Google Play Store cuts down prices in early Mother’s Day promo

by 3 months ago

In a bid to make Mother’s Day more special — or at least to give you more gift choices for your mother — Google has launched its Mother’s Day promo early on the Google Play Store. From today until May 5, you can get your mom a year’s subscription for her favorite magazine for only US$5.00. You might also want to throw in a copy of her favorite book — for half the original price. The promo also includes discounts for other digital content that both mothers and their kids will enjoy. If you’re planning to surprise your mother with…

Google files patent for micro camera system in contact lenses

by 3 months ago

Patent Bolt Earlier this year, Google introduced a “smart” contact lens that can help monitor a person’s blood sugar by testing the user’s tears. Not stopping there, the company has submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) its patent application for another “smart” contact lens. This time, it’s designed to help the visually impaired via a micro camera attached to the contact lens. Overview of the Smart Contact Lens Google explains in its patent application that an image capture component, simply known as a camera, is attached to the contact lens and captures or records the user’s…

HTC sends TMo CEO gold One (M8); Samsung copies act w/ gold Galaxy S5

by 3 months ago

In a bid to steal the limelight late last week as T-Mobile released the two company’s flagship Android phones on the same day, both HTC and Samsung sent precious gifts to the carrier’s chief exec — golden versions of the HTC One (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Throughout launch day, T-Mobile CEO John Legere was (re)tweeting some promotional stuff about the Galaxy S5. Then, some time during the day, appeared Legere’s post about the 24-karat gold-plated HTC One (M8) — not just the mere Amber Gold variant. The CEO apparently got it as a gift from HTC USA and…

Tons of children’s ebooks land on Android, thanks to FarFaria

by 3 months ago

Children from 2 to 9 years old and their parents are in for a big reading treat as the FarFaria app for Android arrives, bringing FarFaria’s subscription-based children’s ebook service to Android users. The FarFaria app can be installed for free from the Google Play Store, but you’ll be able to read only one story per day. To gain access to more than 700 children’s ebook titles, you’ll need to get a monthly subscription (US$4.99) or an annual subscription (US$44.99). For young ones and the once young Stories in FarFaria are laid down on a map, which makes it fun…

Updated Dropbox app links to computers more easily, uses prettier icons

by 3 months ago

Early this week, Dropbox released version of its Android app, bringing with it a new app icon, easier set-up and linking of a computer with the help of the device’s camera, and a few minor changes to the user interface. According to the Dropbox app page on the Google Play Store, version′s two-fold changes include the following: fix for the issue that prevented third-party apps from successful authentication, and feature for using the device’s camera to setup and link Dropbox to a computer. The new Link a Computer command can be found under the Dropbox app’s Settings menu…

How to transfer bookmarks from iPhone to Android

by 4 months ago

Browser bookmarks enable us to save our favorite Web links for access later. If you think of the Web as a supersized digital book, Web bookmarks work like real-life bookmarks by allowing us to mark a location on the Web that we intend to go back to later. Other browser programs aptly use the term “Favorites” for such collections of links. If you use an iPhone and you’re planning to use an Android phone in addition to it, or if you intend to switch over entirely to Android, you will most likely also want to bring over your iPhone bookmarks…

How to transfer photos and images from iPhone to Android

by 5 months ago

Ever since device makers armed mobile phones with top-of-the-line cameras, many have not stopped snapping and capturing those precious life moments. And, when easy Internet connectivity came to the mobile phone, many also started sharing their photos to friends, family, and in many cases also to the world at large. Yet, despite great strides in digital imaging and mobile interconnectivity, how easy is it to share photos between devices, especially those running different platforms — say, between the iPhone and an Android phone? If you own both — or are switching over from iPhone to Android — you will eventually…