mike

    Android blows , and samsungs phones are crappy plastic. Copied Apple much. Samsung pay, speaker grills, finger print, and your now bragging the phone is 64bit; few years late to the party. Plus your keynote speakers can barely speak English and the females used the wrong verb tense quite often.

    • David Stevens

      Radies and gentuulmen

  • s2weden2000

    don’t compare the aijphoney against a real phone …

  • taz89

    Do all people just see the metal and think it looks like an iPhone. The sides are metal but completely different to each other. The iPhone 6 is rounded all over where as the s6 has flaird corners, lines and patterns and importantly more flat on the sides. Sure the bottom layout is same but that’s no different to apple moving it’s power button to the side like all Samsung devices. Here’s a image and tell me how the s6 metal side is like the iPhone 6 side other than being metal which is what you guys on the Internet have been crying about. Now they have moved from plastic to metal you say it’s copying apple when you can see from the image there clear and obvious differences. One is just simple all rounded metal where as the other had all that’s different distinctions. The fair, the line, being flat and the central pattern.

    • FlyingBrick

      Overall It looks like an improved design iteration from old galaxy phones with real metal (instead of metallic plastic band) and glass (instead of plastic back), doesn’t stray that much on looks from previous models, except for the bottom. They should have done something a bit more different.

      • MattEgansHairLine

        It looks like a poor copy of the iPhone 4

    • Darktanone

      It’s like Dr. Pepper and the knock-off brand Mr. Pibbs. Just stop it, man! It’s too obvious.

      • miggy23602

        I’m not the type to care much about looks yes I like the new sexy look but I also liked the cheap plastic feel. looks aren’t to important especially since I carry my phone in a case. What I care about is performance and what I can do with the phone and as an ex iPhone owner I can truly say iPhone doesn’t even come close to what I can do with a galaxy. Simply put i don’t like my phone to have limits

        • Guest

          It looks like a badly knocked off iphone 4

  • Tom

    Best phone in the world galaxy s6. Seriously an iphone 6 just has a 720p screen seriously its not in the same league as this beast of a phone. The iphone with its bobble head icons is something i would give to a child to play with, this is some serious kit!!!

    • MattEgansHairLine

      With those off-the -shelf parts available to anyone, keep your roid toy, with only two years of software support if your lucky, I think we all know which is the over priced toy, it has a glass back and tacky colours.

  • mrjayviper

    didn’t Samsung have some negative ads before about the downsides of a glass back? and let’s not forget the “wall-huggers”…

    I guess having your net profit dropped dramatically does change someones philosophy

    • das

      well if apple can be hypocrites then so can samsung i suppose :) like when jobs said ” no one wants a big screen phone blah blah “

      • mrjayviper

        at the very least, Apple didn’t create a commercial to ridicule its competitors and consumers…

        • das

          u never seen mac vs Pc adverts ? idiot

      • BZ

        except for the fact that Jobs not in charge of releasing the bigger iPhones matter of fact he had already passed on.

        • mrjayviper

          true. I believe JK Shin (spelling) is head of Samsung Mobile for years ago thus having final say of the final product?

      • MattEgansHairLine

        talking of hypocrites…

        • BZ

          This is in korea right?

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Text on the sign is English and that ridiculous price for a phone with built-in obsolesoce of only two years is in dollars; I’ll assume the U.S.

            Funny, because that was the same year they slagged of Apple users for queuing.

        • FKKR

          Singapore Dude M1 is Singapore go do yer research

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Funny, my Singaporean family all have iphones, only those people working in the dodgy malls has Roid!

        • das

          ????? wot

  • Christian

    Looking at these Phones, I don’t know why they go gaga over these than the Xperia Z3. I know the company is failing, but I think it still looks better than both of them.. Plus it hLooking at these Phones, I don’t know why they go gaga over these than the Xperia Z3. I know the company is failing, but I think it still looks better than both of them.. Plus it has powerful camera (to those who know how to use them and not just rely on superior auto), 2-day battery life, and more!as powerful camera (to those who know how to use them and not just rely on superior auto), 2-day battery life, and more!

    • Eli Medina

      GTFO, Sony is a joke, have you really looked at your damn screen? I looks green!, Plus recording more than 5 minutes of video is not possible, WTF? They were going in the right direction though…too bad

  • Belligerence

    Samsung copied iPhone? Are you kidding? I challenge anyone to show me an iPhone innovation that Apple didn’t rip-off from someone else! The possible best answer I could think of is Siri but I had MS Voice Control years ago and I didn’t need an data connection for it to work. The only reason everyone says Apple is the best is because Apple told you so and your incapable if doing a little research and forming an independent decision! Apple is a “design” firm. They rip of everything from other companies, put it in a beautiful package and tell everybody that it’s the latest and greatest. I encourage people to make their own decisions based on fact and knowledge; not just follow propaganda marketing that ALL companies do.

    • CTT

      BTW, before Siri the iPhone had something called voice control.

      • MattEgansHairLine

        And before that Macs had both speech and voice recognition since the first Macs, years before Microsoft and before Google stole Robin Li’s algorthym.

  • The iPhone comes in 16/64/128. Apple is still douching out on the base storage to all but force people to pay the premium for the 64GB model.

  • 4runnerJones

    I truly don’t get the opinions being posted here! When Samsung stays in their own lane, the naysayers want it to be more like the iPhone. However, when they make it more premium as the iPhone, those same naysayers laugh at how Apple supposedly does it better. I truly don’t understand the mentality of a nation of people hell bent on complaining all the damn time, freedom truly is a wonderful curse. This S6 is beautiful and aesthetically marvelous IMO & I would truly love to see the Note 5 in the same glory. #greatjobSamsung

  • Davi Araujo Bortolin

    iPhone 6 16GB, 64GB and 128GB no 32GB !!!

  • primalxconvoy

    Samsung lost me at “no removable battery and no external memory”. I stopped reading after that.

    If I want less features, I’ll get an iPhone, thanks.

    If the next Note phablet is castrated like the S6, then I’ll be jumping ship to another company.

  • AJ

    Is your favourite work ‘aesthetics’? :3

  • Ra Min

    iPhone Storage :16/64/128 no have 32GB -_-

  • Rushan

    Anybody remember this 2012 phone?

  • David

    There is no 32 gb iphone 6, the table chart is incorrect!

  • Tweaker

    Useless. Only a total idiot would compare the Galaxy S6 with the iphone 6 instead of the iphone 6 plus

  • mobilemann

    why does the podcast auto start, and will someone please buy the guy recording it a new mic and teach him about how pre-amps work?