Xiaomi Redmi 5, showing MIUI.

MIUI has quickly become one of Android’s more popular skins, owing to its use on Xiaomi’s budget-friendly smartphones. It’s hardly unintuitive, but you might still have a few questions anyway.

Let’s look at how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi phones and tablets. You’ve actually got plenty of ways to do this.

The old faithful solution

Taking a screenshot in MIUI.

If you’ve been using an Android, chances are you know this way to take screenshots.

All you need to do is briefly hold power and volume down to take a screenshot on Xiaomi phones, and you should see an animation quickly flash, signifying a successful screengrab. The screenshot icon will hang around in the top right corner for a few seconds (as seen above), if you’d like to immediately access it.

From the notification shade

The screenshot toggle in the notification shade.

Another oft-used screenshot method is to activate the notification shade (swipe down from the very top), and look for the screenshot option in the quick toggle menu (it should be directly below the mobile data toggle).

Tap it and you should see the screenshot animation flash, followed by said screenshot hovering in the top-right corner for a few seconds.

It’s not the best option if you need to take screenshots during video game sessions — you first have to reveal the notification shade to activate it, and by that time, the moment might be gone. It’s still handy to know this option is available.

A three-finger swipe (and more)

MIUI screenshot gestures.

Xiaomi devices have another handy way to take screenshots, and it’s certainly more intuitive than Samsung‘s palm swipe gesture. It’s also more reliable than Huawei‘s double knuckle tap to take screengrabs, at least in my book.

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From any screen, you can simply swipe three fingers downwards to take a screenshot. The phone’s display should flash to indicate a successful gesture. As with the first method, your screenshot will hang around in the top right corner for several seconds for quick access.

Don’t care for the three-finger gesture? Well, you can assign the screenshot function to a number of other shortcuts, such as long-pressing the home button or hitting the power and home button. Remember, you lose any functions previously associated with that shortcut (so no more Google Assistant shortcut if you assign screenshots to a long-press of the home key).

The quick-ball method

The quick-ball menu in MIUI.

Xiaomi was one of the first brands to launch the quick-ball navigation option, an alternative to the standard capacitive keys at the bottom. The quick-ball is a free-floating dock with a set of several commonly used actions (home, recents menu, and more), and fortunately a screenshot shortcut is available via this menu.

To enable the quick-ball dock, visit Settings > Additional Settings > Quick ball. From here, tap the Turn on Quick ball toggle to enable the menu. You should now see a curved line on the right edge of your screen — tap it to access the Quick ball menu. From here, tap the scissors icon to capture the screen.

How to take a long screenshot?

The screenshot menu in MIUI.

Now that you know the various ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi devices, another handy feature is the scrolling or long screenshot function. This is great if you need to send a screengrab of an article to someone or capture a message thread.

Simply navigate to the desired screen, then try one of the four screenshot methods above. From here, tap the screenshot that appears in the top-right corner, then tap the scroll option (it’s the first option at the bottom). The phone will then scroll and capture, until you either hit the done button or it reaches the bottom of the page or menu.

Aim to capture a little more than you need. The scrolling speed makes it difficult to hit the done button exactly where you want the screen capture to end, and you can always crop the unwanted bits out of the screenshot.

Where to find screenshots?

The screenshot folder in MIUI.

Once you’ve taken your screenshots, you might be wondering where they’re located on your phone. All you need to do is visit the gallery app, tap the albums option at the top and you’ll see your screenshots folder. Simple stuff.

Have any other tips for taking a screenshot on Xiaomi devices? Let us know in the comments section!

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