15 best antivirus Android apps and anti-malware Android apps

by: Joe HindyJanuary 5, 2016

Antivirus Android apps remain one of the most popular types of applications on Android. There have been arguments ad nauseum as to the benefit of antivirus apps and anti-malware apps on Android and those arguments are generally warranted. However, some people either like having that extra security or just want to be extra cautious just in case and there is nothing wrong with that. In this list, we’ll check out the best antivirus Android apps and anti-malware apps on Android!

VPN ExpressBefore you start thinking about antivirus software, the first line of defence in Android security is a solid VPN. One that users 256-bit encryption, doesn’t keep logs, and offers 24-hour Live Chat support. We recommend ExpressVPN for Android. It’s $8.32 per month but you can get your money back within 30 days if you’re not completely satisfied. Get ExpressVPN Today!

360 security best antivirus Android apps and anti-malware Android apps360 Security – Antivirus Boost

[Price: Free]
360 Security is one of the most popular and highly rated antivirus Android apps available right now with over 100 million downloads and 10 million ratings resulting in a 4.6 overall rating. This antivirus and anti-malware app comes with a ton of features, including the ability to scan your device files for malware, scan your apps and games, enable real-time protection, and even comes with an anti-theft feature. You can also use the app’s built in cleaner and booster service if you want, but the validity of those types of features aren’t particularly substantiated. Perhaps the most useful feature for this one is an app lock that lets you password protect any app on your device which is great for keeping nosy people away. The best part? It’s completely and totally free.

Get it now on Google Play!

androhelm best antivirus Android apps and anti-malware Android appsAndroHelm Mobile Security

[Price: Free / $2.59/month / $23.17 per year / $99.65 or $119.85 for lifetime licenses]
AndroHelm’s Mobile Security app is a lesser known option that can still provide a bunch of benefits. The main functionality focuses solely on security with features that include real-time protection from malware and spyware, scanning apps upon installation, frequent updates of the antivirus database, quarantine mode, app backups, virus protection, and a lot more. One of the more useful features include a set of functions that let you remotely block your device, delete stuff from it, and let you find your device in the cast of theft. The pricing structure is a bit complicated and the design could use an overhaul, but the functionality is solid and the app should work pretty well.
You can find all of AndroHelm Mobile Security’s pricing options by clicking here.

Get it now on Google Play!

antivirus Android mobile security

Avira best antivirus Android apps and anti-malware Android appsAvira Antivirus Security

[Price: Free / $11.99 per year]
Avira Antivirus Security is a relatively newer and lesser known antivirus app but it’s quickly growing into one that people really seem to like. It comes with the basic stuff like device scanning, real-time protection, and even the ability to scan the external SD. It also includes modern features, like a Stagefright Advisor to help you work around that particular vulnerability. There is also some anti-theft feature, privacy features, blacklisting features, and device admin features. It’s a heavier antivirus app, but it doesn’t necessarily feel that way all the time. It’s worth a shot if for no other reason than to check out the Stagefright Adviser!

Get it now on Google Play!

antivirus Android trustgoAntivirus and Mobile Security by TrustGo

[Price: Free]
Antivirus and Mobile Security by TrustGo is an app with a philosophy. The developers have talked about how they built the app from the ground up for mobile protection against mobile threats and this app does that. It has the basic features such as device scanning to look for existing threats, real-time protection, and a privacy guard that helps show you what apps are using which permissions (which, admittedly, won’t be nearly as awesome after Android 6.0). It does include secondary features such as a system manager, find-my-phone functionality, and data backup if you need it. It’s not quite as heavy as some of these competitors, but it is by no means a lightweight. It’s also 100% free to use.

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avast antivirus android securityAVAST Mobile Security

[Price: Free / $1.99/month / $14.99/year]
AVAST Mobile Security comes from Avast, a name that many people recognize from the antivirus market on PC. Avast on Android is just as well-known and trusted with over 100 million installs and just shy of four million reviews with a 4.5 overall rating in Google Play. The features include the usual device scanning, app scanning, and real-time protection but also includes consistent antivirus database updates, anti-theft features, and the ability to remote lock your device in case you lose it. AVAST is definitely one of the heavier antivirus Android apps that we’ve found and it comes with a metric ton of features that creates a pretty sturdy experience. If you go pro, you’ll get even more features including remote data recovery, remote SMS, geo-fencing, ad detection, and app locking.

Get it now on Google Play!

AVG antivirus androidAVG AntiVirus Security

[Price: Free / $3.99/month / $14.99/year]
AVG Antivirus Security is another antivirus Android app that many people know about from AVG’s time in the PC antivirus space. As such, it has over 100 million downloads to date and a respectable 4.4 rating in the Play Store. AVG is a bit lighter of an option compared to other name-brand options and includes real-time protection, device scanning, and consistent antivirus database updates. On top of that, there is a task killer, anti-theft features, remote device data wiping, and you can monitor things like battery, storage, and data usage. The interface on this one is actually pretty good comparatively speaking and the paid subscribers can also get app locking, call and message blocking, and more.

Get it now on Google Play!

Antivirus android security free by AVG

bitdefender antivirus androidBitdefender Antivirus Free

[Price: Free]
Bitdefender Antivirus Free is perhaps the lightest, most unobtrusive option on this list. It has exactly two features which is to scan and clean your device and then it offers real-time antivirus protection on top of that. The real-time protection scans apps as they are installed and also keeps an eye on what they are doing. The scanning is simple and only takes a few moments to get everything done. This is technically an offshoot of Bitdefender’s much larger antivirus suite, but we found that we loved that there is an option that requires zero configuration and runs as light as this one does. We prefer the light version of the heavy version but if you want to check out the heavy version, you can find it by clicking here.

Get it now on Google Play!

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CM security antivirus androidCM Security

[Price: Free]
CM Security had some viral success back when it was one of only a few free antivirus Android apps and was, at the time, the best free option available. It has some competition now, but CM Security is still pretty decent when it comes to antivirus and anti-malware protection as it has been ranked very high on AV-TEST repeatedly for several years now. On top of its antivirus and anti-malware features, CM Security also includes one of the better app locks that we’ve used (it even has fingerprint scanner support now) that not only locks your apps, but takes selfies of people trying to nose around in your business. It’s a lot more lightweight than some of its name brand competitors which is good and it’s completely free for everyone.

Get it now on Google Play!

dr web antivirus androidDr Web Security Space

[Price: Free / $9.90 per year / $18.80 for 2 years / $75 for a lifetime license]
Dr Web’s Mobile Security suite is one that has come a long way since we first put this list three years ago. What started as a simple antivirus app has ballooned into one of the most comprehensive antivirus apps on mobile. It features both express scans and full system scans depending on how much time you have and provides real-time protectiona gainst antivirus and anti-malware. It also provides real-time protection for your external SD card against autorun apps and other miscellany that may infect that. It also has anti-spam features, an ton of anti-theft features (including remote lock, custom remote messages, and remote wiping), a cloud checker, and even firewall support. It’s a highly powerful antivirus Android app that doesn’t come with a lot of clutter or bloat.

