When it comes to buying a new phone, it’s safe to say that reviews play a large part. Without early reviews – delivered just after a phone is announced or before it goes on sale – it’s difficult to judge whether a phone is truly worth pre-ordering or buying, but there is a problem with those reviews: time.

In all forms of technology, time plays a large factor in the experience and, specifically, how a handset performs after weeks, months or even years of use can be radically different to how it was at the start. We all know that warm feeling of joy we get when we unbox a new piece of tech, but what about after the buzz has died down and it no longer feels new?

When all is said and done, which phone will you be happier to have a month, six months or even a year down the line? In the case of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6, we can’t answer the questions for six or twelve months’ time, but having spent a month using each of these as my daily driver, let’s see which I recommend, and why!

The post below is written by myself, Nirave Gondhia, while in the video above, Joshua Vergara has provided his opinion on which phone is better. Together, we hope they’ll provide different viewpoints on the same discussion to allow you to make a truly informed decision.

Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Sex Appeal vs Practicality

Here’s the first thing you should know – one of these designs is shiny and the other is more practical. It may not seem like it at first glance, but spend a month with either of these phones and there’s a few things that become immediately apparent.

No, I’m not talking about the fact the Galaxy S8 is a fingerprint magnet or the LG G6 doesn’t feel as premium, these are things that were covered in the respective reviews. What I’m talking about is the overall design choices by Samsung, and LG, respectively.

On the one hand, Samsung has gone all-out to make a phone with luscious curves that stands out from the crowd thanks to its incredible sex appeal. On the other, LG has made a design that’s arguably a lot more practical. The curves of the Galaxy S8 do make the phone feel better in the hand, but the fingerprint sensor is the biggest sticking point for me. Not only is it rectangular which poses challenges given the curved tips on your fingers but it’s also in a ridiculous position that makes it near useless.

The LG G6 on the other hand, takes a more traditional approach and has all the subtlety of a slab of concrete, at least when compared to the Galaxy S8. Yet, this works exceptionally well for the G6, as it feels more solid in the hand and the central fingerprint sensor on the rear proves to be a much better implementation than the sensor on the Galaxy S8. The lack of the curved dropped edge on the G6 also means it feels more grippy, and less likely to slip out of your hand.

And herein lies the crux of the problem for both manufacturers; neither symbolises the perfect design. The Galaxy S8 is arguably a little too fragile and has the odd fingerprint sensor, but the LG G6 is a little on the thicker side. The ideal would be to have the Galaxy S8 with a slightly thicker edge, like on the Galaxy Note 7. Alas, you are left to choose between the two imperfect approaches to a taller display (and the design changes it necessitates), so the question is, which do you prefer?

Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Shiny, shiny, shiny

Moving onto that taller display and this part of the comparison is straight forward; the LG G6 has the best display that LG has ever put on a smartphone and it is a joy to use. The only problem is, Samsung makes the best smartphone displays. Its Super AMOLED panels are punchy and offer deep blacks and vibrant colors, in a way that no LCD can replicate. Yes, the LG G6 comes close and looks great, but put them side by side and the Galaxy S8 wins comfortably.

Both are rated as being HDR-ready and LG is working with Netflix to offer HDR content – with v5.0 of the Netflix app now available, the LG G6 is the first phone to officially support HDR. Samsung on the other hand has a Mobile HDR Premium-rated display from the UHD Alliance and supports HDR10 content. The Galaxy S8 will presumably also be added to Netflix’s supported device list.

Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Under the hood

What a difference a month in technology can make: while LG announced the G6 at MWC at the end of February, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 a month later at simultaneous events held in New York and London. Why is this important we hear you ask? The devil, as they say, is all in the details.

The LG G6 is powered by late last year’s Snapdragon 821 processor with 4 GB of RAM and an Adreno 530 GPU. Prior to launch, we heard that LG opted to go for the Snapdragon 821 because the Snapdragon 835 was delayed, meaning no phones would launch with Qualcomm’s latest chipset until May or June. Well, that was not quite accurate: rather than delaying the launch of the G6 until the next batch of Snapragon 835 chipsets were ready, the company decided to stick with its pre-S8 launch window and use the already proven Snapdragon 821. Samsung, as you know, is rumored to have had first dibs on the initial batches of Snapdragon 835 chipsets as part of its manufacturing agreement with Qualcomm.

