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We’ve done our own pretty comprehensive summary of all the new Android N features in the first developer preview, but Google has done one too, specifically for developers. Over on the Google Developers YouTube channel, there’s a “What’s New in Android N” video that sums up the major new features, changes and requirements of Android N. Even if you’re not a dev it’s still worth a watch.

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The video covers Doze Mode in motion, split-screen mode, including details on what developers need to do to add multi-window support for their apps, picture-in-picture mode for Android TV, Data Saver, the redesign of notifications as well as the grouping notifications API.

There’s some other good stuff in there particularly for developers, like direct boot requirements for apps, granular permissions for storage access (including internal and removable storage), Project Svelte and multiple locales in settings.

What are your thoughts on Android N so far? What’s the one big feature that’s still missing?

Kris Carlon
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