Googler says OnePlus’ USB Type-C adapter is not safe for latest Nexus devices

by: Edgar CervantesNovember 15, 2015

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Update, November 16: in a reply to an inquiry by Gadgets 360, OnePlus stated the following:

“The OnePlus USB Type-C cable and adapter are compliant with USB 2.0 and Type-C 1.0 protocols. They can safely be used with the OnePlus 2 to transfer data and charge the phone.”

Editor’s note: we’ve updated this post to clarify the issue. The accessories in question are allegedly not safe for devices other than the OnePlus 2.

Original post, November 15: OnePlus has been a supporter of the new USB Type-C standard. Their latest flagship (OnePlus 2) is one of the few devices touting the new port, and their cables seem to be very well made, as well as affordable. Should you go with these nifty accessories, though? Google employee Benson Leung claims that is not always the case.

In fact, depending on your device, OnePlus’ USB-Type C adapter may damage the charger, hub or PC USB port. According to Leung, owners of devices that support the USB Type C 1.1 specification, including the Chromebook Pixel, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X should be the ones worried.

To clarify, the OnePlus 2 has a USB Type C port, but the connection is actually USB 2.0, not USB 3.1. The phone (and its accessories) support the USB Type C 1.0 protocol, but, according to Leung they do not support USB Type C 1.1.

In other words, OnePlus accessories appear to be designed to work safely with the OnePlus 2, but not with the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and the Chromebook Pixel. This discrepancy may prove to be damaging, and very expensive to the consumer.

While not many of us have heard of Benson Leung, he has been really busy trying to make USB Type-C accessory manufacturers stay true to the standard. In fact, he warned us about cheap USB Type-C cables recently, and he has been called the “USB Vigilante” by PC Mag. What some of these cable makers are doing won’t only make your device act weird, it could be downright dangerous!

In addition to telling us about these bad cables through his Google+ account, he has been reviewing other cables on Amazon and is even contemplating starting a blog where he can document all his tests. What do you guys say? I would definitely follow his website!

  • bigger wires can pass through more current, smaller wires are more affordable – so companies use the smallest wires possible to function… (okay, thats a bit other topic) – Coming to Type C there’s more current and if companies still rely on the smallest wires possible that could be also a bit dangerous….

    So even if I dont have Type C things I use seperately purchased 20AWG cables to charge and sync – and still searching for USB cables with <20AWG – but I guess that wouldn't be a real benefit.

    • Me

      so what burns up first the small wire or the phone?

    • Bruno

      Its not about thecable size its about the resistance they use, if i remember, in ordre to pull 3amp you must use a 56k ohms resistance or charger and USB port could be dammaged

  • mrjayviper

    These cables were designed for opt which are USB 2 only. The allegations might have merit based on this fact

    • Aaron

      Your argument is invalid. Designed for OnePlus 2 only? That’s where they are wrong. Tell me what does U in USB stands for.

  • Martyn Butler

    This whole issue of cheap chargers cables and adaptors needs to have easy to understand features that are enforceable by trading standards – USB has been a wild success, standardising the way most of us connect our stuff.
    It was also a royal pain, restricted, and I will never get the hours back that I spent troubleshooting and trying to wiggle a USB plug it in upside down.
    Really USB C offers us an opportunity to set standards and call out anyone that does not match up.
    With 18650 batteries and higher being left on charge overnight in peoples bedrooms it would be a sin not to use this transition to C in a responsible manner.

  • Roberto Tomás

    wait, a “default usb power” resistor allows nine times more power output than a 3.0A resistor. it shouldn’t damage any devices designed to work with the default usb power resistor, ever.

    I am actually doubting the article here: if the problem was the way it is described the concern would be for the cable and for fire hazard. the unit being charged would never be the piece to worry about.

    the only way it makes sense is if the Nexus 6P, 5X, and Pixel were erroneously designed for 3.0A (or maybe 1.5A) resistors and the OnePlus Cables allow too much power (ie, the default USB power resistor).

    • 1213 1213

      I honestly have no clue about this sort of thing so I dunno, but I can see the article never said the phone itself was at risk. But I guess a fire would put the device at risk too :P.

      • Aaron

        It said it’ll damage your charger or USB port, so that includes the motherboard of the phone.

  • “Their latest smartphone (OnePlus 2)”

    Uhh, Android Authority? OnePlus X???

    • Julian Luke

      The latest Oneplus device that has USB Type C is the OnePlus 2. Not the OnePlus X. So the article is correct.

      • Their latest smartphone is the OnePlus X. The article asserts that it is the OnePlus 2. Read it yourself.

        • Me

          and you dont keep up to date.

      • Aaron

        Yes, it would still change your Nexus 6P at 3A.

    • Me

      this is a repost from a month or so ago. dont trust the dates on the articles.

  • Sam Dunham

    What was this sentence actually supposed to say?

    “Up to Benson’s knowledge, owners of theChromebook Pixel, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X should be the ones worried.”

    Also, fwiw, I used the OP2 cable with my 6P to no ill effect.

    • Btort

      just because you can’t physically see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. I used them also, but would you wanna take the chance of ruining your phone if you consistently use these cheap cables? just because it didn’t harm it now, doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. He’s also not being biased, he’s reviewed a few that he praised and one of them was anker and belkin.

    • Great! Keep doing that! Just don’t complain when your house gets on fire. =)

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    • SeanPR11

      I have always disliked this crappy company.

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    • Karly Johnston

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  • idanN

    so, from where i can purchase additional USB Type C cable for 6P?

  • Sean Wood

    This sounds like severe bullshit

    • 404

      you mean C-vere b*llsh*t?

      • Sean Wood

        Something like that!

  • 404

    I’ll stick with USB 2

  • Clippoz

    Please…why no one remembers that OP2 cables are USB 2.0 and not 3.1?
    Being Type C does not means that you are also 3.1

    Basically the resistor in the OP2 cable is correct if used together with the OP2 Charger.
    If you try to charge your 5X or 6P with original Google charger and this cable…well the problem soon or later will come up.
    Basically because the OP2 cable have no IC inside to regulate the current flow, and i don’t know if a possible “different” wiring can trigger and higher current flow anyway.
    3.1 is not a joke sadly…i’m working with it everyday, and everyday i find something new…

  • FAC.-

    so they don’t make or sell the cable, but you shouldn’t be able to buy any of the others’ cables. excellent solution. and “the only” google products afected are the pixel, 6p and 5x (the only ones that exist with usb-C). jusssssssst greeeeat!

  • Olav

    Seriously? You are going to discard a company that made people drool over the specs and prices based on some guys comments about a CABLE???? Talk about looking at the finger and missing the forest….. ( i am not even mentioning that he is probably paid from samsung or apple to put himself out there, open your eyes people, this is how big companies do when they cant win otherwise… a RESISTANCE in the cable???? LIKE how many houses have been burned down in the last 6 months from OP2 cables charging nexus devices???? HOW MANY??? THINK dont be SHEEP….. )

    • Aaron

      So you think you’re better than a Google Engineer? A Google Engineer is a Samsung spy? WTF ARE YOU SMOKING. By the way fuck Samsung and their TouchWiz.