As you may already know, we, as reviewers, tend to get our hands on numerous smartphones throughout the year simply due to the nature of our job. So while we technically don’t have daily drivers in the traditional sense, my definition of a daily driver is the phone that I always return to once I’m done with a review of another device. In that sense, my daily driver for the foreseeable future is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and here are five reasons why.

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April 18, 2017

Reason #1 – Display

Samsung's prowess in this department continues to shine through with what is easily the best display on a smartphone right now

It certainly wouldn’t be a post about the latest Samsung flagships without a mention of that gorgeous display, and it is one of the reasons why the Galaxy S8 Plus is my daily driver. Everyone has raved about this display, and Samsung’s prowess in this department continues to shine through with what is easily the best display on a smartphone right now.

The colors are amazing, it is extremely bright, vibrant, and full of contrast, and I love the way the glass spills over on the sides. Samsung has definitely come a long way from the experiment that was the Galaxy Note Edge, and on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, it is something that you have to see in person to truly appreciate.

I personally prefer the larger screen of the Galaxy S8 Plus because I think it’s more immersive when it comes to gaming or video consumption. Some people may feel differently though, particularly because the larger display makes for a size that could be too big for some.

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That said, the difference isn’t significant when compared to devices like the Google Pixel XL, the iPhone 7 Plus, and the LG V20. These are all definitely big phones, but in terms of handling, the Galaxy S8 Plus is actually narrower than the lot (due to its 18.5:9 display). The really impressive part is that despite similar sizes, the Galaxy S8 Plus features a much larger display. The S8 Plus is definitely worth it because of the larger screen, even if the handling experience isn’t as comfortable as it is with its smaller sibling.

Reason #2 – Design

The design of the phone is what allows that display to really stand out and complements the phone extremely well, which leads me to my second reason. The curves look and feel very sleek, and it’s a perfectly symmetrical design all the way around.

The curves look and feel very sleek, and it's a perfectly symmetrical design all the way around

What I really love about this phone though is the way it looks from the front. The super thin bezels are fantastic, but what is also great is that there are no logos, branding, or buttons that ruin the front. It’s a super clean design that looks fantastic, and it certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing if more OEMs went down this route.

Reason #3 – Software

I never thought that the software experience would be a reason why I love a Samsung smartphone, but that is surprisingly the case with the new interface the company has introduced with the Galaxy S8 series. For years, Samsung’s software package has felt like a cluttered mess, but since the Galaxy S6, they have been making tons of improvements and it is finally at the point where the software matches the great hardware.

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The new Samsung experience complements and meshes well with Android, whereas older versions felt like they had unnecessary layers that made everything clunky, overwhelming, and cumbersome to use. I love the new clean and minimalistic approach that Samsung is going for here.

The new icons sport a refreshing new design, and everything is mostly black and white with just a splash of color in areas like the notification shade and Settings menu – a stark contrast from older iterations of Touchwiz that were heavily coated in greens and blues.

There's a lot of attention to detail here, and it's the little things that make the biggest difference

There’s a lot of attention to detail here, and it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. For instance, you can swipe up from anywhere on the home screen to launch the app drawer, and you can also change the order of the navigation keys, which is great because Samsung’s implementation always felt completely backwards when they were using hardware keys.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the software isn’t still chock full of features. While some of them are useful, none of them ever feel invasive as you have the option to disable the features you don’t plan on using.

A lot of customization options are also built into the software, including a Themes engine that lets you tweak everything from the icons, wallpapers, and general color scheme of the interface. The Always On Display is also more robust than ever, and even this can be customized with high quality themes or an image from your gallery.

Reason #4 – Hardware features

The next reason why the Galaxy S8 Plus is my daily driver is the hardware. Samsung always does a great job of including a lot of extra hardware features on their phones, and while I may not use every single one of them all the time, I do appreciate their inclusion and rather have them and not use them often than not have them at all.

Features that everyone will find useful right away or at least at some point during their time of owning one are the IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, wireless charging, and expandable storage. We don’t usually mention Bluetooth as a special hardware feature, but it definitely warrants a mention this time around, mainly because the Galaxy S8 devices are some of the first to ship with Bluetooth 5, which comes with improvements like twice the speed, four times the range, as well as the ability to connect two Bluetooth devices at once.

