Exclusive: Android N may not have an app drawer

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 20, 2016

Nova Launcher App Drawer Google Icons

Google is reportedly planning on removing the app drawer from the Android N release. While there is still a long way to go until the public release of Android 7.0 in late 2016, Android Authority has now received word from two separate sources that pre-release Android N builds currently do not include an app drawer (Update: We’ve since found even more evidence of the app drawer’s planned removal).

Nougat is here, though getting it to all devices is a whole other story.See also: Android N features: everything confirmed, rumored and expected359

Google may, of course, re-add the app drawer before the Android N developer preview is distributed at Google I/O 2016 in a couple of months, but for now it looks like Android N will ditch one of Android’s most recognizable features. If it goes ahead, the move will likely be seen as undermining one of the foundations of Android – that of customization and individuality – but it is already obvious that Google is not entirely happy with the app drawer.

Android Marshmallow App Drawer

When Android Marshmallow introduced a vertically scrolling app drawer, it wasn’t met with much enthusiasm. While the interface actually makes a lot more sense – an endlessly scrolling list of vertical apps is faster and more logical to navigate than a horizontal set of paginated cards – Google would have heard the negative feedback.

It is already obvious that Google is not entirely happy with the app drawer.

Removing the app drawer altogether would reintroduce the preferred horizontal app icon structure while removing the step of actually launching the app drawer. It would also make finding and uninstalling apps an arguably simpler process than it is now.

nexus 6p vs iphone 6s plus aa (16 of 26)

Whether Google’s reasoning is based on user preference for horizontality or on interface simplicity, Android fans are nevertheless likely to see it as Android becoming more like iOS. But it must be noted that many Android user interfaces already use an app drawer-less version of Android. Asian manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi already use the home screen as the app drawer (Huawei’s EMUI once had an app drawer, but removed it 2012).

Having not seen the Android N builds for ourselves we can’t say if the next version of Android will be set up the same way as iOS or existing app drawer-less Android skins or will introduce an entirely different take on the idea. It does seem reasonable to assume that familiar customization features like widgets and folders will remain intact though.

huawei mate 8 vs nexus 6p aa (14 of 23)

If the move goes ahead, Android’s motto of “be together, not the same” might need some reworking, but, as with all earth-shattering Android changes, we will eventually get used to it. The timing coincides with rumors of tighter integration of Chrome OS with Android, and would reimagine Android’s traditional “desktop-like” arrangement of a hidden app list behind a more visual home screen.

Nova Launcher android launcherSee also: 15 best Android launcher apps203

Of course, anyone not happy wth the idea would be able to simply install a custom launcher to get the app drawer back. At this stage we can’t say how committed Google is to the idea – whether it is set in stone or simply a possibility – but removing the app drawer would certainly bring Android and iOS closer together in terms of user experience, a trend that has become increasingly noticeable in recent years.

What do you think of the idea of no app drawer in Android?

  • Miguel SGTC Monteiro

    I’m cool with that. I don’t think it’s bad at all? I mean, if you want a launcher with an app drawer you will always have the option to, right?

    • Nick

      I thought the same, but who knows how will compatibility work with next versions?

  • I hope Samsung defies Android again and keeps the horizontally scrolling drawer if all this is true.

  • I like the app drawer. I don’t want my screen filled with app icons.

    • Peeta Mellark


    • Joe

      I hate an app drawer filled to the top with junk just as much as I hate the junk on my homescreen. Both the app drawer and iOS app layout are terrible at organizing apps. not saying I have the solution, just that there needs to be a better way than just throwing the mess around.

      • Patrick S.

        Uninstall the junk….

    • Cory

      Because you are stupid

      • Phone Guy

        Grow up. The five year old web sight is at Sesame Street . com. Thanks.

  • vmxr

    ” It is already obvious that Google is not entirely happy with the app drawer ”

    you and i google, you and i xD

  • Captain Obvious

    Please dont do it Google, its sloppy, lazy, and looks horrible…and is a direct copy of Iphone – you are better than this :)

    • Grahaman27

      you are saying android is an app drawer away from an iphone clone?

      • Kid.Drunkadelic

        are saying the ios is like my moms windows desktop full of icons. Apple didnt invent shortcuts

        • TheSpaceUnicorn

          Who said they did?

    • Sergei Garcia

      While I love the app drawer too, I think that removing it is actually a pretty smart, and necessary move. Let me explain.

      Sorta like the hamburger menu, the app drawer is flawed in that it shouldn’t just throw all apps into a hidden place just for the sake of keeping things “clean” on the homescreen, because all it does it move the mess elsewhere. While the solution isn’t to place all apps on the homescreen either like iOS (that would also be pretty inefficient), the correct thing to do would be to come up with a more intuitive way of navigating apps without just throwing them all into one place.

      I’m hoping Google has also figured this out and actually has something pretty big in store to one-up Apple in UX which they aren’t revealing, since technically, all they said is that the app drawer is going away, but not that icons would all go into the homescreen.

      • Suicide_Note

        And what would you consider to be a more intuitive way of navigating apps?

        • 7-down

          When you think of an app, it magically appears. Google has the tech for it ;-)

          • Gjorgi Lazarovski

            That is actually the future. The dev of Nova launcher when asked “What’s the next level launcher?”,he answered a launcher-less device, where you just pick it up and the information you want is displayed without any of your effort. This makes much sense, and maybe google is on some right path here.

          • Redisqovered

            Except phones cannot be pure mind readers.

          • Gjorgi Lazarovski

            Note *the future

          • mark

            That’s what android’s homescreen allows – immediate access to most used apps and information. Removing the homescreen means you’re stuck with scrolling through loads of icons.

          • StevenC

            Yup that would be Awful. Might as well then get an I-phone!

        • Android Developer

          well, they could auto-put apps into their correct folders, and since it’s google, they know which category each app belongs to.
          However, what should it do to apps with multiple shortcuts ? That’s a different question…

          • Suicide_Note

            And then have fifty folders on my home screens? No, thanks.

          • Android Developer

            this depends on the apps you have. If you have 50 types of apps, each belongs to a different category, it could be.
            But, maybe they could make it more high-level, for example:
            if you have various types of games, you’d get a folder for games, and inside you could choose which type of game to choose from.
            I remember there are actually apps (and launchers) that do the auto-sorting. I remember Everything.Me does this (though I think the company has shut down)

          • Suicide_Note

            Maybe Google could allow folder creation within the app drawer? Instead of 150 apps sorted in alphabetical order, for example, they could be grouped in categories or folders. It’s still an app drawer, but organized more efficiently, and still allows for clean, uncluttered home screens.

          • Android Developer

            also interesting solution

        • Sergei Garcia

          Anything but throwing everything into a box. The whole point of my comment was that there needs to be a better way of sorting apps, and maybe that’s what Google has in store for us on android N.

          • Cole Gerdemann

            Additionally they might even keep the Google now launcher around for those that hate the new interface. Be together, not the same, right?

          • Sergei Garcia

            Actually, it will probably be the other way around (the new layout will be default for google now launcher). Knowing Google though, I think this will be a very positive change that will benefit and be overal enjoyed by the general android community. Power users and purists can easily change it for Nova or some other launcher with other options anyway.

          • bahrta

            then how about an app drawer that categorizes apps, like games, utilities, news, weather, etc; there are standalone app drawers that already do that. Removing the app drawer entirely would be a big mistake.