Get it now on Google Play!

eset best antivirus Android apps and anti-malware Android appsEset Mobile Security and Antivirus

[Price: Free / $9.99/year]
Eset Mobile Security and Antivirus is from another popular name in the PC antivirus space (Nod32). It boasted an impressive 100% detection rate in 2015 with frequent updates to the antivirus database to try to maintain that in 2016. You’ll also get scanning and real-time protection as is the norm for these types of apps. What sets Eset apart is that it comes with a tablet interface which is rare in the antivirus Android space and you’ll have a ton of other features to ago along with it. The free version is a little basic which is okay if you just need something simple to scan your device and provide protection. Paid subscribers get anti-theft features and more advanced security features if they choose.

Get it now on Google Play!

kaspersky best antivirus Android apps and anti-malware Android appsKaspersky Internet Security

[Price: Free / $9.99 per year / $14.95 per year (license for two devices)]
Kaspersky is another very recognizable name in the antivirus space and their Android apps is intensely popular. Much like Eset’s offering, there is a basic free version that provides the basics with a paid version that adds some proverbial icing on the cake. The list of features includes scanning (free) for malware and viruses while the paid version gets real-time protection, anti-phishing, cloud protection, and anti-theft, as well as smaller features like sounding an alarm to help find your lost device. This one is quite heavy so those with older or lower range devices may feel the heat by using the full version of this one.

Get it now on Google Play!

Lookout best antivirus Android securityLookout

[Price: Free / $2.99/month / $29.99/year]
Lookout is a natural option for many users because this antivirus Android app comes installed on many Android devices (particularly those on T-Mobile in the United States). Thankfully, the app isn’t half bad and manages to do its job quite well. The free version is a bit more comprehensive than most and includes antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-theft protection although the paid version gives more of all of those things. Paid subscribers also get anti-theft alerts, real-time web browsing protection, a privacy adviser, and some data backup features. It’s not a bad option and it’s even lighter than many other security suites.

Get it now on Google Play!

Malwarebytes best Android antivirus appsMalwarebytes Anti-Malware

[Price: Free]
Malwarebytes has an exceptionally good reputation for PC users thanks to its lightweight, no nonsense approach to finding and removing malware. The Android version isn’t much different. It had a bit of a rough start but has since rebounded with a respectable 4.2 rating and five million downloads to date. As we said, this one focuses primarily on antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware so the main features are the device scanning and real-time protection. Otherwise, this is a simple app that manages to get out of the way and not use a ton of system resources. This is especially good for older devices, lower range devices, and for those who don’t want to see any hiccups while running an antivirus app.

Get it now on Google Play!

McAfee Android antivirusMcAfee Security and Power Booster

[Price: Free / $2.99/month / $29.99/year]
McAfee is arguably one of the most recognizable name in the entire antivirus space and their Android app is faily high profile as well. There is virtually no difference between the free and paid version sans a few features so this is a great way to get a lot of protection for free although the paid version can get some pretty decent features like phone support and backup services. McAfee added a “power booster” into the app which has been the chic thing to do over the last year or so. Ignore that because it’s useless but the protection it offers is actually very good.

Get it now on Google Play!

Norton Security best antivirus Android apps and anti-malware Android appsNorton Security and Antivirus

[Price: Free / $29.99/year]
Norton Security and Antivirus is from Norton which, like McAfee, ranks up there as one of the most recognizable names in the antivirus space. Over the last year or two, Norton has undergone some positive changes, which includes a more powerful free version of their app along with a bit of a redesign and some extra features added in. Make no mistake, this is a “heavy” antivirus app but it seems to run better than it used to. You’ll get antivirus and anti-malware protection out of the box along with remote locking of your device, alarms to find missing devices, and some privacy features as well. The paid version gets far more features, but it’s nice to see Norton listening to constructive criticism and making positive decisions based on it.

Get it now on Google Play!

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Editor’s Note: Thanks to a change in how Google handles SMS permissions starting in Android 4.4, there isn’t a single antivirus or SMS blocking application that can block SMS/MMS on Android 4.4 KitKat. This is something that Google did, but some antivirus apps list SMS blocking as a paid feature without expressing that it won’t work on certain devices running certain version of Android.

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    $75 FOR AN APP THAT YOU REALLY DON’T EVEN NEED!? Even iOs users wouldn’t fall for that ;)

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        WTF and people have actually bought that!? One review just says “pretty good. A little laggy” ಠ_ಠ

        Buuut it’s forgivable, devs name is “muffin” ;D

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            Or you just copy it from the character map and paste it into your web page, provided that the web page is in Unicode.

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        • the first app on iTunes did absolutely nothing for $999 and 6 people bought it. iPhone is great. People with a mental illness use Androids too, they’re everywhere.

          • android

            well if u use over expensive apple products i wouldnt say that ppl who use android have mental illness especially because so many have android.

          • “…over expensive apple products” is absolute nonsense. If a product is ‘too’ expensive then the buyer will do something novel such as refuse to buy it. Thus products cost exactly what the buyers are willing to pay, figuratively.

            This nonsense of calling a product ‘overly expensive’ is from the failing ideology that everyone has a fundamental ‘right’ to a smart phone. Hence, anyone choosing to ‘skip’ an iphone and instead get a cheaper android already has a fundamental flaw in their process of logic and reason.

            Therefore they have a mental illness

            Rights are given by the Goddess and are present at birth. So if we did have a ‘right’ to a smart phone? Then we would already have one biologically wired into our brains.

            The reason I believe this applies to most buyers that fit the above criteria, is simply because Androids fail to be ‘that’ much cheaper than an Apple.

            If you pay attention to the actual capabilities and match each smart phone; It is obvious that Android smart devices are only cheaper by at most a hundred dollars. For instance, a top of the line Samsung 12.2 tablet costs about $1k. A top of the line Apple iPad costs $1.1K. The allowing that the Galaxy 12.2 is physically ‘bigger’ is for Google Play’s inferior app list.

            The only mentally healthy Android users who choose it over Apple, are the ones doing it for business; or to support competition to improve itself against Apple. Of that? I applaud such individuals, because consumers can only benefit from increased competition. However, I do not have the extra wealth to ‘support’ competition that is currently inferior.

