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We asked, you told us: You're happy with your wireless earphones' battery life

Most of you are satisfied with the juice you get from your wireless earphones.

Published onMarch 23, 2021

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Google Pixel Buds 3
Adam Molina / Android Authority

Wireless earphones are all the rage these days. Not only do they make our listening experience mobile, but many of them also offer great sound quality and seamless connectivity with our phones. The only department where some may feel that they lack is battery life. People who are avid listeners and use their wireless earbuds and headphones for long durations might not be getting as much juice as they would like. Others might be okay using them just for a couple of hours.

For instance, I can easily get about five hours from my JBL T100 true wireless buds, and that’s more than enough for me. But it might not do the trick for you if you’re a heavy user or if you’re on the go for long hours.

So we thought of asking you, our readers, how satisfied you are with the battery life of your wireless earphones. Here’s how you voted in our poll.

Are you happy with your wireless earphones’ battery life?


The results for our poll across the website, YouTube, and Twitter were unanimous. We received a total of 44,716 votes, and most of our readers (almost 70%) voted to say that they are pretty happy with their wireless earphones’ battery life. This is probably because many wireless buds come with handy charging cases that are great for a quick top-up on the go. Also, the readers who are satisfied with the battery life of their buds may not be using them for more than 4-5 hours at a stretch.

Meanwhile, about 40% of the poll respondents said that they are unhappy with the battery life of their wireless earphones. This may be due to the lack of a charging case or because they’re using wireless earbuds that don’t offer adequate battery capacity. It is also possible that the battery life of their cord-free earphones has degraded over time.

Your comments

Skifarterking: What bothers me about Bluetooth headsets is that over time the battery just gets worse and there’s nothing you can do about it other than getting a new model after a couple of years, while my high-end wired headsets are still working perfectly after 12 years.

cheetose4: KZ and a couple of other Chi-Fi audio brands sell Bluetooth modules that can be plugged into earphones with 2 pin connections so there are solutions if companies actually cared. But I agree, just seems ridiculous that $100 plus headphones having to go into the trash after 2 years.

Shizuma: Yup, quite happy, but also I use full-size over-the-ear headphones and not earbuds, so there’s room for a proper battery in them and they get 40 hours on a charge.

roaduardo: I’ve never needed to wear wireless earbuds longer than a couple of hours at most. Very happy with the current battery life across various models. Longer wireless listening I use my wireless headphones that are rated for 20 hours or more. That’s more sensible, IMO.

Marshall: Yes. For how little I use them, a few hours life and a few charges from the case is fine.

TJ Dubs: Galaxy Buds Pro get uncomfortable in my ears long before the battery dies.

DethEngineer: So far so good. I had some Bluetooth wireless (not true wireless) Anker for around 3 years and they broke before getting any significant battery degradation, they went from around 8 hours to 6 before they broke. My Sony WH1000XM3 still run for great after almost around 22 months and my most recent true wireless from Mobvoi are only like 6 months or so. Battery life on a single charge is not an issue to me (at the moment).

James: I wear a set of Soundcore Life Q30, for about 9 hours a day, 5 days a week — mainly for work purposes.
Every 3 or 4 days or so, I charge them in my lunch hour. I have no scenario where I’d need more battery life from them – I think they’re brilliant. I have several sets of Bluetooth IEMs (RHA MA750 wireless, RHA TrueConnect, EarFun Free Pro, KZ S2), which all have relatively short battery life – but all charge quick enough and all have enough life for whatever/whenever I need them.

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