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Writer, blogger, and videographer - Josh is a former support technician that learned much about technology by fixing everyone else's. On the side, he wrote and performed spoken word, maintained his own personal blogs, and began his own video podcast. Now, he's here at Android Authority looking to put it all together!

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OnePlus 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 quick look

by: Joshua Vergara6 hours ago
How does the latest OnePlus device fare against the best of the bestin the Android world? We find out, starting with this quick look at the OnePlus 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S6!

OnePlus 2 StyleSwap cover hands-on comparison, availability and more

by: Joshua Vergara7 hours ago
Not only is the OnePlus 2 designed beautifully, but the Chinese startup is offering swap-able covers, offering some choice in the way the back of the phone looks and feels.

OnePlus 2 hands-on and first impressions

by: Joshua Vergara7 hours ago
Hands on with the newly-announced OnePlus 2, the phone with future proofed specs (including 4GB RAM) that claims to be the 2016 Flagship Killer.

OnePlus 2 vs OnePlus One – the battle of the “flagship killers”

by: Joshua Vergara7 hours ago
With all official details out, rumors out of the way and our hands on both phones, we can now give you a clear look at the evolution of the OnePlus series.

5 things we want to see from the OnePlus Two!

by: Joshua VergaraJuly 25, 2015
The OnePlus 2 is almost here and despite many confirmations & leaks, there are still a few things we don't know. Here are 5 things we want to see from OnePlus 2.

The OnePlus One… Now

by: Joshua VergaraJuly 25, 2015
On the eve of the launch of its successor, we decided to take a look back at the device that started it all. Here is the OnePlus!
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Podcast 024: Prime Day, Shmimeday

by: Joshua VergaraJuly 19, 2015
Prime Day might have been a bust, but we're still excited for a Huawei Nexus and more!

Turing Phone first look: a focus on security, inside and out

by: Joshua VergaraJuly 13, 2015
Today we're looking at a device that truly takes a different approach and gives us a unique addition to the Android ecosystem. Enter the Turing Phone, a smartphone promising a set of foolproof security measures inside and out.
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Podcast 023: Android Authority… After Hours

by: Joshua VergaraJuly 12, 2015
What is the internet for? Also, OnePlus Two and Note 5!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active review

by: Joshua VergaraJuly 11, 2015
The rugged addition to the Samsung flagship line does "active" very well, but what else does it offer? We find out, in this Samsung Galaxy S6 Active review!
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