Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom specs leaked, features a 20 Megapixel camera

by: Robert TriggsMarch 14, 2014

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The specs for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Zoom (SM-C115) have been revealed via benchmark site GFXBench. We weren’t too sure about Samsung’s last camera/smartphone effort, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, we just couldn’t really see the camera keeping pace with other hobbyist equipment. Perhaps our option will change next time, as the S5 Zoom looks to be offering a decent number of improvements.

I’m not quite sure that I agree with the naming scheme here, the “Galaxy S5” Zoom doesn’t appear to share very much in common with Samsung’s next flagship handset, mind you the previous generation didn’t either. The S5 Zoom opts for one of Samsung’s own hexa-core Exynos CPUs, rather than a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, which is the same SoC found in the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. The hexa-core chip consists of four Cortex-A7 cores for general usage, and two Cortex-A15 cores to cater for the more demanding tasks, as well as a Mali-T624 GPU. The benchmark shows the chip clocked at just 1.3GHz, which is slower than the 1.6GHz Note 3 Neo. This could just be the speed of the slower A7 cores, or perhaps Samsung has opted to lower the clock speeds for some reason.

The display is also different from Samsung’s new flagship handset, the Galaxy S5 Zoom looks set to feature a 4.8 inch display with just a standard HD resolution (1280 x 720).

Now for the most important part of Samsung’s Zoom range – the camera. The Galaxy S5 Zoom packs in the largest pixel count of a Samsung handset to date – 20.2 Megapixels (that’s 5184 x 3888 pixels). This will provide a bump in image quality from the 16 Megapixel Galaxy S4 Zoom and the Galaxy S5 smartphone, but the camera doesn’t appear to be capable of 4K video recording. We don’t know about the camera’s optical zoom at the moment, although it’s probably safe to say that it should at least match the 10x zoom offered by the S4 Zoom. The device also features a 2MP front facing camera, which can also record in full HD.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom Benchmark

The rest of the hardware specs include 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and NFC connectivity. The device will ship with the latest Android 4.4.2, which suggests that it will be making use of Samsung’s latest Touchwiz features as well. Overall, this is a more high-end device than the S4 Zoom.

The Galaxy S5 Zoom is expected to be unveiled sometime in May, stayed tune for more details.

  • MasterMuffin

    I wonder if anyone actually bought the S4 Zoom

    • Damon Salvador

      Still wondering y samsung still going ahead wid dis So called Camera Series . lol

      • MasterMuffin

        Because they can?

        • Damon Salvador


    • Happy Slappy

      Only reason I could see people choosing this over the Nokia 1020, or it’s predecessor is for the zoom. Besides that Nokia’s hump looks better than Samsung’s bulging belly

  • rh

    Maybe take the money from this camera and concentrate on making he S5 better competition agains others and we might be gettin somewhere.
    20mp???!!! Seriously 2010 not 2015.

  • Marcus Winchester

    The S5 isn’t even out and they want to SKU’ify the S5 already. Man this is just disappointing, they need to slow the heck down and re-evaluate their entire product line. Just have 2 high end phones( Galaxy S and Note), 3 middle range phones priced between $300 and $400 in 3 sizes and then have 3 low end phones between $150 and $250 in varying screen sizes( 2 or 3). Then do whatever with the sub $150 phones. I know having variety and choice is better but with Samsung they just went entirely insane with the number of phones they release. It would help if they all at least looked different.