As with every year, Apple introduces a new smartphone that it calls its most advanced yet and hopes to challenge the might of the Android world. This year was an ‘S” year, which meant the company introduced a few new tweaks but withheld the major design changes for the non-S cycle.

Unlike previous ‘S’ years, this year’s iPhone 6S actually has a fair amount of new features, and more than you might expect from this part of the iPhone product cycle. Is it enough to challenge the flagships of the Android world or is it better to wait for the iPhone 7 next year? As a former iPhone user who converted to Android many years ago, the iPhone 6S definitely looks like the company’s best iPhone to date. After nearly a week with the iPhone 6S, here’s my thoughts on Apple’s latest handset.



As expected from Apple, an S year handset comes with an identical design to the handset that precedes it and this year’s iPhone 6S is no different. At first glance, the smartphone looks just like the iPhone 6 and shares the design traits that have made the iPhone so popular.

As an Android user who’s grown accustomed to large smartphone displays, the 4.7-inch screen on the iPhone 6S is tiiiiiny and Apple’s tall but narrow smartphone design actually makes my hand cramp a little when stretching across the screen. Like I said, I’m used to the wider and larger displays on Android, which makes the aspect ratio and design of the iPhone 6S somewhat difficult to enjoy.


That being said, as far as smaller devices go, the iPhone 6S definitely ticks the boxes of being powerful yet easy to use in one hand. At 7.1mm thick, the iPhone 6S isn’t the slimmest smartphone I’ve ever used – that accolade is reserved for the BLU Vivo Air LTE – but coupled with the 143 grams’ weight, it does feel quite reassuring and sturdy in the hand.

Touch ID & Apple Pay

Beneath the screen is Apple’s trademark Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is built into the home button. Apple was arguably the first company to introduce a one-touch fingerprint sensor on a smartphone and while Touch ID has been made even faster on the iPhone 6S, the feature set is still limited to just unlocking your phone. Having used the Huawei Mate S, which also lets you control your phone using the fingerprint sensor, Touch ID does feel like it could do more.


That being said, Touch ID is a key part of Apple Pay and this is where Apple holds the trumps over the rest of the market. While some companies have attempted mobile payment solutions with varying degrees of success, Apple Pay is ahead of the market (by a considerable amount) because banks have jumped over themselves to support it.

In a word... Apple Pay is seamless

Setting up Apple Pay requires scanning your card and adding your CV2 code. After this, you verify by either ringing your bank or activating via text message. Once done, you’re good to go and Apple Pay can be used in any retailer who supports Apple Pay or contactless payments. I went into my local supermarket and buying a few groceries (for less than £30 which is the current limit) required just putting my phone near the card terminal and holding my finger on the fingerprint sensor.


It was quick and seamless but if you do have more than one card added, you can select which card you want to pay with when launching Apple Pay by double pressing the home button from the lock screen. You can also set one of the cards as a default and then it becomes as quick as holding your phone near the reader. Apple Pay is quick and intuitive to use and with wide support, it’ll take a lot for Android Pay or Samsung Pay to even be competitive. In a word… Apple Pay is seamless.

Here’s a video of Apple Pay in action (in my local supermarket, which isn’t Apple Pay certified but does accept contactless payments):

#applepay in action #iphone6s #iphone6 #iphone #apple

A video posted by Nirave G (@niraveg) on

Retina Display & 3D Touch

Aside from Apple Pay – which is also present in last year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – the standout feature in the iPhone 6S is the new 3D Touch layer atop the 750p Retina Display. The 3D Touch feature works by measuring the pressure you apply to the screen to bring up different options and although it’s the first-generation, the feature set is certainly impressive.

From the home screen, applying pressure to an app icon can bring up shortcuts to the the commonly used features in that app. For example, additional pressure on the Maps icon gives you shortcuts for Directions to your home address, lets you mark your location, send your location to others or search nearby locations.


The list of shortcuts varies according to each particular app as the menu on the camera icon lets you take a selfie, record video or take a photo and the clock menu lets you create an alarm, start the stopwatch or start the timer, all directly from the homescreen. It’s also possible for third-party apps to use 3D Touch, with Twitter one of the first to bring support; the latest update brings a menu that lets you compose a new tweet or direct message or search Twitterland.

3D Touch isn’t just limited to apps on the homescreen however as it also adds a few other interesting features. First, from any app you can now access the multitasking menu by applying force to the left hand side of the display, but this feels more convoluted than double pressing the home button.


