10 best weather apps and weather widgets for Android

by: Joe HindyJanuary 5, 2016

Weather Underground best weather apps and weather widgets for android
One of the first really good uses for Android devices was delivering the weather. At the time, it was so cool to just check your phone and avoid the hassle of looking it up on a computer or waiting for the local weather report on TV. Weather apps have grown a lot since the good old days and most of them now also include weather widgets for quick reference. It’s not as big of a feature as it used to be, but everyone wants to know the weather so let’s look at the best weather apps for Android!

1Weather best weather apps for android1Weather

[Price: Free / $0.99]
1Weather by OneLouder Apps has been around for a long time and is not only one of the most popular weather apps on this list, but also one of the highest rated. It comes with your standard features like your daily and hourly forecast along with access to additional information. There are also some widget selections and the application itself is well designed. There is also daydream support, DashClock support, Android Wear support, and it’s available in more than 25 different languages. It’s powerful, easy to use, and it looks great. The $0.99 charge is just to remove ads so you get the full app experience either way.
Check out more OneLouder Apps stuff here!

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best weather apps for androidAccuweather

[Price: Free]
Accuweather by Accuweather.com is a free option that gives you pretty much all of the information you need, including extended forecasts, hourly forecasts, and the app itself is also well designed. Other features include radar, Android Wear support, and the MinuteCast feature that lets you check on precipitation on a minute basis (estimated, of course). The application itself was redesigned and it looks really good. The widget support is there, although the widgets are a tad unimaginative.
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accuweather best weather apps and weather widgets for android

best weather apps for androidEye in the Sky Weather

[Price: Free / $2.06]
Eye in the Sky Weather by CITC is an app our users requested we try out and it turns out that it’s pretty good. The interface is a flat matte design that looks really good and the application includes all of your most basic features, including current weather, forecasts, and extended forecasts. There is also Dashclock support if you need that. The widget selection is above average and you can customize the weather widgets as well. It’s a bit simple comparatively speaking, but it’s great if you just need something quick and easy.
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best weather apps for android

Google App best weather apps and weather widgets for AndroidGoogle Now

[Price: Free]
Google Now has been replacing a lot of things on Android phones and weather is one of them. The app will send you periodic weather updates, weather alerts, and you can even ask for the weather and it will show you. Opening Google Now almost always puts the weather right on top so you can see it at a glance. It’s not a dedicated weather app which means a lot of features, like extended forecast or weather radars require a little digging, but this is a great option for people who already use Google Now that may just need to glance at the weather quickly. It also already comes on most Android devices.
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best weather apps for androidGO Weather Forecast and Widgets

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
GO Weather by GO Launcher EX is a long time favorite for Android users and it ranks among the most successful and popular on the list. In terms of features, it runs the entire gambit with current weather, forecasts, radar, a sleek design, weather widgets, and even more obscure stuff like wind forecasts, lifestyle tips, and more. There are also theming options and a paid version that gets rid of external advertising. Overall, it’s an above average weather app but it may be a bit on the bloated side.
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best weather apps for android

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weatherbug best weather apps and weather widgets for androidWeatherBug

[Price: Free]
WeatherBug is a long time favorite of Android users and it was one of the first truly full featured weather apps. Today, it’s totally free to use (without in-app purchases) and while that’s made some paid users unhappy, new users get to use WeatherBug free. It includes weather forecasts, severe weather alerts, widgets, and even stuff like live weather and traffic cams so you can see the weather. There is also a selection of weather widgets as a separate app to adorn your home screen that are pretty decent.
Check out more Earth Networks apps here!

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best weather apps for androidThe Weather Channel

[Price: Free]
The Weather Channel has been a long time authority on weather and on Android it’s no different. This app became popular very quickly based on its namesake alone. That said, it actually is a pretty decent weather app with all the information you could need including forecasts, alerts, current weather, radar, and smaller stuff like wind forecast, pollen, and even Weather Channel videos so you can keep up on the latest weather news. There is a mechanic called mPoints which don’t really do much, but you can disable that in the settings to make the app run a bit smoother.
Check out more Weather Channel apps here!