        • studiotalk


      • Skyler Wallace

        Pretty sure that if there were a better way to navigate through apps, someone would have made a third-party launcher for that already. We’ve already seen Aviate do it and we see how that went. Google Now already kinda does what Aviate does at the top of the app drawer. And I cannot see any possible way to not have an app drawer while having better navigation, if you have an idea, let everyone know.

        • Sergei Garcia

          Aviate is a pretty bad example too, and all it did was categorize the app drawer which isn’t exactly a solution. If anything, Home UX launcher is probably the closest, best approach to an innovative way of handling app organization by combining the app drawer and homescreen into one in a very creative way. It’s so good in fact that I could easily confuse it as the Android N stock launcher. Also, I don’t exactly have the best idea for navigation without the app drawer either, but what I do know is that from a design and UX standpoint, both the app drawer and homescreen layouts are terrible since they aren’t an efficient way of navigating the UI.

          • Phone Guy

            I just checked out Home UX on You Tube. Its really nice and intuitive. I still like my old app drawer better (so far) but I may actually try it out. Its cool.

      • Brenden Keene

        All you would have to do is merge the app drawer into the Apps menu in Settings and be able to hide or unhide apps on the homescreen from there too with a little toggle or something. And then make that process somewhat intuitive. That would satisfy me at least.

      • Sean

        HTC allows folders in the app drawer which helped clear up the mess and keep you from needing folders on your home screen. I thought that was a smart move and surprised that it hasn’t become more of a thing.

        • vampyren

          On my Samsung and note LG G4 I also have folders. It works great. Basically I have only 2 pages with everything so it’s easy to find. On my home screen I just put what I need plus widgets. I wish google just do a apple copy and put everything in the home screen. That would be lazy and a very bad move. This is one of the things I like about android. Sure I could use tools even if Google removes of but it won’t work optimal.

        • mark

          Indeed that’s how phones used to do things – Symbian supported user defined folders, and even feature phones in 2005 had the icons in a folder hierarchy.

      • studiotalk

        Keeping things clean is having no stupid icons on the screen at all

    • Reed

      Non issue. This is about an app, not Android. Android has never supported the app drawer because the app drawer is a feature exclusive to launcher apps. You’re free to replace these as you see fit.

    • Cory

      Please do it Google. The app drawer is stupid pathetic and sucks.

    • SugarFreeTargets

      Could you imagine a Samsung device on AT&T with no app drawer though? There’ll be 5 pages of bloatware!

  • Dave

    Oh good lord, please tell me this is not true!

    • Sumitro Bhaumik

      Noooooooooo Google!

      • Cory

        Stupid twat

        • Sumitro Bhaumik

          get a coloring book, son

    • Cory

      It is and its a great thing.

  • saksham

    THATS why samsung didnt put vertical scrolling in the marshmallow update coz its weird as fuck and inelegant and btw i do hope android N includes the app drawer with something innovative

    • 29

      vertical app drawer solves the problem of almost-empty last page in the drawer. and just fits better within material design.

      • Fornam Giliano

        Vertical scroll is the reason microsoft metro UI phone is not sold well

        • MaxPower27

          Seriously? Just…no.

        • impu153

          Or is it maybe the lack of apps?

        • Suicide_Note

          Uh, no, that’s the least of Microsoft’s problems. The severe lack of apps had always been their biggest problem.

    • the closed pistachio

      isn’t it funny how on the older galaxies they let the user choose between scrolling alphabetical list, alphabetical pages, or custom pages, and nobody thought it was a huge deal at the time… Now the focus has shifted from ‘put all the options and let them choose’ to ‘only have one option for simplicity’s sake’ (followed by guaranteed noisy complaints from someone no matter what they choose to use)

    • Skyler Wallace

      No, trust me. The only people like horizontal scrolling better is because they’re so used to it. Objectively, vertical scrolling is better than horizontal. In almost any OS, vertically movement means scrolling (like scrolling down a web page) and horizontal movement means dismissal (like dismissing a Google Now Card, closing an app, or rejecting a call). That’s why I dislike iOS’s interpretation of Android’s overview screen.

  • catt4u

    The app drawer is one of the reasons I switched from iOs to Android in 2007 in the first place.

    • IraqiSwaq21

      DAMN 2007!? What was android like back then?

      • catt4u

        Sorry, just got out of bed after my nightshift
        Changed that to 2010 ;-)
        I meant 2010 after my iPhone 4 I switched to the Galaxy S and still have them all (S/2/3/4/5plus/6 edge)

      • Chris

        The prototype was more like blackberry with zero touch support

        • catt4u

          Do you also still own that phone?

          • Chris

            Not mine. Google Android prototype

          • catt4u

            Ok, I like to hold on to my old Galaxies for good memories with them.

      • Lindle

        Maybe pre ICS days? Android was not really goodbefore version 4

    • Chris

      There was no public android phone in 2007

      • the closed pistachio

        not 2007 but I had a G1 in 2008. In fact the only reason I picked that over the iPhone at the time was the fact that you could put the icons wherever you wanted. I didn’t even know what Android was at the time but the customisable desktop with app drawer (vertically scrolling app drawer i’ll have you know) seemed like a much better idea than iPhone’s grid of icons. Ah, memories. You’ve made me nostalgic now. Excuse me while I go boot up my G1 and use its trackball to play pac man :’)

  • Oh, hell, no!

  • Li Xin

    One reason why I don’t like iOS is just the absence of an app drawer.

    • Cory

      Well that shows how stupid you are

  • JudikJ7

    What they should do is to allow us to choose between the app drawer and the single layer

  • NoNotTellingYou


    Please do NOT give us only the Pages O’ Icons look of iOS. I Hate, Hate, HATE that look!

    Seriously hoping this information was leaked so that Google could gauge its audience. Google, if you’re listening, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    • mickrussom

      Honestly vertical scrolling is a huge improvement

    • Alejandro Delgado

      People like you make me laugh

      • Francesco Lorenzet

        most people crticized verticalscrolling, then whan thy had hands on realizet that was actually better, story will repeat

    • Sergei Garcia

      You know custom launchers exist, right?

    • Raj Jetvana

      You could always use any third party theming app to get app drawer feature

    • Cory

      You are an idiot. The app drawer sucks. And the majority hate it. You are just a small minority of losers that like that outdated crap

      • Phone Guy

        Grow up! Keep name calling to grammar school when you get there. Thanks.

    • Batman

      100% agree. While I did get used to the vertical scrolling, no app drawer is a HUGE mistake. It makes everything messy and removes a lot of customizability

      • Captain_Invisible

        You’re assuming, that Google will just remove the app drawer, without doing anything to make a better solution, that the app drawer is.

        The app drawer isn’t a very good solution to the problem. The app drawer moves the mess from the home screen to the app drawer, which is better than not having an app drawer, but not the perfect solution.

        Having a better way of organising your apps and home screen, would eliminate the need for an app drawer. That is what I’m hoping, Google is working on.

    • GregoryGr

      App drawer sucks and nobody told you to have apps in your first page if you want it to look clean. We don’t need an app drawer. I hope it is removed.

  • Luffy75

    Seriously no. Dont do it. The app drawer is good for organisation. I hate ios for being too cluttered

    • Agreed, that is the word, organise apps, i don’t like to have all my apps in the main home.

    • TheSpaceUnicorn

      The lack of an app drawer isn’t what causes iOS to seem cluttered, it’s the fact that you can’t place apps anywhere you want on each screen, all of them have to fill in the screen from top to bottom and left to right, and you can’t have a blank home screen.

