Google Hangouts version 7.0 rolling out, quick replies and conversation shortcuts on board

by: Edgar CervantesJanuary 27, 2016

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Things don’t change often in the world of Google Hangouts, so every time we see a cool new feature arrive it’s worthy of celebration. It is the IM service all Android users have by default, after all (whether you use it or not).

Reports of Hangouts version 7.0 rolling out have started hitting the web. But there’s more than just a lucky number to this upgrade. Google has graced us with a couple features that many of us have actually been hoping for.

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The first one (and the coolest, in my opinion) is the implementation of quick replies. What this does is allow you to reply to a Hangouts message without having to go into the app. When you receive an instant message notification, simply hit the reply button and a floating screen will show up. Type in your message and send away without having to go away from what you were doing.

There’s also a new option that allows you to create conversation shortcuts on your home screen. Simply open a Hangouts conversation, hit the 3-dot menu button in the top-right corner and select “Save to Home Screen”.  An icon with your contact’s profile picture will show up in your home screen so you can message away quicker than ever.

Both great additions, right? I am a huge Hangouts user, so these are definitely welcomed improvements by my book. Are you as excited about them? Be patient, as these updates roll out periodically. If you just can’t wait, though, here is a link to download your APK file. Enjoy!

Download the Google Hangoute 7.0 APK
Visit the Google Hangouts Play Store page
  • drago10029

    i wish they would fix the voice quality issues with Google voice. every call i make sounds horrible on the other person’s end

    • smokebomb

      Must be a phone problem. I’ve never had any complaints.

      • drago10029

        I would agree but I’ve had the issue with different android phones, different WiFi networks. maybe it is just me but I doubt it.

  • Dalton B.

    I wonder if this will ever get big as i phone’s imessage and facetime. I actually hope it does!

    • jerry

      well it will never be as big as the ominpresent market leader Whatsapp… for imessage, in global terms, only about 17% of population use iOS, so yeah i’m sure it’s bigger than that already but that’s hardly an achievement.

      • karthics5

        yep, althought most of the world uses android like me, most of america uses iphone

    • le_lutin

      Google Hangouts had it’s chance to become number 1 in the messaging game and completely blew it. I would have loved to have seen it be number 1, but they were simply too slow to roll out new features and go cross platform..

    • Danny Lewis

      They were headed in that direction until Lollipop came out and they decided to have a separate Message app again. I hear the carriers were to blame for that one though.

      • smokebomb

        That would make a lot of sense. They still want to make money off people paying for SMS.

  • James Donut

    can’t wait for the RCS feature to come out

  • Fardeen Beharry

    very quick reply like ios 9

  • FrostyPL

    Anything new for AndroidWear?

  • John Doe

    As a Google Domain user, I wish they would implement more capabilities for admins, and options..
    Like the ability for global group creation and administration ..
    And you are right, there is not enough work done on this platform, one change every 6 months is too
    slow ..

  • Christian Akkari

    So still no sharing video, or voice notes and that amazing image compression that makes anything you send complete garbage… I wanted to like you hangouts…


    Now, if they just add an option for encryption this would be the greatest all around Android messaging app. I had been begging for quick reply on this app since I don’t even know when. Right now I use signal, it’s fantastic, practically flawless but lacks hangouts integration of course.

  • Pride

    ya well I’ll stop using it once they force me to update since they are removing SMS. fools

    • smokebomb

      Get a Google voice number. Then you can continue using the hangouts app and cut down on draining your phone’s battery because Google voice is integrated in the hangouts desktop and web apps.

      • Pride

        then no point of even paying for a cell phone provider and google voice sucks it’s very inaccurate notifications sometimes works. Though i have a google voice it still sucks. No reason to use google voice just so i can justify the reason to use hangouts now haha

  • smokebomb

    Instead of shortcuts they should’ve done something similar to chat heads. I hope that comes with the next update. Shortcuts are good but chatheads is still the best messaging shortcut I’ve ever seen.

  • Jonathon Rios

    I didn’t know that the ability to answer texts was in the code for the app I always thought it was a feature some phones just didn’t have. This is definitely a nice feature.

  • Sam

    Did they finally add the Search or not? Seems like a basic feature miss from the largest search engine.

  • billcollier

    I have noticed that video calling has been removed on my app, that I will miss. In the times we’ve used it for overseas, it functions way better than Skype.

  • Google Hangouts still insists on having its own contacts list instead of using the one on my phone. Also, it sorts the contacts by first name despite years of requests to provide a last name sort option. This is just another example of how Google is sometimes tone deaf to user requirements and pays the price for it in lost market share. I’m happily using Textra 3/13 which does everything I want. Sorry Google, but you neglected the product, and then ignored the market. What did you expect?