Inside of apps, 3D Touch lets you peek at items without actually opening them; for example, when you’re in your messages app and apply force to a link you’ve been sent, it brings it up in a pop up window that lets you view the link without opening the link in the browser. In the Photos app, you can peek at images without opening them and then either swipe up to view options or apply additional pressure to open the photo in full.

Yes, 3D Touch can be a longer way of doing things but with long press missing from Apple’s iOS operating system, the feature is a great way to bring up additional options. From the past few days with the iPhone 6S, I can say that the feature is somewhat useful; the peek feature is something you’ll use a lot while the shortcuts from the homescreen are less useful and the multitasking menu is a shortcut you’ll probably never use.


Apple wasn’t the first to offer a pressure-sensitive display – that accolade is reserved for the Huawei Mate S Luxury Edition with Force Touch – but the company has certainly thought about what 3D Touch can be used for. As a first-generation feature, it’s unfair to expect it to have a wide feature set, but given that Huawei’s implementation is really basic, 3D Touch is certainly well thought out. Not everything is integral to the iPhone 6S experience but it’s certainly an interesting feature and one that can only get better in the future.

Hardware & Performance

As with every year, the iPhone 6S comes with updated internals that include a dual-core Apple A9 CPU, 2GB RAM and hexacore PowerVR Graphics chipset. Considering that Android flagships are powered by octa-core CPUs and 3GB or 4GB of RAM, it would be easy to write off the iPhone based on its specs list, but this would be ignoring the key thing that sets Apple devices apart: Apple.


Unlike Android OEMs, Apple has the benefit of controlling both its own hardware and its software, and can achieve optimisations that Android OEMs dream of. As such, in actual use, the dual-core CPU and 2GB RAM in the iPhone 6S seems to deliver performance that’s on par with the best in the Android world.

As you’ve probably come to expect, the iPhone doesn’t have a removable battery and the 1715 mAh unit inside the iPhone 6S is actually 95 mAh smaller than the 1810 mAh unit inside last year’s iPhone 6. That being said, the iPhone 6 drove me crazy, as the battery regularly died inside a day, and over the past few days with the iPhone, I’ve not yet had it drop beneath 20 percent by the end of the day.

iOS 9


Like every year, a new iPhone means a new version of Apple’s mobile OS and this year’s iOS 9 aims to be the company’s most advanced platform yet. As an Android user who’s used to customising a smartphone heavily, the closed nature of Apple’s iOS certainly comes as a shock, but iOS has been getting better and iOS 9 is certainly the company’s best version yet.

As far as comparisons to Android go, the two platforms are completely different yet share many similarities in that they both aim to deliver information to use proactively rather than reactively. Google Now has been doing that for a long time now but in iOS 9, Apple aims to play catch up and the new proactive Siri does somewhat of a good job in doing so.


We’re preparing a full review of iOS 9 over at our sister site TabTimes (where we’ll also look at iOS 9 on tablets in more detail) but for now, I will say that iOS 9 is a lot nicer to use than previous generations of Apple’s platform. Yes, it doesn’t quite compare to the flexibility of Android and the limitations (at least in my eyes) of the icon-based home screen do fail to make full use of the larger screen but if you are planning to switch to iOS 9, you’ll find it a lot nicer to use than previous Apple handsets.

Of course, this barely scratches the surface but stay tuned for the full review over on TabTimes in a few days’ time. It’s going to be in-depth and I’ll also touch on iOS 9 further from an Android user’s perspective.


On paper, the iPhone camera has traditionally had lower megapixels than its chief Android rivals but as they say; cameras are about more than megapixels.


In the case of the iPhone, this has never been truer and a combination of larger pixel size and clever image processing algorithms mean the iPhone camera has been one of the best on the market over the past few years.

This year’s iPhone 6S sees Apple ‘improve’ the camera further, with a slightly larger pixel size and more megapixel coupled with better algorithms and while we’re preparing a shootout against some of the best Android devices on the market, I will share my initial thoughts on the camera.

Until last year, Apple was conspicuous in being one of a few manufacturers not to employ stabilisation in its smartphones but this changed with the iPhone 6. Or to be more precise, the iPhone 6 Plus. With two very similar smartphones on the market, Apple needed a differentiator and alongside battery and display size, it chose Optical Image Stabilisation in the camera as a key difference.

Sadly, this continues with the iPhone 6S and while the larger iPhone 6S Plus does have OIS, the iPhone 6S is missing this feature. Regardless of how Apple has improved the camera, the lack of OIS in the iPhone 6S does mean camera shake can cause final images to be blurry. Here’s a few shots captured on the iPhone 6S:

As you can see, although the images do have good colours and clarity, the lack of OIS can result in blurred images that would most likely be a lot better had they been taken by the larger iPhone 6S Plus.