          • Rick Cole

            I cant see to think that a samsung s6 can be called a “cheap android phone” plus with the vast options that apple fails to bring to the table, its a good choice for people who like to tinker and get the most out of a phone. Second argument is the mental illness thing. Which i partly agree on in general. Yhere should be some form of aptitude test involved when purchasing any smartphone. Why? Because of the raising death toll of vehicle related accidents. Or call it natural selection. Its whatever.

        • Android Developer

          It looks nice, but 220$ ?!

        • Jackson Douglas

          App Store App: Water Globe by: Ubiquitous Muffin

          2067 Reviews (All Versions*)

          GROSS TAKE:
          2067 x $249.99 = $516,729.33

          APPLE’S TAKE: ($99/year + 30% of all app sales) = $155,018.80
          $99 x 6 (App released in 2009) = $594

          APPLE’S “FEE”: $155,612.80

          DEVELOPER’S TAKE: $ 361,116.53

      • Sachin
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        And you wonder why sometimes i get frisky in these forums @mastermuffin:disqus. You know us iOS converts aren’t all stupid, i would say we are about the same level as android users:D

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      haven’t needed it yet… but the market is RIPE. They day my Android gets hacked is the doomsday for me! DOOOOOOOOMMah!

    • P00r

      but the problem is that their 1 year license is only arround 5 without support and $10 for 1 year, prety normal, they do offer a lifetime license if you want to support them, this is in no way mandatory, most good package are rated at 7.5, doesn’t see this as a serious review…

    • Bhavik

      iOs users fell for buying an iPhone at very high prices. Much worse than $75

    • Balraj

      So much FOR backing up ios on android website :p

  • James

    I have a question for you all…what about Kaspersky? That is what I’m using….is it not good, valuable or what is your opinion?

    • JosephHindy

      The idea behind these lists isn’t “if it’s not on here it sucks” there are a lot of other good ones, these are just the most popular and highest rated :)

      • Abril Luna

        So i realized.

    • Frank Bank

      most of the ones that aren’t on the list are the ones that are the best seriously if you don’t think some of these companies don’t hire people to go around and give 5 Star reviews for theirs and 2 Star reviews for a competitor’s app then you are naïve but I don’t want to call you now because we’re all new to this right but here’s the thing seriously and this is what Google needs to understand there is no Conformity or no one rule in their system it makes no sense to have Google+ Google Chrome Google app Google Maps and have to have a different password for all of them we wouldn’t be so damn confused we wouldn’t be clicking on Google look-alike malware apps or ads I should say if we knew that it was just one Google and it took care of all Googles I’m so sick of having to have a new ID for every Google I Google it’s so sickening and the same goes for the App Store. so when it comes to the App Store just because something has 4.7 Stars as opposed to an app that only has one point Nine Stars I might just go with the 1.9 one even though Android authority tells me not to download anything below 4 stars which makes no sense. for instance clean sweep or Clean Master both have 4.2 or 4.4 Stars but I have gotten bugs and crashes from both of those apps well I have another woman called app keeping which has 1.8 Stars and it does a whole lot better than those others but why does he have such a low review? because it is from a small tiny developer who probably lives in his basement wearing no pants as opposed to the big company that’s paying some moron to go around and give their app 5 stars just saying

      • Frank Bank

        one not woman lol although I have two of those too and one has a virus lol

  • Vicntc

    What about TrendMicro?

    • Frank Bank

      not sure about that one you might want to see if it’s trending right now but if it is I just stay away from it

  • venorme

    If you download apps from Playstore only – there is no single chance you can get any kind of malware. And even if you side load them from your PC – most PC antiviruses(well not counting Drweb as antivirus here) scan them for all known malware (for android too).

    And since Linux system doesn`t allow to get any common viruses from simple browsing (downloading strange content is your choice) – Any antivirus app will just sit there slowing your system and eating battery.
    I suggest installing one like once in a month or 2. Run trial, scan system and delete it = profit

    • Uppy83

      Absolutely not true. You really should check your facts. The Play Store isn’t monitored like iTunes and while malicious apps may be rare they aren’t unheard of. Just try searching for BBM Android malware on Google!

      You really should check your facts before you accidentally spread misinformation.

      Although I do agree that the use of an antivirus is questionable, the anti-theft features alone are worth a few $.

      • venorme

        If you were following Google! You d know that since October 2012 Google play has built in malware scan for all app uploaded by developers. This scanner got 2 big updates and is really up to date now. Also there is loads of free anti thief solutions that are well known and didn’t load you’re system with antivirus(Prey is one of the most trusted for me). Also there is one from Google. And one for custom roms from cyanogen team.

        • Uppy83

          Then explain the bbm malware ;)

          • venorme

            If you read carefully article in the linked site – you install app from Google Play that has no malware and than app itself asks you if you want to download an app separatly and downloads it from private server as separate apk file not from Google play. Any app can link you to website – it`s up to you if you agree to sideload app from there.

          • Uppy83

            And? You still get the initial app from the play store. And there’s plenty of people dumb enough to download it.

          • venorme

            yes but app you get on Playstore isn`t malware – it has no malisious code – so no antivirus can detect it as malware. There is no way to detect scam unless people mention it.

          • Uppy83

            That’s a fair point. Unless people are stupid enough, and some are, to download the second apk. In which case they still get infected because of an app on the play store.

            Also, as I’m sure you know, the scanner only scans the app once. There’s nothing to stop assh*les injecting their malicious code as an update.

            I’m not arguing for antiviri.(antiviruses?). I agree that they’re virtually pointless right now.

            My point is that nothing is 100% safe and to say otherwise is incorrect.

          • Frank Bank

            will my drug sniffing dog disagrees he says then every time he sniffs out drugs there is someone who planted those drugs and that it is his job to catch those drugs and then when the person says well I didn’t put it there my dog says that the officers normally doesn’t let them go if that doesn’t make sense to you then go back and read your last 3 post and you can understand my confusion

          • Frank Bank

            exactly thank you these people who think that Google is so freaking safe are so freaking stupid and I’m an Android User I have never used an Apple phone and never will but seriously I bet they think the our new president is going to change the world also too huh those sheep

        • Frank Bank

          yeah I read that it was the article that Google put out yeah I remember that and I totally trust that

      • venorme

        Also for link you have posted, this is not a malware, and antivirus won’t detect it like malware. It’s so called trust exploit. It has no malware code but used permission you have it on install.

        • Uppy83

          Good point!

      • hochiming

        The best protection: READ THE BLOODY COMMENT SECTION for user experience before you install. Better than any Anti-virus!!!

        • Mark My Wordz

          Really? This article proves otherwise. Zoner is one of the more popular anti-virus apps on the market with users which would reflect in their comments and yet it only scored 68% in the AV test. now, to me a 68 is failing. This was mentioned earlier, ironically, in the comments before yours. I’m guessing you didn’t read the comment section but just scanned a few and decided to comment on one.

