9 best radio Android apps

by: Joe HindyJune 17, 2014
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Even though we have things like music-on-demand with apps like Spotify and we can buy any song any time from places like iTunes and the Google Play Store, a lot of us still like to listen to the radio. It’s low maintenance so you just turn it on and it goes by itself. It’s great background noise for when you’re working and it’s still among the best ways to discover new music. Are there great ways to listen to the radio on Android? The answer is yes and here are our best radio Android app selections.

Pandora Internet Radio Android appsPandora internet radio

[Price: Free]
First up is the venerable Pandora internet radio. This was one of the originals to offer this kind of service. You can create your own stations or listen to ones that have already been made. It features just short of a million songs and you can get all of that for free if you don’t mind ads. There is also a daily skip limit so make sure you only skip the songs you really dislike.

C'mon, everyone else is using it!

  • A decent track library.
  • Pretty much all features come on the free version.
  • Creating, deleting, and listening to stations is very easy.
  • Its very popular. You likely know someone who uses Pandora.
  • Ads are fine but the daily skip limit is annoying.
  • Smaller track library than most competitors.
  • No FM stations and no talk radio.
This is a great free option and it’s very easy to use.
google play

Pandora internet radio Android

iheartradio radio android appsiHeartRadio – Internet Radio

[Price: Free]
iHeartRadio is another very popular option but this one more closely emulates real radio. Not only does it offer over 18 million songs to listen to but it also has talk radio selections for news, sports, finance, comedy, and entertainment. It even includes some FM and AM radio stations if you need those.

It may even be better than real radio.

  • Contains a boat load of music stations and talk radio stations.
  • Totally free to use with ads just like real radio.
  • Radio selections for your tastes, including seasonal and holiday channels.
  • Actual FM and AM radio stations can be found here.
  • App keeps up on the latest in Android design elements.
  • Custom stations supported
  • Has a history of using the same commercials over and over again.
  • Has the occasional bug here and there.
iHeartRadio is the essential radio Android app for all radio fans, not just music fans.
google play

iheartradio radio android apps

Internet Radio Android appInternet Radio

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Internet Radio is the most aptly named app we’ve ever seen. It also happens to be fairly good at playing radio stations over the internet. This is one of the few selections on this list that supports radio stations from other countries so if you wanna listen to Russia’s top 40 hits of 2014 you can certainly do that. It also includes some features as in app purchases such as radio recording and a sleep timer to turn it off after a while.

Less diverse in some ways, more diverse in others.

  • Includes real AM and FM radio stations from multiple countries.
  • One of the few selections that offers radio recording.
  • Categorically sorted.
  • The design is a little antiquated.
  • No custom radio stations.
It’s not as diverse in some areas but much more diverse in others and it’s free to use!
google play

Internet Radio Android app

Live365 Internet Radio Android appLive365 Radio

[Price: Free]
Live365 Radio is unique because it’s not automated stations like you’d get with Pandora or even iHeartRadio to a degree. Every station is managed by a person who picks the playlists and runs their own thing. It features over 250 genres of music although you don’t have access to all of them unless you participate in their subscription service. If you do, though, the ads are also removed and that’s always a good thing.

Something a little different.

  • Individually managed radio stations is a cool idea.
  • Over 200 genres of music to choose from.
  • Free to use with ads.
  • Developers go long periods without updates.
  • Some app issues have been reported like difficulty turning the app off.
  • You don't have access to every station until you buy the subscription service.
If this looks like your cup of tea, click the button!
google play

Radio FM Android appRadio FM

[Price: Free]
Radio FM is another more classic radio option. It contains 10,000 radio stations across multiple countries and gives you a selection of music or talk radio. It is very much like a radio directory rather than something like Pandora so that means if you need to search by genre or something like that you won’t be able to. It’s free to use so that’s a big plus.

A directory of radio stations.

  • Over 10,000 FM and AM stations available.
  • Stations for multiple countries.
  • Music and talk radio available.
  • It's free!
  • The interface is easy to use but not much of a looker.
  • No customized radio. Stations only.
  • Some stations are unavailable for various reasons such as country restrictions. They're still listed but you can't use them.
Overall if you need something simple then Radio FM may be for you.
google play

Radio FM internet radio android app

Rdio radio Android apps - Google Play WeeklyRdio

[Price: Free]
Rdio is another option that is much like Pandora. It has 20 million songs available and you can either listen to pre-made stations or create your own using your favorite artist or genre. It also includes features like offline syncing, social integration, and giving you access to your listening history so you don’t have to remember what songs you just listening to.

  • 20 million songs is about 20 times more than Pandora.
  • Create your own stations or listen to pre-made ones.
  • Listening history makes it easy to remember the songs you liked.
  • Offline syncing is useful if you're about to lose connection.
  • The app has a history with bugs so be on the look out.
  • No FM or AM radio stations.
  • No talk radio.
It’s free to try with a $9.99 subscription if you choose to use it. Use the button below to get started.
google play

Rdio radio Android apps

SKY.FM Radio Android appsSKY.FM Internet Radio

[Price: Free]
SKY.FM is another interesting case because it only has 60 radio stations. However, each station is individually managed by a person who is reportedly an expert in the genre itself. That means that each station is not only manually maintained by someone but it is maintained by someone who actually likes the music they’re putting on the radio waves. That means no talk radio and the channel selection is very slim so don’t go into it thinking you have another Pandora here.