A ‘new’ feature on the iPhone 6S is the Live Photos – which is the same feature as HTC Zoe and lets you record 2 seconds of video either side of hitting the shutter button – and while it’s an interesting feature, it can drain the storage of your iPhone considerably. An average image you capture is 2MB while a Live Photo comes in at 3.8MB on average.

I’ve got a 16GB iPhone 6S, which has around 11GB available and you’ll definitely fill this up quickly if you don’t turn the feature off. As a point of note, I’ve turned this off several times but after a while, when I launch the camera it’s turned on again and there’s no way to turn it off permanently.

Final Thoughts


Before becoming almost exclusive to Android smartphones – out of choice but also thanks to the sheer number of Android smartphones and my career as a journalist – I spent a fair amount of time using Nokia smartphones and then the iPhone.

Since switching to Android, I’ve found that Google’s OS meets my needs more than Apple does but that being said, the iPhone 6S is certainly Apple’s most advanced smartphone yet. The design is atypical of the iPhone – remember the advert – if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone? – and while I’m not ready to jump ship or anything, Apple certainly has my attention again.


Specifically, Touch ID v2, Apple Pay and 3D Touch all have me excited, not just for the iPhone but for smartphones in general. 3D Touch especially has the potential for uses that have not even been conceived yet while Apple Pay will definitely cause the likes of Android Pay and Samsung Pay to innovate and improve in order to be competitive.

However, despite the iPhone 6S being the most advanced iPhone yet, it still doesn’t quite compare to the flexibility of Android, but that’s a personal decision. For users who don’t need all the flexibility of Android but want a smartphone that just works, the iPhone 6S will certainly fit the bill and this may be the iPhone that persuades some Android users to make the switch (which Apple wants to help you with).

What do you think of Apple’s changes and improvements in the iPhone 6S? Are you an Android user and would you make the switch? Let us know your views in the comments below guys!

Nirave Gondhia
Nirave is one of the Managing Editors and a fan of travel. He's worked in technology for over ten years (including stints at two carriers in the UK) and reported on it for nearly nine years. In my spare time, A big football (soccer to those over the pond) fan and avid supporter of Man United for over 20 years, he reads a lot, loves a cocktails and blogs about travel.
  • Daggett Beaver

    “Apple Pay is ahead of the market (by a considerable amount) because banks have jumped over themselves to support it.”

    Actually, Samsung Pay is already way ahead of the market (at least in the USA and Korea) by a considerable amount, even having only been recently launched, since you can use it with any magnetic strip reader. I’ve already read about people switching banks so they can use it. The main thing is Samsung Pay’s MST will work at tons of locations where Android Pay and Apple Pay simply won’t.

    Having said that, the iPhone 6S Plus looks like a very sweet phone. I can’t sacrifice the flexibility of Android for it, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for choosing it.

    • NamelessStar

      I agree Samsung pay is doing well…. but apple being the crazy cult that it is and people wanting support for it before anything else i think will be the market leader until more android manufactures have a solid unified pay system.

    • WorldStarrrrr

      So ahead of its time that it doesnt even support Chase banking cards. Look if your going to release an app that is already a year behind the competition at the least make sure all financial institutions are supported. I remember when Windows phones were released a few years ago that lacked the ability to copy/paste. Everyone gave them crap and rightfully so. When you are a year behind your competitor, make sure that when you launch everything is on point. Verizon up until today just decided to “support” Samsung pay. Unacceptable. I wouldve made sure everything and everyone is good to do day 1.

      • Aris Routis

        And wasn’t it that a certain USA card issuer just decided to be enrolled in Apple pay thru IOS 9 ?
        Seriously, the fact that Verizon decided to support Samsung pay has more to do with other things, rather than Samsung Pay itself.

        • WorldStarrrrr

          Its Samsung responsibility to make sure their service is available to all customers day 1. Samsung pay is a potential game changer IMO. Make it work everywhere.

          • SamsunG Pay will eventually be the biggest and best on the market thanks to its support for MST and I agree it’s a game changer. The future of mobile payments even. This is a race that’s only just beginning!

          • Aris Routis

            When creating a new payment scheme, you can’t go worldwide on day one. This is the same reason as to why Apple first enrolled in their country of origin, same reason as to why Samsung did the same, same reason as to why Apple now enrolled only to UK, and same reason as to why Samsung is targeting first USA and then the EU.

