(Update: Even) more evidence that Android N may drop the app drawer

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 23, 2016

galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-3

Update, February 23: Even more new evidence has arisen: the HTC One X9 doesn’t have an app drawer either, although it does have an option to enable it. While the new Sony Xperia X series does maintain the app drawer, the software is non-final and the Sony Marshmallow concept doing the rounds includes the option for a “classic” or “modern” layout – with or without an app drawer.

Original post, February 21: The evidence supporting the lack of an app drawer in the Android N release is really starting to stack up. The just-announced LG G5 has no app drawer and while the Galaxy S7 does have an app drawer, there is a hidden setting to remove it. All of this is making it look increasingly likely that Google is indeed planning to ditch one of Android’s most recognizable features.

Nougat is here, though getting it to all devices is a whole other story.See also: Android N features: everything confirmed, rumored and expected359

In case you missed it, we recently heard from multiple sources that current pre-release builds of what will eventually become Android 7.0 do not include the app drawer. With two of the biggest smartphone releases of 2016 essentially supporting the no app drawer theory, I think we’re soon going to be getting used to an app drawer-less OS. Or installing custom launchers.

lg g5 first look aa-11


I asked LG why it didn’t include an app drawer option in the LG G5 and was told it would only cause more confusion to have an optional app drawer. Although the Galaxy S7 does include an app drawer, there’s an experimental setting in the Galaxy Labs section of the S7 UI called “show all apps on home screen”. Considering the early access OEMs have to new Android versions, this has to be more than just a coincidence.

The interesting thing is that Samsung is clearly hedging its bets, by including both options with a simple “do you find this useful?” up vote/down vote system for the feature. I cornered a Samsung employee during Unpacked and asked what the likelihood was of Samsung flying in the face of Google’s vision for Android 7.0 if a significant number of respondents wanted to keep the app drawer. Perhaps not surprisingly, no one wanted to be quoted but I was I was told that Samsung is very keen on being responsive to customer feedback right now.


The massive backlash last year surrounding the removal of microSD, water-resistance and a removable battery in the Galaxy S6 was heard loud and clear at Samsung HQ. While Samsung still seems more committed to power optimization over a replaceable battery, the re-introduction of a microSD card slot and IP68 rating in the Galaxy S7 are sure to make it a crowd favorite this year.


If Samsung truly is more interested in delivering what the customer wants over what Google wants, then the results of this simple Galaxy S7 straw poll could very much affect the way the majority of Android users understand the operating system in years to come. If more Galaxy S7 owners say they want to keep the app drawer, then Samsung would be foolish to remove it. After all, the bitter memory of the 2015 mass exodus of Galaxy fans would still be resonating within the company.

samsung galaxy s7 first look aa-14

Because Samsung is practically synonymous with Android, if Samsung does opt to keep the app drawer – even if it reverses the S7 situation and makes the default setting “no app drawer” with an option to enable it – it could put the brakes on Google’s vision in a massive way. By giving away Android, Google can do its best to direct what Android is, but it can’t control the forks or modifications that OEMs bring to it.

s7-g5-thumbSee also: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5 quick look171

Of course, many Asian manufacturers already go against the grain by not including an app drawer even when stock Android does. So if Samsung was to maintain the status quo it would simply be an inversion of the current situation, but one where the world’s largest Android manufacturer by far doesn’t go along with Google’s idea of Android. Considering Samsung Mobile’s complicated forecast for 2016, keeping the fans happy might just be the top priority for a change, so if you buy a Galaxy S7, be sure to make your vote count.

Do you like the app drawer? Do you think Samsung would choose to keep it if the fans want it?

  • Xavier_NYC

    Thank (insert whomever you worship) for 3rd party launchers…

    • Dino Rodriguez

      I guess I’ll be running Nova for the rest of my days… that’ll be a shame, too. I love the Google Launcher.

      • Xavier_NYC

        Yeah, I like the Google Now launcher as well but Nova isn’t a bad substitute… Running Nova right now

      • CraftyBoy GT

        same here. no more easy access news and updates :'(

  • DBS

    I’m glad Samsung hasn’t got rid of it and the fact that the G5 did was actually another negative point for me (actually, it broke the deal completely when added to the horrible new UI colours and the horrendous hardware design).

    If Google is moronic enough to get rid of the app drawer on Android N just to copy the damn iPhone, then I might have to reconsider my switch from Windows Phone to Android. Yes, I can use a Launcher and Nova is a blessing on the app store to fix the G4 already, HOWEVER, I should NOT be forced to use another launcher – or worse, a custom ROM – just to make the phone NOT work like a dumb iPhone.
    If I wanted the dumbed down iPhone experience…I’d buy a bloody iPhone.

    • Markoff

      i think you don’t understand that main difference is customization and not some default settings, good luck installing alternative launcher in ios

      • DBS

        I think you don’t understand that the likes of the G5 are actually going towards a path that strips customization out of Android, you’re missing the bigger picture here.

        • You’re 100% right! LG doesn’t want you changing anything. I bought a G4 after losing my GS6 and with the GS6 I had absolutely zero drama flashing custom ROM’s and changing what I felt like but the G4 six months down the track STILL has a locked bootloader after LG basically promising they would allow it. They did but only to a very small subset of devices (Euro models).

    • vahdyx

      Oh man you’re so entitled to not have to be forced to use a launcher or turn on a setting to get the app drawer back.

      Maybe you should be on iPhone or Windows phone with that lazy attitude.

      • DBS

        “or turn on a setting to get the app drawer back”

        You do realise that the G5 doesn’t have a setting to able and disable the app drawer, right?
        Also, you do realise 99% of Android users do NOT “customise” their phones, right? They don’t install launchers and the majority probably doesn’t even know what a Launcher is.

        By the way, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. I have used Windows Phone (when Nokia was around) and not even Windows Phone forces you to put up with all your apps on the home screen. Only the iPhone does that.

        Maybe YOU should lose your sense of entitlement and understand that the average non-nerd customer doesn’t use the phones like you do.

        • Matt.benz16

          Yes, can you please send me all your documentation showing the 99% of android users do not customize their phones? Is this research you have already conducted or is their a website I can see this? Thanks

          • DBS

            1.4 billion Android users.
            You do the maths and the research. It’s not that hard. I’m sure you have lots of friends with Android. Pick a bunch of them, ask each of them which customization have they done and there you have your statistic ;)

          • Rod

            So his friends represent 1.4bi users?

    • Svend Erik Nygaard

      Well, I’m very happy for the app drawer.
      But I can see why people coming from iOS can be confused by it. I switched from iPhone to Android (Nexus 6P) in November. That was pure joy by the way :-).
      I would miss the app drawer. And I certainly hope that I will still be able to:
      +++ hide the app icon when I don’t need it on my home screen. That may be because I rarely use an app – or because it runs in the background and I only use it for configuration –** OR it may be because I never use the main app icon but only a widget (like I do with my calendar app and my shopping list).
      +++ have the same app icon placed in multiple folders (for using the same app in different contexts)

    • ummm, the G5 has an app drawer, Search harder and take back your whole comment :P

      EasyHome launcher *cough* *cough*

      • DBS

        No, I will not take back a single word.
        Every single person who filmed the device showed that not only it doesn’t have an app drawer, it doesn’t have the option to enable one like the S7 does. So it’s your words – the words of some random guy on the internet – against video proof ;)

        • …. Check XDA’s TK video on youtube. eh, now take back your words! XP
          The reviewers are stupid anyway. They pull out the G5’s battery without turning it off correctly -.-

          • DBS

            I won’t take them because the app drawer is NOT on the normal LG launch. Having it on “EasyHome” is NOT a solution for an idiotic decision. Just like “Simple Home” on Xperias isn’t either.

            As for what reviewers do…well, most users will do the same. The modular idea is nice but I think it was an oversight by LG to not have a two stage release control of the module. One releases the module, the other the battery.

          • I never talked of solution…. Only wanted to point out that there is an App Drawer. Also who uses stock launcher anyway these days?

            Who knows maybe LG will fix this 2 stage release, the G5 we’ve seen at MWC is not the final product. I would NEVER pull out the battery without turning if off personally :O That’s cruel. lol

          • DBS

            There isn’t an app drawer on the LG Launcher. There’s one on an alternative Launcher but then again, so is there on Nova, or Apex or alikes.

            “Also who uses stock launcher anyway these days?”
            Actually, the vast majority of Android users ;)
            I used the stock Launcher on Xperias, for example. Because I didn’t need an alternative. And on the G4, the only reason I ditched the stock Launcher for Nova was because I couldn’t stand the horrible colours of the folders.

          • PS:
            “Every single person who filmed the device showed that not only it doesn’t have an app drawer”


            I proved you wrong and the device has it ;) Now take back your words! haha (Y)

          • DBS

            No, mate, you didn’t. You proved that the simplified version of the UI, with bigger fonts etc, has it. But the NORMAL UI does not have it. And since the normal launcher is the one 99% of the people use, 99% of the people will NOT find the app drawer.