Reason #5 – Camera

It's not the fanciest camera out there, but you can always rely on it to deliver a good picture in almost every situation

Last but not least, the final reason is the camera. Samsung isn’t doing anything fancy with the Galaxy S8’s camera, but you can always rely on it to deliver a good picture in almost every situation. The dual pixel autofocus is easily still one of my favorite features about this camera, simply because of how fast and accurately it can focus on a subject. Plus, a faster autofocus means you’ll snap photos much quicker and take a lot more of them.

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Speaking of autofocus, the front-facing camera also comes with this feature. While I don’t think this shooter is amazing in terms of quality, it is a nice feature to have. I also like the Snapchat-esque filters that are built in which make the front camera a lot of fun to use.

So, those are some of the reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is going to be my daily driver for the foreseeable future. I love the look of this phone, and I don’t mind the bigger size in favor of the extra screen real estate. It also checks all the right boxes in terms of specifications, performance, and overall features. Despite a hefty price tag, it certainly lives up to the hype and is worth every penny. It’s not perfect, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus fulfills the majority of my needs.

  • kurtis m

    Why am I not surprised that Bixby wasn’t on here

    • Kevam

      Ikr lol XD

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Because Bixby isn’t fully ready yet. It may suck. It may be great. It may be mediocre. But we won’t find out until it’s ready.

      • kurtis m

        Well at the minute the only thing that isn’t activated is the voice feature. Everything else is either useless (Bixby cards) or doesn’t work (Bixby vision) Seriously Google Lens, Now and Assistant is basically Bixby but it works better.

    • #S8PlusIs Boss

      The S8plus is the best handset/phablet on the market period especially battery life wise. With the Note8 arriving in September I’ll be glad to have both on deck.

    • JON @segujer

      not worthy mentioning a duplicated bloat app.

  • satsmine2k4

    5 reasons I am not using a G8+
    1. Price – totally overpriced
    2. Software – not the latest – too much lag
    3. Camera : not the best – pixel beats it hands down.
    4. carrier locked – I will never used a locked down phone
    5. Bixby – just hate it

    • Aris Routis

      1. As opposed to?
      2. There is no lag on the s/w. If you had used it (like I do) you would know that.
      3. So should I be sad if say, I have a DSLR (which I do) but there is another DSLR somewhere that beats mine? No. Question at hand is whether my DSLR is doing what I want. In this case, the S8/+ camera is a beast. Does Pixel’s camera perform better in some aspects ? Perhaps. Is that a factor to make me not buy the device? Hell no.
      4. Research.
      5. Noone forces you to use it.

      • satsmine2k4

        1. pixel 650 vs s8 750, pixel 770 vs s8+880
        2. used it definite lag vs pixel
        3. at that price expect Sammy to have the best nothing short would do.
        4. researched
        5. Sammy is pushing to far to make s8 customers use bixby- example constantly avoiding the hardware button to be remapped

        • Sam

          I believe it is fair to compare regular S8 with PIXEL XL (they both are similar in price and similar screen Size ) $750 vs $770 and also S8 comes with premium headphones, S8 plus has bigger screen compared to XL.

          If We don’t like carrier version, We have an option to buy unlocked version, Which can be used on all carriers like Pixel which is also Verizon locked and unlocked version available.

          • Garett Wolff

            Verizon version is NOT Verizon locked. it is unlocked but includes some bloatware that can be easily deleted.

        • Otniel Yoreiza

          Really ?? Pixel in my country will cost me 1100K. While this phone come unlocked from my carrier for only 850 include wireless charging package.

          I think it depend where you live. Overhere, pixel price is a joke.

          • Abhijeet Mishra

            Yes, the Pixel is only priced well in the US. In most other markets, it’s heavily priced for the feature list. I do love the Pixel XL which I had to buy because of the nature of my job (similar to the writer of this post), and that’s mostly because of the performance. Here in India, though, the Pixel XL starts at 32GB for a higher price than the S8+. It’s gone down in price recently, but it’s still costlier than the regular S8 (for the XL), and for most folks, it just simply doesn’t not offer enough features to warrant the price. Heck, the default USB Type-C charging isn’t even as quick as Quick Charge 2.0 (thankfully, Pixel XL has good battery life to compensate).