          Also, most comments left will be from users without much user experience. You are going to trust a bunch of comments from new users, kids, teens, soccer moms, etc when most of you constantly are critical of the writers who work in the industry? Please explain how that makes sense? We have all looked at the reviews and comments on particular apps that have excellent reviews and comments from 10,0000 or more users and have thought “these people don’t know what the F*** they’re talking about. This app sucks! (Or something to that effect).

          Oh, by the way, a lot if the reviews and comments on apps are paid for. There are “users” who download the app, rate the app, write a comment, remove the app and get paid. It’s not much at all, but if you do enough of them it adds up.

        • Frank Bank

          be careful this app has a bunch of malware on it take my word for it I am not paid by anybody to say that just take my word for it okay hurry up and get off I don’t want you to get malware I’m a trustworthy guy

      • jeff

        Playstore is monitered. U got your facts wrong. Plus with malwarebytes it also scans every store download and not even once has it detected any virus. Theres more junk on this website than and playstore app. !!!!!

      • Frank Bank

        no it’s monitored it just happens that the monitor is Johnny Hammond a security guard for Securitas Security and he thinks you for having faith in him good sir

    • Abril Luna

      Not all android devices get malware/virus from downloading. Your device could be infected also by your memory cards. Insertion of memory cards to infected devices/computers did that to my smartphone.

      • Frank Bank

        yep that’s why I’m so sick of hearing people complain that they can’t add an SD card anymore or they have to have theirs as an internal storage it’s like there’s a reason

    • Frank Bank

      I always feel like somebody’s watching me. it’s not just a song it’s Google’s new catch phrase

  • Robert Crosby

    McAfee is only 29.99 for mobile. I have it for PC, use to have Norton but McAfee pack more features and more affordable.

    • Frank Bank

      yeah but McAfee sucks everytime I download it it gives me malware it’s kind of like getting the flu shot I get the flu you know you should take my word on that I only gave it one star

  • jeddo45

    Why do you need anti virus anyways? Don’t do anything stupid and you won’t need it.

    • D’Ander McSullivan

      But… but… I like doing stupid stuff :(

      • Abril Luna

        Wtf. Im still laughin my a*s out.

        • Frank Bank

          your ass has malware

      • Frank Bank

        and I like drinking

    • Frank Bank

      true that and snow the stupidity problem I have it’s a drinking problem

  • Uppy83

    No love for Lookout? Its anti-theft features are the best and the free version has more features than the paid versions of some of the apps featured in this article. (I’m looking at you Norton…)

    • Punit Saini

      yes u r right

    • BB BB

      Yeah what’s gives Norton over Lookout? geesh. Isn’t Lookout one of the first android anti-malware programs before everyone else joined the bandwagon treating android phones like a PC?

      • Steve Tysl

        YEs Lookout was one out t of the first anit virus apps to, and was the only one in the playstore.
        I never really liked LookOut because no mater what it always interfered with something, huge battery hog, couldn’t receive calls, people could barley hear me when I talked to them over the phone, never got text messages nor was I able to send

        took me awhile to figure out but once I uninstalled LookOut everything went back to normal.
        I use ESet mainly because I’ve had it on my computers and I think it is one of the best security suites next to AVG, and Kapsparskey.

    • Steve Tysl

      Ugh norton has been crap since it came out, not the best anti virus nor is McAfee… I downloaded It awhile ago on my phone and it detected itself as a virus lol

      • DW

        And I don’t know about the mobile version, but McAfee is a bitch to get completely out of your system. Or at least it used to be. They may have fixed that by now. It just attached itself too tightly to too many files.

        I’ll tell you what, I’ve used most of these at one time or another on phone, laptop or pc, and I have Avast and CM on my phone now. But until someone finds a way to mess it up, CM is the coolest security system I’ve ever dealt with.

  • John K

    Sure would like to see the specs on just how much of a resource hog each AV app is.


  • ohwell

    If you want an AV that does what it should do and not one with ‘nice features’ you might want to ignore this list..

    #7, Zoner scored according to AV-LABS only 63.6%

    Compared with #8, who actually was one of the three who got MAX SCORE out of 30 AV’s tested by AV-LABS. This score was based on detection, performance and features.

    I’ll help you guys out: http://goo.gl/mpbxs2

    And a list of the actual best apps: http://www.av-test.org/en/tests/mobile-devices/android/jul-2013/

    I appriciate the work AA, but at least rate an AV based on protection rather than it’s nice UI / Google Play ratings.

    • K.

      It’s strange that some authors don’t even try to get enough information before posting an article. If you want to write about an antivirus, you must look at the AV-tests. AA lists Zoner who got a bad score as you said and Norton which has an impact on performance but they don’t talk about Comodo, Kingsoft or Kaspersky.

      • JosephHindy

        So what does that test say about device compatibility, customer satisfaction, resource usage, extra features, price, and availability? AV’s tests don’t measure those things. We do. All of these are capable and finding the big problems that people are most likely going to run into.

        • K.

          I understand that and it’s normal to include these into your review but you cannot include an antivirus that gets a low score at an AV-test (e.g. Zoner gets 68% which is way below the average 95.2%). For an antivirus, consumer opinion is less important that its score.

          By the way your pricing of Armor is wrong.

          • JosephHindy

            Armor lowered the price yesterday and I’ve change it to reflect that.

            The point I was trying to make was that Zoner made the list for far more than just its antivirus functions. It does a lot more that people could find more useful. Also, even at 68%, it still probably catches and blocks the most common and dangerous malware. Android can be infected, but let’s face it, you only get infected if you do something really off the wall (like downloading an app from an advertisement on a website that sells black market organs or something crazy like that). Most Android users will never find themselves in a situation where they’ll even come into contact with that other 32%. :) thank you for the comments!

          • B4Real

            I am new to smartphones but I thought antivirus was an important issue. When I started my research for the best AV I had no intention of getting other miscellaneous functions, There are countless other apps for that. Is AV pointless as would be this list and discussing it considering I have no plans of downloading an app from an advertisement on a website that sells black market organs or is it actually important. If I need AV I would want one that is free and the best at handling viruses, malware, and spyware with a popup blocker. Something that runs in the background and is easy on the battery and data usage. I am I asking for to much? What is the bottom line on a simple, highly effective AV and how necessary is it in the first ?

          • JosephHindy

            Truth be told, the miscellaneous functions are what people really want. If you follow the rules and don’t disable the stock Android security features, there’s pretty much no risk of anything bad happening to you.

          • ekymz

            go for cm security.. best, comodo, free with all features you want..

    • iliketech

      Thanks for that info and site link

    • TT

      I agree, without ratings and recommendations, how can you list these as the top 15 and how does users choose?

  • abazigal

    Antivirus on a mobile device?

