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What is Nest Aware: Price, features and more

What is Nest Aware? We give you the information on this security service for the Nest Camera, including price, features and more.
March 25, 2019
Front side photo of the NEst security camera - Nest Aware
The core features of a Nest Cam are available with the new smart display

Home security systems used to require expensive long-term contracts and even more expensive equipment. If you wanted to know what was happening in your home, you needed a reliable camera with a linked recording device to save everything 24/7. You usually even had to pay extra for third-party monitoring.

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Nest changed all that with its innovative Nest Cam products.  These cameras scan everything, so you don’t miss out even the slightest of activities. While they are pretty good by themselves, but it really shines when paired Nest Aware. Nest Aware brings recording, intelligent alerts, IQ face recognition, and video creation to further enhance the Nest Cam.

Nest Aware – Features

A Nest Aware subscription enables the Nest Cam’s most striking features:

Activity Zone

Nest Aware function - Activity zone

This feature lets you choose four different zones for each camera. The Nest App helps you to monitor the Activity Zones thanks to the Sightline option. The good news is that the App updates you with a snapshot of the moment when something moved.

Video history

Screenshot of a phone with nest video history, a Nest Aware feature.

The camera keeps recording all the time and saves its stream to a secure Cloud server. You can retrieve the video whenever you want. Even if somebody unplugs the camera, you can retrieve the video up to that last moment. The Sightline feature lets you access video history via your smartphone. You can also use a web browser or even Apple TV and Android TV.

Create and share videos

It isn’t all about security. Sometimes these cameras capture unbelievable things, like a cat catching a bird or a dog jumping over a 6-foot fence. Nest Aware lets you create clips of such movements you can remember for the rest of your life. You can share the clips to various social media streams like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also download the clips to share via WhatsApp or other messaging apps.

Intelligent alerts

Feature of the Nest Aware - Intelligent alerts

Using a sophisticated algorithm, Nest Aware alerts have become increasingly accurate. The new cameras can detect the difference between sounds like a barking dog and speaking individuals. You can customize the alerts to your preferences. You can set different alert settings for different cameras, though Nest Aware doesn’t support the Familiar Face Alert in some regions because of local laws. Even if the face is not clearly visible, Nest Aware is smart enough to send you the Person Seen alert.


Each new Nest Camera you buy comes with a 30-day free trial. Once the trial period expires, you can choose either a monthly or yearly subscription. Prices vary depending on the number of cameras you purchase.

The 24/7 offsite recording is Nest Aware’s most impressive feature because you don’t have to worry about the storage space, but you can’t access it without a subscription. Otherwise, all you get are snapshots from the most recent three hours. You also need Nest Aware for Face Recognition.

Subscription plans

Nest Aware - pricing

There are three Nest Aware subscription plans to choose from. The features are pretty much the same, but they differ in duration and how long the cameras can record. The first offers 5-day video recording for $5 a month, or for $50 for 12 months, which saves you a total of $10.

The second price tier offers 10-day video recording for $10 a month or for $100 a year, saving you a total of $20. Finally, there’s a 30-day video recording tier for $30 a month or for $300 a year, with a savings of $60. If you get more than one Nest Cam, you can save up to 50 percent on any of the Nest Aware subscriptions for those cameras.

Nest Aware – Is it worth the money?

Nest Aware on a smartphone.

Nest Aware’s activity alerts are very useful. Its video recording is exceptional. Some of its additional features also aren’t available anywhere else. However, the price is a bit high, especially if you consider how onsite storage costs are constantly decreasing. Netgear Arlo, Blink, and Logi Circle, are all comparatively inexpensive alternatives. However, the yearly plan does offer some good discounts.

Deciding if it is the right option depends on whether or not you need 24/7 recording. Nest offers a very smart deal, with a 50 percent discount on additional cameras also. The 30-day free trial is a really good test to determine whether or not you need all these features.

Nest Aware is ahead of the competitors in a sense that its app is extremely user-friendly. You get all the features compatible with different devices, smartphones, tabs, Apple TV, and Android TV. Normally, having a surveillance system is something complex and takes time to get comfortable with. However, it’s simple to add devices to your network and the Nest app. Nest Aware makes you feel at home even when you’re far away. Apart from the security features, video creation and sharing really help it stand out.

If you need security, Nest and the Nest Aware are definitely good options. Alternatives are available at a lower cost, but their features do not compare. Wi-Fi cams can offer cloud recording for free, but they don’t have the same breadth of options, like smart alerts and face recognition.


In the end, it comes down to your preferences and requirements. You need to consider your budget and your lifestyle. Sometimes you don’t even need a camera. It could be a small price to pay to ensure the security of your family and belongings. If you want to save money, you may look for other options at a lower cost. The fact remains that quality, accuracy, and reliability come at a price.