Best alarm clock apps for Android

July 15, 2014

alarm clock
These days people expect more out of their alarm clocks than just going off at the appointed time. Even OEMs have managed not to mess up the alarm clock apps that they have packaged with their devices. For most people they are totally acceptable. For this list, we not only show you our picks for the best alarm clocks for Android but we made sure each app on the list did something other than just let you set a time and wake you up. We hope you enjoy it!

alarm clock by doubletwistAlarm Clock by doubleTwist

[Price: $1.99]

Music is what feelings sound like.

  • Lets you set playlists or songs to wake up to using the doubleTwist Music Player.
  • Alarm set for local sunrise was pretty cool.
  • Analog or digital flip clock style clocks you can use as a desk clock.
  • Extra stuff like fade in alarms and even a live wallpaper.
  • Some users experience bugs like the app ignoring ringtone settings occasionally.
  • Requires two apps to take advantage of all features.
  • KitKat users may need to find another alarm until the devs can fix the KitKat specific problems
Alarm Clock by doubleTwist is a fun little alarm with some basic features like setting multiple alarms, setting a nap timer, and even has an option to set the alarm in accordance with the local sunrise. What makes it special is the integration with the doubleTwist Music Player app that lets you wake up to your favorite playlists or songs every morning which is a nice touch for music fans. You can try the app free but the full version is $1.99
google play

alarm clock doubletwist

alarm clock extremeAlarm Clock Xtreme

[Price: Free / $1.99]

To the extreme!

  • Loads of configuration options including fade in settings, setting up math problems to turn off alarms, and setting songs as ringtones.
  • Free version is full featured. That's always a plus.
  • Other custom features include auto-dismiss alarms, auto-snooze alarms, and shake-to-snooze. That just gives you an idea of the kind of configuration options you have.
  • One of the most popular and trusted alarm apps with over 10 million downloads.
  • The latest string of updates broke some stuff and the developers are trying to fix them.
  • The design is very simplistic. It's not bad but some people may not like the dark colors and gradients.
Alarm Clock Xtreme is an alarm clock that focuses on the little things. There are a myriad of customizations for alarms including configurable snooze options. You can even use this alarm to set a favorite song as your alarm. What sets this apart from the rest is the configuration options. You can even have it ask you things like math problems before it turns off the alarm to make sure you’re fully awake. The free version is full featured but ad supported and the paid version removes ads.
google play

alarm clock xtreme

alarmy sleep if you canAlarmy (Sleep If U Can)

[Price: Free / $1.71]

You're going to hate how awesome this alarm works.

  • Forces you to get out of bed and take a picture of a specific object before the alarm turns off. Brilliant.
  • Good luck getting back to sleep after traipsing through your home to get to the appointed spot to take the picture.
  • A few people have had the app not register the picture they took and the alarm never turned off. Understandably frustrating.
This alarm app is just mean spirited but amazing for those who have trouble waking up in the morning. Here’s how it works. You take a picture of something in your house like your kitchen sink or your TV in the living room. Once you do that, every morning you have to wake up and go take a picture of that same object in order to turn off the alarm. Good luck hitting the snooze button when you’re standing in your kitchen. The free version is ad supported and the full version is ad free both provide full functionality.
google play

i can't wake upI Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock

[Price: Free / $2.99]

It's going to keep trying so you might as well wake up.

  • Sports over half a dozen trials that you can choose to get you out of bed in the morning.
  • There is a second line of testing if the first line doesn't work.
  • Has other features like letting you select music and auto-dismiss during phone calls.
  • We really liked the feature where it will turn on an application after you dismiss the alarm. Great for opening the morning news app.
  • Like all alarms, some people simply can't get theirs to go off on time.
  • If your adept at performing menial tasks in a state of near-unconsciousness then this may not get you up in the morning.
  • It's been a long time since it was updated by developers.
The I Can’t Wake Up app is another app that works to help you get out of bed in the morning. Unlike Alarmy which literally yanks you out of bed, I Can’t Wake Up has a host of tools that help coax you into being awake. You can do things like solve math problems, repeat a pattern, scan a barcode that you place somewhere else (like your bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc), or even play memory games. The free version and the paid version are identical except for advertisements so it’s a good one to try out.
google play

life time alarm clockLife Time Alarm Clock

[Price: Free]

It works as well as it looks.