What it does, it does well. It just doesn't do all that much.

  • Each station is manually managed which is way better than randomly picked by computer algorithms.
  • Despite having only 60 channels, there is a fairly diverse set of genres to enjoy including music from other countries.
  • It's a very simple, no-nonsense application.
  • It only has 60 channels.
  • No talk radio.
  • No AM or FM stations.
It’s not the most diverse music radio application but what it does have is pretty awesome.
google play

SKY.FM Internet Radio Android apps

TuneIn Radio Android appsTuneIn Radio

[Price: Free]
TuneIn Radio is one of the most popular apps on this list. It focuses more on talk radio, podcasts, and things like that rather than music so if you’re looking for a substitute for pretty much all of AM radio then this is it. It does contain real radio stations as well which is a bonus for those of you who want your FM radio.

It can do music but it's way better at talk radio.

  • Over 100,000 channels, stations, and podcasts.
  • Simple, clean interface.
  • Free to use!
  • New content pops up rather frequently.
  • FM and AM radio stations.
  • It has a lot of music stations but it doesn't feel like it's made for that.
  • If you don't like talk radio, you probably won't like this.
  • Developers like to do this thing where the app is great, then they update it and it's terrible, then they update it and it's great again.
If you like music, it can do that but it’s real talent is talk radio.
google play

TuneIn Radio Android apps

Xiialive Internet Radio Android appXiiaLive – Internet Radio

[Price: Free]
Last on our list is a lesser known option called XiiaLive Internet Radio. It sports a 4.5 rating in the Google Play Store and despite having a lot of downloads, it’s an application that few people actually talk about. It features 50,000 stations that range from music to talk. It’s powered by SHOUTcast and those of you who are new to the internet may not remember what that is. XiiaLive also includes some music player style features like an equalizer.

A diamond in the rough.

  • Over 50,000 radio stations.
  • Music and talk radio available.
  • A lot of external features like an equalizer, adding your own URL for podcasts, and more.
  • Can double as a standalone music player for your music. Two birds one stone!
  • No AM or FM radio stations.
  • Some features (like rewind) only work for some stations.
  • Developed by Nullsoft who developed Winamp. We all know what happened to Winamp.
Not a lot of people talk about this and we don’t know why.
google play

Wrap up

There are a bunch of awesome radio selections out there so if we missed a great radio Android app then let us know in the comments below!

  • Guest

    No Spotify Radio? Like Rdio, it is has an on-demand and a radio option, so I expected to see it on this list.

    • JosephHindy

      Spotify’s radio feature is a side feature, these apps focus entirely on radio-style. We have a whole different app list for apps like spotify :)

  • MarkAQuinlan

    It’s low maintenance so you just turn it on and it goes by itself. It’s great background noise for when you’re working and it’s still among the best ways to discover new music. http://moourl.com/9qlto

  • Mark Rich

    I can’t believe you left BBC iPlayer Radio and RadioPlayer off your list.

  • fredphoesh

    Serious omission is MixZing.
    It is the ONLY app I know that while you listen to any track from a radio station, will pull biographies, wiki search, youtube videos, google search and Lyrics of that same track…
    This makes listening way more immersive, like reading liner notes in the good old days of physical media playing.

  • Cole Raney

    I found one recently called US Illinois radio and it is good. There are other apps for other states with a similar name.

  • Forrest Skaine

    Tune in app is not being hailed to its full potential. This app pulls in almost any AM or FM station that streams and its list is comprehensive in the United States and for the world. I find this to be innovative and no other app comes even close.
    I don’t understand how the review can say it is only geared to talk radio. Some of the radio stations can only stream in low quality such as 32k, especially the talk stations. Adding speaker accessories such as JBL or high quality headphones dramatically improves the frequency range that music provides.
    Whether one is homesick and wants to hear hometown stations, or one is a hobbyist using Tune-In as valuable resource or just simply wishing to hear a different culture, AM and FM radio stations offer more depth and history than internet radio ever could.

    Todd in Minneapolis

    • kevin lin

      I wouldn’t really agree with the homesick part, it’s got country restrictions which really bothers me since i moved out of states,and the current country im in has just about the shittiest radio program in the world

    • marhensa

      TuneIn radio UX is terrible, it is confusing, not at all intuitive.

      • Forrest Skaine

        Since I last wrote this review Tune-in is not so hot. Its fascination with social media has muddied the easy access it once had to radio stations. I figured it out but a beginner to the site will find it not user friendly. Also the number of streaming stations it carries is rapidly decreasing whether its due to stations not wanting Tune-in as their webstream or poor maintenance. Xiaa is an interesting up and coming webstream. My android phone seems to want to link possible webstream from Radio Locator via my xiaa app. I’ve had better success with stations connecting to Xiaa than Tune-in.