    • See my reply below, Samsung Pay is in two countries, Apple Pay a lot more. It remains to be seen whether Samsung can get the same amount of global support as Apple but u really hope they do.

      • Aris Routis

        Actually it has only been enrolled in the USA and the UK. Apple pay that is.
        As for Samsung Pay is already enrolling in the USA and will be massively enrolling in Europe starting Jan 2016 (not just UK).
        And of course it has enrolled in Korea.

        And it has the advantage of working with Magnetic stripe POS whereas Apple Pay simply will not.

        So basically and putting personal preferences aside, it is a better system.

        • Yes it certainly is on paper. I’ve not used it (I will be straight on it when it launches in the ukUK), I can’t comment on how good it is but I will revisit this once I’ve used it. As for Apple Pay in other countries, you are indeed correct.

          • Aris Routis

            I am certainly correct as I am employed in one of the companies involved in the development of both Samsung and Apple pay.

          • I stand corrected. On a side note, that seems like a fun job to have!

  • Jay Hova

    I made the switch from a 32 gb galaxy s6 to the iPhone 6s 128 gb model, before anyone gives me crap about the storage I actually paid for the 64gb model but my friend pulled some strings and got me the bigger model lol , first things first you will notice the downgrade from quad hd to 720p the screen size isn’t a deal breaker for me my hands ain’t huge , I have used 5.5 in phones 5.1 and 4.7 all in the last 2 years and I don’t have a preference , the htc one m7 had the same size screen as this iPhone and I loved that phone . Performance is fast once in the actual app but I have found with iOS 9 as now has lag and some apps take 3 sec before they attempt to open I’m sure an update will fix this but it was Mos def noticeable coming from a galaxy . They do how ever have ram management down and with 2gb of ram all apps I have left open have stayed open something I couldn’t say about the galaxy , but I sure do miss split screen . The notification system on iOS is also not my cup of tea but that being nitpicky from being used to android . The camera is great but nothing that will make me say it’s the best it’s on par with the galaxy . Little things suck as only being able to share photos or links with certain apps directly is so annoying and something I took for granted on android , also the App Store on iOS has great apps but the store it’s self is so dull and boring looking . I felt my galaxy was more snappy in regular usage but when it comes to gaming the iPhone wins hands down , games just run smoother . Anyways any question any one has who might be thinking of trying iPhone feel free to ask I made the switch had not had an iPhone since the 3GS , I do regret it but it’s early 4 days in I think I can learn to live with iOS I will for sure make the switch back once the new year rolls in and new flagships come out , I just wanted to see what the hype was about and honestly this just verified my love for android and at least for me took away any doubts I had about which system was best . Long live android lol

    • Jay Hova

      Also 3D Touch , I haven’t really used it, it’s not natural for me as yet it’s something you have to train yourself to do , and not many apps have yet taken advantage of it , will it be big in the future ? Maybe but as now not so much , also stand by battery time is way better then android phone will stay at 100 for hours if you don’t use it. One more tip if you buy a quick charge power brick and connect your lighting cord it will fast charge , with included Apple brick it would take like 3 hours I have cut it down to less then 2 hours once I used my Samsung power adapter with a lighting cord , it’s not official but it works

      • Daggett Beaver

        Right now 3D Touch seems like a gimmick. But a fingerprint sensor seemed like a gimmick to me until I started using it. So it could turn out to be a big deal.

        • Ismail Akram

          Fingerprint sensor in iPhone 6S is seamless. you won’t know even you unlocking phone. its crazy fast. its my first iPhone ever and I came from Note 5 and S6 Edge+. I had hit and miss on those mobiles but on iPhone 6S it unlocks before even I know. but I love Samsung Display I should Admit, when at night watching movies and those black feels so awesome. I do have some problem with moving mp3 from phone to phone but beside no complaint so far . oh yes its charges slow though and I’m charging twice a day one when I unplug in morning other mostly in evening.. I got 16GB version which is very less for me

          • Jay Hova

            Try my advise by a quick charge power adapter like the one Samsung came with and connect your lighting cable it charges way faster , also yes you should have got at least 64gb I have already used 30 just on games and music not even photos or 4k video yet

          • Ismail Akram

            Can you share a link of fast charger for iPhone which I doubt there would be else Apple would have advertised it I do know that it charges faster with iPad charger but not heard something like quick charger for iPhone Also I think I’ll switch to iPhone 6s Plus as they s phone feels small as coming from note 5. But at moment prices are not stable and very high for iPhone 6s Plus even this cost me around 860

          • Jay Hova

            It’s not official what I’m saying is if you use a Samsung power adapter with quick charger ability instead of the iPhone one that’s provided it will charge a lot faster

          • Your Mother

            You’re full of shit. You did NOT go from Note 5 to edge plus to 6+

            I have the 6 plus and S6 Edge and the fingerprint scanner on the edge is slightly faster and every bit as accurate.