            And this will also apply to the new LG X phones, because the app drawer was also removed from the LG Launcher there.

            So, again, no, I’m not taking anything back ;)

          • nuuuu i don’t agree take back your words! hahaha

            you said “the phone” and not “the NORMAL UI”!

            XD anyway, chillax, i’m not here to search for arguments. :)

      • GovernorSlomo

        Easy Home is not a viable solution unless you are 75 years old and you need everything on the screen blown up to freakish size. It looks like hot garbage.

        • I never talked about solution! Ugh, just pointing out that there is an App Drawer!! The solution are the countless amount of launcher available on the Play Store obviously.

          • GovernorSlomo

            How is a 3rd party launcher the solution when it breaks functionality of every single LG widget. Some of which are useful like quick memo, etc. The bottom line is abandoning the app drawer is pointless. Its being done to try to appeal to the Apple crowd who like the ridiculous way IOS stores everything right on your home screen.

          • Quick Memo does not have a widget lol.

            Honestly native LG Widgets are not so great, there is very few in fact.

            Smart Bulletin is neat though.

            Just don’t bash LG too much..

            Maybe it’s something that Google strongly pointed out to manufacturers. Even Samsung has it hidden to enable it.

            Eventually ALL Android phone won’t have it.

            So the culprit is Google, not LG

    • fd21

      But the app drawer is still there on the G5. Just see the YouTube video on XDA Developers page.

  • LastKings31

    It’s easy to fix. Create a folder put all your apps in it. Put the folder at the bottom of the screen where the messaging and calling apps are and use it as your app drawer! It’s the same thing

    • Nadia Al-Belushi

      LOL, brilliant! That’s exactly what I did on my Huawei Mate 8. :-D

      Honestly, it’s no big deal if Android 7 doesn’t come with an app drawer. There are far more important issues for Android right now, such as multi-window support, Chrome OS integration, etc.

      • vahdyx

        If I didn’t know any better you’re trying to secretly draw a penis with your comment.


      • CraftyBoy GT

        multi-window support is an issue? more like a luxury. a nice one though

      • Markoff

        you know there is thing called launcher (Apex or Nova are the best by consensus) and you can install it on your Huawei to get rid of Huawei crap

    • Bob F

      Which is fine, but I would rather just not have to mess with it when I install an app I don’t want to look at all the time.

      • TheSpaceUnicorn

        Then put the apps you don’t want to look at all the time on a new page by themselves, that way you’ll never have to scroll over to that page and see them again.

        • Bob F

          I know all the work-arounds. Doesn’t change the fact that I’d just rather have an app drawer.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            Then install a launcher with an app drawer. This is literally a non issue.

    • Sayed ahamed


    • rheerani

      Whoa!!! That was a stroke of genius!!!

  • Apury

    Do we have any information about the silver models? I can only preorder every other color in my country.

  • mogelijk

    I think Google getting rid of the app drawer is the Android equivalent of Microsoft getting rid of the start button/menu on Windows 8. We saw how it worked out for Microsoft. The difference is, people actually have choices for a phone OS that are already missing app drawers. In fact, this could be just the opening Microsoft needs to increase their share of the phone market — if (big if) they can take advantage — though more likely it will just push many to iPhone.

    • Markoff

      you know there are tons of alternative launchers, if you don’t like the one from google or LG nobody stop you from installing apex or Nova which you should install anyway, no matter what’s status of so drawer

      start menu is different case because it’s part of system and replacing it is quite unofficial compared to launchers

      • Jakob Mitchell

        I think everyone should try custom launchers when they switch to android. But not everyone needs to use them, like me who used to always root and custom Rom, now i haven’t even rooted my One m9 because for me it is perfect stock. ?

    • Qubusify

      If one won’t have an app drawer in Android, why would one go for Apple which has no app drawer either o.O?

      • Rob

        Apple is very fluid (as android is sometimes but not always), and has more polished apps available.

        I’m with those, though, who don’t like superfluous icons on the screen to wade through.

        I like my iPad Pro for its polished apps, and the Apple Pencil is great.

        But for phones, with limited screen real estate, widgets and the ability to leave rarely-used icons OFF the screen are what draws me to android. And most of the widgets functionality is now available in the drop down menu in iOS. This means that, without the app drawer, for some of us, Android ceases to be superior in convenience, and they become equals.

        Then, with them being equals in convenience, fluidity and app design become the ruling factors, making the ios device a no brainer.

    • Nickname303

      Hmmmm, I think you need to give Android users more credit. Rather than move to Apple just because Android loses its app drawer, might I suggest that they possess the intelligence to simply download a launcher that will instantly give them back their app drawer? Losing the app drawer is hardly a big enough reason to jump ship to Apple, when the problem can be remedied within minutes, is it?!

      • Dn Bro

        Isn’t iOS the same thing? No app drawer. Why would they move to iOS. I would think a move to Windows is more likely then.

        • Nickname303

          Yeah, exactly, that’s what I was saying, in reply to someone who had suggested that people might be tempted to go to Apple just because the app drawer has gone!

        • Rob

          Fluid performance. I sacrifice apples fluidity for androids convenience. And with Google Now launcher, Androids fluidity is passable. Ivery never had anything but frequent stuttering with Nova.

          Lack of an app drawer takes away Androids convenience edge, and using nova gives apple a performance edge.

  • Mike Witkowski

    Seriously, the S7 won’t get N this year and I’d bet that the S8 comes out before Samsung and its carriers push Android N to the S7. The S7 has an app drawer because it’s going to be on 6.0.1 Marshmallow for the next 14+ months. #Nexus6PFTW

  • Durga Pokala

    Please, Google, if you are listening, don’t do this. If I wanted boring, monotonous, pages of apps without customization, I’d buy an iPhone. There’s a reason I bought an Android phone. If it an’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • TheSpaceUnicorn

      boring, monotonous, pages of apps without customization and having an app drawer are not mutually exclusive. You can absolutly ditch the app drawer without having “boring, monotonous, pages of apps without customization”

      • Ichibanmugen

        Not sure what you’re on about. If the vendor’s launcher doesn’t include an App drawer and you need/want one you will have to turn to customization. i.e. an alternative launcher.

        • vahdyx

          Exactly not sure why this is the end of the world for people. Go Nova, Action, etc. who’s saying Google won’t add a switch like Samsung to turn it on or off.

          If it’s (the app drawer) defaulted off, casuals can enjoy the simplicity, iPhone switchers can enjoy the intuition, and vets can turn it (app drawer) back on.

          • Ichibanmugen

            Exactly, but google isn’t fond of given a ton of options either, look at the Google Launcher, it is good and bad at the same time, good for a tiny screen but the proportions on a large screen are awful.

          • hmilles

            Yes, i’ve got a Moto X (2015) and i instantly switched to Nova from Google Now Launcher, because the Google Now Launcher only allows 4×4 apps on a page, what is joke on a 5.7″ screen

          • Enrique

            I have 5×5 apps on my Nexus 5X, I think this depends on the dpi setting of the device which is up to the manufacturer? But it would be nice if this was configurable.

          • hmilles

            Motorola, Moto X 2015, 1440p display. And there is no option, to configure, how many icons do you want. Thats because i use Nova

          • Avi Seth

            Reduce the dpi. The phone looks sexier AF.

          • Kigerone

            I believe Google will make up their mind with one and run with it. They like simplicity and fluidity. Easiest way to do that is limiting options; keeping things minimal. Let 3rd party apps be what they will and cater to whom they will.

        • TheSpaceUnicorn

          Right, which means a launcher not having an app drawer is a non issue.

          However, I was talking about the fact that avoiding “boring, monotenous, pages of apps without customization” doesn’t require having a launcher with an app drawer.

          • Ichibanmugen

            You could be right I guess it depends on how you setup your preferences. My home screen is pretty clean and I use a single one. with a few folders with apps and the rest is in my app drawer which I either don’t use much but want to find it quickly (alphabetically ordered) I know many people tend to place literally everything in folders. Just like my computer it’s quick launch or task bar with the apps I see a lot while having the startmenu filled up with the rest or on the MAC with I think it was called launchpad. But yes each persons way of working differs..

      • Dn Bro

        I wonder if you’re going to have the option to hide apps then?

  • Terry “T.j.” McKeel

    While I agree that Android does have it’s fair share of issues, this is a big reason I love it. Why would you want to essentially become an iPhone? We already moved on to these full Metal designs, where every phone basically looks the same, no need to make them work basically the same as well. I SHOULD NOT be be forced to download a third party launcher because you think we want one of the trademark features of Androids removed. Keep the app drawer.

