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Here's how to set up Zoom Android virtual backgrounds

Now you can spend hours before meetings looking for that perfect background from your phone.
May 18, 2022

Zoom is one of the best video conferencing tools and saw its popularity skyrocket over the past couple of years. Many are still working from home, so Zoom remains a go-to for meetings and conferences everywhere. If you don’t want to clean up or want to make your calls a bit more entertaining, Zoom has a feature that can help. On both the desktop and mobile versions of the app, you can use Zoom virtual backgrounds to change your backdrop and transport you to a more pleasant place.

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To change your Zoom virtual background, click the ^ icon next to the Stop video button and select Choose virtual background. On mobile, tap More at the bottom right corner during a meeting.


How to use Zoom virtual backgrounds on a PC

If you are already in a meeting, click the ^ icon next to the Stop video button at the bottom left. Click Choose virtual background and select an image from the available options. You can also upload your own pictures and videos.

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You can set up your virtual background to be the same for all meetings by setting it up in the Zoom app. Click the gear icon under your profile icon. Go to the Background and effects tab, select an image or video, or upload your own.

Change your Zoom background on mobile

You can only change your background while in a meeting. After joining one, tap the More button at the bottom right corner and select Virtual background. Select an image from the available options, or click the + icon to add an image or video from your gallery. The steps are the same on both the Android and iOS apps.

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There are only a few Zoom virtual backgrounds in the app. Zoom has many more options available that you can download from its website. You can also upload your own pictures and videos on both desktop and mobile.

It depends on your Internet connection. You won’t usually see a problem with a static image. There may be a noticeable lag with videos, though. If you notice your audio or camera video lagging, the best option is to disable the virtual background.