Bezel-less Sony Xperia C6 leaked ahead of MWC 2016

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 11, 2016

Xperia C6 side

Sony remained suspiciously quiet at CES 2016, but that hasn’t stopped a leaker from divulging images of a new Sony device that purport to be the Xperia C6. The device features all the familiar Sony design trademarks, but the images also show an edge-to-edge display.

That same bezel-less display first appeared on the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra back in mid-2015, so it’s highly likely this is a successor of sorts to that device. However, its diminutive proportions indicate it won’t be the Xperia C6 Ultra. Whether a larger version of the Xperia C6 will also appear at MWC 2016 we can’t yet say.

Sony Xperia C6 leak

Design-wise it looks a lot like the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z4v, with the same rounded edges and what look to be rubber bumpers on the corners. The right hand side also features the same volume rocker, dedicated shutter button and round power button. This distinguishes it from the newer Xperia Z5 models, which have an elongated power button that also contains a fingerprint scanner.

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The rumored Xperia C6 specs include a 5.5-inch Full HD display and an octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 chipset clocked at 2.0 GHz. There’s not much else to point out, other than the seeming lack of dual front-facing speakers and the image that looks as though the back panel is peeling off. As always, treat this leak with suspicion and wait and see what happens at MWC 2016 next month.

Do you think this is the Xperia C6? How do you think it will fare against its mid-range competition?

  • PNWtech

    Nice technique this person employs to hold the device. I love holding my phone with my hand open /s

    • bOgGaRt

      Hahahaha!! (if that was sarcastic)

    • Rob

      Oh, you hold yours with your fist and/or knuckles?

  • Daggett Beaver

    No bezels? What do you call those big honkin’ things above and below the display?

    • Svnjay

      Just like the Note 5.

    • Martin Chan

      If you take away the bottom bezel at least, it makes typing thumb straining. Try holding your phone 1 inch higher than you usually do and try typing. Due to ergonomics, don’t think that the bottom bezel will die out. At least on touch screen phones.

    • Kody

      The chin and forehead, lol.

  • ryq24

    It will be more expensive as usual compared to other mid range phones with better specs.

  • Scott Harris

    Don’t understand the obsession with no bezels. How do you hold the thing without recording touches on the edge of the screen?

    • Roby

      Well the S6 Edge has software built in which ignores those accidental touches.
      Can’t say if this one will have a similar feature though.

      • mrochester

        It doesn’t work that well though and often records accidental touches.

        • Rob

          I completely disagree. I have had an S6 Edge for almost a year now, and I’ve never found that to be true.

        • Roby

          Guess you’re speaking for yourself then. I had no such issues when I got to play with it for a few days nor any of the reviewers I came across.
          I actually had problems with the phone registering touches when there were buttons located on the edge of the screen (settings shortcut, MORE, etc…).

          • Rafal Warachewicz

            Ive got the edge plus variant and if took me hella lots of Time to learn to live with no bezels phone. The tech u speak of is a total crap. U move your screen accidently almost everytime u hold the device in one hand.

          • Roby

            Wanted to post a meme but that comment will probably stay pending forever so I’ll say it normally.
            If you try to use a 5.7″ device with one hand, you’ll have a bad time. I guarantee it.
            Bezels or no bezels, that thing is a two hand device.

          • sonybru

            Especially if the screen is on and you’re picking it up.

  • Samplethief

    Get a leak for the new HTC damn you! I dont care if you have to go into their HQ, Oceans Eleven style!

    • Rafal Warachewicz

      I got it for you. HTC M10 is the new phone.
      13mpix ultra pixel cmor camera
      64gigs of internal storage
      16gigs of DDR5 ram.
      15″ Super Amoled Screen
      it will cost same as upcoming iphone 8!
      And it will look almost the same as previous models since m7!! Yay!!

  • MaxPower27

    5.5″ = “diminutive”

    • and 5″ is mini nowadays

  • aaloo

    i hope sony succeeds. rose gold is all the rage these days. wonder who started that trend.

    • Eklavya Verma

      Why apple did of course. Like with everything else, apple starts all the trends /s

  • dapluncbs

    Sharp has done it before with Sharp Aquos Crystal, which was launched back in 2014..It even has 3 side bezel-less display (top, right & left)…