Does it make a huge difference? Not particularly and our testing shows that the difference in performance is between 15 and 20 percent, depending on the test. Take for example, performance benchmark AnTuTu where the LG G6 scored 136,814 and the Galaxy S8 Plus (with the Snapdragon 835) scored 164,626. One area that seems to be largely improved is the GPU, with the Adreno 530 inside the LG G6 scoring 2,097 on 3DMark’s Slingshot Extreme, while the Adreno 540 inside the Galaxy S8 scores 3,512 on the same test.

The latest chipset – or “platform” as they are now known – can also make a difference to the battery life of each phone and while we’re still conducting our full range of battery tests on both phones, we’ve noticed that battery life is pretty comparable on both devices. Granted, this is between the regular Exynos-powered Galaxy S8 with its 3,000 mAh battery, and the LG G6 with its 3,300 mAh battery, so there will be differences when using the Galaxy S8 Plus with its larger 3,500 mAh battery, or a Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S8.

During my time with the LG G6, I was impressed by its ability to seemingly always survive a full day of usage. Even as I filled the memory of the phone and put it under an ever-increasing load, it almost always lasted a full day, which averages around 18 to 20 hours of usage with around 5 to 7 hours of screen on time.

The Galaxy S8 has also proved to be similarly impressive, and lasts a full day of usage, albeit with an average screen on time of 4 to 6 hours. There’s not a lot in the battery difference – at least in terms of real world usage – and both smartphones will be able to survive most use cases, but for any specific differences, you’ll need to wait for our battery review results.

Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Snap, snap and snap away

As important as the display, design and tech specs are, the camera on a smartphone is often the deciding factor for many would-be buyers. In the Galaxy S8 and the LG G6, we have two companies taking very different approaches to the camera, with interesting results.

The Galaxy S8 has one camera on the rear, which can capture 12 MP images supported by Optical Image Stabilisation, f/1.7 aperture, phase detection autofocus and f/1.4µm pixel size for better low light photos. By comparison, the LG G6 has dual 13 MP cameras, one with f/1.8 aperture, 3-axis stabilisation and phase detection autofocus and the other with f/2.4 aperture and a super-wide 125° field of view.

Two very different approaches mean two cameras capable of very different things. The Galaxy S8 camera follows previous Samsung flagships by offering good amounts of detail, punchy, vibrant colors and an image that is, overall, more pleasing to the eye. It’s a slight improvement over the Galaxy S7, but if you liked that camera, you’ll also like the one in the S8. The LG G6, however, produces images that are more lifelike and with a seamless transition between the wide angle and regular lenses, allowing you to capture both “normal” images and cool wide-angle ones.

LG G6 review camera samples:

The wide-angle lens in particular on the LG G6 allows you to take the same scene and capture it from the same position but with a much wider view, giving it an almost fisheye look that doesn’t look like it was captured on a smartphone.

Galaxy S8 review camera samples:

The Galaxy S8 can take great photos in most conditions but we can’t help but feel that Samsung missed a trick by focusing on the display and arguably neglecting the camera a bit. To the average eye, the Galaxy S8 takes stunning photos and often captures a scene how we would wish it to look, rather than how it actually looks in real life.

Which is better though? It’s difficult to compare apples and oranges, so as part of our latest flagship camera shootout, we decided to put these two side by side (alongside four other latest flagship devices) in a blind test.

Which of these do you think is the better photo? We left the results up to our readers to decide and in the poll of all six phones, the Galaxy S8 came second with 21% of votes, while the LG G6 came third with 16% of votes. For those interested, check out the full best Android smartphone camera shootout, including the images captured by the Google Pixel XL, which came first with 41% of votes.