    • TuneIn was a great app. Until the update in Oct. 2014. Their changes included a change in permissions that are amazingly intrusive. There’s no need for a radio app to need access to my contacts or my calendar. Nor did I see any options that allow a user to block the app from accessing those phone features. Because they’ve added new features that require additional permissions, they activate those other programs and together they use a great deal more battery power too. It wasn’t worth the upgrade. Not when there are other free apps out there that don’t use the additional permissions.

    • amine

      i prefer to stick with a very easy app that respect my privacy and include most of the international streaming radios :

  • Dan

    What the, no slacker radio? That’s better that everything out there

    • EvenInTheDarkestHour

      Was. It’s library just doesn’t hold water today. I loved it for years before giving up. Great app, if it could just grow its library.

  • Fabian Taveras

    Wow no Spotify? and I was a bit surprised to see that milk music wasn’t there either.

  • eClipse

    I can attest to the simple awesomeness of XIIALive – I basically live in there, being an early adopter, and don’t “get” why services like Pandora or Spotify are a big deal when you can get everything you could possibly want for free via XIIALive.

    For the record it >does< do radio stations if the station has a feed. I'm able to listen to my cities NPR station and local news with no issues whatsoever.

  • breakitdown420

    i listen to a lot of talk radio and surprised Stitcher wasnt on this list

  • BenWaB3

    AccuRadio is another omission. It divides into genres & then those genres divide into sub-genres. There are free & paid versions

  • Albin

    Sky.fm has a companion service JazzRadio.com (same login for both) narrow focused on jazz and blues. Same idea of curated music, ads are very rare and short. Sounds great on desktop outfits with good speakers.

  • Pasquale Villoresi

    Hi all I want to include also this radio app that allows to record https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bestourism.radiofree , it works better on android over 4

  • Flavio Battocchio

    Check WWTuner, the new Android Radio App:

  • Slayer

    Legendary Radio is very succesful application. record stream with high quality MP3 format.your hit songs.I like this features… I recommend it to anyone…

  • Jitendra Trivedi

    Pandora and iHeart are not available in Dubai? Any idea why not?

  • Eddie

    I’m still searching for an OFFLINE radio app that uses my headphones as an antena, like my old Nokia N97 did years ago. Why is it so hard???

    • Anmol

      Spirit FM! ;)

  • I really like the new 1 Radio News app for on-demand and live radio news from around the world. With news often buried in radip apps with tens of thousands of stations, it is nice to get bset in one package. See http://1radionews.com

    BTW … I’m biased because I had the app built because I was tired of all the complicated podcast in apps. I just wanted to press one button and play.

  • home9897

    Is there an app that acts as a filter for fm radio stations. The apt will play songs from fm radio, dj talk between songs, but filter out commercials. This would result in dead air but the app could insert preloaded music to play while the commercials play. Once the music plays from the fm station again the app would go back to the ‘live’ fm station. I notice that when my radio plays the song being played will be displayed, so can this work?

  • Commonsense

    Simple Radio by Streema and rad.io

  • Dewed

    I used to really like TuneIn. But anymore the ads are really getting unbearable. It’s probably to get people to pay $10 to go pro. But not worth it. One thing not mentioned is that TuneIn can also pick up emergency scanners.

  • Adam Hoffmann

    new apps for radio called Cloud Radio is very nice too ! it’s very simple to use too !! should be in this list i think :


  • Hubert

    What about aupeo? It has a good design and rich functions. REALLY reach functions for a free online radio app. Plus, than you’d have a top 10 not a top 9 :).

  • Ines Faro

    I think that some of those apps are too generic, and too overwhelming with features that I don’t even use, and that only make them slower. I have been trying out this one: Radio USA -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.allaboutradio.radiousa in the past months, as the name says, it’s only for the US, but I believe that the developer has more for each country. It’s just simple and has everything I look for on a radio app, so it does the job for me.

  • amine

    i prefer an app that i found in amazon store, it’s very simple and include all of the international radios in one app :D , you can find it here:


  • Tim Ordman

    CuteRadRec is an app for recording lot of radio stations in the U.S. It is quite easy to use.

  • KC

    Pure Connect is the best radio app

  • Catherine Lufei Wang

    I myself is a busy guy with frequent business trips, always need a podcast app on my Android phone to save favorite episodes such as particular music, audios that I prefer while I am on my way. CastBox APP is the one I am addicted to recently, highly recommended download it from google play.

  • Chao Wang

    CastBox is an APP mainly about podcast for Android devices. Here to discover and subscribe 220,000+ podcast content. Listen to 16,000+ radio stations for free. It offers podcasts and Radio from 30+ countries & languages. Control playing from multiple widgets and notification bar seems rather convenient for finger movements. it enables you to choose to download new episodes such as free music, audio books automatically when they become available

  • Chao Wang

    It is always good time to listen to music through podcast on the way back home or the way to work in the morning. As the your brain is fresh in the morning to better accept new knowledge, it would be like to switch the mode of your brain when you start to learn second language after finish the daytime work. Recommend download CastBox APP from Google Play.