The final Android 7.1.2 update has only been rolling out to select devices for a bit over a week, but it seems like Google may have missed a spanner in the works. As first reported by Android Police, some users of both Pixel and Nexus devices have been unable to use their fingerprint scanners after the update.

What’s worse is that, in an attempt to rectify the problem, some users have deleted their saved fingerprints and tried to re-register them, only to find the Nexus Imprint setting has subsequently vanished. The notifications shade swipe gesture still works, indicating the hardware is still working fine, but something has clearly broken in the fingerprint recognition phase.

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April 14, 2017

There doesn’t seem to be any particular rhyme or reason as to who is affected, with both OTA updaters, beta programmers and sideloaders experiencing the same problem. I’ve got 7.1.2 on a Pixel and a Nexus 6P and both of those are working fine, but I flashed the firmware manually. This has apparently fixed the issue for some users when even a factory reset hasn’t helped.

If you’re affected by this problem, I’d recommend doing a full backup and then manually flashing the factory image. If that still doesn’t work – or you’re simply not comfortable trying that – be sure to hit the relevant Google product forum and leave your details so Google can issue a fix to the problem:

Kris Carlon
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  • Gordon Hay

    This happened on my Nexus 5X eight days BEFORE the phone updated to 7.1.2, with my first choice print not being recognised. When I removed it and tried to re-register it the phone seized up and after a reboot the imprint option had disappeared from the settings options. However after two sequences of restart/restart in safe mode/restart it came back. I was able to register the print again and it has worked flawlessly since, even after it updated to 7.1.2 with the April patches.

    As for what might have caused this, well around the time this happened there was an update to Android Pay which I didn’t test at the time and I didn’t try to use the app until yesterday when I found it had to be set up again. Another possibility is that I did have the Dactyl app installed but removed it a month ago when it stopped working with the Google camera app after the latter received an update.

  • TheGentleShark ­

    I didn’t flash the update manually on my Nexus 6P and didn’t experience these problems. So, maybe it only affects some phones?

  • Player Slayer

    What’s with all the Nougat bugs? I mean, it seems like every device on Nougat (Nexus/Pixel or not) has some issue partaining to the software

  • Benjamin Haube

    I got the OTA update to 7.1.2 on my Pixel, and have nor encountered any issues with the fingerprint reader. My boyfriend has the XL, and he also took the OTA. His is working fine too.

    • d0x360

      4 pixels in my house. 3 took the OTA and I flashed myself because of root. No issues

      • Dane N.

        Nexus 6p OTA update to 7.1.2 also rooted, I haven’t encountered any issues.

  • Ganny Gunnal

    Guys I encountered the same problem. I did factory reset and wiped cache partition. After that I set my security to just swipe. Later I got my NEXUS IMPRINT back. Hope my message help you.

  • Be My Guest

    Nexus is dead.

  • teehee

    “HAHAHA we get updates first noobs”.

    All other Android users – Thank you for beta testing it for us.

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Alpha testing, really. Google should be finding these kinds of problems internally first. Beta testing is for finding less conspicuous problems.

      I don’t thing Google tests anything before releasing it.

      • d0x360

        Google tests significantly before release and every bit of code can be viewed so if the issue was in code it would have been found already.

        Considering they didn’t change any ANY of the fingerprint​ auth code in the build it shows this problem isn’t the code itself but an issue on the peoples phone. Whether it’s a combination of settings or a corrupt file nobody knows but it will be figured out.

        If doing a flash on the device fixes it for most people then the issue is not the code otherwise it wouldn’t work.

        As for being testers….No people with Google phones aren’t testers. All phone carriers do is add bloat and slow everything down then sit on the update for 6 months putting them multiple builds and security patches behind AOSP.

        I swear to God there are far to many people on the internet who vomit out comments without having a single clue about what they are taking about.

        Between this, people whining about windows 10 issues that often don’t exist and gamers yelling about everything the net has become a giant toilet.

        welcome to the bathroom everyone. Feel free to just say anything even if it’s completely stupid and you have no idea what’s happening. Enjoy!

        • C Lo

          It could still be code related. Google will need to check logs before it can be determined though.

          • Gator352

            really? If they test significantly, then only maybe one of the five ooopsie daisies would have been missed. Google here is losing trust and I can’t blame the consumers for being disappointed. I understand things do crop up unbeknownst to the coders but this is ridiculous.

          • C Lo

            I’m not disagreeing with you. I gave up the Nexus line after realizing I was a BETA tester for them.

          • Gator352

            my reply was to the guy above you. why it replied to you i have no idea. lol sorry!

        • jb0nez

          Happened to two of my Nexus 5x in November while updating. Nothing fixed it, both were replaced under warranty. Symptoms were exactly what’s described in the article.

  • Raghava Teja

    It Killed my nexus 5x…

  • jay

    My Nexus 5x is still going strong.

  • hzd

    Bleh Google’s botched Android with any 7.X.X, bugs blinding white screens and backwards progress in hardware !

    Where’s the 5.5/6.0 Nexus 6 / 6P love child ? Not this crazy Nexus 4 Moto G love child. . . .

    Google really need to pull their finger out and fast LG and Samsung already have the drop on them, better reinstate the Nexus program with OEM partners that actually deliver products that advanced after iterations !

    If the next pixel is as backwards as the current gen I’m dusting off my 6P and 6 again.

  • stunt_chicken

    Hate to say it but I’ve lost most of my faith in Google. My Nexus 6 has had multiple issue as a result of half baked updates. Google seems incapable of not breaking their own products.

  • scoupdogg

    Google seems to be on a bad roll.
    Nexus 6~ fuck you

    Nexus 5x,6p ~ we are trying to fix but can’t get our shit together ( first Android 7 roaming bug, then 7.1.1 , then bootloops , then 7.1.2)

    Pixel ~ we can’t say fuck you, coz we made you pay 700$ for a 300$ phone hardware based on the pretext of superior software performance… So we will keep trying till we get our updates fixes!

  • jb0nez

    This exact problem happened to both my wife’s 5x and mine..a few months ago within a few weeks. Were updating to an earlier 7.x version and boom. Tried everything, including manual firmware flash, no go. Project fi support replaced both under warranty.

    I’m scared every time I update now…

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      So much for the mantra “I buy Google phones because I’m first to get updates”.

      • thereasoner

        Why? First to get securty patches are a good thing! As far as issues go, it’s not unusual for some isolated ones to surface, heck Apple is constantly releasing point updates to fix issues with the previous point update and they have far more to fix than Google.

        • Gator352

          not true. yes, they have issues just like android but not one after another after another. And when they do, it’s fixed… and usually within a coupe weeks or less.

          • thereasoner

            Not so, every iOS update contains bug fixes and there’s a constant stream of them, much more than for Android.

  • Ryan

    zero problems on 2 pixels in my household

  • Aleksandar Ivanović

    My Nexus 6p still going strong, no issues :)

  • thereasoner

    Updated on day one and my Pixel is all good.