      Currently, My main home screen is blank with just a clock on it and then I have a 2nd screen with 15 folders of the apps I use most. If the Google Now Launcher got rid of the app drawer I’d just move all of the apps not already on my second screen into folders on a third screen. That doesn’t really harm organization in any way. However, I will say I absolutely prefer the current app drawer over not having a app drawer, just not enough to ditch Google Now Launcher over it.

      • GregoryGr

        My S7 lets me do exactly that. Being able to get rid of the app drawer and able to customize where goes what is a huge improvement. I keep my first page clean with only catalog,messages,calls and browser and have 3 more pages that are filled top to bottom with apps. Whoever checks my S7 agrees that this feature is super cool and they wish they had in their phones too. I ve not met one person to say the contrary. No idea where these pro app drawer internet people come from.

    • Cory

      The app drawer sucks and I not good for organisation it’s just a mess

  • Mohamad Dhaybi

    oh no! I love the drawer

  • Nadia Al-Belushi

    Looks like Google’s taking a cue from Chinese OEMs (Huawei, Xiaomi, etc). ^_^

  • ShtHappens796

    Don’t become like Apple, please. We love you for what you are, Android. Don’t ruin it Google.

    • Chris

      Masterbating to android is tough huh?

  • patstar5

    Well I use nova launcher anyways

    • Chris

      Till google removes the app.

      • Alejandro Delgado

        lol Google is not removing any apps. It’s the app drawer itself from stock android. How many of you use stock google launcher? i guess not many.

        • TheSpaceUnicorn

          I do, and there really aren’t any other launchers I’d consider using instead. That said, I’m not upset about the possibility of the app drawer being removed at all.

      • o totoro

        wasn’t Nova Launcher featured in the Play Store or something? Also, doesn’t Google encourage launcher development, especially with that launcher setting?

    • blanco112

      Yeah thank goodness for Nova.

  • Francisco

    Please nooooo. I know Samsung won’t jump in but I kind of like using the Google now launcher ?? if they want to remove please at least leave a toggle for it

  • 29

    not exactly a deal-breaker for me, as long as they dont start screwing with the icons. rounded icons in chinese skins and on ios look ugly as hell.
    p.s. vertical-scrolling app drawer> horizontal-scrolling app drawer

  • David Ng

    Not a big deal for me cos we can install custom launcher but iPhone can’t (Oh.. maybe apple will copy it from Android)

  • Quindim

    This is worse than Donald Trump won the elections

    • Chris

      You’re joking right?

  • Thorbjørn Nielsen

    Hopefully this is not going to happen, but as long as the Nova Launcher keeps the app drawer I’m happy!

    • Chris

      Till google removes that app ?

      • Ro’Vage St Laurent

        Long as the apk can be found and downloaded, no problem

        • Chris

          And what if Google removes ability to install apps from unknown sources?

          • Ro’Vage St Laurent

            Custom roms

          • Chris

            What if they remove that? Open your mind kid…. I know android gets you all moist but this is real life.

          • 1213 1213

            You’ve made about 20 posts of nonsense on this article. Just an FYI.

            “What if google removes ability to install apps from unknown sources?” LOL

          • Chris

            It could happen kid.

          • Michael Smith

            What is your malfunction? Are you..
            1) Intimidated by people smarter than you (nerds).
            2) A butt hurt Apple fan?
            3) No life troll?
            4) All of the above perhaps?

          • 1213 1213

            Sure it could

      • Suicide_Note

        There’s absolutely no reason Google why would remove Nova from the Play Store.

  • ElDonzo

    It’s the worst idea ever

    • Cory

      Best idea ever to intelligent people

      • Kamel

        You’re some special kind of dumbass, aren’t you?

        • Phone Guy

          Agree, Kamel. Can’t wait till he goes back to pre-school so the adults can continue talking.

  • Durga Pokala

    Please don’t this Google. I don’t want to scroll through pages of apps just to find my most used ones

    • TheSpaceUnicorn

      You’d only have to scroll through pages of apps if you stupidly put your most used apps on any page besides the first or second ones.

    • Cory

      Wow aren’t you stupid

      • setspeed

        Well you’re unnecessarily rude, aren’t you?

  • HA559

    That would be a big fail.

  • Christopher Rudigar Scotty Har

    Google give us the choice to have either!

    • Chris

      Nope use one or nothing

  • MSmith79

    This is how rumors get started.

  • Protoss

    who cares? who uses Google Launcher instead of Nova Launcher?

    • Chris


    • Colin

      Action launcher for the win.

    • Skyler Wallace

      A lot of people. I’ll take Google as my far-most left home screen over some pretty screen transitions. I only have one home page. But yeah, I’d totally consider using Nova Launcher if they remove the app drawer from the Google Now Launcher.

    • TheSpaceUnicorn

      I do, I use Google Now all the time so it’s nice having it built right into the launcher itself. I personally have no reason to choose Nova over the Google Now Launcher.

  • Chris

    Thousands of nerds are screaming in to their computer monitors right now while their mother comes down and asks them What’s Worng, the angry nerd throws a empty Mt dew bottle at her…

    In all seriousness though. This may be good. I’m sure a lot of you already have apps on your home screens

  • Saptarshi Paul Choudhury

    do they want it to be like ios if they are going in this path then what will be the difference between android and ios every os should be unique though many chinese vendors use custom ui where they makes android phone ui look like ios ui if its going to happen then there will be no difference in stock android and ios tough no app drawer will make it easy to install and uninstall apps

  • Jonatan Gomez

    This has to be a joke

  • Scott Ricketts

    No. Gold plated no. Cherry on top no.

  • SaRPeR

    Google should just let the users choose. Maybe when turning on the phone or tablet first time.

    • Chris


  • hzd

    I like to use the stock google lay out of apps on my homescreen, but in my own order and no higher than 2 apps on the home screen ( even that pushes it for me ).

    I keep Chrome/Messenger/AppDrawer/Chrome/Gmail along the bottom with GPlay music above on one side and google apps folder on the other, i like the app drawer it keeps it clean and simple, frankly i don’t care what google does ill just install a launcher with an app drawer.

    Thats the beauty of android you dont have to do anything google wants if you want to, app launchers are a dime a dozen

    • Chris

      That can always change.

  • MSmith79

    Vertically scrolling app drawer had nothing to do with marshmallow and lack of an app drawer (which I highly doubt would happen) would have nothing to do with Android N. There is nothing inside the Android os that has anything to do with the concept of an app drawer. It is strictly the launcher, which is nothing but a simple app. There is one made by Google, but 90% of devices don’t even use Google’s. Only nexus devices have it…not even motos. This article needs to be rewritten to make it clear that the rumor being started here is not Google removing an app drawer from Android (since the concept doesn’t even exist) and instead just them removing it from their own custom launcher. The article has made people freak out for no reason.

    • Except Google advertises the launcher as a part of Android, and launcher updates as OS updates.

      • Tj Hariharan

        The difference is subtle. An integral part of the OS cannot be removed or changed without rooting. This is different from say…if google decided to revamp the settings menu, or the phone app (the latter of which DO have replacements). You can’t help it, you’re stuck with whatever new crap google has decided. With the app drawer thing, first off most people won’t be affected, only nexus phones use google launcher as default. And those that *have* been affected can simply install another app and completely replace google launcher. Frankly I’ve never opened google launcher even once since it’s inception. The title suggests that google is completely REMOVING the concept of ‘app drawers’ from android altogether, like maybe disabling whatever programmatic way/API launcher devs use to program a launcher.