Galaxy S8 Camera Samples:

LG G6 camera samples:

Personally, I find the Galaxy S8 takes photos that look more pleasing to the eye, whether it’s on the stunning display or on a bigger computer screen. Yet, in direct low light comparisons (and other conditions), we found the Galaxy S8 added a slight yellow-ish hue to images, while the LG G6 kept the conditions as natural as possible.

It’s a difficult decision to pick between two very capable smartphones camera, but thanks to the additional wide-angle lens, I’d have to say the LG G6 has the better overall camera. The second camera can be so much fun to use, providing a whole new world of photographic opportunities. The Galaxy S8 is also a very capable camera though so which is better for you basically depends on whether you want images that look amazing, or an additional camera with images that are less saturated and more life-like. That, only you can decide.

Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Two very different skins

Something we all love about Android is the ability to take the default out of the box experience and customise it to your heart’s content. For most advanced users, using a custom ROM or rooting your phone to unlock additional functionality is second-nature, but for more average users, you might often stick with the features included on your phone.

LG and Samsung both take similar yet differing approaches to the custom interface they apply atop the default Android interface. Both interfaces are considerably tidier and lighter (meaning less bloatware and heavy skinning) than in previous years, but this is where the similarities end.

On the one hand, LG has taken the practical approach of adding small amounts of functionality to Android in a bid to create the perfect balance of stock Android with a few choice additions. The company uses frames around the icons on its displays to provide symmetry across the interface, but does employ an interface design that’s atypically-LG.

The experience is mostly smooth, with very little in the way of performance issues, and it’s the lightest and most efficient skin that LG have put on their phones. The issue for LG is that it has a very recent history of having flagships that develop bootloop issues rendering them useless and the concern – whether valid or not – is that the G6 will follow this trend.

Meanwhile, Samsung has taken a different approach, one that is also atypically-Samsung. Before that however, you’ve got the Samsung Experience – which was previously known as the fabled TouchWiz – and while I’ve already shared our Samsung Experience review, I will say that it’s the best skin that Samsung have put on a phone.

It’s light, has a fresh white-and-blue feel and feels very refreshing, especially as the new color icons pop on the Galaxy S8 screen. At the same time, Samsung has repeated some of its old mistakes of duplicating Google apps (such as Assistant with Bixby) but, for the most part at least, its duplications offer up better experiences than Google’s own apps. This is certainly true for the calendar, dialer and contacts but not for Bixby, which is half-hearted at best in its current form, but will hopefully be much better with future updates that bring Bixby Voice.


Is TouchWiz on the Galaxy S8 the best Android skin?

May 9, 2017

The LG G6 takes the Google approach of a light skin with a handful of features and adds to core Android experience in a few very useful ways. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 proves to be the must-have phone for anyone who really wants to customise their smartphone, as the sheer number of customisation options is simply mind-boggling.

Which do I recommend? It’s difficult to say as it does depend on what you want from your phone but having used both, Samsung’s implementation does seem to be more refined. There are parts that LG arguably does a little better but the Samsung Experience offers a better overall experience on the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Which is right, for YOU?

For anyone who’s been a long-time Android Authority fan, you’ll have noticed already that this comparison is very different to the ones we’ve traditionally conducted. Here, instead of repeating the review, we’ve focused on the experience and how it feels to use the phone which, combined with the reviews, will help you make an informed decision.

After a month with both phones, it’s safe to say that the LG G6 ‘new phone feeling’ wears off a little faster than the Galaxy S8, mainly as the latter has incredible sex appeal which incites warm feelings of emotion. That said however, there are parts of the G6 which I prefer, such as the camera and making a firm call between these two devices is probably the toughest choice I’ve had to make in recent memory.

Overall, the sex appeal, better refined software and latest processing package mean I’ve got to give this one to Samsung, but the LG G6 is mostly on-par with Samsung’s flagship. I do miss the dual camera of the LG G6 and everything that it is capable of, and it’s the main feature that tempts me away from Samsung’s flagship.

Which is right for you solely depends on your needs, and we hope that this unusual comparison goes a long way to help you make your decision. Don’t forget to check out the full Galaxy S8 review and LG G6 review for more on each phone and let us know which of these you’d buy by voting in our poll and shouting in the comments below!