    I think a little bit of me just died inside. :/

    • Kara



    awesonme apps and notices in http://www.vivetuandroid.com/ , xD

  • Ashwin

    AVG and Lookout are better than all those mentioned above…

  • not a spark

    Armor antivirus is only 29.99 on the play store for me (Australia)

    • K.

      In the UK, it is at £19.62.

    • juan

      Only?. This is way too much for a phone antivirus.

  • Omran Terro

    Just download only from play store and forget about antivirus.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      yeah, and don’t miss to use your brain when you read permission or reviews on playstore

      :) never got an AVP and never got a malware

      • Kara

        Which Permissions should someone avoid when choosing an App?

        • Dario · 753 a.C. .

          none. you only have to check them out, and try to understand why that app is asking that permission.
          for example if i saw that a calculator ask permission to read sms, to the dial, to gps etc etc i’ll be a bit perplexed. but for other app maybe that permissions can be necessary.

          for example i still dunno why facebook app ask permission to read SMS.. if it was an app to send SMS or for example hangouts it would be easily understandble. you got that?

        • myepicyear

          And in addition to what @Dario·753a.C..” said, always remember that most developers on Google Play are using those permissions for completely legitimate reasons. Don’t immediately be alarmed about permissions for accessing contacts, making phone calls, etc..
          If it’s a very mainstream app, (Like Pandora Radio) most of the time you can rest assured that they only want permissions for contacts to provide the typical social/sharing functions you’d expect; or if an app wants access to the phone dialer, it’s usually just there so you can call a number directly from an app, or something stimular.
          Every permission has a legitimate purpose. You just have to be aware that once in a while, permissions will be excessive. Always email the developer and ask them why before leaving a bad review. You can judge by the way they answer if they have something to hide. Stick to applications that are well known, (or come from well known development teams) and don’t ever be one of the first 1000 people to download an application from a completely unknown developer, with no traceable history. Wait until there are plenty of reviews to give it your trust. Other people will always get curious. You don’t need to be a lab rat. Let them have a crack at it first.
          If you stick with those very basic tips, you should never need an antivirus.

  • Jason

    I’m not sure what’s more depressing. That people think they need an AVP on an Android phone or that sites like androidauthority keep pushing this bull on folks. Makes me think they should remove the authority part of their website.

    • Ian Griffin

      If this is that bad for you then why do you come here and read these articles? Why take the time to write defamating remarks? I just dont get it. For me I agree that AVP is a waste of resources for me but if other ppl want it then thats their business. I didn’t pay for their phone and I dont have a right to tell them what they should or should not use. The publisher wrote a list of apps because the ppl asked them to. Not because the are trying to be THE Authority on others phones.

      Otherwise good comment.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      ahahah i agree.. never understood people that has not root, don’t install external apk, don’t do anything with their smartphone but facebook and whatsapp and they wanna have an AVP.. why?? what do you expect about that? do you think you’re using windows XP?

      i wanna told what a friend of mine said. we were discussing about usefull of AVP and she said that if you don’t have an AVP on your android, you get a lot of malware and virus only surfing the web with the browser ahahahhaha… i was laughting at her too much.

      • Kara

        What is… apk?

        • Dario · 753 a.C. .

          apk is android app exstension. for example in windows it’s .exe, in android it’s .apk such as facebook.apk hangouts.apk etc etc. you got it?

          • Abril Luna

            nice explanation there man

          • Dario · 753 a.C. .


    • Bill

      Jason, once again you are a downer. Stop with your negativity towards all of these authors and sites. Either make a helpful comment on the topic or go away. Your personal attacks are a turnoff.

  • Bobby Voychin

    Avast is the best one guys! I tried them all :)

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      it’s the best one to do what? i don’t think that you need an antivirus on android if you don’t install cracked apk, so dunno how you can say that one is not good and another one is good.in my opinion on android the antiviruses do a lot of other things not concernig with virus as permission management, privacy settings and possibility to find your device in the case you’ll loose it.

      • juan

        This is wrong.
        Just by connecting to the Internet in a public place you can be hacked. Or using free apps too.

        • Dario · 753 a.C. .

          yah, you can be hacked.. but AVP don’t do nothing to avoid that!!

          • juan

            Some do, by controlling network ports, suspicious applications, phishing, and so on.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Lookout Security (4.5 rated) is free, and provides anti-virus, scans apps (pre installation and routine), anti-theft/loss. I have it installed on all of my devices, and it has worked flawlessly for years.

  • Albin

    A new user with a cheap, weak GB pay/go phone, I’ve been interested in this topic, more for data on the phone and SD than the phone itself. After poking around this eve, I’ve decided BitDefender is the least demanding / most effective. Supplemented with Android Lost app for phone recovery the phone is reasonably covered with tiny resource requirements and no cost.

    My only concern so far is that Android Lost might be disabled if the current Gmail account is changed by some moron who wants to steal a $50 phone. I’m not sure if other “phone finder” apps have this problem. I’ve looked at AppLock and similar, but they don’t seem to add much to my polka dot lock screen that any finder or thief would have to get past. Any advice about that would be welcome.

  • Alexis Gacia

    Check the link below. Its one of the best Antivirus with security features like theft lock, lost cp, malware detection, etc… and the best thing is FREE


  • Stan Parker

    nonono, armor for android (oct 6th 2013 7:02am P.S.T. Charges You .99 cents per day (OMFH!!!) and couples that with some other monthly cost, so You need to keep notes and update this revie HELLLLLO! Think we want old outdated web? No way FYI get with it Make it so #1 . .. …( o )… .. .

  • Stan Parker

    armor for android update: charges You .99 cents a day for three days then 29.99$ a month thereafter Now omfh!!! insane so update Your review we dont need an outdated web, cheerzZz

    updated from the following:…;;;.,;;,,,,,;,,,;;,,;,,,,;;;;,,;;,…,.,.,,,,,

    nonono, armor for android (oct 6th 2013 7:02am P.S.T. Charges You .99 cents per day (OMFH!!!) and couples that with some other monthly cost, so You need to keep notes and update this revie HELLLLLO! Think we want old outdated web? No way FYI get with it Make it so #1 . .. …( o )… .. .

  • BB BB

    What about Lookout? Samsung is going to be including it with all of their future phones very soon giving us another reason to root and remove the bloat. Anyway I still think that AV on Android is entirely useless. Just be careful what you install and review the permissions. Don’t root if you don’t have to and don’t grant root to everything that asks for it. You should also disable root for ADB so a savvy thief can’t easily hack your phone. These AV apps are glorified progress bars and just add lag to your system. They also want to sync your data to their own cloud which is not cool considering my contacts, photos etc are already backed up through Google. Sure the Anti-Theft features are good if you don’t use Android Device Manager, but unless you want to pay to feel more secure I won’t be loading any of these apps. In fact I scanned a friend’s phone which had a bad apk that was popping up messages. The scanner didn’t even find it let alone block the advertising.