      • MSmith79

        Google’s launcher is an app in the play store. It is not apart of the os and not advertised that way.

      • Kid.Drunkadelic

        wrong its in the app store and takes updates without the os getting udpated

      • Gjorgi Lazarovski

        Every app on the nexus even the Dialer and the Contacts app is updated through the Play store

        • TheSpaceUnicorn

          False, most apps are but not every app is updated through the Play Store. Calculator and, for obvious reasons, Settings are updated with the OS not through the Play Store.

          • Gjorgi Lazarovski

            Calculator will be soon on the Play store maybe around May when they announce N. Settings app is on the same level as the SystemUI.apk, without it the phone won;t work as it should so …

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            Right, and I’m just saying that not every app on the Nexus is updated through the play store.

      • Reed

        Factually wrong in every way.

    • TechTinker11

      Motorola started using Google Now Launcher since the X 2nd gen.. ?

      • impu153

        Can confirm. My Moto X 2014 has only one built-in launcher and it is the Google Now Launcher.

        • Cole Gerdemann

          I too can confirm. Moto X 2nd gen, Moto G 3rd gen, and Moto X Pure Edition all have Google now launcher. (Those are the phones I’ve helped people buy/own) proud owner of the Pure Edition right now

    • splityouratoms

      I think you’re absolutely correct.

    • mickrussom

      Yeah, but every single 3rd party app that tried to replace a Google app or launcher pretty much sucks. Some of the Roms and their community apps are good but the big boys, moto, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, suck hard at making Android “better”

      • Armaan Modi

        not talking about launcher here,but Xiaomi makes android a lot better with MIUI.

      • Cory

        Please htc does improve Android. Stock Android is atrocious.

    • Skyler Wallace

      The Moto phones use Google Now Launcher by default. The Droid phones are the only ones that use Launcher3 or some MotoBlur launcher.

    • Cory

      The app drawer sucks.

    • bahrta

      The Launcher IS a part of android. A central part of android. It’s the first thing you see when you start the phone (second if you include the lockscreen). The fact that many phones aren’t running stock is beside the point. They should use stock android. I hate the custom UIs but that’s a whole other topic.

  • If it can be sorted, I’m cool. If it will look like an abandoned house, no thanks.

  • raffr

    Not a big deal, there are plenty of launchers available with app drawers. Plus, manufacturers can add an app drawer to their respective skins. It does seem that in China a lack of a app drawer is seen as a plus.

    • Exactly. Nova Launcher is an amazing android launcher.

  • Michael Smith

    To be fair most people are intellectually challenged. Have you looked at the average persons android phone? They have cluttered screens already and the app drawer concept confuses them. It is a damn shame, but it is a fact of life. Make the phone easier to use for masses and those that are not brain dead have the option to customize with 3rd party launchers.

    • Chris

      Android quot being a nerd thing a long time ago

  • Srivatsa Ramesh

    Hope App Drawer will b present or something more innovative stuff will come

  • Stereo

    This a stupid idea, lol.

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    Sony has this option already on their newest launcher app. You can choose a normal way or an search way with widgets too.

  • 1213 1213

    I don’t believe this leak. But even if it did happen, if we can still get the app drawer then I don’t care.

  • ConCal

    I’d like to see how they implement it. But I’m glad we have alternatives like Nova Launcher.

  • RH

    As long as Nova Launcher still works as it does now, Google can do whatever it wants.

  • ADofCLE

    Not something I would want, because I use Google now quite a bit, and I would hate to have to sacrifice easy Google Now access for an app drawer (custom launcher).

    • Chris

      Who’s to say that Google now will stay?

      • ADofCLE

        I HIGHLY doubt it will be left out. Unless they can do something with now on tap to mimic what now is at this point. But I don’t see that happening.

  • Mohammad Hussain

    I use MIUI and I already don’t have a app drawer so it doesn’t matter to me and also for other custom UI users those don’t have app drawers.

  • Hassan Alsayed

    Terrible idea but Google is known to try things then change them while in beta.

  • FD

    Well that’s a terrible idea

    • Cory

      Great idea.

  • Latheryin

    It wont really matter as it would only effect the stock launcher and other launcher devs will not remove the app drawer. To be honest I would never use a device that was setup like an iphone with all the icons just sitting on the screen. Here is a thought. If they remove the app drawer you can say good by to widgets, live wall papers and any wall paper for that matter.

    • Tj Hariharan

      and removing the drawer doesn’t *actually* solve anything, the problem of “arranging apps in a pleasant and friendly way” still exists.

      • Latheryin

        I bet they will sya to use folders. (i do that now but with only 5 apps installed it doesnt make much of a point.

        • Tj Hariharan

          Sure, but u still need someplace where “all the apps are present one at a time”, the idea is to have one place to go to to just SEE all your apps. *OR* remove the concept altogether and jst have the app search+recent apps thing.

          • Latheryin

            It will most likely be an IOS/MIUI setup. But it will only effect the default launcher. Not a big deal as almost no one really uses that pile of junk anyway lol

    • Chris

      Why the wallpaper?

      • Latheryin

        What would the point of a wallpaper be if it is covered in icons?

  • Nelson Miller

    I’m just here to see if Chris leaves a stupid comment on my comment too.

  • Rahil Zulji

    Google….FUCK …..YOU….

  • Shellyman 8K

    If they do ditch the app drawer then I will this table over 9000 times.

  • Tj Hariharan

    So the article suggests that google is ditching a seperate “app drawer” for the iPhone-esque concept of “the home screen is your ‘app drawer'”. Here’s why that’s moronic. Sure, it will cause a thousand nerds to cry out and likely a disturbance in the force the likes of which we haven’t seen since alderaan was destroyed – but that’s NOT what I am talking about.

    Let’s consider this, whether ‘all the apps on your device’ are in a separate screen called up by an icon or on the homescreen itself as a permanent fixture, it is essentially the same, there is SOME screen with all your apps in there. A lot of people hated the “grid of apps arranged in horizontally scrolling pages”, and the way iOS does it, is different HOW exactly? The only real difference is the concept of the ‘home screen’ being a free canvas on android to use as we see fit, in iOS it is simply the app drawer itself that acts as the home screen (in a manner of speaking).

    The article suggests that google is still not happy with the ‘app drawer’, they’ve tried a few combinations of things, and always changed it around. How does removing it solve the problem? The suggestion is that android would go the way of iOS and have grids of icons on the homescreen…the problem still REMAIN, how do we ARRANGE those icons? You’re LITERALLY going back to ‘grids of icons in horizontally paginated screens” that we had a few months back INSIDE the app drawer. How does removing the app drawer and moving the problem to the main screen of your ‘homescreen’ solve the issue?

    Additionally, if they do that, there won’t be any space for widgets etc, the whole point of the homescreen was to have a blank canvas to do as you see fit. Therefore, i highly doubt android is going the way of iOS.

    That is *not* to say they may not remove the app drawer. That still might happen, perhaps replaced with something else, but ultimately the idea of “a place you can go to see a list of all your apps” will have to exist, and such a place will not be the homescreen (as it is on iOS), unless someone at the design team of android is bat-shit crazy or dumb as hell, because it achieves absolutely nothing.