    • Markoff

      trademark feature of Android is customization, not that your default ROM opted for app drawer or not, the whole point is that on every android phone your experience can be different and it doesn’t really matter what’s default behavior on nexus line which has essentially zero sales compared to rest of the market

      • GovernorSlomo

        One issue with the “just add Nova or some other launcher” is it breaks the functionality of lots of apps that I find useful. I use the quick memo widget all the time. Like every day for something or another. When I install Nova, that widget is no longer available to me, thus rendering it a useless “solution”. There is no good reason to remove the app drawer other than to try and show iPhone users that Android isn’t just for “nerds” and the transition will be nice and easy.

    • Nickname303

      Ok then fine, spend your whole time hating the experience of using your phone just because your principles tell you that you shouldn’t have to download anything to make your experience how you want it. Alternatively, you could download a launcher and have the problem solved in around a minute. Its your choice. You see, the whole thing about Android is how customisable it is. Even if Google decides to change the OS in a way that you don’t like, you can just change it back to how it was if you want to with a simple app download. You couldn’t do that with an iPhone could you?!

  • Marc Perrusquia

    Good thing I use Nova.

  • Brock

    The only reason I liked the app drawer was to put all the unwanted apps in. I can basically do the same thing with folder in the home screen. No big deal.

    • Heiro78

      Disagree, now you’ll have to do that with every new app you install

      • TheSpaceUnicorn

        Big deal?

    • Fred

      No app drawer = You got to do it yourself = Clumsy homescreen
      App Drawer= The phone does it for you = Smart homescreen
      So when you got more than 50 apps, that s a big deal

      • TheSpaceUnicorn

        Having an app drawer doesn’t set up your home screens for you, you still have to do that yourself.

        • CraftyBoy GT

          he never said it set up homescreens. it keeps the app in the drawer instead of having it stuck on the homescreen, making it look like clutter.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            Putting the apps on another home screen gets rid of the clutter problem that people keep bringing up. This is literally a non issue that people are making a big deal out of.

          • CraftyBoy GT

            it’s the thing that Android is changing a “trademark” feature that made Android stand out. The App drawer makes things easier imo, and it never made things difficult (when you could search after lollipop if you had a lot of apps)

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            than use a launcher that has it, again, this is a non issue.

          • CraftyBoy GT

            do you think google would want consumers to rely on other third-party launchers? like i said. the fact that a very known feature to android is changing has gotten people saying stuff about it. Im not talking about the use out of it (for this reply), i’m talking about its legacy from each sweet version of android.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            I’m sure Google is well aware of the fact that the vast majority of Android users aren’t using the Google Now Launcher, and I doubt that troubles them in any way shape or form, because, you know, one of the hallmark features of Android is customization and, in terms of revenue, Google wins regardless of what launcher you use.

            I just hate how resistant to change people are, let it play out and happen before jumping to conclusions about it. After all, for all we know, this could not even be true, or just be an idea they’re thinking about now and might change their minds later on. People made a huge fuss about Google swapping to a vertical app drawer, and it turned out to be a non issue for everyone because either you liked it or you swapped launchers. I fail to see how this is any different.

          • CraftyBoy GT

            50+ million is still a lot of users. And the change between how something functions versus taking it out all together is very different. Yes, it could be all a rumor that doesn’t even take place as the evidence given here was from only 2 Android OEMs and on their skin as well. But that app drawer leads to android’s customization too. Maybe having the choice or freedom to remove the drawer if that made it easier could come into play, but having it gone is different. I, again, don’t want to rely on an app in the Play Store to use as my launcher unless I really have to because I’d rather have Android from Google with it’s launcher from Google.

          • pjtpjt

            Do you work for Apple? Because you make a huge disservice to Google by showing that it has the same fanboys who would swallow anything.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            Does Google not have the same fanboys that would swallow anything?

          • pjtpjt

            Samsung does, HTC did, but so far Android wasn’t a lifestyle choice as much it was choosing the best solution for people’s needs. So agreeing unconditionally to everything that gets into stock Android is kinda new to me.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            “So agreeing unconditionally to everything that gets into stock Android”

            I don’t think anyone does that, except for maybe some of the really dedicated Nexus fanboys.

          • pjtpjt

            Well, you keep replying to everybody to hammer into those thick heads that are “resistant to change” and “jumping to conclusions” that this is a “non issue”. IMHO a lot of people prefer clean and functional home screens as opposed to cramming everything into it. But to each his own, I understand that. What I don’t understand is defending it this vehemently.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            “IMHO a lot of people prefer clean and functional home screens as opposed to cramming everything into it.”
            I understand that and those people can find a launcher that offers that.

            I’m not defending it, I’m just pointing out that it’s, IMO, stupid to make such a big deal about it like some people are because:
            1. We don’t even know if it’s going to happen or not
            2. 3rd party app launchers are a thing and I doubt they’re going anywhere.

          • pjtpjt

            “I understand that and those people can find a launcher that offers that”
            The difference is, that *if* this happens they’ll *have to*.
            But as I wrote above it’s not your opinion that I don’t understand, but the vehemency you want to change other people’s opinions to yours. It was exactly the same on the Galaxy S6 comments where people said too bad Samsung took away the SD card slot. And there was a version of you who replied to almost everybody just how wrong they are, because that is the way of things. Which is even more sad now since Samsung *did* bring back the SD card.
            A lot of people post here voicing their concern so maybe Google will listen to it now, and not just after a year, like Samsung had to. What is your point in explaining to everybody that they are wrong to do this?

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            The difference is, there’s no alternative to the sd card not being in the S6. If you got an S6 that was that, you had no sd card slot and there was nothing you could do about it. However, as far as the possible removal of the app drawer goes, there are tons of alternatives and other launchers you can get if you really want the app drawer. Also, as far as having to get another launcher if this happens goes, honestly, how many people making a huge deal out of this don’t already use something other than the Google Now Launcher? Anyone who isn’t using the Google Now Launcher has no room to complain about having to install a third party launcher.

            I’m not saying anyone is wrong about voicing concern about wanting an app drawer, nothing I’ve said has been directed at people like that. What I do have issues with is all the people here acting like they’re done with Android, that their home screens are automatically going to become cluttered, or that there won’t be anything to separate Android from iOS if Google gets rid of the app drawer in their own launcher and acting like there’s nothing they can do about it. As far I’m concerned, those people are wrong, and should absolutely wait until Google implements the change, if they even do, before complaining about it.

          • pjtpjt

            “I’m not saying anyone is wrong about voicing concern about wanting an app drawer, nothing I’ve said has been directed at people like that.”

            So it’s not them who are “resistant to change” then?

            “However, as far as the possible removal of the app drawer goes, there are tons of alternatives and other launchers you can get if you really want the app drawer.”

            Such was using the cloud, or copying stuff on an OTG USB drive, in the case of the S6. Nobody said there were no solutions to the problem. People just questioned the decision that made this problem. And there were people who took up as their job to teach them that it’s *not* a problem *at all*. just as you are doing it now.
            It is a problem for enough people, those who don’t like, don’t trust custom launchers, and as well don’t want to pay for custom launchers. They have all the right to think like that, regardless how that makes you feel.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            Remind me again how Google only being rumored to remove the app drawer in only the Google Now Launcher is a legitimate problem. They have all the right to say and feel what they say, just like do.

          • pjtpjt

            I beg your pardon?

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            I was saying the people being really negative about Android as a whole simply because Google may or may not ditch the app drawer in their specifc launcher do have all the right to say and feel what they say, just like I have all the right to say and feel what I say.

          • pjtpjt

            If that’s what rocks your boat… IMHO you shouldn’t tell everybody personally, we all read the comments, but as you wish.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            Good thing I didn’t even try to tell everybody then, huh? I only replied to a handful of people.

    • vahdyx

      I guess I’m more curious as to why you’re installing apps you don’t want.

      For me like I mentioned in my post, most android enthusiast will root and fix it if it’s not an option to turn on, or download a launcher. It’s not a big deal. Takes 30 seconds.

      • Brock

        If you buy anything expect a nexus, you have all these unwanted apps. Download a icon pack or wallpaper pack there’s another app that I’m not going to use but maybe a few times. Another example is the doze app, I used it with the note 3. Once activated never need to go back into the app. All of these and the Verizon crap needs to be put somewhere out of the way. My note was running 5.0 so I couldn’t root the phone, top of the line android phones are getting as hard to root as a iPhone is to jailbreak.

        • vahdyx

          I can respect your views. For me and my Note 5 (when I had it) I used package disabler, which as the name suggests, disabled apps. It was only for Samsung phones however. There’s another method that uses a PC that can disable apps that you can’t disable in the application setting even without root.

          I haven’t tried this method, but people swear by it. I am pretty much limited to Samsung, Apple, and Nexus going forward.

  • Fred

    People claiming that a folder on the home screen is enough don’t realise the usefulness of the app drawer.
    Coming from iPhone I did not like the app drawer at all. And with the time I learnt how to love it: It is just like having a assistant who automatically do the cleaning for you.

