The Note 5 announcement may be behind us now, but this year is far from over when it comes to anticipating hot new phones. Not only do we expect to see some intriguing devices from Sony, Huawei, LG and others at IFA, there’s all the next-gen Nexus family to consider. Beyond the hardware, many of us are also looking forward to the next version of Android.

What will Android M’s final name be? While we are still at the guessing stage, a new teaser video from Google employees Nat and Lo indicates that we are getting closer to finding out. The video goes through the Android release names we’ve seen up until now, and ends with a little teaser portion talking about various M-named desserts. As expected, both Marshamallow, Milkshake, and Moon Pie are highlighted as just a few possibilities.

What final name are you hoping to see for Android M? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.