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What is Midjourney Remaster, and how do you use it?

You can't really modify remasters, at least not yet.

Published onNovember 9, 2023

Midjourney is a relatively easy-to-use AI image generator if you stick to the basics, yet there’s a lot you can do with it once you explore its more complex commands. One feature you may not have even heard of, in fact, is something called Remaster. So what is Midjourney Remaster, and how does it work?


Midjourney Remaster takes upscaled images produced using older model versions and re-renders them using the latest available model. Once you've tracked down (or revived) an old render in Discord, just click the Remaster button.


What is Midjourney Remaster?

Midjourney Remaster lets you overhaul earlier, upscaled Midjourney images to take advantage of newer rendering models. As of this writing, images are automatically converted to Model Version 5 — you can’t, say, take a batch of Version 2 images and convert them to Version 4.

Whenever you use Remaster, it generates a new grid of images based on the original composition. Be prepared for substantial differences however — while the overall layout may look similar, expect colors and details to shift, possibly even the overall style. You may or may not find the output matches your intent, much like any original Midjourney prompt.

How to use the Midjourney Remaster feature

There’s nothing too complicated about the process on paper, but the first twos steps could take a while in practice. Here’s the overall process:

  1. Track down the original image job you want to remaster. You may be able to do that by scrolling through your Discord history, particularly if you’ve only created images by direct messaging Midjourney Bot, but otherwise you’ll need to track down a Job ID. This is the last part of the URL when viewing an image in your Midjourney web gallery, an example string being “9333dcd0-681e-4840-a29c-801e502ae424.” You’ll see a similar-looking string in image files you’ve downloaded, assuming you haven’t renamed them. In the web gallery, you can also fetch a Job ID by clicking … > Copy… > Job ID.
  2. If the job is indeed an older one, use the /show command to revive it in Discord. In the case of the Job ID above, you’d enter “/show 9333dcd0-681e-4840-a29c-801e502ae424” into chat. You should copy and paste the Job ID to save time, naturally.
  3. In a few moments, Midjourney Bot should display the original image(s). This may be a fresh opportunity to upscale if you hadn’t previously.
  4. Find and click the Remaster button below your source image. If it’s missing, the original image needs to be upscaled first.