    The more likely scenario (if the rumour is true) is that the app drawer was removed because someone is working on a revamp, which is not unheard of, even in the dev previews we had features randomly being removed that we KNEW was gonna show up in the real version, due it being worked on.

    Additionally I’d like to point out, as someone did below, that the ‘app drawer’ has *nothing* to do with android system/OS itself, please change the title to reflect as such, what is likely (if the rumour is true) is that andriod N has come with a default launcher (perhaps a new dev/N version of google launcher) that has the drawer missing. maybe something like “upcoming google launcher may not have an app drawer”. The idea of an app drawer will still exist in basically every other launcher, unless of course google actively removed whatever programattic way launchers use to code an app drawer (I haven’t programmed a launcher, so I’m not sure how that’s done).

  • Freak_ Aniket_

    Please bring back the Dark theme in Android.. pls pls

    • Peeta Mellark

      I love the dark theme, but dislike having the same holo blue all over the place. I like colors and having the ability to change them. So yes, bring back the dark theme, but let us have the nice bright LP colors with it.

      • Freak_ Aniket_

        That would be great. And it becomes more amazing if Android think of making dark theme as in Oxygen OS.

      • Skyler Wallace

        He’s not talking about #HoloYOLO, there was an experimental dark theme built into Marshmallow that kept the Material Design look, it just changed the white paper to dark gray and the text changed to white.

        • Peeta Mellark

          I understand… I should of worded my comment differently…

          but I do…

          …wonder if there’s a Xposed Module for my KK device that replaces all that holo blue with a rainbow of colors… I’m not talking about GravityBox (as that is a single color) and I’d like to replace for example the download progress bar to a rainbow bar.

  • Person Dude

    Why is this a big deal? I’ll just switch to a launcher with an app drawer and be done with it.

  • paul

    Nooo… please do not do it

  • Peeta Mellark


    • Chris

      Calm down

      • Peeta Mellark


  • T.J.


  • flye

    pls do a poll.

    i’m really interested to know if users like the idea of removing the app drawer.

  • teomor

    Who the hell cares what Google does with THEIR Android? Everyone else just puts their own UI on top. Why are we even talking about this?

  • BlackElemental

    Nova Launcher will receive a record number of downloads when this becomes implemented.

    • Chris

      Not everyone is upset over this. Only a few nerds, mostly 12 year olds

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Come on, guys, let’s give Google a chance. We’re talking about the people who designed the beautiful Android Lollipop interface. I’m sure they can find a good way of merging the App Drawer to Home Screen. I don’t know you guys, but I trust Google.

    • Matthew Merrick

      I….. I used to. I don’t anymore. They’ve been pretty stupid lately

    • Chris


  • Brendan Casey

    To clarify!

    This articular states that the current builds do not have the app drawer missing in the google launcher. There has not been any removal of the app drawer functionality written out of the code. As stated in the last section of the article you have plentiful amount of app launchers to choose from. Most likely google has either developed a new app drawer that they are not ready to present, or there have a different innovation for navigating the app library.

    There should not be any reason to panic.

  • tom_in_Toronto

    Leave is this decluttering gem, or put it with the widget selector

  • Philip Tate

    This would be the stupidest idea of all time. Who the hell wants all their apps constantly on display. I like a clear home screen with a widget and my frequntly used apps whilst the stuff i dont use much are away in the app drawer. what next removing widgets and long press functionality. If Android goes down this road I may as well switch back to ios.

    • Chris

      So switch back to ios, the same road that you don’t want android going to?

    • Cory

      Well you are an idiot.

  • Doug Dunfee


  • Anthony Jr Gonzalez

    Law suit under way by apple

  • mrochester

    It’s about time Google got rid of this. There’s just no need for it when the home screen serves the same purpose. Hopefully they’ll get rid of the separate back button and recent apps button too while they are modernising their OS.

    • Matthew Merrick

      Go buy an iPhone

      • mrochester

        Better to have more options that meet people’s needs.

      • Chris


  • tB

    Are they fucking stoopid or what? If I wanted an iPhail, I’d go buy one! Bad enough they tried to take swappable batteries & sdcards from us! Now this nonsense!?

    • Chris


    • Cory


  • Akshay

    Big flop

  • Kawshik Ahmed

    Are we all forgetting The App Drawer is just a Launcher feature ?? If Google removes it from ‘Google Now Launcher’ then just install Nova or Apex to use app drawer. Beside most OEM don’t even use the Stock Launcher.

  • Bob F

    Please keep the App drawer. So much cleaner than having home screens full of apps I only use every 2 months.

    • Cory

      No it’s not. You are an idiot

  • Jeremiah Payne

    I think the app drawer needs help, and the search has helped alot but it is super useful. iPhone users have no idea how nice it is to have it.

  • Mordecaidrake

    For the love of god and all that his holy, FUCK NO.

    • Chris

      I’m sure if God were real, he’d be saving starving children first over a 21st century mobile phone software feature

    • Cory

      Holy fuck yes. The app drawer sucks

      • Mordecaidrake

        I’ll remember that when your screen is loaded up with crap to can’t get rid of.

  • mickrussom

    Android is becoming iOS++ . boring hard to root hard to customize and utterly fragmented. At some point if Apple decides to be competitive on price I would switch. Boring. Studies also show that iOS users tend to use more apps and spend more time in 3 Rd party apps where Android users are more basic users. Makes sense Google doesn’t care about the rooting customizing power user.

    • Chris

      Because android is no longer a nerd thing like it was back in the day

    • Cory


  • Paul

    How bad can stock android get , lets hope this is not true, whats already bad no SD card support, No theme support, No close all apps, A very bad camera app, 4 by 3 camera aspect ratio sensors,
    Google is going backwards with Android …

    • Skyler Wallace

      They actually added some vital SD card support in Marshmallow, they’re just not putting it in their Nexus lineup.

    • OligarchyAmbulance

      Stock Android has no SD card support? What are you smoking?

    • Cory

      Let’s hope it is true. App drawer is rubbish

  • CoolRaoul

    What about widgets then? Where to put them if the desktop is replaced by a scrolling list of installed apps?

    • Chris

      Widgets may be done away with then

  • Alejandro Delgado

    i see a lot of people complaining about this nonsense and here i am thinking a lot of us won’t even get Android N because developers lol

  • I don’t want to have to use a third party launcher to restore something as basic as an app drawer. Fix the aesthetics. Fix the utility. Don’t nix it all together. We want an app drawer.

  • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

    You Android fanboys make to big a deal out the app drawer.

  • dimitris aspetakis

    Don’t get too frustrated. I believe in Google and Google WILL honor it’s promotion “Be together. Not the same.” They will figure out something more sophisticated than just removing it.

    • Chris

      By the time that happens google will be having a new ad campaign so that one wont even matter

  • czerikcum

    Well, I think it looks nice. Can’t wait to get hold of it! :)

  • TravisMiller

    Wow I had no idea how many people hated vertical scrolling. I can’t remember when the change happened (maybe going from samsung to an LG phone) and my vertical scrolling went away. I about took the phone back to the store. I absolutely hated the paged horizontal scrolling. Like really hated it. I got a Nexus 6p recently and had enough of the horizontal scrolling and installed nova launcher and found I was able to have that smooth vertical scrolling gooodness. OOh man …… heaven. I can’t describe how nice it is to get to the end of my app list with the quick flick of my thumb. Excuse me while I go do some scrolling hngnng

  • Tajwar

    I don’t care anymore cuz I slap in Nova launcher on any phone I or my family owns

  • Armaan Modi

    This will never ever happen.Whatever happened to homescreen customization?