          • Ismail Akram

            You are an idiot who have never used iPhone 6s and talking non sense. Also it’s my first iPhone and it’s 6s not 6s+ and you can’t compare speed and accuracy of 6s finger print sensor and I had S6 edge+ before that Note 5 and a lot more note 5 finger print was hit and miss especially when it’s laying on and try oh miss match try again

          • Degus Jacoby Pradana

            I try my note 5 w little sweat in my finger n still works, i try on my 6s n not work
            U should try it

          • Ismail Akram

            haha okay I’ll try if my hands are sweaty ;) thing is both finger print sensors are great (if you put finger correctly ) but its I guess hard to do with Note 5/S6 edge+/S6 Edge/S6.. and when my phones are on bed it gets even hard and that’s why I turned off on S6 edge+ very first day I bought it. but about 6s it feels like there no lock even cuz its ridiculous fast

          • iAm

            he said iPhone 6S not iPhone 6 dumbass. have you even seen the touch ID of the 6S? it’s as fast as the Huawei Mate S. it’s insanely fast

          • Andy Troyer

            Does seem funny when someone says they just came from a phone that’s been out for maybe 2 months. I can hear it now “back in the day when I used the note 5.. in August of 2015.. when we were still using 8 track tape players… now in today’s world of the iPhone 6s that came out a whole month later.. my experience is so much better”

      • 3D Touch does have A Lot of potential for the future. I use it occasionally now but the future possibilities are massive.

    • Kenny

      I do have a question. Do you use swype in Android? If so does it compare on iOS with a third party keyboard? I found that swype is my favorite way of typing on mobile I don’t like typing anymore.

      • The experience is a million times better on Android. Key thing is that iOS detailsdefaults to the stock keyboard when entering passwords. Apple hasn’t really figured the third party keyboard thing out fully yet.

      • Jay Hova

        Sorry I don’t use swipe much I used stock keyboard on Samsung which had super function tho but haven’t tried it on iOS

      • BahamaTodd

        I have swiftkey on my 6S+. The number row and arrow keys are not available so its definitely a better experience on Android.

      • abazigal

        3rd party keyboards on iOS is still pretty buggy. Keyboards sometime fail to load or appear, or can crash in the middle of use. They also can’t access Siri, is actually pretty inconvenient to switch out of, and the opportunity cost is greater now that 3D touch lets me turn the stock iOS keyboard into a trackpad (which is something I am not sure is available to developers).

        I tried swiftkey on my iPhone for a while, loved the concept, but the bugs turned me off. I have no idea where the fault lies, but it’s still a pretty poor experience (for me) overall.

    • LastKings31

      Reading ANDROID authority from an iPhone.. I’m sure your phone tried to redirect you to an iPhone article when you tried clicking on this article ? lol
      Android will be waiting for its lost sheep ? ?

      • Jay Hova

        Lol haven’t left android in the cold completely still have an android tv box and an android tablet lol but I will be back

    • kaushik ray

      Dude add paragraphs..!!

      • Loretta Gilbert

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      • Dude, add commas! ;-)

        • kcz7

          F**k Up Some Commas
          ~Future xD

      • kcz7

        NEVER!!!! A (FC)uck of words are amazing!! huehuehue~ bwahahaha~

    • mirkolone

      buy Microsoft lumia 950

  • Peter Mulders

    I rocked several HTC phones before switching to an iPhone 5 – mainly because I wanted a smaller phone. I regretted it within three months for a few reasons. Syncing with iTunes is great for an iPod. Not so much for just syncing one photo to your pc. Also, I wanted to make Chrome my default web browser. Couldn’t do that. Furthermore, searching in Whatsapp conversations is something I do a lot. On Android, you can search within each seperate chat. Not on iOS. So Whatsapp on iOS crashed regularly because of the numbers of hits my searches gave me in all the conversations I had.

    All of these issues are not such important things, but they were enough to make me switch back to HTC. Not considering an iPhone anymore.