    What I want for my rooted phone and Custom Rom is real security so if I lose my phone someone can’t steal my ROM image backups or clone my entire phone. CyanogenMod 10.1 is offering SMS encryption between Cyanogen peers. Other than encrypting my entire phone (another performance hit) are there any other ideas out there?

    • needa

      cm is using text secure. easily available on the play store. its not between cyanogen peers only. its anyone using text secure.

  • B4Real

    I’m new to smartphones so to the benefit of those that are likewise or that may have questions regarding AV on android I offer this link I found while researching the issue. It tackles questions like is the play store malware free, what is the main threat to android phones, and pros and cons of security apps.


  • dd

    And what do you recommend for a Tesco Hudl? Anyone?

  • Why was Avira missed out in this review? Isn’t it worth it or there are issues that are pertinent to the software…

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    i have got never a virus on android. if you install only secure apks and if you don’t give root access to any type of app i think you don’t need an antivirus.

    • Abril Luna

      Whats “root/rooting” when Compared to PCs?

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        sorry i’m not sure i’ve understood the question

        • Abril Luna

          Yah you got it

          • Dario · 753 a.C. .

            ok i’ll try to make it easy. if you use linux you maybe already know what root is.
            anyway root is a part of system you cannot wrote because you can damage the firmware. just think about dialer, modem, gps config, boot image. if you wrongly cancel a part of that you can damage your firmware and a part of that will not work.
            so producers don’t allow you to wrote that part of system. but if you get root access in your phone you can have access to that part of firmware and modify that. so there are some apps that requiers access root because they have to access that part of firmware for different reasons.

            in you pc, especially in windows, you can think about the different type of users. there are normal users, and administrator. in fact when you use a normal user you can’t do something and you have to enter with the administrator user.

            in linux pc for example, when you install a programm it is installed in root part, so you have to log in as root user (administraator) and you can’t install anything with normal user.

            but in PCs you already has root acces, you only have to log in as administrator, in phone it is blocked by producers in order you can’t damage the system. so in phone you are like the normal user, and you have not possibilty to be the administrator user if you don’t unlock root access with some zips

            so we were talking about virus. it’s really improtant that if you got root access on android, you don’t give root access permission to all the apps you install. because when you give them root access they can compromise your system. that’s why i said that if you don’t install cracked app and you don’t give root access to all your apps you really don’t need to have an AVP.

            hope you’ll got that, because i’m not english and it was not easy to explain that in a language that is not mine :)

            if you’ve other quetions or doubts, i’m here :)

          • Abril Luna

            Nationality? Thanks anyway got it

          • Dario · 753 a.C. .

            Italian, i’m from Rome. glad you got it

  • Jayfeather787

    Never use any of these. Most free antivirus apps are viruses anyways.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .


    • Kara

      I spoke to T-Mobile tech support re: wifi calls. While on the phone a pop up said my memory was low but it isnt. Tech guy said I could have a virus. I said that I have Lookout. Tech guy said Lookout could be the problem. Um. What? I’m NOT savy re: these things so, what do I know? Now, I’m just wondering if I should reset my device to factory default & exclude the Lookout install or what…?

      I got a Galaxy Note 3 early last month and had to return it twice. So, this is my 3rd device. Any suggestions?

      • Jayfeather787

        Antivirus programs are also memory hog. Just yesterday, my relative was fixing a computer for someone who had Norton. The computer had a 235 GB hard drive, and Norton created a 166 GB backup! WTF?! That means that everything else on the hard drive only took up 69 GB, and the backup took more than all the other files and the OS on the hard drive. I reccomend downloading a file manager, and clearing out your internal storage, and then do a factory reset to get rid of the antivurs program alltogether. They are tricky to get rid of. You should find a folder called Lookout or something, and delete it.

      • cruiser

        I have a galaxy note 2, I don’t know how many apps you put on that thing but I don’t think spyware is going to make a pop up like that,and after dealing with Time Warner techs I don’t know how many times let me tell you the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about! He actually tried to tell me that the speed test app didn’t workand it’s impossible for their lines to get congested no matter how many people are on it LOL SHOOT ME NOW

  • Thiago

    Is the ESET interface the ugliest ever?

  • Thiago

    Joseph, what about McAfee Mobile Security? On Monday it was announced on the CES by Intel this is going to be free this year. Definitely should be on list. Cheers.

    • JosephHindy

      I can’t add an app on this list that isn’t available yet ;) when it gets released I can add it but this is all stuff that you can get right now.

  • Albin

    I’m using BitDefender because it’s so light it has a negligible performance impact with a good reputation. It does appear these services are unnecessary for the time being, but it’s cheap insurance. Don’t know why the writer says it only system scans, in fact it scans every app install and update and briefly shows a flag that the app is clean.

    • JosephHindy

      I could’ve used better verbiage but I did essentially say that. “It scans and then goes away” lol which is pretty much what you said just in more detailed words.

  • devoncatt

    Rather than popularity perhaps which ones find the latest viruses and kill them? Or are most effective ?

  • Bill

    How do you rate Kaspersky?

    • Abril Luna

      Yah i wanna know that

  • David Mueller

    Avira, AVG and McAfee are missing… (AVG and Avira are for free)

    • David Mueller

      Ooops – they weren’t in some last reviews so I wrote them here…

  • Angelica Thamson

    You Can Download Paid android app for free


    • Abril Luna

      A joke?

    • sibu

      If you download apps from those kind of websites, you do need an Antivirus. If you just install apps from Play Store, you don’t necessarily need one, but check the permissions (especially SMS, contacts and location access).

  • Armand

    You forgot one of the most respected names in the business – Kaspersky.

  • Salar Ostan
  • Ann

    Malwarebytes should be included!

    • jeff

      To me its the best. No problems and like some others it offers other goodies too.

  • Yosimite Sam

    Companies can’t give away their product for free and remain in business. Period. They are making a profit how? Perhaps tracking you and selling your data. Wake up mindless Droids, pull your head out and look around. I also noticed a lack of any testing whatsoever. Reviews based on the amount of downloads. Really!

  • NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus is very secure and protective. Secures the web as well as phone and its applications. Awesome update!! Great interface! Wish they introduce option of daily scanning. Wow! extra complete mobile security app ever, in a very friendly and affordable price! I love this app! Excellence job…keep it up buddy!

  • Marie Wallace Abarzua

    I use lookout security & antivirus. I like it, it’s always done its job. Just my opinion… thanks for this site very useful

  • lisa

    Can you clarify whether you are ranking the apps from lowest to highest, from highest to lowest, or presenting us with a list of 10 good apps. thank you.