    • balcobomber25

      I feel the opposite. I was a long time fan of the app drawer until I realize how much easier it is to have everything organized into folders on the home screen. Now when I am looking for an app I don’t need to scroll through every app, I know Google Play Music is in the Entertainment Folder, Calculator is in the Utilities Folder etc.

      • CraftyBoy GT

        Google Now launcher lets you search for any specific app you have. And if you don’t want to have a bunch of folders or pages, then just have your main apps on the homescreen, some side/extra apps on the left/right, then the bloatware or rarely used crap in the app drawer. You can then see your wallpaper.

        • balcobomber25

          I dont need to search I know exactly which folder each app is in. I can even create a folder for nothing but bloatware and hide it from the desktop. I also have multiple home screens so i can always see my wallpaper.

          • CraftyBoy GT

            Ok then. I just don’t want all those homescreens but that is an alternative

          • rheerani

            Actually IIRC GNL doesn’t allow empty homescreens :P

          • balcobomber25

            I dont use GNL, if I use a launcher it’s Nova all the way. But right now I use the stock one that came with my phone that is app drawer free.

          • rheerani

            I have went different way, I have a custom live wallpaper interactive home screen, and with nova I use gestures for app search and app drawer, with my home screen empty otherwise.

      • King_Android

        But you can still have the app drawer and have those folders you speak of. So what’s the point of removing it? Nobody can tell me the benefit of having basically one icon removed. That’s all the app drawer is is just one app on the screen. So if you remove it you’re telling your consumers you want them to have hundreds of apps on their screen at all times. So what’s one more?

        • Markoff

          majority of users don’t have hundreds of apps in their phones

          • King_Android

            Ok still 20 apps. What’s 1 more icon. Again nobody has a real benefit all they are giving arethe same dumb reasons. People I see are smoking that good shit.

          • Markoff

            it’s about consistency, it can be confusing for user to see apps on screens and then in drawer, what’s the point for duplicity? i guess this would be google reasoning to make experience more consistent and smooth by limiting options, after all unhappy users can easily install their preferred launcher with all drawer in few clicks from play store

        • balcobomber25

          You can still have the app drawer, there are literally hundreds of custom launchers that feature an app drawer. Nova and Action are at the top of that list.

          • King_Android

            Again that’s a stupid response. As most android users don’t know what a launcher even is let alone have to download it just to get that functionality they once had with their “galaxy android phone” again most android users love customization but aren’t techies. This is taking away Androids core values that actually made it great and differentied it from iOS which is what gave them this rise to fame.

          • balcobomber25

            “Most Android users don’t know what a launcher is”. For someone who calls himself “King Android” you see to know very little about Android. How do you explain the following if no one knows what a launcher is:

            Go Launcher – 500 million+ downloads ( 6 million ratings on Play store)
            Google Now Launcher – 100 million+ downloads (600,000 ratings)
            Apex Launcher – 50 million+ downloads (200,000 ratings)
            Nova Launcher – 50 million + downloads (700,000 ratings)
            CM Launcher – 100 million+ downloads (2 million ratings)
            Hola Launcher – 500 million + downloads (2.5 million ratings)

            That is only 6 launchers out of hundreds that are available that total over 1 billion downloads and over 10 million people rating it on the Play Store. Yea most users don’t know what a launcher is. Next tell us that most users don’t know what a Browser is or what YouTube is.

          • King_Android

            Crazy that’s lifetime downloads and across all platforms. It doesn’t represent each individual for all of their devices. Those numbers might only touch 15% of all Android users. I see you truly don’t understand Android nor how it works or what made it great. Lmao and when you wrote that mess you actually believed it huh. Sorry bro that’s not every android users and seeing how I teach Android workshops on All of the benefits of Androids I can tell you most Android users don’t know what a launcher is until you explain it to them. And again there are over 1.5 billion android users and but only 10 million people rating on all of those launchers. Now do the quick break down in math of the percentage of total android users to the ratings. That’s is closer to the number of individuals that have downloaded a launcher as you can only have one rating per email address for an app. That’s comparing apples to apples. Not that obscured response you just regergetated

          • balcobomber25

            I see you truly don’t understand Android, you need to change your name from “king Android” to “Android Joker”. What made Android great was that it was fully customizable and wasn’t locked down like iOS. Removing your precious app drawer doesn’t change that one bit. Maybe the “Android Joker” doesn’t know what a launcher is but there are hundreds of millions of users that do.

          • King_Android

            So if I want my honescreen completely empty that’s not customizing it? You are sounding more like a retard bro.

          • balcobomber25

            Sure is and there are apps that allow you to do that. The only retard is you, Android Joker!

          • KXSOO

            You can’t use those figures as an accurate way to gauge how many people are aware of them. Using myself as an example I have downloaded used and 10 – 20 different launchers but that doesn’t mean 10-20 people know about launchers it means 1 person knows of 10 – 20 launchers. I’d assume the figure would be a fraction of the accumulated figures you posted.

          • balcobomber25

            What we can use is the second number I provided in parenthesis, number of ratings. The percentage of consumers that rate apps is low and some of those apps have millions of ratings. Some research suggests less than 5% actually leave reviews of apps, some even say it’s closer to 1%. Using that alone we can see that hundreds of millions of people know about and use launchers.

          • DBS

            Download counts do not translate real usage of the Launchers.
            I’ve downloaded every single one of those launchers. So I counted 1 download on each of those launchers. But I only use one of them. Like me, almost everyone did the same. Download them all to pick your favourite.

            And there are 1.4 billion Android users. So now you do the maths.

          • balcobomber25

            There is an analytical firm that does research on custom launcher use (among other things), Flurry. In 2014 alone there was 30 million users a month just in the US that were using custom launchers and there was over 4500 custom launchers available on the Play store. That number had more than doubled from 2013 and was expected to double again for 2015. You can find their research around the internet (AA doesn’t allow links). The notion that no on knows about launchers is laughable.

          • DBS

            No, it’s not. Again, 30 million users in a pool of 1.4 BILLION is a very small number.

          • balcobomber25

            30 million is just the US, there is not 1.4 billion people in the USA. In 2014 the population of the US was 318 million. Total smartphone usage was around 170 million. In 2014 Android had around a 55% market share for OS usage in the US. That means out of a total smartphone market in the US of around 93 million people, 30 million were using a custom launcher. 1 out of every 3 Android users used a custom launcher in the US in 2014. You do the math.

          • DBS

            Here’s a hint: there’s World outside the USA ;)

          • balcobomber25

            Here’s a hint you’re wrong and you can’t accept it. We can extrapolate these numbers for worldwide usage. Android usage isn’t different in the US than it is in China, Japan or India. Here’s another hint, I live and travel around the world and work in the mobile industry. Customization is just as big if not bigger outside the US.

          • DBS

            No, I’m not. I just answered you in another comment on why I’m not.

            Also, “Android usage isn’t different in the US than it is in China, Japan or India.”. Yes. Yes it is. VERY different. You know there’s a reason why OEMs do Android devices with variations of the OS a certain way in Asia and another way in the West, right? Also, you do know most Android devices in China don’t even have the Play Store, right?
            Here’s another hint: you’re not the only one ;)

          • balcobomber25

            You do know that most Android in Devices have the Baidu Store which offers nearly all of the apps that are in the app store? You know that most of the most popular launchers are developed by Chinese companies? You do know that there are dozens of alternative play stores besides Baidu that all offer apps?

          • DBS

            And? That only makes those numbers even less reliable. The fact that I can have more than an app store on the phone and thus make downloads count on more than one store just inflates the numbers of launcher “users”.

          • balcobomber25

            Go Launcher 293 million individual users out of 1 billion users. You can try to spin it anyway you want but 30% for just one launcher speaks volumes. People know about launchers.

          • DBS

            There aren’t 293 million users. There are 293 million people who registered with Go. Different things.

          • balcobomber25

            293 million people means, 293 million people know about Go Launcher. It doesn’t matter if they used it once or use it monthly. 293 million people downloaded it and registered with Go. This argument isn’t about how many people actively use a launcher. It’s about whether or not Android users know about Launchers, which they clearly do. You are hung up on the “active users” part.

          • rheerani

            They’re being a brick-wall, they don’t realize how much apps advertise and how many people actually use that advertisement! CM’s clean master (or something like that) has so many users, even in my friends, I find it amazing that so many of my friends would install something like that!

            And being from India I can corroborate, at least from my perspective how many people use launchers. Now it’s obviously not perfect way to gauge usage, but still, launchers are a big piece of the android app market, alongside games and other customization apps.

          • balcobomber25

            Clean Master is on almost every phone of novice users that I know. As soon as I see it I uninstall it lol.

          • rheerani

            Same here!

          • balcobomber25

            According to Go Launcher themselves they had 293 million individual users in 200 different countries in 2013 alone when they filed for their IPO. Those are just users that actually registered with them. It’s okay you just weren’t aware how big launcher usage really is, it happens.