    • Ismail Akram

      I had many htc phones too and I am using 6s for 4 days now and I am liking it and loving its interface I switch very often to have something new and iPhone gave it me. It feels weird to just use one button for everything but it is really enjoying like most of task or navigation is done by gestures and tabs. There are few issues but I knew from vary start they exists which include sharing and media content importing to iPhone. Sharing is hard but it’s not important to me import is hard too but I’ll do it somehow not as efficient as its on android but it will do.

  • Gabriel Silva Cheinquer

    I don’t want to be a hater, but… Just explain to me how Apple could possibly not try to make its best software? ” this year’s iOS 9 aims to be the company’s most advanced platform yet”; “iOS 9 is certainly the company’s best version yet”. How could it possibly not be? It is the most recent version, after all…

    • Daggett Beaver

      LOL — think the first release of Lollipop. It was terrible. 5.1.1 was a drastic improvement.

      But I do get what you’re saying. In principle the latest version would be the best.

    • What Daggett said below – just because it’s the latest, doesn’t mean it’s their greatest.

  • Tom

    Totally out of touch! Get out more i checked the time on this post thinking it was a year old. Apple pay is now second to Samsung pay, and its more Seamless than apple. Just google samsung pay and the hundreds of web pages saying samsung pay leaves apple pay for dead and its easier to use than apple as its accepted everywhere. and with the fingerprint scanner upgrade its as smooth as apples. But more important it works everywhere. 30 million sales in the first week. Why are articles printed with this rubbish it a lie to write this.

    • Point taken but Samsung Pay is available in two countries, Apple Pay a lot more. Yes, Samsung Pay has a major advantage (which I’ve mentioned) but all payment solutions require bank support. Apple has this, it remains to be seen if Samsung can get the same level of support on a global scale. That being said, I can’t wait for Samsung Pay to drop in the UK as it’ll be amazing!

      • Degus Jacoby Pradana

        Oh yeah? In Asia no one use apple pay, n NFV system still rarely, almost nothing
        Do research bro
        N btw u know why apple have great site? Cause they never talk the best to competitor, and never talk about android even once, so i have doubt with this site day by day, just IMO thanks

      • Aris Routis

        Apple pay is only enrolled in UK and USA.
        Stop misinforming people.

  • tony fboy

    Seriously?? I’m really close to never coming to AA again. I really like this site too but damn does EVERY thing have to be about Apple? Unless it’s an iPhone that runs Android then who the hell cares?

    I mean seriously I can go on hundreds of sites right now where I can read hundreds of articles of people bending over for Apple products. I’m not saying you can’t talk about Apple but why do you need to? I’m not a crazy fanboy but I come here to read and talk about android. Yet everytime a new iPhone launches we get 10 articles a week about iProducts.

    Let’s have a guy who used be an iPhone user who switched to android talk about the iPhone 6S..How bout no. Most android users have no need or could care less about Apple so please just stop. We don’t care about iPhone vs Android comparisons because it doesn’t matter since iPhones dont run android.

    Seriously stop.

    • Ismail Akram


      • tony fboy

        oh yeah! you have great insults! I’m on android authority where I want to read about android! idiot

        • iAm

          so much hate in you. how poor your soul is fanboy

    • This was more about looking at the iPhone 6S from my perspective as an Android user, mainly as some customers will be looking at comparisons like these when deciding what to spend their hard earned money on.

      Of course, we do have tons of Android coverage for you to check out as well, the iPhone is a minimal part of the coverage ;)

      • tony fboy

        I guess you didn’t read my post. Of course I log on facebook and it’s another iPhone article. It’s really “minimal”. And i’m not talking about this one. I’m talking about today. Fresh feed. Android authority posting another Apple related article.

    • AngryDenny

      sounds like you need a nap

    • Ismail Akram

      I hope we don’t see you again here

      • tony fboy

        Damn you really told me!

    • psychok9

      Media still care too much iphone …

    • neonix

      It’s impressions of the iPhone from an almost *exclusive Android* user. This is certainly a good thing in the realm of AA.

      I personally found it to be a very good read as it gave me a good look at the iPhone from someone who isn’t paid to say great things and isn’t your average ignoramus who is pleased with the phone simply because it’s a pretty iPhone.

      If you don’t appreciate the article, how about just scroll past it and ignore it? Is that so difficult? I really don’t think its existence hurts you in any way.

  • zp

    I have usually had an anrdroid and iPhone for generations. This year, I’m finally ditching iPhones for good. The competition (especially on camera) have finally caught up. iPhones are no longer worth the Apple tax. Bye, Apple.