  • Outstanding design makes this fun and enjoyable to use.
  • Smart Snooze helps you get out of bed by configuring the snooze to be more annoying.
  • Curated music for wake up alarm tones helps wake you up in a good mood.
  • Pre-alarms allow for gentle wake ups and the app has a built in flashlight if you need it in the dark.
  • Usual 'alarm won't go off' bugs for a few people.
  • It's new so it can be rough around the edges for some people.
Life Time Alarm Clock is the first member of this list where the most unique feature is the design. This is a very bright and friendly alarm clock app that is easy to use and looks really nice. It does have other features like setting puzzles to wake up to, multiple alarm support, a curated music collection to use as alarm tones, and a Smart Snooze feature that helps you get out of bed. It’s totally free to use.
google play

life time alarm clock

sleep as android Sleep As Android

[Price: Free with in app purchases / $4.49]

It watches you sleep but not in a creepy, 'Twlight' sort of way.

  • Monitors your sleep movements and analyzes patterns to wake you up when it makes sense.
  • A host of features like NFC tag, barcode, counting sheep, math, and puzzles help you wake up and stay up.
  • Detects snoring and records sleep talking because why not?
  • Pebble Smartwatch and HUE smartlight integration.
  • A little more expensive than other alarm apps.
  • Some people may have trouble getting the app to analyze their sleep patterns if they sleep a certain way so your mileage may vary.
A lot of people swear by Sleep as Android. Instead of taking the classic approach and just running off alarms when you want them, this app monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up when it makes sense. Of course, there is still an alarm for when you actually need to be up. I’ve had a lot of people tell me this has improved their sleep greatly because the app will notice when you start to wake up and gently wake you up from there. There is a free trial that is full featured so you can try out all of the features but the full app is $4.49.
google play


[Price: Free]

A basic package with a better design.

  • Contains all of the most basic alarm features along with a timer.
  • The design is way above average and the app theme is customizable.
  • It does have some advanced settings like setting math problems to make sure you're awake.
  • Syncs across devices so you can have the same alarms on every device.
  • While the design is very good, there aren't many features that set it apart from regular alarm clocks.
  • Hasn't been updated in about half a year.
Timely is the second app on this list that’s pretty much here because it looks really good. The design is to the Google design standard and it’s very colorful (and customizable) so you can make it look how you want. In terms of functionality, it’s pretty basic and this is definitely for those who don’t need much more than a pretty replacement for their OEM alarm apps. It’s totally free which is nice and it’s owned by Google.
google play


[Price: $2.99]

Wake up, come on, come on, wake up.

  • This app talks to you in the morning. Awesome.
  • You can tell it to snooze or stop with your voice.
  • It'll start the radio for you so you can wake up to music or the morning news.
  • You can customize what you want to hear and in what order you want to hear it.
  • As with all talking apps, voice activation can be fuzzy for some people.
  • There are some bugs that need fixed and the developers have been inactive for a while.
WakeVoice is unique in that it integrates a lot of voice control into the application. You can tell the alarm to stop or snooze with your voice. The app will also bid you good morning, tell you the temperature, and urge you to get out of bed using a synthesized voice. It’s something different that you can try for free and the full app is $2.99.
google play

Wave AlarmWave Alarm

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Now you can wave goodbye to sleep.

  • Motion detection lets you use your hands to wave alarms away.
  • Main interface has up to date weather and brightness controls.
  • App includes 10 soothing alarm tones for softer wake ups or you can assign music from your library.
  • Gentle alarms let you create pre-alarms that wake you up more gently.
  • Thanks to the motion control, sometimes your ceiling fan may dismiss your alarm. Not kidding.
  • Some people have had trouble with motion detection along with other small bugs.
  • If you don't have a front facing camera, you can't use this app.
Last up is Wave Alarm. This app utilizes your front facing camera and lets you wave at your phone to snooze or turn off the application. The main interface has a nice, large clock along with up-to-date weather. It also has some advanced features like adjusting screen brightness in the app. The core app is free but some of the more advanced features require in app purchases.
google play

Wrap up

As always, if we managed to miss a great alarm clock application then please let us know in the comments.


  • Emilio José Jiménez Jiménez

    Night Alarm Clock
    It’s a very useful alarm clock for your nightstand.