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weather underground best weather apps and weather widgets for androidWeather Underground

[Price: Free / $1.99 per year]
Weather Underground is a very competent weather service and you may have seen their namesake as a weather service in other applications. It features a slick, vertical-style interface that contains a ton of information and it can be a little overwhelming until you get used to it. It gives you a ton of info including current weather, forecast, alerts, radar, and much more. There is a $1.99 per year subscription which is optional that remove advertisements. If it helps, the development team has also been excellent at listening to user feedback, which we really liked.

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weather underground best weather apps and weather widgets for android

best weather apps for androidYahoo Weather

[Price: Free]
Yahoo has been very aggressively improving their applications over the last few years and Yahoo Weather is a great example of their hard work paying off. It features beautiful design and graphics with the essential information, alerts, radars, and more. You can track up to 20 cities and even submit your photos by posting them on Flickr with the hashtag #projectweather. It’s uniquely designed and fun to use although those who want Material Design may not like the different direction that Yahoo used for their design.
Check out more Yahoo apps here!

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best weather apps for androidYoWindows Weather

[Price: Free / $2.98]
YoWindow Weather by RepkaSoft is a relatively newer option but has already gained a significant following. It has a lot more flash than most apps with a fun hourly forecast animation where you can scroll and see the weather. Comparatively speaking, YoWindow Weather isn’t as powerful as some of these other suites, but it’s a good mixture for those who want something more than Google Now but not something as heavy as The Weather Channel. There is a free version you can use to try it out and the overall cost is fairly reasonable.
Check out more RepkaSoft apps here!

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  • aNYthing6


  • 1Weather has absolutely been my favorite weather app since I can’t remember when, glad to see others like it as well as I do.

  • Wilson D

    how u miss one weather

  • Anonymous Vagrant

    Eye in Sky?????

    • Hoggles

      Eye in the Sky is BY FAR the best and most stylish…. many customizations as well. And best of all…it’s the most accurate.

      Joesph…. I think ya missed the best one.

      • Timmy

        That all depends on where you are. Eye In The Sky is wildly inaccurate in Australia.

    • Amadeus Klein

      Where does Eye in the Sky get it’s Data? I’ve seen it but I need accurate weather both current and forecasts (as accurate as forecasts can be anyway)

    • Aleehassan
  • sj

    I live in tornado country and folks out here swear by PYKL3. No forecasts, but extremely accurate radar, hail, and tornado tracking. Nothing compares to it and I’ve tried it all. Even our 911 Director uses it.

    • End in sight

      Um…pykl3 is $9.99.

      That is $9.89 more than I pay for apps. Too rich for my blood.

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Hmmm; These may be great for general obi wan on his trip to denosis. Yes.

  • needa

    eweather has the best widgets by far, and they are extremely customizable. quite impressive really. but it is also the hardest to navigate when in the app. costs four bucks i think also. but its worth it just to run the clock widget, minus the fluff (customize), for a couple of months.


    cLock from cynogen team…hands down!!!

    • theoctagon


  • David J

    Suprised eye in the sky was not included.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    Yeah I’ll just parrot the others who said Eye in the Sky…it’s the best.

  • venorme

    eWeather all the way
    It`s perfect for those who likes customization. Also all those extra features like ultraviolet and magnetic impact.
    But yahoo wins in eyecandy

  • Monj

    I prefer BeWeather (weatherclock widget) associated with Weatherbomb

  • Wade

    I assume the judgment was based on application aesthetics and not necessarily the accuracy of the weather data presented…

    NOAA Weather is simply the best, pulling from National Weather Service data. PYKL3 Radar is also the most in depth radar app I’ve ever seen.

    I work outside, and am in charge of multiple crews in remote areas. These two apps assist me in making decisions every day. Yahoo, TWC, etc. simply don’t cut it for localized, accurate information.

  • Igor Mishin

    try also Optimistic Weather!

    • theoctagon

      i prefer realistic weather.

      • Igor Mishin

        I use both Go Weather and Optimistic Weather

  • Nacos

    How could you have missed the mighty eWeather?

  • igloobunny

    1Weather is pretty and functional, but for me, WeatherBug Elite wins hands-down when it comes to accuracy as it taps into weather stations right by home and work, rather than just giving me a generic “city” forecast.

