Motorola is seeking to give their devices some outlaw appeal by putting them into the hands of a rugged posse of wild west criminals. The new tongue-in-cheek series of advertisements puts anachronistic tech in the hands of a gang of cowboys for some truly funny, dry-tasting humor.

In one commercial, the gang sits around a fire in repose after a massive cash haul, when suddenly a notification goes off. After checking social media via their Moto X Pure Editions and Moto 360s, the posse realizes that one of their less savvy members has tagged them in photos with the cash. Both the sheriff and the local hangman ‘like’ the image. The showcase of the piece is the Moto X Pure Edition’s ability to “quick draw” on the camera using a snappy gesture (you can turn on the flashlight with these gestures as well, and it’s incredibly convenient).

The next commercial shows our anti-heroes in full gallop about to engage a train job. One of the crew shouts “Yee-haw” but his expression of lawless exhilaration is drowned out by the thunder of hooves. Using Motorola’s always-listening voice commands, he instead texts “Yee-haw” to his companions to make sure that his sentiment is adequately expressed. Through safely horse-mounted devices, the rest of his compadres chime in with their agreement.

It’s a very creative advertising step for Motorola, and it’s refreshing to see such humor on display in the often hard-and-sharp mobile industry. That’s just one man’s take on this campaign, however. What do you think? Clever marketing by Motorola, or is this not quite hitting your funnybone? Let us know your reaction in the comments below!

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