  • What’s about Kaspersky?

  • cruiser

    I like my lookout app, I pay all my bills by encrypted phone call and only my credit card number may be in devices but it is a protected credit card so I wouldn’t be held accountable and there’s no banking account information or anything embarrassing in my devices. By the way, I think anyone convicted of identity theft should serve a minimum of 25 years in jail(if you’re an illegal alien and commit that crime serve it in the jail of your country)!

  • Maid agencies in Singapore

    I guess I’ll go for the bitdefender, sounds more legit.
    Maid agencies in Singapore

  • david

    Hi joe,
    What about comodo? thnk they stand a chance in this particular niche?

  • Adith

    nice superb

  • David Martin

    It is the second article (first is http://www.softwaregold.net/softreview/2013/05/top-antivirus-applications-for-android/) that given me an insight to learn which is the best free antivirus software. however, I wanna know which is the best – a free version or paid?

  • parheez

    Has anyone tried CM Security… Its free an its fantastic…

  • garan shiv durai

    Dr.web is best at playstore acc to reviews and rating and customer service.

  • I’ll always go for e Set antivirus. Probably the best around yet efficient for the usage that it uses. No lag/slow caused by antivirus e.g. McAfee.

    Web Design in Singapore

  • NPablo

    how about Kaspersky Mobile Security?

  • korlum chukhu

    Where is cm security in this list … it is the best free antivirus until now ..

  • ugzz

    i got a port sniffing malware on my phone, my university shut me down real quick. so yes, there is such thing as being infected apparently..

  • lextar

    Android smart phones are on the rise now, a study conducted @ an american university of data and electronic gadgets has proven the more and more people are using the cellphone for to log on to social networking site and to check their e-mails with this rise ti has become a target for hackers and malicious persons to make virus, spy wares and other malwares, don’t be a victim and leave your private data vulnerable to the blood hound crooks get secure NOW with a trusted antivirus for your phone and tablet today: http://bit.ly/TMel4j

  • oldcampos

    Odd in the video for 360 Security, it claims to offer anti-theft?

  • Will S.

    Meh, I completely forgot I had a few anti-virus apps on my phone until I read this article…

    • You have it because you need it :D

      • Will S.

        Better safe than sorry!

  • John Grabb

    And BOY does Google/Android NEED these apps AND more! LOL

  • Blowntoaster

    a word of warning on Lookout. it’s a good app and served me well since my first android device, but…had a major issue with it recently after purchasing a Gear 2 Neo device.
    Lookout would freak out and would start running my Note 3’s CPU at 100% until the phone’s battery died or the phone was restarted. you could not stop it no matter what you did. Uninstalled and haven’t had issues since. seems others had similar issues with Lookout.

    question is, does the Lookout app go apesh*t when other wearables are connected as well like the G Watch or Gear Live?
    anyone had similar issues?

    • JosephHindy

      Good to know. I haven’t had the chance to try any of these out with a smartwatch yet. Now I will!

  • Tomáš Petrík

    ESET employee speaking here, let me correct one small fact – virus definition updates are available for everybody – the difference is that in premium version they are downloaded automatically, while with a free version you need to tap a button to download the newest updates.

    • Almir

      ESET is best for me…and it does not use much resources :)

  • Bill Gates

    Iv personally tried every single one of these apps on different android htc mid range devices and only eset was the best one for theft recovery, use of anti virus that dont make the handset crash or start laaging on the installed apps

  • Kamen Minkov

    Seriously, antivirus on your phone… The silly thing is that people fall for that.

  • Tineshaa

    Which one is the best of the best I don’t wanna crappy anti virus

    • JosephHindy

      These are the best. None of these are “crappy”

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        provide so real data like Bollywood Movies website.like
        this. Its really Chat website.

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  • itzvarma

    I got Cerberus for AntiTheft, it works perfectly fine. lookout came installed never used it.
    Avast works really well too. interested in trying CM Security as it was mentioned to be lighter on resources!

  • manonyme

    Thankx for the article-tons of choice which is wht I love. Round this time last year, discovered I had a Heuristics Shuriken. That’s is why I will never go near anything that is remotely close to McAfee!

  • Te Port

    Really nice review. But not very clear what premium advantage have vs free version. Looking here, both are free to download:


  • Android Lover

    In my personal opinion, CM Security is the best and the beast. You will never prefer another app once you used it

  • Mic Justin

    There are few more simple tips and techniques that are very effective. You should take these preventive measures in order to protect your device’s security. I would like to share here http://goo.gl/xdoRQa

  • Abdul Razzak

    CM Security is one of the top application on the stack of Android apps which is not only a antivirus but also a device tracker..


  • Abdul Razzak

    CM Security is one of the top application on the stack of Android apps which is not only a antivirus but also a device tracker..


  • If All you need a lightweight & efficient antivirus scanner you may consider this Antivirus Security- Virus scan. This has High Ranking Antivirus Security in TOP FREE TOOLS (Currently 40) ★
    Link download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.antivirus_virusscan

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    * Real Time free virus protection & malware protection – Automatically Scans downloaded and installed apps

    * Fastest Virus Scanner – Detects threats before they are installed into your machine in incredible speed

    * Antivirus Security – Virus scan won’t slow down your mobile and tablets – Monitors your mobile for threats as a light weight process

    * Less memory space – Consumes less memory space

    * Portable free antivirus security for All mobiles and tablets

    • Hung Nguyen

      It’s work perfectly on my x10 until now

    • Hoàng Mai

      Hope this free antivirus help to protect our android smartphone from virus and malware.

    • The package size of this Antivirus is below 1.5 MB, total space its consume is approximately 5 – 6 MB in comparision to 15-30 MB of many popular antivirus for android on googleplay such as Avast Antivirus, AVG antivirus, CM Antivirus…

  • ankit555551

    Bla Bla, I want to use Avast! Is it ok for my Xperia C rooted?

  • Super Meat Boy

    What means (in AVAST Mobile Security & Antivirus review) “Has more features in the paid version than some totally free apps on this list”? Isn’t that a con?

  • Gianluca Natale Fortunato Mirc

    It is not impossible to get malware on android as it happend to me a lot but i never had a virus.

  • I have mentioned on my blog post that CM Security is the life time winner. I personally use Cm Security for a year and I very much impressed. I guarantee you never back down once you use CM Security. You can check out why I like CM Security more to other security apps….

    Top 5 Android Security Apps AV-TEST Recommends

  • David Tynan

    Malwarebytes anti malware has gone Mobile offers great real time protection and audit your phone for security issues

  • Few days back I shared an article having few fine antivirus apps for Android Devices. http://technoratan.net/internet/best-antivirus-android-phones/
    Just few minutes back I was going through an article on Lifehacker, where Antivirus programs were one of the programs which are not good for Android device. Though I feel that antivirus programs also protect from the virus which is mostly carried in our SD card.
    Though I shared only 6 Antivirus programs in my list which are also listed in your list. I would like to update my article soon with the remaining ones. Glad that I landed here.