    • Chris

      Nothing happend. You still have it to this day.

  • Daggett Beaver

    It’s about f-in time. The app drawer is an abomination. Imitating iOS would be worse, but maybe they have something SMART to replace the app drawer. Although, it being Google, I doubt it, unless they hired the guy who made Smart Launcher.


    Looks like garbage. I’ve been with Android since day one I’ve had about 16 different Android devices. I think it looks like crap and gets rid of a lot of the way we customize Android to our liking. I hope it don’t happen but if it does I guess we’ll get use to it. Definitely can’t see myself going to iOS. It’s been garbage since the beginning lol… #androidfan

    • Chris

      And android was perfect at the beginning? Ha! Sure it may have had a few more features at the start but it was by no means perfect. Plus it looked like shit.

      At least google learned from the it’s mistakes, added useful features and created a much more pleasing interface. (and knowing google, expect a new interface if not this year the next)

  • Aaron Saellam

    This is an interesting discussion. It’s funny how everyone assumes that without the app drawer we’d be left looking like iOS. True, that would be scary. Personally, I enjoy a simple home screen with folders for my frequent apps and a second page with a calendar widget. I’ve preferred and used a vertical scrolling drawer since custom launchers featured them. I just find horizontal pages irritating.
    Think outside the box for a bit. Google puts a lot of thought into usability. If they think they have a better idea for organizing the apps, let them give it a try. The best thing would be to leave options in so the user could enable a drawer, and choose between vertical scrolling or horizontal pages. What if they’re looking at a search or voice based method where you would essentially use Google Now to open your app? Type a few letters of the name and a list opens up, or just say the name.

    • Chris

      Thinking is something android nerds lack

  • Choda Boy

    I use folders to organize my apps in the app drawer. The thought of NO app drawer altogether with all apps in a huge list on the launcher home pages…makes me shudder.

    • Chris

      That’s just sad.

  • o totoro

    Well hopefully Nova Launcher will have an option to keep it. I really like the vertical scrolling bar though so…

    I always rearrange my app icons in a nice looking way that complements the wallpaper and icon pack. For apps I only sometimes use, I keep in the drawer and pulling up the drawer is a simple swipe up (with the Nova gesture). So I would hate for this feature to go away.

  • Joshua Bollman

    This could *possibly* be a good thing. I can see a few possible solutions that will *maybe* pacify people:

    1) Replace the left-most screen of the GNL with a “page” of apps that is vertically scrollable. This is a semi-sloppy mess, but it would eliminate a drawer, and still maintain organization.

    2) Implement a swipe gesture for launching a “floating” app drawer…this would be ultra clean..and you can still allow adding of icons to the home screen. Yes, the “mess” is still there..if you wish to call it that. I do believe the ultimate goal is to eliminate the dock. Load the home screen with all of your important info…or none (that should be an option) via Google Now…with a much cleaner interface (not all the white and gray and color) such as text over the background. You could have a seamless experience at this point with a swipe gesture. They are easy to get used to. A swipe-up gesture would make logical sense coming directly from the app drawer we all know and love.

    I don’t think the idea is to make a cluttered mess, rather, it is to find a cleaner solution than the app drawer itself. I love having my phone (6P) set up to swipe down for search, swipe up for phone, and the app drawer, which [shameful] is still a button. I can see swipe becoming the way things go.

    We are Android, people. Let’s be more creative than automatically assuming we will get an iPhone look-alike. Google is smarter than that. Money talks, though. I can’t say that they will think creatively for sure. I just know Google isn’t afraid to experiment.

  • Brenden Keene

    The app drawer is nice even though 95% of my apps live somewhere on my homescreens anyway and I never open the thing except to watch the animation on my 6P. I guess I just want to be able to hide the other 5%. If there’s an alternative way of doing that via Settings or something that would be ok with me.

  • I highly doubt this is happening. I do hope to see some innovation with the Google now launcher though.

  • OfficeNinna

    If they remove the app drawer a lot of people will just end up using a 3rd party launcher such as Nova, or Action Launcher 3.

  • Reed

    Y’all realize the app drawer is a feature of the launcher- a replaceable app handled by the play store and not the operating system, right? There’s nothing in Android referencing the app drawer because it’s just a feature in an app. Technically, no Android release has EVER supported an app drawer.

    It’s amazing how Android zealots can manage to know absolutely nothing about how Android operates. It’s as bad as the situation with Apple fanatics.

    For anyone wondering, Apex Launcher on my V10 works wonderfully, and if Google removes the app drawer from the Google Now launcher, its a good replacement to get it back.

    Also, to the author of this page, it is your responsibility to reword this article to inform the less educated that Android N and the app drawer in the Google launcher are two entirely different things. This is a misleading and dishonest article. -1.

    • bahrta

      the fact that you can change the launcher is irrelevant. It is still a core component of android. is there any other way to launch apps besides a launcher? No. It is still part of android just as much as any default but replaceable app is.

  • Justin Flynn

    I personally wouldn’t be a fan. I’ve used miui before and loved everything besides the lack of an app drawer. I just like the idea that you can keep your important stuff on the home screen and your less important stuff hidden. Hope it doesn’t head this way

  • Craig Nelson

    The app draw is a major differentiator. Why would they get rid of that?

  • The lack of an app drawer was one of my my main peeves with ios. Oh well, back to bb 10 or wp10 :p.

  • erereer

    who the hell cares. 10% users will use it in 2020, and 90% of them with some ugly skin on top of it.

  • broo994

    Why the f@#$ would they think about doing this!
    Why not adding folders option? Totally ridiculous!

    • broo994

      But anyways Google launcher sucks since it lacks alot of features

  • person

    A bit melodramatic, no? I fail to see how a tweaking an easily replaceable UI element on Nexus devices undermines the concept of Android. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the app drawer go. Whatever can be accomplished through deliberation, I’ve never seen a layperson’s home screen that wasn’t an absolute mess. Even many tech journalists have icons carelessly scattered about. The default needs to be a lot cleaner and those who want more can seek it out.

  • The Puppet


  • TheSpaceUnicorn

    I’m okay with this, I almost never use the app drawer as is anyway, besides, if you don’t like this change then just get launcher that has the app drawer.

  • Jsilvermist

    Install Nova Launcher, categorize your app drawer with folders so that everything fits on 1 screen, profit.

    • Jsilvermist

      Ever wonder what 339 apps looks like in the app drawer? A little like this…

  • Dave Cuesta

    if ya dont want it then INSTALL third party launchers problem fix pals.

  • Vinicius Lima Silva

    i think that removing app drawer doesn’t mean be ios-alike. Maybe there is other features that may be added that will optimize app usage

  • OligarchyAmbulance

    “It would also make finding and uninstalling apps an arguably simpler process than it is now.”


    It would do the exact opposite. How much easier can it be to find a specific, often unused app than looking in *Alphabetical Order*?!

  • Benedict

    Ok, but then do a vertical home screen…

  • ASDF

    I like the vertical drawer. So much easier than swiping to the side.

  • it would be so fucking retarded if google removed the app drawer

  • Daniel Morin

    I hope the app drawer stays and the vertical one. It feel natural to scroll up and down just like the setting menu. Maybe have ways to customize it like changing the way it look(color and transparency…) To be followed!

