Best alarm clock apps for Android

July 24, 2012
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    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has trouble waking up in the morning. Though I’m no night owl, getting out of bed has always been a challenge. At one point, I had dealt with that problem by setting up two or three alarm clocks in various parts of my room so I’d be obliged to get out of bed. Eventually that ceased working and ended up waking everyone else, except me.

    If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, then we’ve got great news. There are apps in the Google Play Store that’ll make sure you won’t have to show up late for work or class.

    We’re sparing you the trouble of individually downloading and trying out the apps by putting the ten best alarm clock apps for Android devices right in one place. Take a look at our selection of apps to wake you up in the morning and prepare you for your day.

    Alarm Clock Xtreme Free

    Let’s kick off this list with Alarm Clock Xtreme Free, an alarm clock that not only wakes you up gently but also helps you avoid accidentally disabling your alarm. You can customize your wake up time and use the app for reminders and timers throughout the day.

    Sudden loud alarms can startle us out of sleep and start a really bad day but with Alarm Clock Xtreme Free, you’ll find your alarm slowly increasing in volume so you can enjoy slowly waking up to it.

    When you’ve been roused from sleep, you can either hit the extra large Snooze button or, if you want to keep yourself from sleeping and missing a very important day, you can set Alarm Clock Xtreme Free to prompt you with math problems.

    Some of Alarm Clock Xtreme Free’s features include a music alarm, a random song alarm, gentle alarm volume ramp up, shake to snooze/dismiss, auto-snooze, auto-dismiss, time with countdown and much more.

    The free version is fully featured but it’s ad-supported. If you want to get rid of ads and support the developer, you can purchase Alarm Clock Xtreme.

    Alarm Clock Plus

    Alarm Clock Plus puts everything you’ll ever need to start your day in one convenient place. When you launch the app, you can see the time your alarm is set to ring, the current time, date, and weather information all in one screen.

    If you’re not fond of the alarm clock’s look, tap on the screen to cycle through different looks, their bright versions and their dim versions. Tap on the weather portion to bring up the current weather and the week’s weather forecast. You can also check out the top news articles for your location. Tap on an article title to open it in the browser of your choice.

    Before your alarm sounds, Alarm Clock Plus can speak to you. You won’t even need to open your eyes to get an idea of what the day’s weather will be like.

    If the alarm still doesn’t rouse you, you can set Alarm Clock Plus to only switch its alarm off by shaking your phone. With all that shaking, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself too energized to continue sleeping.

    If you keep accidentally hitting the ads in your quest for the Snooze button, then you can purchase the paid version for a small fee.

    Alarm Clock Free

    If you want an old school look for your alarm clock, get Alarm Clock Free and its gorgeous green LCD display and digital numbers. Set your time in either 12-hour or 24-hour formats and if you like doing things to the second, Alarm Clock Free lets you display the seconds.

    Don’t end up waking the whole house or building because Alarm Clock Free comes with super big Snooze and Stop Alarm buttons that you can’t miss. If you need a different alarm for every day of the week, Alarm Clock Free supports multiple alarms.

    Choose to wake up to any of the 11 built-in alarm sounds like Ascending, Birds, Classic, Cuckoo, Digital, Electronic, High Tone, Mbira, Old Clock, Rooster and School Bell.

    You can choose to wake up gently in the morning with Sound Fade In. If you need to put your phone on Silent Mode to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you won’t need to worry about Alarm Clock Free. It works even when your phone’s on Silent Mode and even when your screen is locked.


    If you’re a heavy sleeper or someone who can pick up your phone, hit Snooze or Stop without opening your eyes, then AlarmDroid might be for you. With its Enable Obstacles feature, waking up doesn’t just mean being annoyed by your alarm. If your alarm goes off and you want to automatically thumb the Snooze button, your alarm won’t stop ringing just yet.

    To shut your alarm up, you have to solve math problems, sort numbers, select divisible numbers, answer the days of the week, or pair dice. You’ll be forced to figure out a way around the obstacles and by the time you’ve solved it, you’re already fully awake.

    Start your day by working out your brain. AlarmDroid also comes with a flip’n'snooze feature, which switches your alarm to snooze when you flip your phone over, as well as a speaking clock, which announces the time and the local weather conditions.