        • Garett Wolff

          I have s8 and Pixel XL. S8 blows pixel out of the water. FULL FEATURED phone instead of an outrageously priced reference phone.

          2). No lag on S8. The 835 is a beast. Pixel beta is nice but O(reo) is not impressive. Extremely buggy and although it will get better it still lacks any of the actual AMAZING and USEFUL features and customizations Samsung Experience presents. My 256GB SD card also has a home. (3)

          4 Unlocked cheaper with charger included as noted above.

          5). also a dedicated Google assistant button. that one square button in the middle of the screen. With my edge widget I have my Google assistant and bixby with the button. best of both worlds.

          As I tell all my customers. the best Android phone I’ve ever had is the S8. Followed very closely behind by the ZTE Axon 7. Pixel XL comes a distant 3rd. I should send Google my medical bill for my injured wrist (seriously no screen shrinking option with those massive bezels?). I have an iPhone for what the Pixel intends to be. apart from the gyroscope video recording I pick the iPhone.

          I’m selling my pixel XL for $600 if you are interested. it is in near perfect condition with dbrand Skins and dozens of cases and accessories including the Google lamedream.

          Can get $719 s8 at best buy FACTORY unlocked with every band and freq. imaginable.

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Overpriced? As opposed to what? The Bezel XL 128 which is more expensive and has half the features?

      • balcobomber25

        You have a serious Pixel obsession, there are dozens of other flagships available, many which sell 10X as many as the Pixel but that’s the only one you talk about.

    • #S8PlusIs Boss

      So this makes you a financially strapped useless bargain basement group discount handset buyer. Enjoy your trash and gas station handsets you couldn’t afford quality if it pimp slapped you.

    • roeshak

      Please leave that pixel has a better camera bullshit to one side. Obviously someone who’s been watching a lot comparisons that focus mainly on d range. The pixel is an average lowlight performer and that’s being kind. S8 destroys it. Not even a contest.

      • satsmine2k4

        tested both and returned the s8+

    • The Doctor

      “too much lag”

      This isn’t the Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • ReaPer

    Only one i pick up on is display but i don’t like up the samsung Brand no more and its to hype also

  • ‘m just gonna go with Galaxy C10+ instead; same specs, truer price.

  • Tony

    He forget to mention Samsung Pay which is my favorite feature a smartphone could have. It replaces you wallet and keeps your money far more secured then a physical plastic card.

  • Otniel Yoreiza

    Coming from the history of Oneplus One, Two and Three owner, i almost can’t believe that i ends up using samsung (brand i hate most when it comes to smartphone)

    But the screen and the design alone sold me day and night.

    And as i get the Exynos version overhere, the development is simply great so far.

    Custom ROM & Kernels are all already available.

    So, yeah. Am with you. This is my daily driver for a foreseeable future.

    Btw, i gonna tip you on something. There’s no way Oneplus 5 can dealing with this phone in term of design. Trust me (this is come from long time oneplus user). The best Oneplus 5 can do is mimicking iPhone 7+ design. And thedual cam implementation is just a copy of it as well. Damn, huawei beat them up day and night in term of dual camera solution. :(

    • Garett Wolff

      I HATE Samsung and every phone model except the Note series. until the S8 came out. I would take an HTC Ultra an S7, but the S8 is the best thing I’ve ever encountered. This is coming from a certified trained Apple Master expert. I can hopefully hope the Apple phone (10 year anniversary edition) can top the S8 or I might consider getting a new job.

  • Jared

    You guys need to do an article to address this new S8 problem where it repeatedly restarts for no apparent reason. It’s killing my experience, and I would like to know how to fix this issue (if there is a fix) or how to get a replacement (although replacements supposedly have the same problem)

    • Garett Wolff

      having bootloop issues? That is fairly common with Galaxy S series phones. I was hoping the 8 would be like the Note which doesn’t have that issue. I’m not lying when I say I get bootlooped Galaxy S users come in for help every morning. I will be piiissed if mine ever starts to do this.

      • thereasoner

        I’ve owned the S3 and S6 with never experiencing this. My wife now uses my S6 and still not a single issue, runs like day one.