Nirave Gondhia
Nirave is one of the Managing Editors and a fan of travel. He's worked in technology for over ten years (including stints at two carriers in the UK) and reported on it for nearly nine years. In my spare time, A big football (soccer to those over the pond) fan and avid supporter of Man United for over 20 years, he reads a lot, loves a cocktails and blogs about travel.
  • ReaPer

    i prefer the LG G6 anyday.# fly like a G6

  • Robert

    I prefer the Oneplus 3t .. AMOLED, dual sim, no bloat ware, very close to AOSP Android, affordable, Snapdragon 821.

    • The Doctor

      No IP68, no dual cameras, no Verizon, no way.

      • Ivelin Ognyanov

        Still, a good phone for it’s price.

      • Justin M. Morris

        Since when did IP68 become such a deal breaker in a smartphone? I’m old school I guess when it comes to liquids around my phone. I won’t even entertain the possibility of having my phone getting spilled on or dropped in water. If a phone isn’t water resistant, it makes no difference to me. I’m careful enough with my investment to not need the “feature”.

        • Bruce

          It became a deal breaker the first time I got to read a book while soaking in the hot springs.

          • Happy

            Kobo e-readers are water resistant and your eyes will thank you so much for reading the book on the e-ink screen instead of the AMOLED/LCD one.

          • It’s a deal breaker for me for this reason precisely!! That and using it in the rain, which is a big problem in London ha!

        • The Doctor

          I’m careful enough in my house not to ever start it on fire. But I’m damn glad that if it does burn down, the fire insurance will cover it. Same goes for IP68 on a phone. I’ll be damn glad that it’s there if a drink spills on it. Or if it drops into a puddle.

          By the way, all flagships come with IP68 rating now. If a phone doesn’t come with it, it’s an automatic deal breaker for me.

          • Joe Carroll

            I consider it a “bonus” feature, not a dealbreaker or “must have”. It’s nice, but going back the the Kyocera 6035 PalmOS smartphone, I have never broken or dunked a phone (knock on wood), so for me it’s not essential. I’d rather have a lower price.

          • The Doctor

            Cool. Different needs for different folks.

          • David Martrano

            Personally in my humble opinion these are both terrific phones. It’s just a matter of choice. The displays are very good but I prefer Amoled. In the camera department the edge goes to the g6. But again there both top notch. In making a choice you can’t go wrong with either!

        • Lamar Smith

          I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker, but it’s definitely a nice bonus feature. Especially if you have kids and with Summer coming up.

      • Happy

        You do realise that you are comparing last year’s 1+ with this year’s Samsung/LG. 1+5 is just around the corner.

      • thereasoner

        …no Samsung Pay, no VR, no IR, no SD 835 etc.

        • Joe Carroll

          IR is the only think on that list that I would really like, and that’s not even “essential”, just cool to have.

        • Lamar Smith

          Not having Samsung pay, VR , IR or SD 835 ins’t a deal breaker. Even without those features the G6 is still a good phone for the price.

          • thereasoner

            I agree that the G6 is a nice phone, the best one coming from LG in a while imo (not a fan of the V series ). I’m very happy with my Pixel currently but if I was shopping for a new phone then I would pay the extra for the Samsung because, unlike you, I and 10s of millions of others value those Samsung features that you do not.

            To each his own.

    • Marty

      Agreed. I have a 3T also. My two main phones: 3T and S8.

  • Ronald

    G6 it’s cheaper and comes with Google Home. Say no to duplicate apps people

    • Happy

      In my country the difference is 50 Euro. Provided that S8 has 64 GB storage and G6 32 GB this not a price difference at all.

    • thereasoner

      Most would rather say yes to Samsung Pay, Samsung Health, Samsung Calendar, Samsung VR etc over their Google equivalents​.

  • josepmanel1983

    I’m waiting on the next Pixel. As a Nexus 6P owner, I wouldn’t be able to cope with bloatware and/or duplicities.

    • aTree

      to be fair, I wouldn’t be considering an upgrade from my 6p if it wasn’t for the terrible SOT. cant decide though!!!!