          • DBS

            Yeah, 293 “users” since 2010. However only around 42 million were active users.
            You may want to try and twist the numbers to fit your opinion, but that seldom works ;)

          • balcobomber25

            I dont need to twist any numbers. The argument isn’t about how many active users there are, it’s about how many people know about launchers. 293 million individual people (this number doesn’t count people using it multiple times) out of a total smartphone population of 1 billion (using 2013 numbers) means that nearly 30% of Android users knew about Go Launcher at some point. And that is only one launcher. Like you said most users, download and try more than one launcher. That 293 also doesn’t count people who downloaded it, didn’t like it and never registered with Go.

          • balcobomber25

            “There are over 4,500 launchers in the Google Play Store and their usage is increasing quickly. According to data by Flurry, in the first quarter of this year users have spent more time using launchers than they did in the whole of 2013. And there’s still most of March to go before the end of the quarter!”

            “This is still the early days – in the US, there are about 30 million monthly users of Android launchers. Still, if the growth stays at this rate, the number should get much higher pretty quickly.”

          • DBS

            1 – Once again, the USA isn’t the World.
            2 – How does that “Flurry” acquire data? What’s the method used?
            3 – “users have spent more time using launchers than they did in the whole of 2013”, if in 2013 two people used a launcher and in January 2014 seven people did, that may seem like amazing growth…until you realise they’re in a pool of 100000 people WORLDWIDE.
            4 – “in the US, there are about 30 million monthly users of Android launchers” again, US isn’t the World. And since there’s an average of 2 phones per person in developed countries, that means launcher users in the US are likely only 15 million. And again, even IF there were 30 million individual users in the US, 30 million in Europe and 30 million in Asia, they’d still represent less than 10% of the total of Android users Worldwide.

          • GovernorSlomo

            3rd party launchers break functionality of the OEM ROM’s. How exactly is this a solution? I have been using LG phones since the G2. I use the quick memo widget daily and have for years. With Nova, that widget doesn’t exist. Again, this isn’t a fix.

    • Redisqovered

      And that folder on the home screen is the same thing… a button you press that shows all your apps. At least the app drawer lets us search and hide things, vs a simple folder which pukes them out.

  • subm

    Google should let users toggle app drawer on or off in setting

    • vahdyx

      I agree, but they should have it off by default IMO for the casual market

      • King_Android

        Why? What is the benefit of not having an app drawer?

        • Matthew Merrick

          To make people who actually wanted to own an iPhone but didn’t because of reason xyz feel more comfortable with their purchase. That is the ONLY reason

          • Chesz Heaven-

            To make it more MY PHONE and distinguish it from a tablet. App Drawer is so generic that you cant even differentiate a tablet from a smartphone (sarcasm intended). I am ok for a tablet running with app drawer but not for my phone. And it’s not because I badly wanted an iphone but I cant afford like your stupid reasoning..

        • vahdyx

          I can say something similar, “what’s the benefit of keeping an app drawer?”

          Organization, cleaner look, his apps you don’t wanna see? These are great points, but not impossible without an app drawer.

          The benefit from the way I see it is a more intuitive layout for those that have an iPhone and want to try Android. Like I mentioned in my original post I know of plenty of people that look at my Android phone in awe because they don’t understand how to use it.

          Granted a less than one second verbal queue educates them, but in my opinion, this isn’t a bad thing for people. If it’s defaulted this way and for us regular Android users we have to go to a setting and turn app drawer on, how is this such an inconvenience if it’s less intimidating for android virgins?

          • King_Android

            But what about the 100s of millions of existing Android users that wouldn’t know to turn that setting on. They will be looking for the app drawer and if its not there which hasn’t been true for years then it could very frustrate them to move platforms because maybe they don’t want to have that feature of every app being on their honescreen and believe it or not most android users arent techie, so they won’t know to turn it on. Again why fix what’s not broken. Its just a stupid app icon. Why remove it. You can still have these folders and the app drawer. Just have the settings where all downloaded and system apps gets I stalled on the hone screen or into folders. But don’t completely the most differenting feature between iPhone and android. Don’t piss off existing android users.

  • vahdyx

    Please Google, if you’re doing this, Please do this! In my opinion it doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I prefer the app drawer, but for me, I’ll just get a launcher. Nova, Action, etc. For the casual, like my fiancee, mother, grandmother, etc. they’ll have a more “intuitive” reaction to the system since they’re all iPhone users.

    Personally, I feel if you like Android, you’ll just get a launcher, if Google changes the Google Launcher to behave this way, give it time and root developers will revert it, or someone on the Play Store will make a “Google Classic Launcher” or something.

    For us, it makes no difference. I put Nova on all my phones no matter what it is, even Nexus’ so it doesn’t bother me.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Looks like Nova Launcher will reach over a hundred million downloads faster than we thought.

    • balcobomber25

      Maybe, maybe not. A number of Android ROM’s have done away with the App drawer over the past few years. There already is a hundred million people that don’t use it.

      • Kawshik Ahmed

        There are two Huawei phone in my house that didn’t have app drawer so both phone now use Nova Launcher.

        • balcobomber25

          There is a Xiaomi and a Meizu phone in my house that didn’t have app drawer and still don’t. What is your point?

          • CraftyBoy GT

            i don’t think there was a “point” for say. It was more of a general statement

          • Nickname303

            Let me explain things to you. This is a comments section where people give their views and make statements. Their views won’t necessarily be the same as yours. If you don’t like that why are you even here?

          • balcobomber25

            Says the guy who doesn’t agree with my comment. The irony in your comment is hilarious.

          • Nickname303

            Hahaha, what’s hilarious is that you are unable to understand the situation. Where did i say that i dont agree with any of your views? I was merely pointing out that you seemed to be butthurt, asking what was the point of someone’s comment, just because they had the audacity to make a statement that went against what you were saying. Either that, or you truly didn’t see the point of what they were saying, in which case I have to question your intelligence because the point that they were making was plainly obvious. Either way, you’re not making yourself look good here lol. Calling someone out for making a comment in a comments section, now THATS irony :)

          • Cicero

            Do you like unused items to be on unused folder on your screen? Like G settings or Hangout dialer? Or sim card app? I don’t want this.

          • balcobomber25

            I don’t have any unused apps on my phones. I only keep the apps I use on a daily basis.

          • Cicero

            And where do you keep the rest unusued? Like Hangout dialer?

          • balcobomber25

            I dont use a Nexus phone so I don’t have hangout dialer.

    • TheSpaceUnicorn

      Eh, I’d rather use Google Now Launcher without an app drawer than swap to Nova.

      • Markoff

        why, what google crap knows which Nova / apex don’t? google launcher is inferior for years, actually even stock google roms are inferior to custom roms

        • TheSpaceUnicorn

          In your opinion.

          • Dusan

            I share his opinion.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            And? If anything you just proved my point that it’s all subjective.

          • DBS

            I also share his opinion.

        • Avi Seth

          Proportionate app icons. Proper looking app drawer icon. Swipe left to Google Now.

        • T.J.

          In general I prefer Nova, but I wouldn’t call Google’s launcher crap or inferior. With Nova, when I use the swipe down gesture to show notifications, it crawls. They haven’t been able to fix it yet, I guess.

      • Berean Smith

        Google now Launcher will Drop the App drawer too ugh

      • Why do you prefer the feature-less launcher that is Google Now over Nova?

        • TheSpaceUnicorn

          Because I value the polish and having Goolge Now integrated into the launcher itself more than any of the features Nova provides.

          • You mean swiping left? If you don’t like swiping up from the home button, you can set a gesture so a swipe left or double tap opens Google Now. I tried Google Launcher but not being able to use icon packs, set icon or grid sizes ruined it.

          • TheSpaceUnicorn

            Marshmallow got rid of the swipe up from the home button to get to google now. And as far as setting gestures goes, I’ve done that with Nova before but the transition is no where near as smooth as the Google Now Launcher, and likely won’t ever be as smooth, which brings me back to me valuing the polish in the Google Now Launcher more than the features Nova provides.

            I used to use icon packs all the time, like 1 1/2 ago, but app icons in android are much more consistent then they used to to be, so I really don’t care about icon packs anymore, and I’ve never cared about setting icon and grid sizes, and the 4×5 grid on my 6P is the size I’d want the grid to be anyway.

            I get that you like the features that Nova provides, it does have some really nice features, it’s just that, IMO, I prefer Google Now Launcher, and even if they got rid of the app drawer, I’d likely still prefer it.

    • saksham

      i think touchwiz launcher is the best of course 2016 edition

    • Hary Ayala

      Yup, Nova it is!