    I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock

    Get out of bed by literally getting out of bed. I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock has a clever way of making sure that you won’t hit Snooze and roll over to grab another five, or thirty, minutes of sleep. With I Can’t Wake Up’s Barcode Method, you’ll need to scan a barcode from an object.

    The object you want to scan is up to you, but I suggest making it a real challenge. Set it to your shampoo bottle, for example, or your cereal box downstairs. You’ll effectively eliminate any lingering feelings of grogginess in your quest to shut your phone up.

    If you want a more pleasant morning, you can choose Smooth Wake Up with a dimmed screen and slowly rising volume or you can choose Snooze Music to listen to your music files, shoutcasts, or the radio during Snooze.

    There’s also the Math Method that will have you answering 1 to 10 math questions and selecting the proper answer from the multiple choices, Memory Method which requires you to find pairs of the same colored tiles on three different-sized boards, Order Method to switch adjacent tiles so you can order all of them in mathematical order, and Repeat Method which makes you repeat a shown push sequence.

    With all these ways of waking yourself up, you won’t have an excuse to go back to sleep.

    Sleep as Android

    Sleep as Android is more than an alarm clock. It also tells you when to sleep and monitors your sleeping patterns. When it’s time for bed, simply switch Sleep as Android to sleep tracking mode. Sleep as Android then shows you the data in a graph, so you can get a better idea on how you sleep.

    That isn’t all. If you’re worried that you might be sleep talking, or something fishy is going on in your room when you sleep, you can set Sleep Noise Recording. That way you can check the recording in the morning if you spilled any sensitive information while you were sleeping.

    CAPTCHA – Really Awake? gives you the extra challenge to wake up. You can choose to do Simple Math, Sleeping Sheeps, QR Code, or Shake it.

    Buff Sleep as Android up by downloading plug ins such as SleepStats to give you advice for better sleep and sleep statistics in graphs, SleepBackup so you can create automatic backups of your sleep data to your SD card, and Sleep Widget to display your sleep graphs on your home screen.

    You can download the trial version from the Google Play Store. If you’ve fallen in love with it, you can purchase the paid version for a small fee.

    Alarm Clock by doubleTwist

    Developed by doubleTwist, this alarm clock follows the philosophy of simple, intuitive and highly functional. Alarm Clock by doubleTwist comes with two clock modes: Flip clock or Analog clock.

    You can also set your alarm to one of the three modes: Time to set a time to be woken up, Sleep Cycle which helps pick optimal wake-up times to match your sleep cycle, or Sunrise so that your alarm sounds at your local sunrise.

    If you need to wake up at a different time for each day of the week, you can set multiple alarms and set recurring ones. Sorting through your alarms will be a breeze with alarm labels to help give you an idea of what a certain alarm is for.

    Wake up to either Alarm Clock by doubleTwist’s built in alarm sounds or you can choose to wake up to your favorite song or playlist. Keep in mind, however, that if you want to wake up to your favorite song or playlist, you’ll need to have the free doubleTwist Player app installed on your device. The alarm volume may start out quiet but it slowly rises in volume to wake you up gently.

    Get the Alarm Clock app by doubleTwist today for a small fee.

    Gentle Alarm

    Though waking up to built in sounds is nice, you can set the tone for your day by listening to the music of your choice. Gentle Alarm lets you choose from your MP3s, ringtones, playlists, Internet radio, or even create your own playlist by choosing an artist or genre. That’ll be one way to energize you and get you pumped for the day ahead.

    Gentle Alarm is more than just effective, it’s also customizable. This alarm clock app allows users to choose their own colors, font sizes and backgrounds.

    If you wake up in the middle of the night and don’t want to turn on the light, don’t let yourself stumble around in the dark! Gentle Alarm comes with a flashlight, handy for when you need to get something and you don’t want to disturb other people sleeping in the room. Gentle Alarm kicks gentleness up a notch by using your phone’s media player for super gentle fade-in of music.

    If you hate waking up and having to search for your glasses before you can turn off your alarm, Gentle Alarm comes equipped with a large button mode so you can easily find your Snooze or Dismiss buttons.

    WakeVoice TRIAL Vocal Alarm Clock

    If fumbling for your phone and thumbing either Snooze or Dismiss is something you can do with your eyes closed, then we suggest changing your waking up routine with WakeVoice TRIAL Vocal Alarm clock.