    • thereasoner

      I’m loving my Pixel and the next one is sure to be a fantastic device also. That said, Samsung get’s points for things like Samsung Pay, Samsung VR etc. that are just better than the Google equivalent.

  • Derek

    I’ll stick with my Mate 9.

    • glenn lewis

      The Mate 9 is the best phone I have ever used.

      • Derek

        Same here.

  • ImJoaquínTheDog

    Neither compare to my Pixel. Love the fact that it’s the only phone that Verizon can’t put its bloatware on (that actually works with its network).

    • tiger


      • renaldo friloux

        Great point

    • Joe Carroll

      Pure Android, the camera, and unlimited full resolution Google Photo storage are extremely attractive, but the price and bezels put it on my “I’ll pass unless I win the lottery” list. I find it very hard to justify more than $500 on a phone these days, and $350 is really the sweet spot, ideally. I don’t find the “extras” on the $600+ a good value when you get very near to the quality and performance on a $399 one (ZTE/Axon/Nubia, One+, Huawei/Honor, shit, even LeEco in some cases).

      • ImJoaquínTheDog

        I totally see your point. However, I like to keep my phones for longer periods of time, and keep them up to date with custom ROMs (which always had great support for Nexus devices, and the Pixels are no exception). What’s better, a $770 phone you can keep up to date for 4+ years, or a $300 phone which gets updated until the second year? Plus, if I’m gonna keep a phone for that long of a time, it may as well be the best you can get, am I right? I totally see why you prefer cheaper phones, but they just don’t work out well with me (though OnePlus phones are similarly compelling to my Pixel).

        • Joe Carroll

          6 months to two years for me.

        • Lamar Smith

          Well, if you keep them up to date with custom ROMS like you stated. What difference does the price make?

          • ImJoaquínTheDog

            Overall quality in the components. Pixel has a great camera, great screen, and I know that a lot of money was put into the designing and engineering of the phone. With cheaper phones, none of these are guarantees, with the low investment money put aside for the making of these phones, as they make much less money off of the cheaper phones.

  • #S8PlusIs Boss

    The G6 was never a thought or consideration neither was the S8.

    Since December 2016 I knew it would be the S8plus and I’m definitely a proud owner.

    The S8plus is the best handset/phablet on the market period especially battery life and design with excellent features.

    In September I will be buying the Note8 to go along with my S8plus.

    • Lamar Smith

      If I may ask, what excellent features are we speaking of?

  • Stu

    If LG does that rumored G6 mini with a 5.4″ display, I’d be interested in that.

    • SakhileD

      5.4 inches…Mini? LOL Really

      • Stu

        You have to be cognizant of the aspect ratio. A 5” phone at 18:9 would look like a remote. I imagine 5.4″ is about as small as you could go without it being too narrow and it’d likely still be smaller overall than something like the Google pixel or iPhone 7.

  • Tony

    Samsung Pay is the best feature a phone could have. I use it at every store. The “infinity display” that has HDR is absolutely beautiful. it’s has all the latest and greatest tech. Qualcomm 835 processor, Bluetooth 5.0 gigabit cell phone data. The S8 is the better buy. If the G6 was $200 less then the S8 it would be an ok deal. I’m the type of guy that wants the latest and greatest so I would still choose the S8.

    • Lamar Smith

      FYI, depending on what S8 you get, the difference in price is $200 to $300 more than the G6. The price alone makes the G6 the better purchase. And yes, the S8 is a beautiful phone it’s just not worth that $800 price tag.

  • Marty

    Definitely the S8. Not even close. Samsung Pay with MST, SD835, 64GB, better styling, more features. Includes AKG IEMs.

    Had LG made the minimum capacity of the G6 64GB and included the quad DAC, it might be acceptable. But as is, the S8 is a better choice.

    • Lamar Smith

      So you’re willing to pay $200 more for the S8 even though you won’t use most of the new features>?

      • Marty

        Mainly for the storage space. But also because of Samsung Pay and the style and design of the S8. Loving the shiny black.

