We absolutely loved the Axon 7 when it launched back in June of 2016. In fact, we loved it so much that we decided to give it our coveted Editor’s Choice award. With front facing speakers, a full-metal footprint, and some great specs for a mid-ranged device, many of our writers went around recommending the device for the next few months.

Just recently, ZTE announced the Axon M, and it brought with it a brand new shape and style. The dual-screened device did seem like a bold move to many, and loads of us have been wondering if the company would ever get back to the basics and give us a true successor to the Axon 7 that we knew and loved.

Recently, a Twitter user going by the handle @fatproduce had the same idea, and decided to tweet at ZTE pleading for a follow up of the device. They responded by letting him know that there will “certainly be a follow on to the successful Axon 7.”

Though this tweet obviously isn’t a formal announcement of such a device, it is exciting to see ZTE follow up such a great phone. We’re pretty excited already, though we probably won’t see any sign of this device until well into 2018.

Did you like the Axon 7? Excited for the news of a follow up?

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