Latest Cyanogenmod update for your OnePlus One killing your battery? You’re not alone

by: Jonathan FeistAugust 15, 2014

OnePlus One battery

It was just a few days ago that we told you about an OTA update rolling out to your OnePlus One, to Cyanogenmod 11S firmware version 30O. Along with a long list of goodies to be excited about, as it turns out, the update contains a couple little battery drain bugs that may be forcing you to plug-in a little more often than you might like.

Luckily, the issues have been noted and have the appropriate issue tracker entries to see to a fix.

Our understanding is that, as explained by Steve Kondik, there are two issues here. The first is a power management bug that has already been fixed; should you have opted in to the nightly builds there is a good chance you’ve already got the fix. Stable release users can expect the repairs in the next OTA update, whenever that may come around.

Cyanogenmod OnePlus One wakelocks

The second noted battery drain issue relates to the proximity sensor, which enters a “bad” state. The result of the ‘race condition’ behind this bad state is that your device experiences excessive wakelocks and is never allowed to fully suspend. Unfortunately, there is no fix identified just yet, nor an ETA for the update that will repair things, but you can always keep tabs on the issue yourself if you’d like to be more involved.

Hopefully the fix is not too far out, and the resulting battery drain is not causing you too much grief. While I don’t recommend jumping ship just yet, I should at least mention that there are other ROMs out there for your OnePlus One, like Paranoid Android, as an example.

Is anyone out there experiencing these battery drain issues, how bad is it for you?

  • agureghian

    Great to hear CM has acknowledged the issue and that a fix is on the way!

    • Better yet, I understand, but have not confirmed, that there is an updated Franco Kernel that has fixed it all already.

      • Francisco Franco

        That is true.

  • Martin

    I have the last OTA and no problem at all. End of the day 20-25% of the battery.

    • agureghian

      before the ota I was getting 3 days+

      • Martin

        Wow! before the OTA I think It was similar in my case 25%

  • Ginshaker Basa

    Ok good,first-not everybody can buy this phone,2nd the new software update is killing the battery,now i know why the price is cheap.

    • MasterMuffin

      Every manufacturer has bugs in their software. OP gives updates really fast and you can easily change ROMs so no problem

      • Mo Yang

        Very true, and I agree! It’s a good thing that the people who own the OP are early adopters and are a little more tech savvy. But, I think that if they want to be more main stream they need to make something that is stable and as bug free as possible for the average Joe.

    • s2weden2000

      yEah..just like your aijphoney..never any bugs …

      • Ginshaker Basa

        What do you mean aijphoney?

        • s2weden2000

          never heard of the aijphoney…that is strange

          • Ginshaker Basa

            Are you blind?

          • MasterMuffin

            s2weden is a troll, ignore him

          • s2weden2000


          • mario

            hi i have use 2days my phone screen about 2-4h on

  • MasterMuffin

    OnePlus has been killing it lately. Heh heh heh >_<

    "whenever that my come around."

    • What can I say, I like to be precise like that. I could have said “coming soon”.

      • MasterMuffin

        Isn’t that “my” supposed to be “may”? :)

        • Why yes it is! Can you tell I am wy (sorry, way) short on sleep this week?!?!

          • MasterMuffin

            I suggest sleeping more :D

          • I’ll take that advice to heart. Thanks dude! (And, I’m out.)

  • wat

    So glad I didn’t buy this over hyped crap which ended up barely less than a known brand flagship

    • mschinis

      Actually the phone itself is amazing. I received mine a couple of weeks ago, and its amazing. Sure battery life is shorter now with those two bugs, but it’s not like its OnePlus’s fault.
      CyanogenMod updates the OS themselves, not OnePlus.

      So far I had no issues with either grounding, or yellow tint. This is turning out to be one of the best smartphones I’ve owned for quite some time.

      P.S battery life is still amazing. You can still squeeze a full day out of it with at least 3-4 hours screen on time.

      • jonathan3579

        3-4 hours screen time is horrible compared to the 7+ hours I’ve been getting. I’m at 57% with 1 hour of screen time so I am pissed they have severely gimped my usage.

        • mschinis

          I’m pretty sure they will release an update soon. All Operating Systems end up with bugs at some point. You can always jump on the nightly build to get it fixed if you have so bad issues.

          I used to get 10 hours of battery life on standby, with no music playback, and minimal screen on time on my iPhone 5. That’s what I call bad.
          Today I played a variety of games for a couple of hours, browsed online, watched two futurama episodes, and still have 58% battery left at 01:28.

          • Andrew SJC

            How does one “get on nightlies” for 1+1. I know I can get nightlies on my s3 with cm ROM.

            To reiterate what others said. This is the best phone I have used although s3 and ip5 are my latest hardware.

          • Ethan Tal Abramchick

            I have cm on my phone, not a 1+1, however, i believe in the update center you have an option to search for nightlies, and then update it like that.

          • mschinis

            I’m not sure how to get nightlies but I know a few people have opted for them.

            There’s also updates about the issues here.


    • Srinivas Arnepalli

      I must say that this is the best phone I ever used. Even with this so called battery drain the phone gets a better battery life than all the other flagships. The yellow tint that many complained about is now gone. The CM guys are really spending time addressing the complaints and fixing the bugs with regular OTAs.

      • Mo Yang

        I’m not to sure about that. I have a N3 and S5 and HTC One M8. N3 gets me about 6-7 hours screen on time, and 1.5-2 days worth of juice (I have been able to push 3-4 days when I did CPU tweaks, but am omitting that stat because they are custome tweaks.). My S5 gets about 5-6 hours screen on time with 1 day without a charger. The M8 gets about 5 hours with a full day as well. I would say it is comparable to other flagships, but, I highly doubt battery life is better with wakelock issues.

        Hoping the OnePlus gets better publicity soon with all their snafu’s in the past. I’m rooting for this device and the CM team because they have great potential. But, that’s the problem. Potential doesn’t amount to much when the needs are immediate.

  • noone2

    I have the update and mine is fine. Maybe it’s some sort of conflict with some other common apps or settings.

  • Humza Hayat

    I think I fixed it by removing all Google related widgets, and changing the default launcher to Nova.

  • Marty

    Battery life is definitely not as good but it’s all relative .. still getting around a full day out of the phone with 3+ hrs of screen-on time where before the 30O OTA I was getting over a day with up to 7hrs of SOT .. Not like it’s gone to crap it’s just not great like it was .. Glad to see there is serious focus on it.

  • GB no

    Really bad . Idle for 2hours = – 15% percent battery

  • Simon Belmont

    Ouch. Even the idle battery drain looks pretty bad after that update.

    This reminds me of the really inconsistent battery life on my Nexus 5 after the Android 4.4.3 update, but Android 4.4.4 cleared it up and brought it back to normal (actually slightly better). Hang in there OnePlus One folks, you’ll get a fix soon, I hope.

  • Simon Belmont

    Speaking of CyanogeMod. The M9 snapshot really seems to stink compared to the M8, for me at least.

    I’ve been having System UI issues and random bouts of rotation glitches. Not to mention, everything just feels more crashy (methinks there’s a memory leak in the UI framework). I hope that the M10 snapshot fixes this. I’ve been tempted to jump back to the M8 snapshot in the meantime.

  • a+i

    does putting a new rom remove problems like that flashlight-pocket one and this battery one

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  • Sandesh

    my phone got charged only 6% after charging an half an hour . Is there any fix ?