Report: Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi to release phones using Samsung’s Dual Edge display

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 29, 2016


Samsung’s Dual Edge AMOLED display not only makes the Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge look unbelievably sleek, but the company’s latest software also makes it rather useful too. Not surprising, Samsung’s competitors have taken note and a new report states that the company is selling its cutting edge display technology to some of its Chinese rivals. Huawei, Vivo, and Xiaomi are said to be releasing curved display smartphones in the near future.

News sources from China report that Vivo is preparing to launch its XPlay5 handset on March 1st, which will feature Samsung’s Dual Edge display. The phone is also said to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 6GB of RAM, so it’s clearly aimed at the very high-end of the market. A picture of the handset (below) was recently uploaded to Weibo and clearly shows off a curved display. However, the image was not uploaded by an official Vivo account or by a company representative, so we should treat it as unconfirmed.

Vivo XPlay5 Weibo

Industry insiders are also suggesting that Huawei and Xiaomi are preparing to release handsets packing the same display technology from Samsung, although there don’t appear to be any other rumors to hint at potential specifications or release dates. We initially heard that Huawei may be purchasing curved displays from Samsung back in September last year.

Of course, these won’t be the first companies to have bought some of Samsung’s curved AMOLED panels, the BlackBerry Priv was released last year. Samsung Display is said to be looking to expand its list of customers in search of additional revenue, and the division is investing heavily in increasing AMOLED panel production capacity over the coming years. The company may even be producing AMOLED displays for the next Apple iPhone. Furthermore, focusing on its component businesses is helping Samsung offset the lower revenue that it generates from smartphone sales these days.

samsung galaxy s7 first look aa-13See also: Samsung Galaxy S7 boasts the best smartphone display, says DisplayMate26

We will certainly be on the lookout for official announcements from Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi in the coming months. Would you like to see more dual edge display smartphones available from a range of manufacturers?

  • joshua

    The curved screen would be so awesome to have on the next Nexus. In my opinion the S7 edge with front facing speakers and the finger print scanner on the back. Running stock android with the Samsung edge features. Would be the perfect phone.

    • saksham

      it would lose its charm most people hate on screen buttons ( by most i do not mean geeks ) and fingerprint reader on the back is inelegant . i love touchwiz and have no complaints about it . yes i would love front facing speakers and wondering how samsung can implement it without distorting the signature home button

      • joshua

        Lol, I will take the geek comment as a complement. Most people are afraid of something new. Until they try it and realize it is better. To me the home button scanner is awkward. You can have your phone unlocked before it ever leaves your pocket with it on the back.

        • Tibor

          What if you want a cover on it? Make two holes in the back and placing your finger in it? No, don’t believe in that. It’s more slick and easy on the front. All thought it doesn’t matter that much. I would also hate to have onscreen buttons, since it just looks horrible, even though it is logical it will never be for me.

        • saksham

          meh the home button now bulges very little on the s7

          • onstrike112

            And it still looks like it’s 10 feet across, contributing to the fisher price look of the device.

    • JDMillest

      What can stock Android do with a edge display when stock Android doesn’t even come packed with features. Unless they change it.

    • JohnA

      Boom!! I am so with you on that. Except the size of the screen. I’d prefer it a bit smaller.

  • saksham

    samsung should have patented the dual edge display !

    • neonix

      saksham should have read the article!

      Samsung is the one selling the screens: “a new report states that the company is selling its cutting edge display technology to some of its Chinese rivals”

      • saksham

        i said ” should have ” dumass

        • s2weden2000

          they have.. over a year ago does not mean they can’t sell to others …

  • KRS

    Samsung should have keep the curved screen for themselves.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Well, Samsung just lost some market share. The major appeal of the S6 and S7 were the curved screen options.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Why should they care if they rake in some dough from selling the displays? I like the idea – it gives me the option to buy a non-Samsung phone that has the one thing I love most about Samsung phones.

      • onstrike112

        You already do. It’s the BlackBerry Priv.

  • s2weden2000

    that’s right!

  • RunningGreat

    Why sell one of your big selling points… Samsung better have something even better up it’s sleeve.

  • RM199724

    I have an S6 Edge. It looks nice but it sucks. Accidental multi touch only by holding it…
    I won’t buy it again.

  • Sakib Mahmud

    I would love to see a curved smartphone from Xiaomi!
    They’ll be certainly cheaper but premium.

  • Aswath Sama

    yaay, cheaper Edge’s are some good news