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People keep swallowing AirPods and we're really concerned

The woman isn't the only person to mistake their AirPods for vitamins.

Published onSeptember 13, 2023

One earbud of the AirPods 3rd Generation
Sam Smart / Android Authority
  • A TikTok video of a woman explaining how she accidentally swallowed an AirPod is going viral.
  • The woman says she thought the earbud was a vitamin.
  • She’s not the only person to recently swallow an AirPod.

Apple fans, we have to ask, are y’all okay? For some reason, AirPods owners keep accidentally swallowing their earbuds. A new TikTok video is now going viral after a woman admitted to ingesting the device.

Tanna Barker, a resident of Utah, is going viral after admitting she gulped down one of her AirPods. In the video, she explains that she ran into a friend while on a walk. During the conversation, she took one of the earbuds out of her ear to hear more clearly. Barker then decided to take her vitamins and popped the AirPod in her mouth, only to realize that the vitamins were still sitting in her hand.

“Halfway through my walk, I decided to take my vitamins, so I put my vitamins in, took a drink, and I was like, man, those are stuck,” Barker says. “So I guzzled my water, kept on going, said bye to Kathleen, and went to go get my AirPod. And my pills were in my hand. I swallowed my AirPod.”

Thankfully, it appears that she is okay and is taking the whole situation in stride, even taking moments to laugh at herself. Baker says she immediately called doctors and friends for advice. They reportedly all told her the same thing — to let it pass naturally.

Among other things, you may be wondering if that AirPod still works. Well, as it turns out, the answer is probably yes. Back in 2021, a woman from Massachusetts also swallowed an AirPod, thinking it was a vitamin. She was surprised to learn it still worked when she tried to record a voice note, and it captured the sound of her stomach.

And just last year, a celebrity from the UK also swallowed her AirPod with her vitamins. However, she threw it up instead of letting it pass naturally.

So, the moral of the story may be to double-check your vitamins before you put them in your mouth if you’re an AirPods owner. Or you can check out some of the best wireless earbuds to find a pair that doesn’t look like pills.

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