        I know that LG users have been dealing with bootloop issues, there’s even a lawsuit over it but this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone mention it on a Galaxy phone…and I read several tech sites daily.

        • Garett Wolff

          Hmmm. Yet most of the people writing articles aren’t in the business of having clients whom they consul PERSONALLY when a person is looking to get a new phone. And they sure as hell aren’t going to give you one on one time to troubleshoot your device, so they don’t deal with troubleshooting as I do everyday.

          I see it daily because we have Samsung experts on location 5 days a week. And when we don’t, I fill in even though I’m only supposed to handle apple products. However the client comes first, so if one of mine has a Samsung bootloop issue than I need to be there for the life of the product.

          LG had a hardware defect causing bootloop. Corrupted Touchwhiz software updates account for around 80% of Galaxy bootloop situations I encounter. There isn’t a way to pinpoint “muchpiss” software corruptions in a liable fashion.

          Samsung Experience is a beaut so far though. Very happy I am.

  • ctk4949

    I already went back to my Pixel XL. The constant notification about resizing the app to fit the screen is freaking annoying. Some games get all messed up if you switch between apps. Not being able to use OK Google with the screen off is dumb. Bixby/button is worthless. The lag is getting worst. FPS location is annoying. The S8+ is too tall. The onscreen buttons are toooooo low. I probably should have gotten the regular S8.

    • Marty

      Bixby button currently is worthless, but if my theory is right about the purpose of the Bixby button, future updates will bring better functionality to it. I think Sammy intended to have a customizable side button for the S8/S8+, but due to lack of time to scope it out, they decided to assign it to the Bixby app as an interim function.

  • Marty

    Meh…the smaller S8 is my “daily driver”. That and my OP3T. I prefer at least one smaller phone.

  • Eric Learn

    I’m still using my Note 7, waiting for the Note 8 to see what that’s going to look like. probably will be picking up the Note 8 and doing the recall on my Note 7, maybe. the Note 7 was/is an amazing phone

  • Garett Wolff

    1 defining factor why s8>s8+= Finger Print sensor placement.

  • devesh

    Only one reason it sucks… This device will age so fast that within 6 months users will regret the decision because this device hasn’t got any future proof spec. By the time apps adapt to the new aspect ratio (which still is a doubt if it will happen until Google decides to do the same) the hardware will become obsolete. Camera will be shadowed by the Note series, so would the RAM, finger print scanner will be as it was meant to be and WHERE it was meant to be, this device will not give users even a single reason to not feel envious of next flagships. Google pixel owners can still find peace after six months be it competitive camera or purest software. iPhone users always have exclusive ecosystems. Galaxy s7 owners enjoy the legend that even note 7 couldn’t match whose camera is only a software away from s8. Op3t users know 6gb RAM is still unbeatable after 6 months….
    These are the only reasons that make s8 a dubious investment. It’s great if seen solo cross sectionally but definitely not a marathon runner.

  • Chuck Jones

    At least it wasn’t a piece of crap from the shitty company of Oneplus.
    Why there are so many that love crappy made phones from Oneplus is crazy.
    Oneplus should be out of business.

  • thereasoner

    Why does every S8 thread turn into an S8 vs Pixel squabble? They’re both excellent top of the line phone, among the best you can get, and each has advantages over the other. Just buy what you like and enjoy.

  • avnow

    so much hate for such an amazing phone, yeah it is over priced, most falgships are, S8 offers the most high end specs and innvovative hardware and feature. I believe it worth paying for. Complete power pack.

  • JON @segujer

    can easily be the same choice but better owned with a stylus in the near future

  • David Rakin

    If Galaxy phones would be the best, then I would choose it over Xperia, and I’m power user. And the thing that pushes me away from Samsung the most is it’s edged screen.

  • Chad Higgins

    Love the S8+
    Only problem I have is the Red Tint issue ! Yes I got the update to fix it but how? If I use anything but Adaptive Display I get a pink screen? Still?? Even if I turn the red all the way down.

  • BILL

    You said you prefer the S8+ over the S8, but I thought they both have the same hardware, Bluetooth, etc. What am I missing? My S8 is to be delivered TODAY!!