The 11 best calendar apps for Android

by: Joe HindyJanuary 9, 2014
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the best calendar apps for android

aCalendar – Android CalendaraCalendar best calendar app for android

[Price: Free / $3.99]
First on our list is aCalendar. This is one of the most popular and feature-heavy apps on the list. It’s free to use with no ads but you can get even more features if you get the $3.99 version. It includes features like widgets, good resource management (low battery strain), various colors Get it on Google Playfor organization, NFC sharing, and other little stuff like the lunar calendar. It’s a good, solid option especially for those who like or require widgets.
aCalendar best calendar apps for Android

business calendar best calendar app for androidBusiness Calendar

[Price: Free/$4.99]
Business Calendar is oriented more toward people who use their calendar for work and business purposes. The free version has ads while the paid version has more features and no ads. It looks pretty nice for a calendar and you can tell it’s designed to be used pretty heavily. In the paid version, you can get some more unique features like drag-and-drop events, the ability to add a task manager Get it on Google Playapp, about a dozen more widget designs, and the ability to create templates for events in your calendar. Overall, it’s a solid option with some strong features.
business calendar best calendar apps for Android

Cal - Calendar by best calendar app for androidCal: Calendar & Widget

[Price: Free]
Cal Calendar is one of our favorite entries on the list because it’s not only a good calendar but it also won our best designed app of the year for 2013. It has all the basic features that you’d expect from a calendar plus a few extras like tagging events with locations. Get it on Google PlayIt’s also very well designed, modular, and easy to use. It’s definitely a step in a different direction from other calendar apps and it’s totally free.
Cal - Calendar by best calendar apps for Android

calengoo best calendar app for androidCalenGoo

[Price: Free]
CalenGoo is not the most popular on our list, but it is one of the highest rated. In terms of design, it’s a little dated but that also allows it to be somewhat easier to organize. It also has a very rich feature set including creating events via SMS, exporting calendars in ICS files, exporting to PDF, support for Google event colors, and more. Get it on Google PlayIt’s a little more complicated than many of these it even comes with a number of widgets. If you’re looking for something a little more feature heavy, this could be it.
calengoo best calendar apps for Android

cozi family calendar best calendar app for androidCozi Family Calendar & Lists

[Price: Free]
Cozi Family Calendar was designed for, you guessed it, families. It not only features a calendar for busy parents to keep track of things, but a full featured to-do list that can help people manage their days accordingly. The big draw with an app like this is the ability to share to-do lists and calendar events with all members of the family. So if a daughter has a piano recital, only one parent needs to make the event and Get it on Google Playthen share it with the rest of the family. As an added bonus, you can also see all events and to do lists online as it syncs with Cozi’s proprietary servers.
cozi family calendar best calendar apps for android

digical calendar best calendar app for androidDigiCal Calendar & Widgets

[Price: Free/$4.95]
DigiCal Calendar is much like Cal Calendar in a sense that it focuses on design as much as functionality. With this calendar app, you can sync all of your calendars and view them in six different ways or using one of five different widgets. It also has Google Now support which Get it on Google Playis extra nice if you’re a regular user of Google Now. There is also a paid version for $4.95 that adds extra widget options, colors, and removes ads.
digical calendar best calendar apps for android

google calendar best calendar app for androidGoogle Calendar

[Price: Free]
Of course we have the obligatory nod to Google Calendar. It’s the official calendar from Google that has pretty much all the features you can expect from a basic calendar on Android. It’s a really solid option and if you’re going for an all GoogleGet it on Google Play experience you kind of have to use this one. It doesn’t have any ridiculous features, but it has all of the basic ones which still makes it a solid option.
google calendar best calendar apps for android

jorte calendar best calendar app for androidJorte Calendar & Organizer

[Price: Free]
Jorte is definitely the most flamboyant calendar app on our list and that’s perfectly okay because sometimes you just need something more colorful. It does by being the only app on the list that has a store where you can go get backgrounds and icons for the calendar app to customize it how you please. It also has a proprietary sync service that allows you to sync your calendars between devices. Get it on Google PlayAlong with those things, it can also do pretty much all of your standard calendar stuff. It’s free so if you want something a little different, this is a good option.
jorte calendar best calendar apps for android

Month best calendar appsMonth: The Calendar Widget

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Sometimes people don’t need a bunch of calendars but would rather just have really good looking calendar widgets. Month: The Calendar widget fills that niche perfectly. It has some cursory calendar features but its real bread and butter is its re-sizable month-view calendar widget with over 70 available themes (most of which are in app purchases). The app design is very good, the themes are well constructed, and there are options for pretty much any theme your phone may be rocking. Check it out!
Get it on Google Play

touch calendar best calendar app for androidTouch Calendar

[Price: Free/$3.95]
Last up is Touch Calendar and it is, by far, the most simple calendar on the list. It doesn’t have all of the features of most of the apps on this list but it does have the most basic features. It’s not one we would regularly recommend but it has over a million downloads and people comment on how easy it is to use. So if you are looking for a calendar without all the bells and Get it on Google Playwhistles, this is a good one to try. If you pay the $3.95 for it, you can get a few extra features such as more widget options and changing things like font size.
touch calendar best calendar apps for android

Wrap up

Calendar apps aren’t as plentiful as other categories so there aren’t as many truly great options. There are new apps coming all the time, though and even some on this list weren’t around before last year so it’s perfectly possible that we may have missed a great calendar app. If we have and you want to talk about it, the comment section is always open for you.