Android 6.0 Marshmallow is official, Google posts up final preview

by: Andrew GrushAugust 17, 2015


Last Friday Google released a video asking “what’s M going to be?”, while teasing us over Android M’s final candy-themed naming convention choices. The arrival of the video had us hoping that a big unveil might be sooner than we think. This morning things heated up further, as Google’s official G+ account put up a new teaser saying “Guess who’s excited for the arrival of Android M?”, and a Google employee by the name of Jeff Sharkey has also posted a photo on Google+ of what appears to be the latest Android statue on the Google Campus — conveniently covered up by a big tarp. The only text in the post is “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?”

Now it’s official! Android M is Android Marshmallow! Even more intriguing, it appears Google is going with Android 6.0 for the version number. Google has taken to its developer’s blog to announce the final Android 6.0 Marshmallow preview, giving developers a final opportunity to get their apps ready for Marshmallow. For those interested in trying it out, you can grab the latest update here, though reportedly not much is different. We’ll be checking it our for ourselves to see if we notice any new features or tweaks, so stay tuned for that over the next few days.


As for when the final release and new Nexus devices will release? No details just yet. Considering Google announced yet another preview, we imagine the release is still at least another month off, but we really can’t say for sure.

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We can’t say we are too surprised by the name choice, though bumping it up to 6.0 is a little bit more surprising. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    Called it!

  • My name is….

    Please improve battery life Google.
    Lollipop was worse than KitKat.

    • Andrei

      I know what you mean. And it’s funny cause LP was supposed to help with battery life. I guess the biggest drain comes from Google Play Services, not Android itself, but good luck trying to run anything without Play Services…

      • Wjdzm

        SOOO true.
        Google Play Services… eating up battery life like chrome eating up RAM

        • AndroidyFazbear

          Including YOUTUBE! >:(

      • My name is….

        Τhere is also the ‘mobile radio active’ bug.
        It has caused me far more drain than Google services.

    • Marvin Calderón

      They can, but they won’t. It’s no profitable for them.

      • Sawyer Bergeron

        it’s google…they probably will

    • Badouken

      Kinda embarrassing really because they hyped up project volta so much… weren’t we supposed to gain up to 35% battery life on Lollipop … feels like the opposite happened…

    • domepiece

      The difference in battery life hasn’t been that noticeable to me, I get about the same amount as I did on KitKat.

      • My name is….

        I just installed M on my Nexus 6. Tomorrow I will be all day on data on purpose to see if the bug is still there.

        • Zafeiris Mouskas

          Κάνε μου λιγάκι lol…
          Γιούχου Αλέκο….
          Που είπαμε ότι κρύβεσαι;;;;

          • My name is….

            Hallo Mpetovlakas!! How are you?

          • Zafeiris Mouskas

            Ο μπετοβλακας…μουαχαχαχα…ε ρε ποσα σουτια εχεις φαει απο το contra…αλλά εσύ εκεί επιμενεις…τετοια μαζοχα είσαι…Μας αγαπάς πολύ φαινεται…
            Κανε μου λιγάκι λολ…
            Your name is…

        • domepiece

          It’s still not the final release but you should see definite improvements.

          • My name is….

            Battery is definitely improved. I got 4 hours sot on 4g

    • turf

      Of course it was. The mobile radio active bug causes lollipop to get about 30% less battery life than kitkat on the same phone. And the bug is also reportedly in marshmallow, too. I will not be buying another phone until this is fixed since good battery life is important to me. And to think I used to be excited when Google would announce a new version of android, and here I am stuck two versions back so I can make it through a day of heavy usage. So excuse me if I am not excited about the release of marshmallow.

      BTW, all apps which consume mobile data are affected by the MRA bug, like play services and the android system. They open the mobile radio and keep it open for hours and hours due to the bug, so that they consume way more power than the screen. This is even when you are on wifi, so don’t think you can easily avoid it. So, do your homework before buying a phone that does not have the ability to “downgrade” to a kitkat rom if you value battery life.

  • PokPok

    This really pisses me off , lollipop is a fekking joke and has so many bugs , why not correct all the issues with that rather than produce yet another version that will no doubt be full of bugs again

    • dugzino

      What bugs? What phone do you have?

  • MovieCritic

    I thought it was going to be ‘Mac n Cheese’

  • Asif Hasan

    Lollipop destroyed my battery life. It also has RAM management issues. KitKat was much more stable. I regret updating to lollipop.

    • iamtravis182

      What device do you use?

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Yes battery life isn’t as good for me. But I now have how old the look of Kitkat is..

  • Shawny

    Some of us are still fricking waiting for Lollipop >:( no matter… I’ve finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Root and custom ROM it is!!!