  • Christopher Costa

    It could be that they add a vertical scrolling apps page to the home screen (similar to ssLauncher) and you can swipe to other pages for widget’s and shortcuts. I can see how this could be cool in Google Now Launcher.

  • cachorro_do_lençol

    it is like start menu is gone

    • Chris

      Not quite

  • Rajesh

    Make Google search bar as app drawer….

  • joshua

    Keep it simple, leave the app drawer. We can set our most used apps on our home screens the way we want. Better organization within the app drawer would be a welcome addition. Removal would be a step backward.

  • Scott Kepple

    I mean..picture your home going side to side and just sliding up a list of apps. Kind of like a gesture but more fluid.. Kinda cool.

  • Hodor


  • ArbieFru

    I have never used the app drawer. Anything I download I want quick access to. In that sense the vertical scroll is better than horizontal. As a person who home screens everything except a couple of utilities, I have never seen the point of having two sets of icons.

  • Chauntella Stephanie Brown

    Dammit Google! Just please LEAVE the app drawer alone. It’s perfectly fine! Don’t try to fix what’s NOT BROKEN! :(

    This news is kinda pissing me off to be honest.

  • James Benedict Matthews

    App drawer or no app drawer, makes no big difference to me. The stock Google Now launcher’s app drawer is a mess anyway, because you can’t hide apps so it gets cluttered up with useless stuff (not necessarily useless apps, but apps you don’t need icons for). Anyway, if you like an uncluttered homescreen you can still have one without an app drawer, just arrange your apps in folders on the second homescreen page to the right. A swipe instead of pressing the app drawer button. No big deal.

  • Whiskey Charlie

    I use a custom launcher anyway, but I can’t imagine Android without the app drawer. Maybe Google is just trying to evolve the app drawer into a better app drawer, but for the love of god, do not just dump all the app icons on the homescreens. It’s what I dislike the most when I used to use iOS. It was a frigging mess. I only like to keep my most used apps and informative widgets on the homescreens.

  • natefish

    If I want my UX to be like an iPhone, I’ll buy an iPhone

  • Say What??

    This may suck if you like your phone completely stock with no added apps but this will also be good for the third party launchers as now more people will try them out and purchase the pro versions. I used to use ADW Launcher back in the day, then switched to Apex and last year I switched to Nova. I have paid for the pro versions of each. I’m sure more people will switch if Google switches to an app drawer-less launcher, making the aftermarket launchers become better as well. Why would anyone want to use Google Now Launcher when they are better, more customizable options out there?

  • Azazel Azay

    I don’t even use app drawer :P
    I’m using Nova Launcher.. I use 3 dock pages with 7 apps.. Middle one for important and frequently used apps.. Left one for utility apps… And right page for social media apps..

    + Swipe up gesture for App Search

  • No app drawer? It’s stupid move.
    I like vertical app drawer

  • Richard

    Crap idea. The *searchable* vehicle app drawer of marshmallow is one of my favorite features. Easy to find and launch an app, sorted as you’d expect, easy to use. There’s a reason I went Android over iOS, and the app drawer is part of that.

  • Israel Lai

    As long as we can slap a launcher on it, I’m good. Kinda sad that Google launcher (with Google Now) will become a non-option for me though.

  • Adrian Tomas

    I love the current app drawer on my Nexus 6. I don’t want all my icons on my home screen. The search function helped immensely. This sounds like a terrible idea.

  • Nick

    Come on Google, at least give us the choice of whether we want the app drawer or not

  • Josué Gutiérrez

    Hahaha a lot of people complaining in the LG G5 video on YouTube about no app drawer and saying they are moving to the nexus lineup and guys, guess what? You are gonna suck it anyways. This is too funny. I hate when people are so annoying with a phone for something is missing.

    • jafcep

      I hate when people like you defend a dumb change.

      LG G5 is missing a lot of very important features.

      -app drawer,

      -dual window,

      -Q slide,

      -and probably FM Radio

      LG G5 is disappointing. I want an LG V10 with Snapdragon 820. That would be the perfect phone.

      • Josué Gutiérrez

        Well yeah, I am not defend it. I don’t care. I had a LG G3 and the worst part was the battery life and the UI. If the M10, G5 or S7 are not my taste I will get a Meizu Pro 5 for $350. But the G5 is winning so far with the new UI, much better that the last one. Battery life will br really bad I guess. Let’s see what Samsung shows next

        • jafcep

          G5’s new UI is crap. However, I don’t think it’s battery life will be bad (if you disable the Always ON screen (is it even possible?), because it has 14nm S820 CPU which is more efficient than S808 in G4.).

          The reason why G3’s battery life was crap is that it has QHD screen resolution paired with Snapdragon 801 which was another dumb move from LG.

          • Josué Gutiérrez

            I like it more than samsung touchwiz. I will take it. And yes you can disable always on screen in the settings. But i don’t think LG G5 can match the Pro 5’s 7 hours screen on time… So lets wait for reviews.

  • Percy Chikwela

    I think Google would love to implement the left swipe gesture of Windows Phone. This will give Android an advantage of right swipe for Google Now and left swipe for apps

  • “Google is reportedly planning on removing the app drawer..” Provide your source or this article is a waste of time and completely nonsense.

  • Sanay

    Just stop copying Apple Android.

    I know Apple are the best and what ever they do turns in to success but it might not happen to you so better if Android keeps the App drawer and turns it back to Horizontal app drawer like Lollipop

  • Sanay

    The App drawer is what makes it Android. Without it the Operating System will not have a Name

  • Tran Nguyen

    It’s a bad thing to withdraw the app drawer. I use app drawer for smartphone and app page for the tablet because I want to separate the apps default of the phone maker, the Google apps, the third party apps. My method is easy to control all app for delete app, add app and prevent many app do the same function. The app page is very helpful.

  • Droiddest


  • Anthony Simmons

    Apple is the best.
    NO ONE stands in line over night waiting for android

  • Jon

    If they want to get rid of it, fine. But, the could at least give an option in the settings to keep. Or just move it. Maybe hide it by holding down the square button (you know, the multitask button thing)

  • Not sure this is a good idea, but I assume you could always just use another launcher with an app drawer?

  • Micheal Farquharson

    The lack of an app drawer would honestly annoy me to all hell. When i use android phones, my go to launcher is Nova, i remove the app draw icon, but enable a swipe up gesture to open the drawer? Why? i dont like icons and clutter on my screen. The only thing i want to see is the clock and the wallpaper. It’s one of the things that annoys me about iOS. I like the G5, and the lack of the app drawer is probably the only real thing that irks me. Dont do this Google.

  • Dino Rodriguez

    Please!!!! Do not get rid of the app drawer!!!!!

    I don’t want any one of my home screens filled with folders of apps I don’t use on a daily basis! That’s what the apps drawer is for! I only keep apps I use on a daily basis living in folders on my homescreen!

    C’mon Google please read these comments and do not get rid of the app drawer!

  • Pinterest

    This is a huge news, for nova and other 3rd party launchers

  • Amandeep Singh

    Don’t, Google…

  • Stang88

    I find it MUCH easier to look at the 10-12 of my most used apps to decide what to start than looking through 75 or 90 apps to find my wanted app. Google the “search” company wants to make people hunt through their ENTIRE library of apps to find a certain one???

  • Is the App drawer really that hard to understand?