      • Fifth313ment

        I will switch to a third party launcher (I’m using Google Now Launcher) again if they pull this crap. What are they (Google) smoking?! I haven’t liked any of the decisions since this new guy took over! First it was removing SD cards and when people, devs and manufacturers freaked out they were added back. Then material design which looks like garbage and I don’t care what anyone says. Material Design is a ton of wasted space followed by wasted battery life by white everywhere and blinding you in any dark room you go to. And now removing the app drawer? Would any of us take having every one of our apps on our computer on the desktop? Ugh, no?! Microsoft removed the “Start” button and they were forced into re-adding it which is what will happen to Google. Google and other manufacturers and devs just change stuff for the “idea” of change?! Google has been doing it in search, gmail, maps, etc for years They will simply update something overnight with completely new icons and no text and expect users to figure out what these new icons they created stand for. It’s bad enough Google is an immoral company with no sense of design but don’t take away the most useful feature introduced since the beginning of Android! Why is their goal to be more like Apple? /RANT

        • 手機聖人

          Agrees, Apps Drawer rules. The white material design sucks.

      • I’ve actually ditched my app drawer and had homescreen folders for 3 years now… via Nova. =)

        • Hary Ayala

          Yeah, to each their own, I use nova because there is absolutely nothing in my screen, no status bar no dock no icons, just a wallpaper and gestures for everything i need.

          • Right on. My App drawer actually sits inside a “system tools and utilities” folder since I hardly use it. Curious, what gestures do you have going? Mine are:

            Swipe Up: Voice Search (keep the always listening off)
            Swipe Down: Expand Notifications (handy to see them without the quick toggles)
            Double Tap: Screen Off
            Swipe Up (2 fingers): Connect to VPN
            Swipe Down (2 fingers): Expand Quick Settings
            Pinch In: Smart Remote
            Pinch Out: Google Maps
            Rotate CCW (2 fingers): Nova Settings
            Rotate CW (2 fingers): System Settings

          • Hary Ayala

            Nothing so fancy, that’s for sure ^_^

            Swipe Up: Toggle the status bar
            Swipe Down: Expand the notifications shade
            Double Tap: Android Settings
            Swipe Up (2 Fingers): Google Camera
            Swipe Down (2 Fingers): WhatsApp
            Pinch In: Nova Settings
            Pinch Out: App Drawer
            Rotate CCW : Dialer
            Rotate CW : Toggle the Dock

          • Interesting. Always fun to see what people use for the gestures. Cheers.

        • swipe up to launch app drawer thats what i have set on nova

    • Loghorn

      I definitely agree. Thank goodness that I downloaded it & have also bought the premium version from the Google Play store.

  • AS118

    The app drawer is VERY useful to me. If they get rid of it, then I may just boycott Android, unless a manufacturer decides to go against google and keep it.

    • balcobomber25

      Or you could just use one of the hundred launchers that use an app drawer….

      • CraftyBoy GT

        shouldn’t need to

        • balcobomber25

          I could counter with: the people who don’t like an app drawer shouldn’t need to use a launcher. Ideally they should have the option to have it either way. But they will never please everyone. Android exists to be fully customization though, so you can always get it the way you want it to look. I highly doubt Google Now launcher will disappear from the play store, it will take you three seconds to download and use that instead of Android 7 launcher.

          • CraftyBoy GT

            True, it is opinionated in a way. I thought that Google would use the launcher as their Android, if you understand that, since all the nexus phones are pure Android, yet use the launcher. I’m a little confused about it and agree based on the purpose of Android, that the choice of it being there wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    • Markoff

      or you know you could just use Apex or Nova launcher on any phone you use and have same experience instead of using something different at each brand because it was preinstalled and you are too lazy to switch to something better

  • SugarFreeTargets

    How is this even an improvement?

    • Markoff

      it’s improvement long-term when they reintroduce it in Android T as new thing

      • impu153

        I think you’re confusing Google with Samsung.

  • PirupalV

    Another iOS trick.

    Android suck.

  • TheSpaceUnicorn

    How exactly does the G5 not having an app drawer and the S7 having a hidden option to remove the app drawer serve as evidence that Android N may ditch the app drawer? Especially when you consider how long it takes these companies to implement new versions of Android in their phones.

  • It will be a huge mistake,

  • I might as well move to iOS of they do that.

  • FlipJumpman

    How slow do you have to be getting confused by a app drawer?

  • CraftyBoy GT

    This is one of the key features that separated Android from iOS. I don’t want to have to download a different launcher or root or anything just to get what I already have. And I don’t care what you people say about the App drawer not being that much of a problem. Some people are unexperienced and can’t root. And putting every app you get to one single or multiple folder(s) everytime you download something will eventually be a pain. Maybe having it as an option wouldn’t be that bad, but Google, don’t go and change up what makes Android, Android. “Be together. Not the same”

  • I don’t wanted to downlod a Launcher to get out of the rid from that N UI, stil if my device gets the update of Android N

  • Luka Bulatović

    I think it’s a pretty bad idea having your apps and widgets all over the place mixed around and especially when new apps installed. You’re pretty much forced to use folders, especially if you use lots of widgets. Unless you want 10 homepages, of course.

  • Blowntoaster

    Google should give you the option to either have an app drawer, or disable it, like Samsung has.
    And put the setting to disable or enable it on the homescreen, next to the Widgets, Wallpapers and Settings menu when you long press on the home screen.
    long live the app drawer.

  • King_Android

    Are people smoking that good stuff? You can still have the app drawer and have these folders you all speak of. So what’s the point of removing it? Nobody can tell me the benefit of having basically one icon removed. That’s all the app drawer is, just one app on the screen. So if you remove it you’re telling your consumers you want them to have hundreds of apps on their screen at all times. So what’s one more?

  • Michael D.

    Hey Google, we really don’t want our home screens cluttered and even worse we don’t want iphone ui clones.

    • Benjamin Walburn

      you mean “Windows Desktop clones”.

      Why on earth do you think that a screen that the average person sees for seconds at a time defines the OS? If you think the home screen is that important then maybe you should get an iPhone.

      • Michael D.

        You really did not understand at all what I wrote.

      • Nickname303

        My home screen has a wallpaper of my beautiful girlfriend that I look at every time I unlock my phone. So yeah, I most definitely would rather see that, than a bunch of apps covering up her face

        • Bill Towne

          I also have a photo of his beautiful girlfriend as my wallpaper, and I like looking at her too.

          • Nickname303

            Darn, she said she wasn’t going to share it… Lol

          • PoisonApple31

            I prefer to keep the apps over his girlfriend’s face on my wallpaper.

  • Kunal Tolani

    Google, don’t do this.

  • Markoff

    the funny thing, i am using Apex of course (together with Nova the best launchers compared the default Google crap without any customization), i still access app drawer through home button but i ditched multiple home screens and keep only one with folders and rarely opening app drawer, so i understand if me who is daily trying like 5-10 new apps on average and have in phone at any moment 200-250 apps can work with one screen then my father or other ordinary user using in total 10-30 apps including dialer and messaging doesn’t really need app drawer

    btw i use as well windows 10 with classic shell but never understood the big cry over missing start menu, if you really think about it you probably use it very rarely

    of course users should have always choice which is not problem with alternative launchers, thought it’s not so good with start menu in windows

    • DBS

      “but never understood the big cry over missing start menu”

      It seems quite clear that you are NOT the average user of any of the OS’s. The Start menu on Windows is one of the corners of the OS. It organises in a single place everything, from your programs, to settings to the controls to shut down the computer. On Windows 8, all of that was scattered around in the most illogical of places. controls to the left, settings split between Metro UI screens and classic Windows screens. Programs mixed with apps in a profusion of tiles that cluttered the screen.
      It’s no wonder the vast majority of Windows users (myself included) protested against that stupid idea. And Microsoft, rightfully so, listened and backtracked.

      I think, if Google goes ahead with this also idiotic idea, you’ll see a similar backslash from Android users that will leave Google with little option but also backtrack.

      • Markoff

        how long it takes to install other launcher, is it really that difficult? it’s not even some “hacking” like start menu replacement, everything conveniently available from play store

        • DBS

          You’re missing the point. The average consumer doesn’t install launchers. Period. Just like the average consumer didn’t install a start button on Windows 8 and it was equally easy to download one.

          • Markoff

            same average customer who won’t even notice lack of drawer

          • DBS

            Oh yes it will. Once they start installing this app and this and this and see them cluttering the screen; once they have to start creating “junk” folders like every single iPhone user has, they’ll start wondering what exactly was the point of buying that phone instead of an iPhone like their friends have.

            And again, the “they won’t notice” attitude was the same that led to Windows 8 monumental failure. The exact same argument was used to remove the Start button. We all know how that worked out for Microsoft.

    • DDD

      People who use 5-10 apps aren’t the ones complaining. Those persons are usually fine with having the few apps they use splattered over their home screen.

