Best Android apps for scanning business cards

by: Ken EastMay 17, 2012

In doing business, time is gold and every single minute that you waste could be critical. When meeting with possible business partners, investors or huge buyers, securing their contact details is a must. Who knows, you may want to do business with them in the future.

You don’t need to be a top executive to understand the importance of holding on to contact details; regular employees need them, too. But, the fact is that people in general tend to do things quickly, which means there is a higher possibility for mistakes. This often happens when typing in the information from a business card to a phone.

But, did you know that there are Android apps that can do this task for you more effectively and efficiently? In fact, for most of these apps, all it takes is a shot of the business card and the information is registered to your phone accurately and quickly. Read on to check out our list of the best Android apps for reading business cards which you can find in the Google Play Store.

CamCard Lite – Business Card R

Probably the best professional business card reader that you can find in the Google Play Store is CamCard Lite – Business Card R, a business card reading app with a whopping number of downloads. Like most business card readers, it works by recognizing and saving the contact information from a business card’s photo. This app is considered one of the best because it has many other handy features.

Camcard Lite – Business Card R can recognize 16 languages so you don’t have to worry if a business card is written in another language because this app can translate it for you. Some of the languages that the app supports are are English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, and several others. This app also assures that business cards are safe. All of them can be saved in cloud storage so they can be easily restored if deleted, and they can be managed and synced across several devices through cloud sync. These are just some of the features that this app can offer. Try CamCard Lite – Business Card R free and manage those business card easily.

Droid Scan Lite

Another handy tool for reading business cards is Droid Scan Lite. This app works more like a scanner than a reader. Just take a picture of that business card you need and that’s it. Once you have taken a photo of a business card, the app allows you to enhance it to make it more readable by adjusting the geometry, contrast, and the color. Then you can share it or save it to your SD card, Gmail or Google Goggles.

Using Droid Scan Lite is not only limited to business cards. This app could also come in handy if you want to scan important documents on the go. It can be used to scan receipts, full page documents, and important notes written on white boards. Droid Scan Lite works great in situations where you need to send a document on the go. Just take a picture then share; no need for a fax machine. Droid Scan Lite is free on the Google Play Store and if you want more features you can upgrade to Droid Scan Pro PDF.

Business Card Reader Lite

Evident in the name itself, Business Card Reader Lite is an app designed just for reading business cards. This app has some unique features of its own which differentiate it from other business card reading apps. Business Card Reader Lite is an intelligent app, able to recognize 19 languages and making it very useful for international business executives. Aside from that, it can also read business cards written in multiple languages. With a maximum of 3 languages in a card, Business Card Reader Lite only requires a short period of time to check recognition results.

The app also allows you to search for a business card’s information on Facebook. Those are just some of the things that you can enjoy from Business Card Reader Lite. If you upgrade to the pro version, you get to enjoy features like address search on Maps and information search on Twitter and LinkedIn. Try Business Card Reader Lite for free.

ScanBizCards Biz Card Reader

There are apps designed to scan business cards and there are those that were made to read them. When you use ScanBizCards Biz Card Reader, you get both of these functions. You have the option to save the contact information in your address book or save the business card as a picture on your phone. The app also backs up those business cards through a cloud storage sync so you can access them anytime through any Android or iOS device.

This app also provides several export options to other apps that can be done through Web Sync subscriptions like Gmail Contacts, Apple Contacts, Outlook, and several others. What’s even better is that images scanned using a flatbed scanner can now be scanned online and this can be done for multiple cards. With ScanBizCards Biz Card Reader, all it takes are four easy steps. Snap a photo, scan, edit, and save. Get ScanBizCards Biz Card Reader from the Google Play Store today.

ScanCard BCR US/EU Lite

Another business card reading app to choose from is ScanCard BCR US/EU Lite. It doesn’t have a lot of features that other business card reading apps do, but it has a couple of simple yet useful features. It can easily read business cards, thanks to its accurate and fast character recognition (though it requires an auto-focus camera) which can recognize characters of different languages. It can read English, French, German, Spanish, and several other languages. All it takes is one click and the app will do the rest for you. No need to type all those contact details.

Once the cards are scanned, the app allows you to easily export the information to the phone’s address book or share the contact information with co-workers. If you want to look for a business card, the app supports searching using any keyword in the card. Aside from those functions, the app allows for a quick call to, email for, checking the website of, or determining the map location of that contact on your Android device. This is only a trial version though and you can only use it ten times.