  • wickets

    Alarm Klock by craig g is excellent…….simple, easy to use, almost impossible to turn off by mistake, excellent choice of tones …all the others listed are nice too…just not as nice as alarm klock

    • OrozcO

      I used to try alarm clock extreme but after some updates is not working like used to, the screen never shows on to disable it in fact I have to unlock my phone with draw pattern to disable it, I tried alarm klock and works much better and the size is about 600 kb I’m not looking for and alarm app about 15 mb not even 2 mb. Just simple, plain view, small size, functional and not to worry about it even is installed. Just to do its work.

  • Michael Jensen

    Been using ALARM CLOCK PLUS for so long that I finally got a new Android, and I keep my old one in its dock just as an alarm clock. It’s simple, and it works really well.

    • Keg Man

      and has never failed. I agree. very simple too

    • IanDickson

      I’m going to absolutely second this. I’ve been using it since my Galaxy S and it rocks. It’s simple and it works. What more do you need to do to wake up?

      • marthasfortner

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  • tBs_Battousai

    I use tunein radio app so I wake up to the radio rather than just noise…

  • appswill

    You Know Sketch Alarm?

    * Make Your Own Animation Alarm with sensibility -sketch alarm*

    1. You can make your own alarm.
    – Draw picture, Attach picture, Recording voice, Music…

    2. You can make your own signature to release Alarm.
    – During alarm, you need to draw your own signature.
    – If you did not draw your signature, the alarm will not release.

    3. Strip to release alarm
    – During alarm, you have to remove the animation with fingers or pen.
    – There are 3 ways strip effect.

    Sketch Alarm will make your morning happy.

    Google Play

  • hutch

    All I want to know is which let you set alarms to go off say weekdays every other week.

  • Haija Bombaija

    Alarm _Cock_ Xtreme Free^^
    (4th para)

  • Rizwan Ullah

    I am using this one very good looking full of features alarm clock app,with lot of useful features, tabs screen supported,very beautiful widget to add on your desktop. I am sure you will like this its free try it here

  • Declan

    For a different kind of a Alarm, check out the ZBand silent alarm system at It consists of an Android App and a wristband. You manage alarms on the App, the app syncs the alarms to the wristband. On an alarm event the band gently vibrates to wake/alert the user.

    What do you think:

  • PJE71

    How do I install it?

  • Alaric

    Hi there. Does anyone know if there is an Alarm Aop which switches a phone on if its been off through the night. Previous to buying Samsung Note 2 I’ve used Nokias. The Nokias all alarms which switched the phone on. This was a great way to make sure you don’t get disturbed at night

    • Jesus

      No you can’t do that. Once your phone is off, it is ‘dead’.
      If you’re getting disturbed at night with like phone calls, SMS etc., why not just put it in Airplane mode?

  • Trung Lehuynh
  • Efren

    alarm clock plus with hard math to wake up if I am really tired + widget for small naps or cooking times and gentle alarm for weekends or normal days where I am not super tired.

    The others are just normal alarm clocks that doesn’t have the features of this two. Also the concept behind sleep as android is a good one, but you cannot trust the results so at the end it is a useless alarm.

  • Luka Mlinar

    Timely, we meet again -.-

    • JosephHindy

      There by popularity rather than raw functionality lol.

  • Sachin Bahal

    I would also recommend Puzzle Alarm (it’s free and you can use your own music or included sounds but for a $1.99 in-app purchase, you get no ads, the ability to make a song playlist for your alarm) and my second option is Alarm Clock Plus but I didn’t like the look of it that much

  • Carlos “Kei” Freitas

    I use Caynax Alarm Clock pro and i really like the widget.

  • Tom Z

    I’ve been using Gentle Alarm forever. Very happy… I may look at the other options.

    • dav

      Heck yea!

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    altought graphic sucks, alarm clock Xtreme is the better one

  • Tran Nguyen

    Timely alarm clock app is my favorite..

  • dav

    Gentle Alarm by mobitobi. It was one of my first paid apps in my Nexus S days. Set a lot of different alarms and a lot of different ways to wake up. I choose to have an mp3 go from quiet to loud in my alarms. IMO the best alarm app in the store.

  • Turbo Alarm

    I am not very popular, but I am very customizable and free (no ads). Turbo Alarm:

  • 1n50mniac

    Surefire Alarm clock for me. Holy Crap does it have some of the loudest tones I’ve ever heard. Really good for deep sleepers!