  • Rooney-

    I think it would be a right move. Ever since im using android, i hardly use app drawer. We create shortcuts on home screens. So this looks good to me.

  • studiotalk

    Instead of dropping their drawers for Apple, they should drop the ability to place icons on the screens. Having the two simultaneously has always created tension between the two paradigms. The drawer is by far the more elegant and contemporary of the two. Once I figured that out and stopped pinning a bunch of cutsie icons to my wall, my delight in using Android was consummated.

  • Why Google, WHY?!!!

  • Shane Piskur

    Would be such a mess without the App drawer so I am sure google won’t be dumb enough to not put something in its place that will make things easier. I would like to see more about it in coming months.

  • MelchiahX

    I just don’t understand Google’s thought process if this move is actually legit. Who are these people that are complaining to Google about the app drawer? It’s such a simple thing…and to those saying it’s “cumbersome” or “unintuitive” what is the solution then? Because we all know iOS is definitely NOT the answer to this. When Google changed the app drawer scrolling from horizontal to vertical i too was upset until i tried it…it made so much sense because you’re no longer swiping page after page to get to that YouTube or Zedge app. Instead you just flicked your finger once and got all the way to the end of your apps.

    But having no app drawer at all (unless Google has some serious tricks up it’s sleeve) is a really bad idea and if anything it will confuse ppl and at the same time make the home screen into an iOS mess.

  • Would make sense for Google to develop an exact copy of the Chrome OS “Ares” app drawer for Android — of course, Ares has enough elements (namely, Google Now, recent apps, all apps, and a search box) to be a full-blown launcher (which is is, at least according to Chrome OS bug reports) in itself. If this is what Google is doing, one should expect the old, bland launcher to disappear as Ares for Android is being developed (shouldn’t be too hard if it’s being developed as a Cordova app).

  • Eli Mayen

    Google is all about customization right? Give users the option to get rid of the app drawer or keep it if they want to BOOM problem solved. I don’t think Google should force anything upon anyone if they don’t want it. Personally I like the app drawer, it allows me to keep two clean pages on phone with all of my frequently useD apps and widgets

  • Acaa Aca

    the thing i don’t like with google’s app drawer is that the background color is white. it is too bright for my taste. that’s why i uninstalled it. i would have liked using it more otherwise.

  • Ima Nut

    Don’t change the vertical app drawer. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  • Handheld Addict

    Came to read the article, sticking around for the inevitable table flipping.

  • Ronan Fitzgerald

    Please…please…no…samsung has the right idea in their new S7 – make it an option. I personally love having the app drawer as I can throw all the apps I commonly use onto my various pages, then keep all the ones like tasker that I want on my phone just not visible in the app drawer.

  • muddog15

    Bad idea.

  • Ronald Butts

    I hate the idea of no app drawer.

  • dooblydoo

    #inb4 #kissLauncher

  • Joseph Assaker

    Personally, i’m with keeping the app drawer, and i’ve always criticised ios to not have one. But if google desides to remove it, it should at least be an option in the settings, not forced to all users.

  • Mark Conroy

    I don’t like this idea, as I like to use the App drawer to build a pair of screens, with folders holding grouped apps, by functional area on one and Google Now on the other. I don’t want an iPhone.

  • oh please no

  • Zack Niemann

    Why on earth would google even think of this? Removing one of androids hallmark features. If they keep removing features and simplifying the OS we’ll all be using iOS soon. I understand some people want no app drawer but android N better have an option to enable it. Removing a feature like this after so many versions is just not ok. All these focus groups they’re using probably use iPhone’s and would never use android anyways. I see android slowly morphing into something so basic, removing the simplest of features, that its just gotten out of hand. All of their commercials saying “be together, not the same” if that’s what you want, give us all a modular OS to pick features we WANT per device.

  • common sense

    This post is untrue. Now that phones are xoming withput app drawers lets put out a rumor article. This article vasically states nothing yet is long

  • John Stewart Pinnow

    I dislike apples pile of crap screens. Dont bring this to android.

  • metro_struggler

    Hell no. Putting the app icons on the home screen limits what widgets I can have on the screen. This is premo retardation!

  • Sarosh Chinoy

    Well if Google’s not happy with the app drawer that’s okay there’s loads of custom launchers out there that people any way turn to after using the GNL for a while. Don’t take the launcher away Google… I can’t have icons blocking my great wallpapers and have them not arranged in just the specific ways.. Also custom launchers give a personal touch to your phone. You don’t want your phone to be the exact same as someone’s I mean you buy an iPhone if you want monotony. Also there’s some launchers out there that really bring out some amazing features like signing into all your apps and having a beautiful interface while showing your content from all those apps. And I don’t mean something like Flipboard or like HTC’s Blinkfeed. Launchers are the way you want your phone to greet you each time you unlock it. I want it to be just right and I want it to feel mine, not something a company decide. These, are the “little” things that matter a lot to certain people. If they do away with the launcher, I’d be convinced they’re definitely going down the path that takes it away from the uniqueness and identity of Android.

  • Wilco

    My ideal launcher (without app drawer):
    Standard home screens with customizable widgets, apps, folders, dock, just like we know it. Apps can be uninstalled from all screens. New apps are automatically added and marked with a color or a + or something. First screen is the most left. Then left to the first screen Google Now (like in the Google Now Launcher), and right after the last screen an alphabetical ‘other apps’ section with all apps that can’t be found on the home screens (which of course can be dragged to or from the home screen). The word ‘remove’ could be changed to ‘send to other apps’ or whatever. In top of the ‘other apps’ section is the app only search bar (distinguishable from the uniform bar on top of the home screens and Now) which after clicked on pops over the (vertically scrollable) sections ‘last searched for’ (top row of 4 apps) ‘most used’ (2nd row) and ALL the apps alphabetically; without those captions, best comparable with Google Now Launchers app drawer.

    I think this is the most convenient and fastest way to find an app. And at the same time to keep track of all your installed apps. I love the dev that will push this as a custom launcher to the store, and I’ll jump through the roof if Google implements this in Android.

    Oh, and a nice wallpaper.

  • sherry

    I don’t think my Lg G4 came with an app drawer. Have never been able to find it, nor can I do that pinch technique to remove the apps in developer mode.

  • mckillio

    Yes, please. I never use the app drawer except when initially setting up my phone, after that it’s just a waste of space that I could use for another app. If the worst thing is that I have to make an Unusable folder, then so be it. Surely there’s a middle ground, put it in the pull down or settings area. Just take it off the home screen.

  • Aslam Batcha

    I like phones without app drawer but I ain’t an ios fan I love android

  • 手機聖人

    Screw this, one layer looks messy. Apps drawer is better. Everything on home screen sucks.

  • Bastian

    It is ok to get rid of the app drawer, but replace with app pocket, kind of favorite-bar tray,
    You can swipe up the favorite-bar bottom to extend the 2nd row (or maybe 3)
    And can be modified not only tray style (2nd row) but also roll syle while still have 1 row

  • SK

    App drawer should be in list view like Windows, it would make a lot more sense.

  • Joseph

    No more hiding those apps you never use, but are afraid to uninstall because “you might need them”.. Good, I don’t need an app drawer any way..

  • Lanecove

    Remove the app drawer, its old. Manufactures should also remove the 3,5 headphone jack….it is ancient.

  • Brodie Yg

    I’ve had Android N on the LG Nexus 5X since day one and the app drawer has not gone away yet.

  • GregoryGr