    • Justin Freeman

      Try sitting on Jelly Bean thanks to LG’s poor update cycle with the LG Optimus G [Sprint]. I thought, hey it’s the base model for the Nexus 4, it will get updates, right? Nope. FU LG.
      /rant. Ready for Nexus 5.

      • smokebomb

        More likely Sprint’s fault, not LG.

      • Sawyer Bergeron

        try a galaxy centura as your only activated phone for a while… :P

      • Christian Akkari

        +1 on Sprint being at fault here, I have the Optimus G (E-977) and its running Kitkat officially. And the G2 is getting Lollipop updates and that phone has been on the market long. LG is doing a great job on that IMO.

      • Justin Freeman

        [edit] FU Sprint! Thanks for the clarification folks. Just another reason to join Project Fi when the new Nexii are released.

    • Cole C

      Nice. What phone and what ROM did you go with?

    • Hotbod Handsomeface

      All I can say is: what the fvkk took you so long to get into the custom ROM flashing business?

    • Shawny

      @Hotbud & Cole Me? Haha, the belief that my mobile carrier would actually update my Note 3 to Lollipop ? I installed the S6 Darklord ROM! What, amazing!! A few bugs here and there but it’s not everyday that you have 4 phones in one! Believe me, there are 4 altogether ? (BTW, I initaillay corrupted my phone data, that was the most intense 2 hours of my life)

  • s2weden2000

    Android Milk …

  • Captain Jack

    Most people are still at 4.4.2(including me) and here we are at 6.0

    • pseudo

      I am sitting on 4.4.4 on both my smart 4 turbo and my tabtronics viper. Still waiting for Vodafone’s promised 5.1 update ?

  • Tylerstravis

    One less hurdle to that sweet nexus announcement!

  • MafionzoR

    please update nexus 4 it you can update the others with same firmware, do it to nexus 4 as well because it has all the features newer phoens have like NFC (android pay)

    • Freddy Born


    • smokebomb

      I kind of regret giving my N4 to my friend (after i got a note 3). He ended up breaking it and getting an iPhone.

    • iamtravis182

      Not gonna happen. They seem to be quite firm in the 2 years update cycle for Nexus devices.

    • Sawyer Bergeron

      getting it to run smoothly without being stripped down on a 2012 SOC would be tough…that as well as the fact that if you really want it on N4 then just wait for someone to do the work of cutting away code that allows for other stuff on newer phones so it runs at a decent clip on the N4

  • DNagooyen

    That’s me in the photo wearing the white shirt!!!

  • benmcfc

    Why is it intriguing that it’s being bumped to version 6? Not only is that an increasingly common practice these days but it is a major new release, with tons of new features. It’s practically SemVer.

  • smells like teen crap

    Is it for any phone now?

  • John Mcdougald

    PLEASE Bring back full SD card support. Even if it means locking that card to that phone for the sake of security. Just give the user the ability to create more storage so they can carry more on their “Portable Computer”

    • Demic

      Exactly. I’m not liking this iPhone clone movement of getting rid of SD card support. I love storage options. It seems to be doing nothing but jacking up the prices for larger on board storage.

      • Hotbod Handsomeface

        I jacked up on your mom this afternoon.

      • domepiece

        Lol you’re now limited to only some LG phones and cheap Chinese knockoffs, good luck with that haha

    • domepiece

      Lol nobody cares about slow, insecure and unreliable SD cards, stop being poor and save up some money for the bigger storage options if you truly need the extra space and quit bitching, that goes for the rest of you SD card whiners.

  • Kevin Dowson

    As much as I love the updates its a sad fact that we won’t see it on our phones for another year until the carriers are finished customising it.

    • iamtravis182

      Buy a Nexus or a Moto device if you want frequent updates. The other OEMs are completely unreliable.

  • Cowen K. Gittens

    I knew it…I knew it was gonna be marshmallow all along.

  • shamatuu

    it does. It’s actual works.

  • I am very excited for the coming of this new Android Marshmallow and it seems to offer a lot of unique features that will surely delight all the Android users.

  • Wojtek Marcin Skowronski
  • Nitish Anand

    Looks wants Android to catch up to IOS in terms of numbers xD.

  • Stan Acer

    Hope M will be better than L which cased a big slowdown of older devices. I think google should focuse on responsiveness…

  • Faiz

    What have they done to the keyboard? The alphabets look so small now :/

  • LJ

    Why not monster munch?

  • LJ

    They didn’t get a deal with M&M then?

  • Look amazing this android 6.0 marshmallow make me excited to use this. This will be would be delight to all the Android users.

  • I too agree with the folks below…thumbs down for battery life! Seems Google has not armed up much for extending its battery shelves. Disappointed !!

  • Martin Handerson

    for kind information, Quick improve battery life of google. Lollipop is powerful than Kitkat