  • Noah Stelte

    What’s the best one that’s best on your phone’s battery though? I had 1Weather before but I didn’t like the difference in battery after I installed it…. I have a GS2, btw…

  • Graham Neill

    1Weather is no good if you live outside the US…crap for a #1 app. Intellicast has wonderful and informative maps with great overlays including severe. Both Weather Underground and Weatherbug are professional style with great maps, and localizations down to personal weather stations. This story should have been done on actual quality of the app and not by its Google Play Store rank which can be meaningless.

  • Droid Master

    Yahoo Weather is the best

  • Firas

    There is a new weather app called UNIWEATHER, it is a fabtastic application with many detailed information and a sleek interface,

    Check it out!


  • AccuWeather is crap

    AccWeather comes as a default in both Galaxy s3s I have owned and it has on both, displayed incorrect dates weather forecasts etc etc…and do you think I can change it? No. I cannot believe you even give this app a place in your top ten. Im looking at alternative review sites!

    • Blue Smith

      Accuweather is always at least 10℃ out on my phone, telling me today was scattered showers when it was 35℃ and sunny…

      • stubbikins

        You have to go to settings and tell it to refresh more often.

        • scottdouglasjohnson

          I’ve never found accuweather to be accurate at all. Tried the app several times.

  • Droid Master

    (1) Yahoo Weather
    (2) Eye In Sky
    (3) 1Weather
    (4) Go-Weather

    (5) Weather Bug
    (6) Accu Weather Platinum
    (7) Weather Channel
    (8) Weather (Macro Pinch)
    (9) WeatherPro
    (10) Weatherford

  • JimmyDee

    I’ve been very happy with the HTC one called Weather and Clock. It gives me a simple bit of weather information at a glance and tapping takes me to the clock and alarms and such. Also it has transparency so doesn’t detract from my wallpaper.

    I *HATE* a messy layout. Clean wallpapers are grand.

  • samsung girl

    weather bug nearly killed my android. it has cookies that infiltrate and slow down your phone to the point of no return. if you are legit, you would know this

    • Melvis

      You have no idea what a cookie is, do you?

  • Joplin Citizen

    NOAA Weather Free foe me. It’s a trust issue for me here in Tornado Alley.

  • kathy

    Hello has anyone seen the app that has cool pretty scenes like sprinkles on cookies in the weather app or shooting stars . Its really a neat app but I don’t know the name? Thanks Kathy

  • GMA
  • Cosmin

    I use Weather Animated Widgets it has beautiful icons and animations directly in widgets.

  • Mahmood Faysal

    i use accweather amazing one thanks for sharing this awesome list

  • Bartolomiu

    I use Neeandoo Weather Alert for automatically checking tomorrow’s weather. It notifies me if the forecast contains any of the weather conditions I’ve defined.


  • kma

    In europe: yr.no
    Not beautiful, not shiny – but: accuracy.

  • stubbikins

    go weather has stupid damn ads and none of the themes actually do anything.

  • Frip88

    Very lazy and poorly written article.

  • pipecleaner

    I love this persons review style and because of it downloaded Radar Now. The review was not only entertaining and funny, but honest and to the point. As an exterior painter we need all the ambient conditions and radar on site with out all the fancy stuff. This is great. Thanks

  • Weather Foreseer

    Weather Foreseer is one of the best android weather widgets in the market. It has unique features and functionalists that makes it exceptional compared to other apps.

  • Do any of these come with a *Live weather* wallpaper?

  • Choda Boy


  • EngineerGunter

    Krona Sunlight! Sure it’s first and foremost a watch face for Android Wear, but it has out-performed all other weather apps for me in overall usefulness since I don’t always want to unlock my phone, open an app or ask Google what the weather is like. It gives, literally at a glance, what to expect for the next 24 hours: high and low and how it gradates throughout the day, current temperature, any foreseeable cloudiness, precipitation (and in what form – snow to rain), when the sun is rising/setting, and how the temperature right now compares to 24 hours from now. Not to mention, it shows time, day, date, and watch battery level (in ambient mode). Quite a bit of customization is available through the companion app/Android Wear App. Can be set to use your device’s location or manually selected location. It takes a couple of days to get used to reading all that at a glance, but it’s totally worth buying ($1.69)!

  • sholling

    I like Weather Underground because the massive number of local weather stations makes it more accurate than most in my area. Weather Timeline also deserves an honorable mention for its detailed predictions.

