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Industry sources from Korea report that sales of the curved Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge flagship are much higher than anticipated, with supply now unlikely to be able to keep up with demand. Currently, the S6 Edge accounts for approximately 50 percent of all Galaxy S6 model shipments worldwide, according to industry insiders, which far surpasses market estimates of 20 to 30 percent of Galaxy S6 sales.

In Korea, combined S6 and S6 Edge pre-orders reached 300,000 units, exceeding early expectations and putting the range on track to be the most popular Galaxy handset. A trend which has also been noted by US carrier T-Mobile. However, Samsung admits that it has failed to make accurate predictions about S6 Edge sales volumes, which may result in some retailers left without stock in the near future.

Samsung Mobile CEO JK Shin has previous stated that Galaxy S6 Edge production will be limited for some time, suggesting that Edge sales may slow once existing stock is used up. Although Shin hasn’t confirmed the source of the issue or how long the company expects it to last, sources say that the supply shortage could last for at least a month.

Sources say that the supply shortage could last for at least a month

While Samsung is already rumored to be ramping up production in response to strong early sales figures, the expense and difficulty involved in producing the curved AMOLED display in the Edge is likely to prevent Samsung from meeting all of the demand.

Reportedly, Samsung’s China-based supplier of curved glass is operating with a 50% yield rate and is limited to just 6.5 million units of production this quarter. To reach an increasing sales target, the company may have to look for an additional display supplier.

Despite the huge price tag, the unique look, strong internal hardware and new features such as Samsung Pay appear to be driving demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge. A strong performance from this year’s flagship is exactly what Samsung needs if it wants to begin regaining some of its lost market share and improving its stalling profit levels.

While it obviously sounds better to be selling out than having stock left on the shelves, Samsung will need to address the supply situation promptly to avoid losing sales to other high-end Android flagships.

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    Definitely not surprised here as usual no Android manufacturer will outsell any Samsung handset. 

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      Says the guy who used to say HTC “would never be beat”.

      • Galaxynote4isntboss

        Richard liked HTC before?
        Do you have any screenshots of it? please

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          I don’t have any screenshots, but if you compare the comments of a person who went under the Disqus moniker “rockingmyevo3d” with the comments made by “galaxynote4isboss” and “yarrellray”, you’ll find the same writing style, the same dopey, ignorant fanboyishness (though on slightly different manufacturers/devices), and the same horrible spelling/grammar. They all are/were the same person. He had an Evo 4G (during which he claimed rooting was for “2plus year old devices” as an insult to me because I owned a (not even 1.5 year old) Samsung Moment), and an Evo 3D (which he claimed was “legendary”, was far superior to the HTC Sensation (they were almost exactly the same), and would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012”- despite poor sales the few times he made that comment- and then getting taken off shelves roughly 3 months into the year).

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  • Diego Valenzuela Ossa

    THL 5000 > SAMSUNG s6

  • Karly Johnston

    Edge sales were expected to be a fraction of GS6 yet its 50%, that means GS6 sales are far below expectations.

  • moniano Lat

    we still have lots here down under … may be samsung can redirect the unsold ones here to where they claim it is out of stock … bec their figures are just ghost ones

  • Scott Ricketts

    After looking at both of them in the store, measuring the screen width to see if the pixel loss on the sides was as bad as I’d read, I went with the edge. It’s just a sexier phone. I’ve been using it since Monday and I have to say it’s pretty sweet.