      The Windows thing, assuming you’re talking about the Windows 8 Start Menu, isn’t only about there not being a traditional Start Menu. That thing was a pain to use on a PC. It treated the Desktop as an app, which made many other things terrible, like split screen use. However, most of those are not issues your dad or daughter might have, because they’d sped most of their time in the browser.

  • SaRPeR

    The best option is putting an option in settings menu to enable or disable app drawer.

  • Chesz Heaven-

    Probably, it’s best if there’s an option to enable/disable it.

  • Aroda

    Googles moves makes me hope the cyanogen takes Android away from them like kirt was telling

  • Anothermuse

    Why? That’s all. Why would you not have an app drawer?

  • Leave the choice to have with or without. Controversy ends there.

  • Terry

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It is like windows removing the start menu. It’s lovely for people that are too stupid to actually own electronics – one assumes they would get into the app list and immediately go into some sort of physiological trauma. But for those of us that actually use our phones I am now going to have what? 40 pages of “home screens”? Making the app list scrolling was the biggest gift of a generally unstable and feature poor release (Marshmallow).

    If I have to choose between an app drawer and Google Now I will pick the app drawer.

  • Svend Erik Nygaard

    Well, I’m very happy for the app drawer.
    But I can see why people coming from iOS can be confused by it. I switched from iPhone to Android (Nexus 6P) in November. That was pure joy by the way :-).
    I would miss the app drawer. And I certainly hope that I will still be able to:
    +++ hide the app icon when I don’t need it on my home screen. That may be because I rarely use an app – or because it runs in the background and I only use it for configuration –** OR it may be because I never use the main app icon but only a widget (like I do with my calendar app and my shopping list).
    +++ have the same app icon placed in multiple folders (for using the same app in different contexts)

  • neoand12

    People who want thee iPhone. WILL KEEP BUYUNG THE IPHONE. Why would they keep alienating their current users? Changing this isn’t going to get the user to switch.

  • Alex Harvey

    Don’t remove the app drawer I use it all the time. Stop trying to be like the shittiest OS ever created (IOS) we live having our options I have literally seven apps on my home screen out of 95 you would be royally fucking me as I don’t want a cluttered ugly ass home screen

  • DC9

    I sure hope Google reads and listens to some of the comments and issues from articles about this. I think it would be a stupid decision as I love not having, easily 75% of my apps on my main screens. And before anyone says, again, to just install a different launcher, no. I like the Google Now Launcher, I love simplicity of it and I like how my screens are set up with barely any apps. I don’t see how having all your apps on home screens (set aside launchers and folders because, at the heart of it, Google getting rid of the app drawer would be how they see Android best) is beneficial to anyone really. It’s not like the App Drawer button is a hardware button…if it was, then I’d understand. But it’s just an icon and it’s simple and smart. I get that we’re all complaining about nothing at this point since nothing is confirmed or mentioned by Google, but if this does happen, let’s just hope it’s a setting you can toggle on and off.

  • Ronald

    App drawer is not needed plain an simple so stop crying gals

  • Kevin Bagwell

    who knows, maybe they will remove it (I doubt it, it’s not like android to just remove choice) or, as I think could be more likely, the “app drawer” would become an app in and of itself, able to be moved from its central dock position (like in nova / etc) and acting essentially as a giant folder for all apps, potentially with a search bar and smart apps built in like in GNL

  • Adrian Tomas

    So where does all my apps go now? just homescreen pages?

  • V-ed

    I see many people arguing that installing a custom launcher is easy and could bring back the app drawer.

    Here’s how I see it though:

    Android is about customization. Many people already said that though. I believe Android is very useful, as it offers alot of potential to do about anything you would like (automated task, sideloading, multi-window support [right now experimental, but planned], and even running virtual machines.), but these things are for advanced users.
    1-0 for Android.

    Thing is, I don’t feel like Android is “nooby”-friendly enough: weird options placements (triple bars in the upper-right corner of the screen, what is this supposed to mean, a Mc-Do publicity?), settings somewhat scattered weirdly in too-general-not-specified-enough, and I feel like I need to walk my mother sep by step to do even the simplest task.
    1-1, IPhone comparison taking back it’s position.

    So, how is this related to the app drawer? Well, I feel like while the app drawer is (in my honest opinion) very, VERY, useful, it could be quite tricky to get around when you’re not used to such app searching mechanism. But the discussion is not finished: I remember when I was using the old iPods and didn’t know a single thing about Android, and I remember that I kept saying to myself “But why can’t I hide the apps that came with this iPod (who uses Stock on an iPod?)??” Well, I place it in a folder, of course, but this folder was annoying me. Then came Android, where all the apps are at one place that you don’t really need to see, and you can place the apps you want in evidence on your main screen. I was in heaven.

    But wait, I still don’t know what you mean by all this text about your personal experience!
    Well, the very first sentence of this very text will tell you what I think of this dilemna: Android is about customization. I beleive that it could be a great option to have in Google’s stock ROM, as freedom of choice will be present. Should it be by default? Yes! If more people would like to try Android becaue they are used to the “Every app on my home pages!!1!” will be happy and AppDrawer enthusiasts will also be pleased by an option that is led to them. I would like to try myself how my setup would be f all the apps were on my home pages. But if it’s an update and you are already setup with an AppDrawer, Google, please don’t switch all the things around, my setup is too far advanced to it all up again (shhh, I have backups, but shhh ;) ).

    • CraftyBoy GT

      Such truth. I remember too when I had gotten my first (and second) tablet with Android 4.2 Jellybean. I loved it so much that I could do these things with the settings and the cool apps were mostly free. I wanted to learn more. I turned to the smartphone side helping my Dad with a cellular service looking at reviews, price, and basic specs. Later to now I know about lots of the internals like specific processors, screen resolution, and even more in-depth android things like rooting. I found other things on iOS that made me despise of it. I’d call myself an Android fanboy, one who would defend it and make it look the best (in my op.) and trash the iPhone that pretty much everyone I see has in my school. That REALLY annoys me. The diversity that was found in Android made me love it. (it also wasn’t extremely expensive). And I hope that Google won’t ruin it like it is rumored to do in this article.

  • alex rutenfrans

    what has gotten into them! that’s 1 of the reasons we hate ios and some android ‘skins’

  • Arton Haziri

    This is unexaptablle google should be giving us more features not taking them away. And did you know you cant clear defaults and cache on apps in android 6.0 ? how dumb is that. Google you are making a Big mistake and youre gonna regret it, trying to make android look like apples ios is worst thing you could have ever done.

  • tom_in_Toronto

    Keep the app drawer, of we wanted every icon on the home page we would be using iPhones.

  • Electrify85

    I could see this backfire badly on Google. Though Android is the #1 mobile OS, the reality is that in the premium $500+ flagship field, they are a distant second. The Galaxy S/Note, G(X), One M(X), etc COMBINED do not touch the iPhone.

    The hope may be that those switching from the iPhone will feel more comfortable without an app drawer, but I think a more likely scenario will be iPhone users will see Android desperately trying to copy their design, and see the OS as a cheap knockoff of iOS.

    • CraftyBoy GT

      I really hope that the iPhone won’t dominate all other OSs to where everyone has the same damn design, with the same layout, with the same features making nothing unique or special except your stupid cheap case. “Be together. Not the same.”

  • JG

    Hopefully if Google does decide to drop the app drawer, they do like Samsung has done and allow users the option of turning it back on should they desire.

    Personally, I like having the app drawer. It serves the same point as the start menu on Windows. I have Chrome, Pidgin, Spotify & a few other programs I use daily pinned to the task bar. Everything else stays nice and neat tucked away out of sight in the start menu until it’s needed. Solitaire, for example, is a fun way to kill a few moments while I wait for a download or whatever… But I don’t use it any where close to frequently enough to have out on the desktop. I don’t want it there cluttering up space, causing me to have to scroll through another extra page just to find the app I do want.

    Sure I could always customize the pages, move the app from one page to another. Keep the more frequently used apps closer to the primary home page… But that would take time moving things from the end back to the start. I think it’d be easier just to keep it as is and let me decide if an app is worthy enough for me to move it to my homepage myself.

  • Might as well move to Apple then

    • 29

      implying an app drawer is all that separates android from ios?

      • It isn’t but Google has slowly been pissing me off lately and this just might the last straw

        • you shouldn’t be pissed off, Google allows the great customization of using custom launchers ;) Thanks Google for that!

  • Hrvoyay

    As long as i don’t pick and choose 100% of apps installed on my device, i want a place where ugly and/or irritating can be hidden. Also, iOS has a grid of same shaped icons, Android icons vary wildly in shape, size and colour, so putting chaos on full display will never be my favourite option. Looking at one screen with 12 apps, the only 2 that seem same in size and shape are the 2 default Sony icons for Downloads and Album, rest is a mess of various Google stuff, wild Microsoft squares and differently rounded corners on differently sized icons. And then there’s Dropbox and Play Music and such.

    I hope custom launchers will still provide options Google chooses to remove.

