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Xperia Z5 press renders leaked, 23-megapixel camera on-board

Due to a snafu on Sony Mobile's part, official press renders were apparently posted by mistake of the yet-to-be-announced Xperia Z5. The 23MP camera is REAL.

Published onAugust 28, 2015


Sony fans eager for some new news with on the upcoming Xperia Z5 will be pleased to know that a new set of leaks has dripped from the faucet. This time, the offerings are literally of an official nature, despite the fact the phone itself is still on the DL. According to Xperia Blog, Sony Mobile made a bit of a snafu earlier today when it posted a series of images seemingly set for press purposes.

The highlight for all those camera aficionados out there, is that it now seems all but officially confirmed by Sony that the Z5 will feature an impressive 23-megapixel rear shooter. Take a look:


The prospect of an improved camera will no doubt be a major boon to all those who were disappointed with the Xperia Z4/Z3+, which actually made use of the same one found in last year’s Xperia Z3. Given the stunning images that photographers -both amateur and professional alike- have been able to take with the existing unit, the potential for an even better one will no doubt make the wait for next week’s IFA 2015, where the device is allegedly going to launch, all the more difficult.

At the same time however, those hoping for some semblance of a new design might be left out in the cold:


The device, as pictured above, looks remarkably similar to those that came before it. The phone still retains the same rectangular shape Sony has used since its origin, though again with the newer rounded edges. Ports can also be seen along the bottom end of the device, sans flap, which looks like the smartphone will once again achieve its waterproofing primarily through sealing them rather than covering.

Indeed it looks to match up perfectly with the leaked images that had been circulating the internet:

Xperia Z5 fingerprint scanner


As can be found in the above image, though not visible from today’s cache, the Xperia Z5 is expected to have a fingerprint sensor built into the power button. The button, in turn, will now be flat as opposed to the circular protrusion that had graced the previous models in the series.

It’s that time again

Given that Xperia Z4/Z3+ is only a few months old, and Verizon’s variant hasn’t even released yet, the idea of another Xperia flagship hitting the pavement might be a bit much to take in, though presumably many opted to skip the latest iteration in favor of whatever this one might bring. Clearly the wait for a new design appears to require some additional patience.

In terms of specs, the rumors are all over the place. Some have actually suggested the Z5 will feature a 4K display, a claim that seems without any merit whatsoever. The General Manager of Sony Mobile Taiwan was literally quoted, stating there were no plans to release even a QHD smartphone panel. Even the Verizon-altered Z4v is just the first smartphone in the OEM’s entire history to make use of QHD. To imagine a bump up to 4K would seemingly be defiant of the very product that would allegedly have it.

Given that the Snapdragon 820 is not yet ready, it’s possible the Z5 could once again go with the 810, or else step down to the 808 like LG did with the G4. Other rumors also indicate it will have 3GB or 4GB of RAM and an 8-megapixel front camera, along with 4K upscaling software and a seemingly impossible 4500mAh battery.

Ultimately we need to wait until next week to see if the phone will be officially unveiled or not, but things are definitely looking like a photo finish to be sure! The real question though: is this the phone Made for Bond?

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