  • jeron vanhoose

    SD835 (or equivalent Exynos) VS. SD821 is enough of a difference maker to me. That’s more processing power, the ability to take advantage of gigabit LTE/4.5G/faster network speeds where and when available, power management, plus the graphics processing upgrade. For those that don’t want or need the superior performance of the aforementioned features then I’d certainly see how the 2 devices are a closer call. However, these differences, IMHO, are not slight. To me it makes the G6 nowhere near the profound upgrade it ought to be over my G5 (which I really like)!

    • Joe Carroll

      The G6 is at minimum $100 less than the S8. While of course, a faster/newer processor is pretty much always better, I don’t think it’s worth $100-$130, especially when it’s barely noticeable (if even) for most day to day tasks.

  • You guys should revisit this a year from now when that S8 is slow as molasses while the G6 is flying.

    • renaldo friloux

      From one boot loop till another

      • LOL I won’t deny that. TBH I’ve never owned an LG device, but IMO they’re doing a better job at producing practical hardware than Samsung is. Just my opinion though.

        • Alexandre Renaud

          i’d say better and more usefull features seems like this year samsung is trying their best to go all out and make people forget about the note 7 fiasco (note that i do own an s8+) but i did own a g3 once and besides heating issues i loved that thing power and volume on the back was magic for me ahah though i’ve never had any bootloop or samsung’s ui slow down on me last device i had was a note 4 and still flying through everything just fine after 1+ year.

          • Lamar Smith

            Bootloop is just like the Note 7 battery fiasco. Not everyone experienced either issue. I myself never had one bootloop issue with my G4 and I have no problem purchasing the G6.

          • Alexandre Renaud

            I know not everyone has these issues but saying all samsung bug down after a year or so is like saying all note 7 blew up imo i would’ve bought the g6 if it had a bigger screen as i do watch lots and lots of content and i play emulator so to me the bigger the better + i always prefered amoled to lcd and hdr is not something i’ll ever use as i don’t have either netflix or something that can take advantage of it. Do wish g6 owners the best and no bootloop as that would suck big time.

      • Joe Carroll

        Never had the LG bootloop issue…from the original Optimus, Optimus L9, G2 and Stylo G. That may only be because the G2 was the last $600+ phone I could afford/justify though.

        The G2 was pretty much the perfect phone though (would still be IMO, if it was exactly the same with just a processor, RAM, camera and battery bump), and therefore LG is still my favorite of the big name flagship manufacturers.

        • Lamar Smith

          “The G2 was pretty much the perfect phone though (would still be IMO, if it was exactly the same with just a processor, RAM, camera and battery bump)”

          Agreed, The G2 switched me from Samsung and I haven’t look back. While I still think Samsung makes beautiful phones they are just too gimmicky for my liking. IE, Curved Edges, Heart rate monitor, dust resistance, Bixby, Dex etc.

      • Lamar Smith

        LOL! Now that was funny!

    • thereasoner

      “slow as molasses”

      My S6(now my wife’s)still runs perfectly and that is over 2 years old and on Android N.

      • She probably doesn’t do much with it.

        • thereasoner

          She runs apps/games, plays on board music, Facebook video messanger almost daily, web browser, IR for TV remote and of course the cameras. She’s not as heavy a user as I was with it, I ran it hard for a year and a half but she still uses it more than the average person imo.

  • skrug

    Xperia XZ premium

    • Francis Troy Fabrigas

      Xperia XZ premium

  • Marty

    One thing I’ll say in favor of the G6 that I didn’t think till I looked at specs, it’s actually thinner than the S8. 7.9mm G6 versus 8mm S8.

    Blows me away because the G6 looks thicker.

    • Happy

      …and feels thicker in hand.

      • Marty

        Probably because of the squarer edges.

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    iPhone. I prefer the iPhone 😂😂🤣🤣

  • playboy79

    love the G6…love the flat screen.. dual cameras… battery life… and more

  • Happy

    So the right answer is … Note 8 – same as S8, but with a dual camera.

  • Crosslad

    The S8 offers more bang per buck, but I hate curved screens. The G6 is nice but the UK version is overpriced for the specs. I won’t be getting either of these phones.