  • Richard Mcall

    I accept the iPhone is an excellent phone ..but a phone is now more than a phone to me and the Samsung Note range with sPen is untouchable. Once u use it (pen) is impossible to consider any other phone.
    I also like to be able to customise the screen ..more fun .. As I said it has gone well past being a boring phone ..
    I would guess the majority of people get a iPhone just to be able to flash to Apple logo on the back to work colleagues and friends.
    It is also staggering the amount of free airtime on both radio and TV they get ..and free press coverage ..AND ..not to mention questionable revenues taken from the counties that give them this free air time.

  • domenukk

    The Motorola Atrix had a fingerprint scanner back in 2011. So you can argue they were the first to do it properly but they have not been arguably the first ;)

    • I stand corrected!

    • iAm

      the term “properly” needs to be replaced as it was not really done “properly” by Motorola

  • Renascienza

    Oh, now a review of an iPhone on “Android Authority”, completed by an offer to switch.

    Seems that money is going short these days. :

    • Not really. I use every smartphone platform and I try to evaluate every device for its pros and cons. Of course, being Android Authority, I’ve put more emphasis to comparing it to my Android experience but this is (mostly) how I would have written the review anyway. I’ve reviewed devices on every platform in my past.

      • Renascienza

        Is still a review. Not even a comparison, but a complete review of a device that doesn’t run Android, so teoretically off-topic for Android Authority. I don’t sign in this site to see off-topic. If I ever need to know anything about iPhones, I will check macworld.

        And the final invite is still there. I don’t like it, and my reasons are quite understandable.

        • We’re sorry you feel that way. As for the final invite, please do click through that link. The article you’ll see on the archive page it links to actually mocks Apple’s attempt to get Android users to switch.

          • Renascienza

            I think that you take me wrong. I am not a fanboy and it is not a war. So, I am not interested on mockings, from Apple or to Apple.

            I just repudiate the recent trend of the site to advertise (let’s be honest here: it is not content, is propaganda) of products unrelated to the blog proposal, which is why users sign, I think.

            Yeah, I feel that way. Your mote is breaking, pals.

  • LastKings31

    I used an iPhone 5 for 2 days because I was fixing it for my friend and it was hell since the first night I tried it. Everything is just plain and simple you can’t do anything in the home screen and the settings don’t give you any control over what you want your phone to do or not do. Just one button in the middle doesn’t work for me but that depends on the person. I’m just one of those people that just can’t work with iphones. If people love them so much they must be good but for someone who likes to customize their home screen and not have all the apps there and be able to change things on the phone to how you want them iphones are just not for us. I’m currently in the G4 by the way ?

    • I would definitely miss the customisation so couldn’t move permanently. iOS 9 is nice, don’t get me wrong, just not for me as a main device (maybe as my second phone). It works well enough for the masses so it must be good somewhat!

    • Ismail Akram

      Someone who is bore of android can try iPhone as its totally new way of interacting with device now when I pick up my android phones I try to use it as I we do in iPhones swipe to go back which is cool

    • tiger

      You prefer to have lagging games and StageFright?

  • Modman

    This article doesnt belong here.
    Can’t see cult of Mac review android.
    As for the journalist who wrote it. Kill THE INFADEL!!! Not literally but I would never give up my android freedom for I garbage.

  • Ki Shin

    Not just long press, but widgets too outdoes 3D touch, and has so for a long time.

  • Your Mother

    So I guess this is now iPhone authority.

  • Connor

    Great overview, I think you summed the iPhone 6s very well. It’s nice to read iPhone opinions from primarily Android fans, there is great perspective.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      Not like iphone site right?

      • Connor

        Pretty much! Ironically, an Android site is one of the most objective when it comes to iPhones. IMore is basically the marketing department for Apple at this point. This is coming from an iPhone user btw.

        • Thank you for the kind words! We do try and be objective and being experts in mobile devices (even experts do make the odd mistake of course), we can provide a more objective opinion on the competition. Glad you liked the post!

  • May Czos

    “This year’s iPhone 6S sees Apple ‘improve’ the camera further, with a slightly larger pixel size and more megapixel”

    Incorrect. 6s’s camera has higher megapixel count but pixels are smaller (it’s still 1/3 sensor).

  • Ako Si Doodz

    The big storage of iphone is not compatible the 2gb ram so when the time the storage is fully load of apps, videos, and pictures the system will become slow or preventing system laggy bcoz the ram is too small gb compare to the other devices has 3 or 4gb of ram.

    • Filly Jnr

      Yeah that makes
      0 sense
      like your sentence doesn’t work

    • TheDude

      Do you even computers? do you even english?

  • Paolo T.