  • dvdrlgh

    I used to have CM. It would do a complete scan in less than 10-15 seconds. Sorry, but that just doesn’t seem right. I now use Avast and it takes more than 3 1/2 minutes for a complete scan. I have no faith in CM. None whatsoever.

  • Ken Villeneuve

    Sophos is the best antimalware app by far all the features you want and its free

  • McLaren F1P1

    Download if you want battery drain and RAM buggers!
    AVG tuneup app works as a good task killer for me without significant impact on battery though! Full antiviruses are useless and consume RAM!

  • Mohammed Al saied

    Why avira isn’t included in the list and what features are missing?
    IMO its good and battery friendly unlike Bitdefender security or avast

  • Balraj

    Do we really need anti virus app ?
    I don’t think so..
    Some ppl are crazy but not all will pay 50+ dollars for a app which detects only known viruses n malware lol

  • gommer strike

    See here’s what I don’t really understand.

    If this was Windows, and there’s plenty of drive-by malware that can occur if you’re running Internet Explorer and such, then obviously you need a minimum level of virus protection on your PC. But this is Android and drive-by malware doesn’t infect the phone like that, right?

    So if you just stick to the Google Play store, and mostly just install the Triple-A apps like Whatsapp, Hangouts, Instagram etc etc, then what is the danger here? Why would need all this virus protection apps, then?

  • charlie

    SOPHOS is good and free android AV, you miss that. You are missing a big one

  • Interesting choice of tags at the end of the post there despite the low score you give to symantec/norton.


    I am Using Avast AntiVirus On My Dany Genius Tab T-300…… Its Awesome… (Y) :) ;)

  • inventa.creata

    I dont mind my latest find, a lite antivirus that is under 2mb in app size…… It even caught a new virus in a game as soon as installed from google play store… I am impressed… https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trojanremover

  • inventa.creata

    Even this antivirus is too cool, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linchpin.utility.appslocker , It even monitors every app install to ensure security & that new app is virus free…. This light antivirus is also about 2 MB in size…. light & efficient antivirus security for 2015

  • Suchindra

    quick heal is best antivirus for android mobile

  • Flavia Auditore da Firenze

    Waiting for Emsisoft Mobile Security to join the fray…

  • No one guarantee for 100% protection. Combination of common sense and awareness will complete your security package.

  • MattEgansHairLine

    …and the best way to protect your device, personal information and banking on your device (either desktop, portable or mobile), get the software up-to-date.

    That’s what you do on iOS, OS X.

    I waited ten minutes before doing my last update, I believe S5 owners had to wait five months for novembers release.

  • I like to have a security app that protects and cleans my phone in one app. Unlike Clean Master and CM Security where you need both to clean and protect your phone I found PSafe total and 360 Security to be the best that fits my needs.

  • Medio Sor

    The best new App in the Android market is Cool Antivirus https://www.facebook.com/CoolAntivirus?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

  • Max Nicks

    How can we give any credibility to an article where the author doesn’t even know how to spell? “i” before “e” except after “c”….

  • dvdlgh

    At one time I tried CM and it would do a scan in a few seconds. I now have Avast and it takes around eight minutes to do a scan. No way CM can do a complete scan in a few seconds. There’s enough Chinese crap sent here, I’m not taking Chinese security on my phone and tablet.

  • Reliable Security app, With Comodo Antivirus for Android, you can completely rely on the security

  • Hacker Veer
  • I wonder if Joe speaks like that in general lol.

  • Richard Loomis

    I noticed you didn’t list Web Root

  • SaRPeR

    I don’t like 360 Security. I wants too much permissions that has nothing to do with scanning for viruses and i find it suspicious.

  • Nick

    Why do you list all this garbage but not Sophos

  • Falenone

    Lost faith in you for including cancerous cheetah mobile app. And no, you don’t need those apps slowing down your phone.

  • user041980

    a few of these are ok….malwarebytes is good…most people dont need phone antivirus…but I cannot believe anyone would recommend CM or “cheetah mobile” antivirus and those doing so are probably being paid. CM apps are nasty…reviews are 95% fake and their apps send your data to chinese server farms for who knows what purpose. Maybe do some real research next time?

  • Velvet

    WTH? I would have liked some feedback on these apps, as I have an android S4 that I got with one of my phones a few years ago. I have an iphone, but the tablet is a Samsung S4 which definitely has a virus or 3 on it. It’s obvious. I will just stick with who I have now. I really was hoping to get a little bit of valuable feedback that is related to the apps that were listed… Oh Well…

  • phoolchand yadav

    Great Article

  • bellboa45

    Norton only appears to be free for 30 days.

  • Progress is good

    Your website is a pain in the butt. Everytime I’m reading an article the page automatically refresh is because of these stupid ads goes directly to the top of the page. It’s stupid and unnecessary and causes a lot of frustration when trying to read your articles. And I can hardly consider your authors as Authority on Android when there’s so many typos in the Articles themselves. Get it together. I’m never going to read your website again.

    • Frank Bank

      I don’t know what’s funnier you saying you have a pain in your butt or that you can read . those aren’t typos

  • marsha

    CM security is a virus itself!
    I had it installed and 3 times a day i got a warning that my phone memory was full and then you had to delete the waist. They keep a score for you and congratulate you with every gb,yes gigabite,that you cleaned that day.
    So i thought just like everybody else wow this program is really usefull.
    Untill i got my first virus warning.
    Looking into it they showed you a name but the button show location was not working. Yeah you got a download popup for another programme of CM that could remove it for you. Paid version i beleave.
    I did not like the way they gave me no choice so i searched for the file in my phone myself and nothing. I googled the virusname and it was excisting. I contact the android forum and they helped me search my phone but nothing. They also were very surprised to see that my system was working flawless as this virus normally shuts you completely down.
    So i decided to remove CM security from my phone and installed panda instead.
    Well this virus was offcourse never mentioned again.
    And what do you think…my phone memory never got full anymore also!! Never.
    So all the gb you have to delete everyday is coming from cm security. Its all bullshit.
    And nobody see it. It gets only high rankings with the text thank you cm. I clean up so many files from my phone everyday thanks to you.

  • muhammad

    hey!! I have maxonclick malware on my device and I can’t open any link from facebook, pinterest and more
    please i need a solution

  • Frank Bank

    hey does anyone know where I can get a nap that will detect malware on my smart watch I was running today and all of a sudden I felt an extreme pain in my wrist and think I could have gotten a virus somewhere I made sure I wash my hands after I left the Play Store