Mobile Doc Scanner Lite

Mobile Doc Scanner Lite is another handy tool that you can use to scan your business cards or any other documents that you want to keep a soft copy of for back up. The better your camera’s resolution, the clearer the copy of the document. But, in cases where your camera is average, you don’t have to worry because this app has unique automatic processing functions that would do the trick for you. It will adjust the picture that you have taken so that it will become clean and legible.

This Nokia OVI Store best seller could just be the solution you are looking for. Try Mobile Doc Scanner Lite for free on the Google Play Store and if you like it you can upgrade to the pro version of the app.

WorldCard Mobile

Worldcard Mobile is an award-wining business card reading app. It’s as easy to use as most card reading apps and has a nice looking interface. With this app, all that needs to be done is to take a picture of the business card and add a contact. There is less room for error since the app has superior text recognition which will automatically sort out information on the business card. It is also quick to use and it can recognize 7 languages, namely, English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Once the contact’s information is registered on your phone, you can easily contact that person. This app allows you to instantly make a phone call, send a text message, email or even check a website and the map location of the registered address. There is also an option to export the info to phone contacts and Google. As easy as it sounds, this app is a breeze to use. Try it. You can buy it from the Google Play Store.

MobiReader BizCard & Docu OCR

MobiReader BizCard & Docu OCR is another app that is very flexible in terms of features. This app can easily be used to read business cards, sort out information, and save contact details on your phone. Aside from that, it can also be used to easily convert documents to editable text or convert them to PDF files. This app allows you to manage all the documents that you have scanned into a folder or upload them to Google Docs for safekeeping.

It can recognize German, Spanish, Italian, English, Russian, and French. It can translate documents to any of the 54 languages available. It also has an Augmented Reality feature where the app will point out the exact location of the address as you move your camera around. MobiReader is the all-in-one solution to all your on-the-go document needs. You can buy it from the Google Play Store.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

There are a lot of Android apps designed just for reading business cards and CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator is a simple solution to that need. It won’t read a business card but it can easily scan a card and convert it into a PDF file. The great thing about this app is that you can also use it for other documents. Scanning those documents will be easy. You’ll also be able to upload them to cloud storage where they will be safe.

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator also has several other features. Some of the most useful features are the ability to add password protection to confidential documents, faxing documents, printing via Google Cloud Print, and performance optimization of the app. You can use it to scan bills, agreements, tax rolls, business cards, or any other type of paperwork. Try CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator free on the Google Play Store.

Bizcaroid Lite

There is also Bizcaroid Lite. It’s also a business card reading app that uses OCR recognition to recognize and sort out all the information from a business card. The app sorts out these information into Name, Company, Department, Title, Postal Code, Address, Telephone, Mobile, Fax, E-mail and website. If you think there is a mistake in the information, the app allows you to edit it yourself.

The app recognizes several languages such as Japanese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and simplified Chinese. The app’s interface can also be switched according to the language preference of users. Aside from that it is also possible to tweak the design of the display. If you need a business card reader that is user friendly in terms of the language used in the interface then Bizcariod is the app to go. You can get it free from the Google Play Store.

Now that you’re all set to read and store business cards and contact information on your Android device, you’re ready to get out there and make some connections. Take any of these business card scanners with you today. If your favorite business card reader or scanner didn’t make it on our list, share it with us in the comments.

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      from the first review “Probably the best professional business card reader that you can find in the Google Play Store is CamCard Lite – Business Card R”

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    I am using Camcard, its working fine for saving the data on the cards but the problem is that the saved card will not appear in your Whatsapp list of contacts. I wrote to them and they confirmed that this feature is not supported. Anybody knows any other software which can scan cards and simultaneously i can be in touch on whatsapp

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      I was able to add the info from a business card to my gmail contacts. From the Contacts app select the button to create a new contact and you will be given the option to use CamCard. You must have your Contacts sync with your gmail account. Samsung Galaxy S3

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    You missed a crucial point in my opinion – a good Biz Card Reader app is fine, but which app or service is best for managing those contacts? Using Android contacts is not very wieldly.

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    Thanks for the article. Sansan( can be the final answer to manage business cards for any kinds of teams. It can help you to share the contacts your team has, just by scanning the cards they receive. Fast, accurate, and easy way to go.
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  • insBusinessCard ( – new app for managing business cards

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    Hi, as long as I saw, all business card scanners expect you to take a picture of the business card, then they do their work. I think the most important part of the task is to take a net and sharp picture but this is not possible when you hold the phone or tablet with one hand and you press the button with a finger. You inadvertently vibrate your hand. In addition, your device angle is not perfectly perpendicular to the card. This gives you a relatively blurred picture which can be recognized by an OCR at maybe 60 % accuracy.
    Is there no business card scanner which takes the picture by placing the card onto its glass ?
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