    • Marty

      I’m not inclined to like curved screens either, but the S8 does it well. It really enhances the design and gives it charm.

  • Steven

    currently running with the g6 and so far I couldn’t be happier with this phone. Build Quality, dual cameras, and ip68 are my favorite things about this phone

  • IT Enquirer

    I voted neither.
    Just give me a the flat screen form factor of the Galaxy Note 5, updated with the latest camera, Exynos processor and other internals and then waterproof it.

  • Andrew White

    Both devices look great, but aesthetically Sammies curved screen has the edge.
    Once protected by a case though and the majority of us will invest in one, the difference is minimal.
    Real world performance between the 2 can be measured in a fraction of a second when loading similar apps.
    The S8 wins out here also, but for me this is not a game changer.
    I signed up an bought the G6 on a plan with the offer of a free 43″ LG TV.
    Brilliant device overall… 2 and half weeks later and still no word on the TV.

  • Robin S.

    Where do i find that s8 wallpaper? It looks really sick

  • All in

    I am in sales and use my smartphone calling clients all day.
    ALL I want to know is which of these two phones has the best call clarity.I want to be able hear the person that I am talking to CLEARLY.I want the person to hear me CLEARLY.

    I already know that the cell phone service has a lot to do with the clarity issue so I just want to know which of these two has the best phone

  • Sivad01

    I like the G6 it feels better in the hand. I also like near stock Android experience.

  • Parental Units


  • icube

    before lg v10—>now s7 edge.
    v10 was far away snapier than s7….snap 808 vs exynos!!!!!
    so,hardware is not dealbreaker for me….s7 runs such cheap phone.
    i vote g6…samsung software sucks a lot.
    lg ux is far better for every day use….samsung can not take adavadance of the hardware!!!!!!

  • Lee Tran

    can we please make a video or get this to Samsung? anyone can unlock my phone using the fingerprint reader after several tries. I even can unlock with fingers I haven’t registered. can this make it to Samsung please?!?!?

  • Grant D

    Based on what people don’t like about the S8, and rumors of the note 8, I’d wait for the Note 8. Rumors of a dual lens camera
    and an under-screen fingerprint sensor are enough to hold me over. Even though I’m currently using a heavily modded galaxy s5 as my daily driver.

  • glenn lewis

    Huawei mate 9 is better than both to me

  • Goar Antonio Gimenez

    what is the wallpaper that you’re using on the S8 ? the black one with splash of color on the side!

  • Affan Vohra

    LG G6 is a more durable phone and target people who go for practicality than features they will never use in a device, with no doubt samsung is the best phone one could get with a latest top end features, Both phones are must buy, it totally depends on the end user what they want and will keep it for another 2 year. For me the screen make the S8 a must buy, all other features are cherry on top of the cake…

    • Lamar Smith

      See I’m the opposite, give me the phone that is more durable and practical and I am good to go. I will admit I LOVE The display on the S8, but the display on the G6 is no slouch either. It’s the next best thing out there. While Samsung does make beautiful phones they are just too gimmicky for my liking.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Well, after having the G3, G4 and G5 (My current cell). It’s safte to say, that I am coming back to Sammy… That S8+ is a beauty….

    • Lamar Smith

      Well, after coming from Samsung for the G2 and G4, I will be sticking LG and get either the G6 or the next V series. Yes, S8 is a really beauty but I hate the curved display and it’s not worth the price tag. Plus as usual their special features amount to nothing more than extra money out of your pocket. Dex? I don’t need to spend$150 to turn my phone into a mini pc. Smart apps? more money out of your pocket. I like most people, we have either the Echo or Google home.

      • Rick_Deckard

        Guess what? I just got the LG G6 yesterday :-D

      • Rick_Deckard

        Me too my friend! HAHAH Dude my Brazilian carrier cut the half of the price… G6 (H870) is awesome!!!

  • AJ Bankston

    AT&T made my decision easier by offering the G6 and the V20 for 50% off. So I got the G6 for $320. A phone just isn’t worth $800. Especially when you’re just going to want a different one in 6 months to a year anyways.