Best Android Clock Widgets On The Market

by: Vinny MarinoOctober 4, 2011
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HTC Semse made the clock widget on Android a desire, however if you don’t own an Android phone with HTC sense you might feel some what left out on the beautiful HTC clock widget. So today I’d like to take you through some options on the Android Market that should ease your jealousy.

Beautiful Widgets ($2.89)

Beautiful Widgets does a clock widget the right way, making it fully customizable. Beautiful Widgets offers you the ability to choose from a plethora of skins available in their clock skin store. You can also choose from a large amount of weather skins available, and a lot of them are very appealing and attractive, so it’s easy to find one that suits your taste.. Beautiful Widget also includes a few different sizes and comes packed with a few weather widgets as well. All in all a very nice clock widget that has been on top for quite some time.

Fancy Widgets ($2.89)

Fancy Widgets does the same thing Beautiful Widgets does respectfully, featuring clock skins and weather skins in their own skin market. A very nice application that I personally recommend. Fancy Widgets does of course include a few different sizes and a couple of weather widgets as well.

Retro Clock (Free)

Retro Clock is a free flip clock widget that looks very nice. However, you don’t have weather support or any skins available. For those of you looking for a simple clock widget that looks nice and includes the date, this will be the widget for you. Retro clock contains nothing special, but does look great on a home screen and works very well.

WP Clock ($1.00)

WP Clock is actually not a widget but rather a wallpaper. You have some customizable options such as font color and background color. The wallpaper displays your time as well as the current date, and does it very well. WP Clock is worth $1.00, and has great customization and looks very unique.

Do you want to see a more in depth review and see the widgets in action? Check out the video below.


How about you – what’s your favorite clock widget for Android?

  • Anonymous

    Go Weather in the best used to use Beautiful Widget but now love go weather better & nice live wallpaper aswell

  • Anonymous

    i go with a combination of TypoClock (which is free i believe) and Beautiful Widget for weather. allows me to get a nice typographic theme going which i like.

  • android underground

    Make Your Clock Widget.

    Free, comes in any size you like, and you can add or remove things like weather, battery status etc.

    It’s the only app that lets me put time and date in a small 1×1 widget that’s still readable.

  • N Lebreton

    My favorite clock widget are Pixel Àrt Clock widget. À good retro and customizable widget.

  • Adam

    I use Beautiful Widgets at present, but I think Clockr deserves a mention. Very nice clock widget if you’re going for a clean look.

  • Misowe

    ClockQ widget.. you can change color, fonts, size.. essential.

  • Anonymous

    I have the WP Clock, worth the $1.

    I got the Incredible 2 the other day, I ordered it of this site , I got it for free couldn’t believe it. They should probably have a bunch left I didn’t see an end date on the promo.

  • Lordy002000

    check out clock 29 on the android market…
    it speaks for itself. it is really cool. 4×2 widgets, Even has the text format of time date battery and counts in seconds too.
    it is also highly customisable. CHECK IT OUT….Clock 29

  • Mogosanu Bogdan

    Try Android Flowers Clock Widget. More info here:

  • AstroChick

    AstroClock is pretty awesome too.
    It doesn’t measures days moons and years in stead of hours and minutes.

  • Mark Baker

    I love the look of Beautiful Widgets, but there’s no option to have just a clock. You have to have weather as well, and its weather forecasts (from Accuweather) aren’t very good. I use a different weather widget that actually gets useful forecasts, so I want a clock widget without weather.

  • Emilio José Jiménez Jiménez

    Astro Clock Widget
    It’s a widget clock for the homescreen that collect and display at a glance all the information regarding the time, date, active alarms and upcoming events in your calendar

  • If you want something simple and sublime maybe you should try Serious Clock? I’m using it everyday, it’s amazing! 0% battery drain. Best one I have tried so far…


    Do you know the clocks from SIXDOTSEVEN (Google Play, home