  • PatNdoji

    I am not against what you are saying but LG G5 has an option to switch to easy launcher which has an app drawer

    • D C

      Yup posted the same thing and a link to the video of TKBay from XDA showing it but seems my comment is still pending authorization…

    • wait that’s what i just said lol


    LG did NOT ditch the App Drawer!!!

    Just choose EasyHome (which is a secondary pre-installed launcher since, always lol)

    And there YOU GET THE APP DRAWER which seems to be soooooooo important that it makes people hate an entire phone. For a software thing which can be fixed by just installing an app. You guys are queens.

    • GovernorSlomo

      EasyHome is not the solution. Do you own an LG device right now? If you do, turn on EasyHome and see how freaking awful it makes your phone look. It makes everything HUGE. Stop posting this is a fix, it isn’t.

      • I didn’t post to say it’s a fix.
        I posted to say that because of the endless stupid uninformed reviewers giving misleading info saying that there is NO app drawer. I have an LG G3, I know EasyHome isn’t the sleekest launchers. Who cares about App Drawer anyway? There are millions of launchers.

  • I regularly buy Chinese phones – all without an app drawer. The first thing I do is install Nova, which immediately gives me an app drawer. I like an app drawer mainly because it sorts apps in alphabetical order so if I can’t find an app I’m looking for on a home screen, I can find it quickly in the app drawer, thanks to the alpha ordering.

  • Ollie Hamon

    kind of like how it is on a tablet then?

  • jc914

    Not happy about this at all. Now Android will be a clusterfuck like iOS.

  • Anothermuse

    Nothing wrong with change, but change just for change sake? Probably not the end of the world, but I much prefer the app drawer on my Moto X to my wife’s iPhone which seems to be a mess to me.

  • Michael Bennett

    I’ll be seriously pissed if they do this. One of the first things I do on a new phone is disable auto-adding apps to the homescreen because I like to keep my homescreens as efficient and minimal as possible. Yes people will respond with ‘yeah but you can always use Nova etc’ but the other launchers don’t have the same level of integration with Google now

  • Dick Bailey

    I can’t imagine why Google is doing this. If I wanted an iPhone I’d buy one. I keep a minimal home screen (and use Nova – so I’ll survive whatever decision is made), but “they” should at least build in the option to have an app drawer.

  • M42

    I keep some of my less used apps in the app drawer and off my home screens. So, where would I put them?

  • The biggest reason to choose Android over iOS is choices. Stop taking those away, Google. First SD slots, then SMS in hangouts, now this. What’s next? You going to get rid of the notification drawer?

  • King_Android

    They should have a prompt during initial setup to either enable it or disable it upon first bootup of smartphone. That means everybody can be happy for what its worth.

  • Simon Strandman

    What a dumb thing to do. If google really do this then I hope they have some better solution than just putting all apps on the home screen.

  • Mr.Bean

    So much for “being together, not the same”

  • Stefano Gonzales

    Keep the app drawer for God’s sake! What is Google thinking?!

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    Some people here claim that they’re going to leave Android, and start using iOS, in case Google removes the App Drawer…. Which makes perfect sense, as iOS doesn’t have an App Drawer either, and unlike Android, it’s impossible to get one with a 3rd party skin…

  • Francisco Mello

    Just insert an option where users will decide whether or not they want it enable or unable.

  • intruda

    Lg g5 does have the app drawer option.

  • fd21

    I don’t get why Android Authority is saying that the G5 has no app drawer. XDA Developers has shown on video that you can enable it by choosing “basic” mode which is the usual thing we see with an app drawer and the modern mode without it. Why are they missing this?

  • fd21

    Also, they keep saying that there is no Q Slide but if you see a video on Phone Arena where they have the calendar open, if you press the menu button (the 3 dots) a Q Slide option pops up meaning that you can make that a floating window. It’s just no longer part of the icons in the notification area but it is still there. Same goes for dual window…keeping the back button in should open dual window. Android Authority,…please check this and reply. You are unknowingly creating some bad advertising for the G5.

  • aaloo

    Yo fandroids. iPhone called. Welcome to 2007 and iOS version 0.1 :)

  • Yolø23

    Just glad that the s7 let’s your choose if you want an app drawer or not. Unlike the G5

    • Warthog

      LG G5 has the Easy Launcher in settings. It gives you an app drawer and looks like it did before. Check out XDA review on it.

  • John Cortes

    Widows drawer applications do not like this ahahaha

  • Trinitro tolueno

    They better not touch my app drawer ….

  • Fernie

    Google is clearly confused on where it should stand on the whole app drawer thingy. They completely changed it on 6.0, then ditching it (possibly) on Android N. I’m not a fan of this rumor and I don’t usually put many icons on my home screen so I can appreciate a nice wallpaper. Not a problem to me, I’ll just install Nova.

  • Fifth313ment

    What are they (Google) smoking?! I haven’t liked any of the decisions since this new guy took over! First it was removing SD cards and when people, devs and manufacturers freaked out they were added back. Then material design which looks like garbage and I don’t care what anyone says. Material Design is a ton of wasted space followed by wasted battery life by white everywhere and blinding you in any dark room you go to. And now removing the app drawer? Would any of us take having every one of our apps on our computer on the desktop? Ugh, no?! Microsoft removed the “Start” button and they were forced into re-adding it which is what will happen to Google. Google and other manufacturers and devs just change stuff for the “idea” of change?! Google has been doing it in search, gmail, maps, etc for years They will simply update something overnight with completely new icons and no text and expect users to figure out what these new icons they created stand for. It’s bad enough Google is an immoral company with no sense of design but don’t take away the most useful feature introduced since the beginning of Android! Why is their goal to be more like Apple? /RANT

  • tat2jr

    This is absolutely insane. Having an app drawer was one of the main reasons (among the walled garden) I started with android and have always shunned Apple. I’ve used an alternative launcher since the beginning so I won’t miss it not being there. I’m gonna miss making fun of my friends with iPhones about why they even bother putting a wallpaper up when their icons completely cover it up.

  • Bruyork

    I rarely use the app drawer BUT i really wouldn’t want all apps on the home screen at all.

  • Devyn Maxi

    The app drawer was probably the most noticable feature of android. If they remove it google’s nexus phones this year would be a big drop off compared to 2015. This is a stupid idea. At least google should just give us an option in the settings to enable or disable the app drawer according to our own preferences.

  • Frank Bales

    I don’t understand the logic of this move; can anyone explain it?

    I already use Nova Launcher on my Galaxy Note Pro and my SIII, but I’m planning on using Google’s launcher on the Nexus 6P I just ordered.

  • Sanay

    Well Hello again Apple

  • Jonathon Rios

    If Nova can get its ram usage down then I will gladly switch from google launcher.

  • Choda Boy

    Rather than completely remove the app drawer, why not simply give the user options? At worst, have a Basic or Simple mode that defaults to the less complicated, less confusing options (like disabling the App Drawer if it is too confusing for the average iPhone convert). What happened to “Be Together, Not The Same”???

  • hmilles

    Yes, most people are not using the app drawer often (including me) because all apps what they use often is on their homescreen, while the unused or rarely used apps are in the app drawer. I dont want to have a plus folder on my homescreen for these apps. If i would like to use something uncustomisable, i would use iOS ?

  • YuCMi

    I’ve been wanting this change for some time recently. Or at the very least, customization of app organization. The app drawer’s forced alphabetical organization has been a pain for me.

  • KIMI

    I have 3 words Google

  • jdawgnoonan

    I like having apps I don’t use much buried in the app drawer and having only one home screen with the apps that I actually use a lot on it. I also like the Google Now launcher because of its simplicity and Google Now integration and would hate to have to quit using that launcher, but I will quit using it if the app drawer is replaced with iOS style app management.

  • Dick Bailey

    Keep the app drawer, but include an option to eliminate it for those who prefer Apple “functionality.”

  • Ali

    Nova launcher has to be the ugliest implementation around. As a designer I wouldn’t want to be caught dead with such an experience.

    I’ve used custom roms but I find the stock Google experience to be far more refined and frankly it performs much better in all aspects.

    I use Google Now Launcher and I love it so far, although I really don’t want to see the app drawer go.

  • Nicholas D’alterio

    I always hated the app drawer, though it can be handy. Curious about android N. Thinking more about the 6p than the s7 edge. Love the simplistic design of pure android. Or, at least, I love the most recent version of stock android. Once I loved HTC… and we all know how the story ended. Cheers from a fan!

    Personal opinion: for me the app drawer must not be ditched, but must be considered a solution in which the user can choose to enable it or not. It’s not that difficult or that bad imho. Android is all about CHOICES. That’s the key word. ;D

  • 手機聖人

    A lot of regular casual users likes to see a messy phone screen with everything on it. That is sad. But phone makers does it because the mob love it. I personally love Apps Drawer. All apps on home sucks.