Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – will we see it at Samsung’s Unpacked event?

by: Brad WardMarch 8, 2013

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It should be common knowledge by now that Samsung is holding its Unpacked event in New York City on March 14, where it will unveil the Galaxy S4. While the spotlight might be on the Galaxy S4, rumors are saying that Samsung won’t just be announcing the Galaxy S4 but the Galaxy S4 Mini as well.

What do current Galaxy S4 Mini rumors say?

We reported in early February that a rumor surfaced claiming that the Galaxy S4 Mini is a part of the Project J family, codenamed Serrano. The Galaxy S4 Mini is reportedly confirmed, which makes sense considering that a Galaxy S3 Mini accompanied the Galaxy S3 a few months after the Galaxy S3 was launched. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this trend continue.

A few days after the claim of the Galaxy S4 Mini being reportedly confirmed, we received wind that the device could be releasing as early as May, a month after the Galaxy S4 is allegedly supposed to launch. Considering that a Galaxy S4 Mini seems to be a given at this point, will we see it at the event next week?

Is it even worth manufacturing a Galaxy S4 Mini?

We more than likely will not see a Galaxy S4 Mini unveiling alongside the Galaxy S4’s announcement, and for a good reason too. That’s not to say that Samsung won’t make an S4 Mini though, as there are many demographics Samsung caters to.

Let’s use the Samsung Note devices as an example. All of Samsung’s Note devices, in essence, are the same. There are a lot of Note sizes though, and that is so that Samsung can appeal to a wider array of customers. Some people think that the Note 2 is too small, so Samsung made an 8-inch Galaxy Note tablet for those buyers. The only real difference between the 8-inch Note tablet and 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 is its size.

Some think Samsung won’t make a Galaxy S4 Mini because the Galaxy S3 Mini was not very successful. But the South Korean company will most likely release a Galaxy S4 Mini though, as it’s part of its business model. Besides, all the pieces seem to be in place to make it, so why not do it?


Will the Galaxy S4 Mini get announced alongside the Galaxy S4?

It’s in the realm of possibility, but it will more than likely not get announced next week. Obviously, we’re just speculating at this point, as there’s no official information available on the matter.

Compared to the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Mini should be cheaper to make considering that it is supposed to be smaller than the Galaxy S4. But Samsung would have to manufacture the device and its rumored accessories differently, which would take more time.

Samsung may also not want to announce an S4 Mini right away, so that consumers can focus on its flagship device instead of a bunch of renditions of its flagship smartphone. There’s no doubt that Samsung would want to earn as much cash off of its new top-of-the-line handset after seeing how much success the Galaxy S3 had in 2012.

While it could make sense for Samsung to release an entire Galaxy S4 family at once, what will happen to marketing for these products? If the spotlight is on the Galaxy S4 with no mention of a smaller and cheaper variant of the device, the majority of consumers may rush for the Galaxy S4.

Lastly, we didn’t see the Galaxy S3 Mini until long after the Galaxy S3’s original announcement. In fact, the Galaxy S3 Mini didn’t even launch in markets where Android was very strong, such as the U.S. That said, it would be a surprise to witness a Galaxy S4 Mini unveiling at Samsung’s Unpacked event on March 14.

If we do see the Galaxy S4 Mini at the event, why get excited about it? Chances are, it won’t be making its way to a lot of countries, just like the Galaxy S3 Mini. If you don’t remember the Galaxy S3 Mini, check out our review:

Do you think we’ll see a Galaxy S4 Mini announcement at the Unpacked event in New York City next week?

  • freedomspopular

    I honestly believe if they made an S4 mini as a high-end phone, it would sell like hotcakes.

    • Pete

      S4 Mini would tank. Bigger screens and better processirs are the future of phones.

      • freedomspopular

        The millions of people buying iPhones would disagree. There’s a HUGE market for small high-end phones, and Apple’s got it cornered purely by default.

        • I’d not buy it since I love big-sized devices (Note 2), but it’d be great to see a quad-core 1.4/1.7GHz, 2gb RAM, 32/64gb Galaxy S4 Mini or some thing like that

      • kascollet

        I would certainly buy a real high end SMALL smartphone from Samsung.
        Switching from iPhone 3GS to S2 already made me upset due to form factor.

    • Bo

      That’s what I’m thinking too. Price the Galaxy S IV at about 600€ with 5″ display, and put the IDENTICAL specs in a 4″ device (mini) and price it 500€. Or even 600, doesn’t matter. I think those two devices really wouldn’t be competing with one another.

      • John

        Identical specs in a lower cost mini phone from SAMSUNG? Dream on.

    • lively

      IF the spec unchanged between S4 & S4 Mini, apart from screen size & form factor, I WILL buy the S4 Mini.

      seriously. I prefer compact phone.

  • killswitch70

    Oops! Galaxy Express I will have to put you on hold if that’s the case. Wanna see how much they would sell this S4 mini before parting ways with my trusty phone, a 4.2.2 custom ROM running Nexus S. =)

    • baap

      teeer maarliya bhenchod nexus leke ! bhosdike !

    • badman

      Sala maadarchod, dala thumara gand nexus mein. Chutiya

  • amine ELouakil

    They’ll need a S4 Medium aswell , so the line is complete, S4 mini, S4 Medium, S4, S4 Maxi (which is the note3) it’s still one and device right?? /s

  • Bone

    Samsung makes some of the devices for strategic reasons like Google, to say
    – Okay here’s the Mini, fast, smooth mid-ranger
    – Wait sir, what’s THAT?
    – Oh but that’s the big brother, fullHD, floating touch, wireless charging…
    – I’ll take that please…

  • Greg

    Is this an admission by Samsung that 5.9 inches is a ridiculous size for a phone?

  • No thank you! One Plastic wonder is enough! The S3 mini was an insult and frankly Samsung can’t squeeze the power of S4 into a 4″ device without major downgrading of the specs! Compare iPhone 5 to S3 mini both in same size bracket and there is only one winner! Here’s a hint for the Samsheep it’s not made of plastic!

    • Is that all you guys got in defense of iphone, “it’s not plastic”? Who cares weather it’s made plastic, aluminum, glass, or clay? As long as it has the best and innovative tech, something different than the competition, that’s what matters the most. The material doesn’t affect the performance of the device in the slightest. So give that ridiculous argument a rest.

      • So how come people buy Porche,Audi and Ferrari etc if they could just buy a normal car with the sane spec?

        • Are Ferraris, Porches, and Audis made from aluminum? I thought the were made of fiber class.

        • Jaysen_MikalGrantAllen

          What’s this etc you speak of? If you’re gonna bring cars into a smartphone discussion, then name more brands of sports/exotic/luxury vehicles if you may. oh and just so you know, the specs of a Bugatti Veyron can not be found in a Honda Civic, the specs of a Aston Martin Vantage can not be found in a Ford Focus.

        • Mike Reid

          And what small percentage of the population is that ?

          Are they the same people spending 10-20 grand for a “luxury” Android 2.3 or 4.0 phone too ?

    • joe barkho

      the iphone 5 DOES beat the s3 in terms of power.
      but the iphone 5 OS does hold it back some.
      Then again touchwiz needs serious work. Its not uniform, its not consistent and its somewhat ugly. They need to look at HTC some more. HTC sense looks great since sense 4. Its clean, light, and just looks really good.