    My friend has an iPhone 6 64GB. I have a Galaxy Note 3 with a 64GB card. I love my Note, and I wouldn’t trade it for any other phone for the moment (The new Note disappointed me; it APED the iPhone 6 Plus!) BUT I still envy my friend’s iPhone, if only because the apps are of higher quality than the Android apps.

    – Consider that Spotify Running took MONTHS to arrive on Android after iOS got it. And Podcasts on Spotify is STILL iOS ONLY.
    – iOS games are relatively more forgiving in ads and in-app purchase, if mainly because Apple has stricter guidelines on ads and IAP systems. In most GP Games, ads pop up EVERY OTHER TAP at the screen, or IAP’s are predatory.
    – Apps come to iOS first, run on iOS better, (and sometimes never leave iOS. Look at Instagram’s Hyperlapse app. Sure, we got an HL app from Microsoft, but…)

    I have the horsepower to do more, and I can do more with the Note, but the app (quality) gap is bothersome, and why I still can’t wholly commit to Android as much as I want to,…

    • tiger

      Actually, you do NOT have more horsepower….

      • Paolo T.

        It’s relative.

  • Goos

    You have to be a dumb brainwashed iSheep to pay 750 euros for a phone with a lousy 1.700 mAh battery, a minuscule 4.7″ screen, a tiny 11GB storage and a closed ancient icons OS.

    • Sherpa

      Let people enjoy what they want. You have to be a dumb brainwashed idiot to complain how others spend their money.

    • Sherpa

      To add to what I said earlier, don’t you sometime spend quite a few $$$ or euros on a nice dinner? Couldn’t a homeless person call you a dumb idiot for spending more money than you should for a dinner? Use the same logic!

    • Awayze

      App Store and instant updates, instant repairs/replacement at Apple store are worth it. There are apps that just work better than Android equivalent and the jailbreak community is huge

    • tiger

      Is it better to pay the same amount for 2k/4k display coupled with a processor that overheats and lags because of the stupid engineering decision of using a 2k/4k display?
      Would you pay that much for a phone that lags and has frame drops galore? Well, that is Android flagships.

  • s2weden2000

    worlds slowest graphic transitions …

  • KeyserSoze

    My first impression is that I’m ashamed to be associated with a cult and I’m now known as a retard iSheep who can’t think for myself. I can no longer show my face in public carrying this wussy pink phone and call myself a man, might as well wear high-heels and carry a purse.

    • kcz7

      Its called a Man Purse. . . . and it’s European!! (xD ohhhh Seinfeld, how I love thee)

  • teomor

    iPhone Authority

  • Ariana Williams

    IPhone 6s is great… Smartphone… Everyone should buy this phone..

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  • mgfjd12

    I was expecting to see some wow crazy seamless integration for Apple pay. I use android pay in my galaxy s6 and happy with the effortless action to pay. Have you tried android pay in the galaxy s6? Not competitive yet? Those are big statement for something that is working really good.

    • tiger

      Does Android Pay have the bank support like Apple? No.

      • mgfjd12

        I only use one credit card and that one works great. I don’t care how many banks are supported.

  • joe_m_p

    I was interest in knowing what he thought about the resolution but after reading 750p is there really more to know?

    • tiger

      You prefer 2k displays that lags and have frame drops?

  • Marwa Muhamed

    Why do you bother yourself by reviewing ios . . it’s shame for android authority

    • Sherpa

      A tech person should be interested in all technology. If you want to limit yourself to Android knowledge then you might as well go live in a cave.

  • jtv

    Used to love iPhones and Android the same, switching constantly until the Note 3. Never looked back. The thing I hate most about iPhones is the lack of File Manager. Even after jailbreaking, I would still need the help of a computer to move things around which is frustrating and slow too. Been using an Xperia Z3 now and it is hands down the best phone I have ever used. Smooth OS, front facing speakers, awesome batt life, sd card expansion and because I love travelling around, being able to snap photos underwater is freaking awesome, although Sony highly advise against using it on salt water, mine still works as new after countless of submerging to sea for more than 1 year now. Did not use a case and still looks good as new, cannot say that with my black iPhone 5/5S back then.

  • Hahn Suh

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  • Francis Amaro

    I was an iOS/iPhone user for a long time, I refused so many times to use an Andriod phone, then decided to make the switch two years ago, so when I tried Android for the very first time and saw all this flexibility I felt in love.

  • The impression of iphone 7 is good. People those who want to switch from their Android smartphone to iphone then iphone 7 is a ideal choice.