  • Michael Bianchi

    Yahoo Weather uses photos of actual sites in the locations you specify: a really nice touch! Also, I really like My Radar (both free and no-ads paid versions); their maps are beautiful and–so far as I can tell–spot on accurate!

  • John

    AmberWeather has no ads, looks amazing, and has tons of customizations. Check it out.

    • Claire Anderson

      I would suggest you to add another weather app called WeatherMate (www.weathermate.net) to this list. it’s a must-have if you are a weather geek.

      • But it is not available for Android. We can;t support apps that are iOS only

  • Ken Stevenson

    AccuWeather leaves a bit to be desired – accuracy being uppermost on the list. On my way to work I pass three banks that have temperature showing, as well as the thermometer on my automobile. My android phone has AccuWeather. I like to know what the temperature is outside before I go out often enough so I look at the phone. Keep in mind I EXPECT some variance between thermometers, regardless their source or location. But 10 or more degrees is not acceptable. Especially when the automobile and the three banks are all either the same, or within one to two degrees variance, and the AccuWeather app is different by 10 degrees – on average. I have had as high as a 14 degree variance between the app and the other three thermometers. I always have at least a 5 degree variance. Twice in the past year I actually saw an acceptable similarity. Not such good odds.

  • Mits

    I like this one, it is new and very very simple

  • Mike Brewer
  • CHOI3388

    Accweather is so suck! Brooklyn NY 11204 is raining all night long and still raining at 6:10 am. But the ACCWeather on my Android pad is still light fig for the past hour. While The Weather at IPhone4 is correctly show RAIN

  • sorer
  • check weather360 and I think it worth to be in the list


  • pars71

    Accuweather service provider is better than others but its app is not good
    1Weather app is good but its not saying correct weather conditions

  • tonythepony

    Yahoo weather is always 3 to 8 degrees off from what Google Now says the temps are. Also, the landscape mode on Yahoo Weather stopped working about a year ago. I keep sending feedback and tweeting them but they completely ignore me. This app was amazing in Landscape mode! Everyone used to ask me what app I’m using when I posted landscape shots of Yahoo Weather. I hope they fix it soon.

  • Oscar HENAO

    I love AccuWeather, especially MinuteCast (weather to the minute and very precise). The only cons I find is that it takes a little while (10 secs} to show your information updated and unfortunately accounts for over 25% of my battery drainage during one day. Will try WeatherBug.

  • Anonymous Old Guy

    Does anyone know if any of these apps actually work post Jan 5? I installed the update for accu weather and lost the widget and the app won’t even open now, Tried about 5 of these others above and none of them will even open – damn updates ruin everything

  • Erik August Møller

    I installed Wether Underground on my Sony Xperia 4M Aqua Dual, But I don’t find it on the phone.

  • scottdouglasjohnson

    Why do these apps need so many permissions? A weather app needs to know current location and that’s it.

  • F. Rafael Leon

    I am the author of “Pluvia”, a new 3D weather radar viewer for Android. It is free and has no ads. Please search for it on the Play Store.

  • Bert Gregory

    You were wrong on the price of ad removal for 1Weather (the first listing). It’s $1.99 NOT $0.99

  • Peter G

    death to accuweather. Used to be my favourite weather app by far, now I detest it, and not only because it ripped through half of my monthly data in a matter of 3 hours in the middle of the night. Tried some other apps but every one of them has some issue, like it doesn’t know where I am, etc

  • Fuquad

    The Weather Channel app is ok, but the videos are almost always clickbait. Literally titles like “This Is On a Collision Course With Earth And Nothing Can Stop It.” And you’ll sit through a 30 second commercial to watch a 25 second video of someone talking about the antenna from an old satellite that’s going to fall into the Indian Ocean. Also, the radar map gets super glitchy.

  • William Kister

    1Weather and Weather Underground get my vote. I would use Weather Underground solely if it had better Widgets that I can adjust to the size of my screen on my phone.

  • Curious to know why Weatherzone Plus didn’t make the list? I believe it’s better than all if not most of the apps listed.

  • 1Weather, Yahoo Weather and The Weather Channel are the Top Weather Apps. But if you want a quick update without thinking about installing any App, GoogleNow is your best bet!