The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4.


Xiaomi and OnePlus have had a history of trying to one-up each other and it looks like competition between the two Chinese rivals is heating up once again. This time, in the TV space. Xiaomi has started teasing the September 17 launch of the “biggest and best” Mi TV in India, just days ahead of the Oneplus TV reveal.

Xiaomi is holding a “Smarter Living” event in India on September 17 where the new Mi TV will be launched amongst other smart-home devices.

The company has posted a series of video teasers for the new Mi TV on Twitter. One of them even features Xiaomi’s India managing director and global vice-president, Manu Kumar Jain.

The first teaser tells people to turn the sound up on the video. One can hear the familiar Netflix chime in the video and the accompanying text features a dialogue from one of Netflix’s most popular India titles Sacred Games.

It looks like Xiaomi is finally bringing built-in support for Netflix streaming, a feature which has been absent from all Mi TVs to date.

Until now, Mi TV users have had to plug in third-party streaming devices like Amazon’s Fire TV Stick to access Netflix. Getting access to the streaming service right out of the box would definitely be a welcome addition for Mi fans.

It’s unclear if Xiaomi plans to trickle down Netflix support to older Mi TVs as well. It would make all the sense in the world to do so and we hope the company takes note.

The second teaser (above) is a video of Xiaomi’s Jain talking about the features of the upcoming TV. He says that Xiaomi is “about to launch the biggest and the best Mi TV in India yet”. He also reveals that this will be a 4K TV with all the content users have been asking for (another potential hint at Netflix support).

The accompanying text in the tweet encourages followers to retweet the post ’65’,000 times. We think the emphasis on ’65’ is a nod to a 65-inch Mi TV variant. If true, this will be the biggest Mi TV Xiaomi has ever launched in India.

Leaked model numbers suggest that a 75-inch OnePlus TV won’t be available in India but that the 65-inch variant will land in the market. So the two companies could be on equal footing in this regard.

Jain promises he will reveal more about the TV if the post is indeed retweeted 65,000 times. But we’re sure Xiaomi will capitalise on all the buzz around the OnePlus TV and reveal more leading up to the event.

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