Fitbit, currently one of the most well-known names in the fitness tracking world, has seven different trackers on sale right now. Which one is right for you? Should you pick up one of the new fashion-forward devices like the Alta or Blaze, or should you consider an older one like the Surge or Charge 2?

With devices ranging anywhere from $60-$250, there’s certainly a wide range of options from which to choose. So with that said, read on to find out which Fitbit is right for you.


The best fitness trackers

3 weeks ago

Best all-around Fitbit device

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 review AA 9

If you’re buying a fitness tracker in this price range, it’s hard not to consider the Charge 2.

It’s clear Fitbit really focused on design when making the Charge 2. This device not only looks more like a piece of jewelry and less like a standard fitness tracker this time around, you also have the option to change out the bands if you’d like.

The Charge 2 also has a bigger display this time, meaning you get more room for smartphone notifications. Plus, Fitbit also introduced a few new features to the Charge 2 that should help users stay healthy and relaxed overtime: Cardio Fitness Level, which will give you a cardiovascular rating based on an estimate of your VO2 Max, and Relax, a new on-device guided breathing feature that will walk you through short breathing exercises to help you lower blood pressure, reduce stress and lessen anxiety.

Overall, it’s an all-around great fitness tracker, especially considering its sub-$150 price point.

Best all-around Fitbit device (runner up)

Fitbit Alta HR

2016’s Fitbit Alta has been one of our favorite fitness trackers since launch, mainly due to the sleek, stylish design that many other Fitbit devices lack. But what if you’re looking for a device similar to the Alta, but can’t go without a heart rate sensor? You’ll want to check out the Fitbit Alta HR, the company’s slimmest activity tracker with a heart rate monitor.

The new Alta HR brings the company’s own PurePulse heart rate technology to a slimmer form factor. Fitbit supposedly developed a new chip for the Alta HR that reduced the size and number of components needed, allowing for a 25% slimmer design than the Charge 2. With a built-in heart rate sensor, you’ll be able to better track your calories burned, non-step exercises like yoga and spinning, and also see real-time heart rate zones on your wrist. Having a heart rate sensor on your activity tracker really does make a world of difference.

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Alongside the Alta HR, Fitbit also introduced two new sleeping features, Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights. Sleep Stages utilizes the heart rate sensor to estimate the amount of time you spend in light, deep and REM sleep, as well as the time you spend awake each night. Sleep Insights, on the other hand, uses all the data your Fitbit collects to provide personalized guidance on how to better improve your sleep. If you’re interested in learning more about Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights, more details can be found here.

If you need a slim fitness tracker that doesn’t skimp on the features, the Alta HR is for you.

Everything but the kitchen sink

Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge AA

Need a Fitbit with GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring and much more? The Surge may be your best bet.

Instead of calling it a simple fitness tracker, Fitbit refers to the Surge as a fitness super watch… and that’s not actually too far off. It features a touchscreen display, continuous heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking capabilities, music control and notifications and all the other fitness tracking features other Fitbit devices have. It might be a little big for some folks out there, but if you want something with this many features and are serious about tracking your workouts, the Surge will definitely do the trick.

You can find the Fitbit Surge on Amazon for a little over $200 nowadays. And considering the price of other GPS-enabled devices out there, this is pretty much a steal.

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Best for notifications

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze review AA 7

The Blaze might not be our favorite Fitbit device out there, but it’s still darn good at a handful of things.

This is Fitbit’s most smartwatch-y device on the market. It has a touchscreen display, interchangeable bands, and it arguably looks more like a smartwatch than it does a fitness tracker. It can also feed you notifications from your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can get call, text and calendar notifications, though you aren’t able to get Facebook, Twitter, email or basically anything else. Not that anyone needs Twitter mentions on their wrists when they’re on a run, but the option would be nice, at least.

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Other than notifications, the Blaze does a lot of other things right. It’ll get you 5 days of battery on a single charge, features a display that’s bright and clear enough to see outdoors, and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. There are also leather and metal band options if you’re looking to wear it to work or out to dinner.

Best on a budget

Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit Flex 2 is a well-designed fitness tracker with a lot of neat features that serves as an introduction to Fitbit’s excellent software and ecosystem. It’s a small, convenient device that can take on any look to match your style and will easily survive a dip in the pool. While it might lack advanced features, it is nevertheless smarter than you might expect thanks to the highly capable app and brilliant activity autodetection.

This device isn’t perfect, though. Serious gym rats will be disappointed at the lack of tracking for strength workouts, battery life could be longer and the notifications are somewhat pointless in most situations.

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But if you like the svelte and versatile design and you’re just looking for something that will reliably track your steps and activity, then you might not need those extra features anyway. And in that case, the Fitbit Flex 2 is probably one of the best basic trackers available.

You can purchase it on Amazon in Black, Lavender and Magenta color options for just $79.95.

Fitbit One

Fitbit One press

Aren’t interested in a wrist-mounted Fitbit? The One is for you.