    Instead of hitting the Snooze or Dismiss buttons, you’ll need to talk to WakeVoice to stop the alarm. When the alarm’s finally stopped ringing, it’s WakeVoice’s turn to talk to you. You can choose to hear customizable messages, the weather forecast for the day, or the news of your choice. Start the day with your phone giving you the updates that matter, without even having to scroll and launch other apps.

    WakeVoice lets you customize your individual alarms. You can set it to wake you up with your customizable message and voice recognition, and in return give you the weather, news, and horoscope on weekdays. If you’re planning to spend time out of the house on weekends, you can program WakeVoice to only give you weather updates.

    WakeVoice’s free version is limited to only 10 alarms. If you need even more, you might want to purchase Wake Voice’s pro version. Waking up has never been as innovative.

    Alarm Clock Tokiko Free No Ads

    Though setting multiple alarms is great, having to individually program them can be tiring. With Alarm Clock Tokiko Free No Ads, you can gather your alarms in one group and set this group’s alarm all at one touch. Set your time format in either 12- or 24-hour formats and toggle Snooze on and off.

    Find your phone’s screen too small to navigate? Tokiko can be used in both portrait and landscape modes.

    If you’re planning to switch to a new Android phone and you don’t want to be bothered with having to set up your settings all over again, you’ll love Tokiko. It lets you save your alarm clock settings on your SD card. When you acquire your new phone, you can just pop in your SD card, download Tokiko from the Google Play Store and you can easily restore your settings. There’s no need for your carefully tweaked and customized alarm clocks to go to waste.

    With this list of the best alarm clock apps for Android, you now have a variety of ways to wake yourself up in the morning. Drag yourself out of bed to scan a barcode, talk to your alarm clock and have it talk back to you, or even solve math problems. You’ll never miss a big day or an important meeting ever again. If your favorite alarm clock app didn’t make it to our list, let us know what it is in a comment below.

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    • Emilio José Jiménez Jiménez

      Night Alarm Clock
      It’s a very useful alarm clock for your nightstand.

    • wickets

      Alarm Klock by craig g is excellent…….simple, easy to use, almost impossible to turn off by mistake, excellent choice of tones …all the others listed are nice too…just not as nice as alarm klock

      • OrozcO

        I used to try alarm clock extreme but after some updates is not working like used to, the screen never shows on to disable it in fact I have to unlock my phone with draw pattern to disable it, I tried alarm klock and works much better and the size is about 600 kb I’m not looking for and alarm app about 15 mb not even 2 mb. Just simple, plain view, small size, functional and not to worry about it even is installed. Just to do its work.

    • Michael Jensen

      Been using ALARM CLOCK PLUS for so long that I finally got a new Android, and I keep my old one in its dock just as an alarm clock. It’s simple, and it works really well.

    • tBs_Battousai

      I use tunein radio app so I wake up to the radio rather than just noise…

    • appswill

      You Know Sketch Alarm?

      * Make Your Own Animation Alarm with sensibility -sketch alarm*

      1. You can make your own alarm.
      – Draw picture, Attach picture, Recording voice, Music…

      2. You can make your own signature to release Alarm.
      – During alarm, you need to draw your own signature.
      – If you did not draw your signature, the alarm will not release.

      3. Strip to release alarm
      – During alarm, you have to remove the animation with fingers or pen.
      – There are 3 ways strip effect.

      Sketch Alarm will make your morning happy.

      Google Play

    • hutch

      All I want to know is which let you set alarms to go off say weekdays every other week.

    • Haija Bombaija

      Alarm _Cock_ Xtreme Free^^
      (4th para)

    • Rizwan Ullah

      I am using this one very good looking full of features alarm clock app,with lot of useful features, tabs screen supported,very beautiful widget to add on your desktop. I am sure you will like this its free try it here

    • Declan

      For a different kind of a Alarm, check out the ZBand silent alarm system at It consists of an Android App and a wristband. You manage alarms on the App, the app syncs the alarms to the wristband. On an alarm event the band gently vibrates to wake/alert the user.

      What do you think:

    • PJE71

      How do I install it?

    • Alaric

      Hi there. Does anyone know if there is an Alarm Aop which switches a phone on if its been off through the night. Previous to buying Samsung Note 2 I’ve used Nokias. The Nokias all alarms which switched the phone on. This was a great way to make sure you don’t get disturbed at night

    • Trung Lehuynh