Announced way back in September 2012, the Fitbit One is definitely not the newest out there. It still has some notable features, though, and the price is under $100 — perfect for those interested in testing the fitness tracking waters. It sports a clip design that allows the device to be clipped pretty much anywhere. Whether it’s on your shirt, bra, in your pocket or on your belt, the One should stay put no matter what you do throughout the day.

The Fitbit One can track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and even your sleep. It has a built-in silent alarm, too. Fitbit is offering the One for about $100, but you can find it on Amazon for about $75 these days.

It should also be noted that Fitbit also has another budget-friendly device called the Zip. The Zip is another clip on device, but doesn’t have sleep tracking, a silent alarm, nor can it track your floors climbed. It’s also not too much cheaper than the One, which is why we decided not to feature this device on our list.

So there you have it — our guide to all things Fitbit! Are we missing something? Have you tried Fitbit products in the past? If so, what are your experiences? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • sumi

    none.. go for MI band

    • samster11

      Costs $15 and syncs to Google Fit.

  • It is either the Alta or the Blaze. Surge, Charge and HR has the rubber issue; where they either lose their glue or air bubbles up under the rubber. It will certainly happen with those trackers, but not with the new trackers.

  • Nashdroid ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

    My wife and I both have the Charge HR and we absolutely LOVE them! We have them sync’d with Myfitnesspal and it’s amazing! Never been this motivated to lose weight and get in shape.

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  • None of them lol. Buy a smartwatch if you’re going to buy anything that goes on your wrist.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Smartwatches are BS.
      If I was wearing watch it would never be a smartwatch.

      • I agree they are BS, but why buy a Fitbit that can only track fitness, when you can buy a smartwatch for $50-$100 more or the same price? I am waiting to buy a smartwatch until they actually present a need to have one, which none of them have yet.

        • The-Sailor-Man

          See my last comment.

          • GB

            nobody cares to see your last comment.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    If I need something on my wrist it would be something with the shape of Alta.
    I don’t understand what is this ‘fitness’ madness about. lol. What’s wrong with you guys? Well it’s good to have some basic functions for it, but most I need is to:
    connect with my pone to vibrate if I get a call,
    to reject the call with short message,
    to show me if I have a message,
    to alarm me if I forget my phone,
    to control the music player, camera, and audio recording on my phone,
    to find my phone with ringing it.
    to show me the time of course
    And such everyday functionality.
    And if Alta is like this, and has flexible battery inside the stripe, I will buy it, and wear it , even if I have real watch on the other wrist.
    I hate smartwatches though, and for me they have no future.

    • Michael Allen

      Sounds like a smart watch.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        No ! Useful wrist-band. Slim and elegant. And the only wrist gadget that have a future.
        Smart watches are born dead.

  • samster11

    None are right for me because none sync directly to Google Fit. Which the article amazingly doesn’t mention at all. C’mon guys.

    • Benjamin Haube

      The FitBit app is miles better than Google Fit. I have a Moto 360 that I never wear anymore. i hated Google Fit

      • samster11

        But your data is walled off… That’s the point… If you change trackers, you then need to change software…. Whereas with Fit (or Health) you don’t need to change software….

  • MadJoe

    I recently bought 2 Altas for my wife and me, but then realized they don’t have a heart rate monitor so I ended up giving mine to my daughter and getting a Charge HR. I like the display on the Alta (except for the orientation) much better, but the Charge HR has the HR, so it is more useful to me. They Alta also seemed to be more conservative with my step count. Or maybe I’ve just gotten more active.

  • John Velasco

    Fitbit blaze all the way. You wear it, you forget about it.

  • redgummibear


  • mcdonsco

    I wish I could get the same functionality (including auto sleep tracking) on my moto 360…fitbitbwould be shooting themselves in the foot if they made their software compatible with it, but, I’d be game :-)

    Now I just have the 360 on left and Fitbit on right.

  • Matt

    I’ve had two FitBit Charges and on both of them the band started to separate and bubble up until the whole thing just fell apart.

  • Sherpa

    I had a Fitbit Charge HR for about a year. While nice, it did have problems with band peeling off or bubbling and the plastic side coming apart. I upgraded to Charge 2 and the build quality is much better. If the bands ever have issues, I can just replace them. The device itself has metal button and metal sides so it will definitely be much more durable than Charge HR.

    • Benjamin Haube

      I’ve never had an issue wirh my Charge HR. it is still in great shape.

  • 嗨、我是Feeey 偶然看到你的博客,很棒哟,我会常来的。我的博客

  • Maxim13

    I never liked Fitbit and honestly I don’t understand why people buy them. I love better products from Pebble or Vector Watch and I am so disappointed that Fitbit bought all these companies to shut them down.

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  • Steve Cavill

    I’ve got the Blaze and really like it, it’s a shame it’s not waterproof because I’m sick of taking it off every time I go in the shower or go swimming, I guess the next Blaze will be waterproof.

  • munkyboythethird

    flex 2 is great if your principle exercise is swimming. Just the battery life is a let down

  • any goqii users here? lol