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You told us: Your wearable has died because you didn't have a charger handy

It turns out that most of you have had a wearable die because a charger wasn't readily available.

Published onMay 23, 2022

OnePlus Watch top down view
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are pretty commonplace these days, as everyone from Apple and Samsung to Fitbit and Xiaomi offer these devices. One issue with many of these wearables is that they often use special chargers compared to smartphones.

This got us thinking whether your smartwatch or fitness tracker has ever conked out because you didn’t have its charger available. We posed this question a few weeks ago, and here’s what you told us.

Has your wearable ever died because you didn’t have a charger handy?


Over 2,200 votes were counted to date, and it turns out that the majority of polled readers (57.84%) report that their wearable died because they didn’t have its specific charger on-hand. A few reader comments indeed confirm this to be the case, with two comments specifically noting that their watches wouldn’t last a day.

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On the other end of the spectrum, 31.67% of respondents say they haven’t experienced their wearables dying due to not having a charger on-hand. The comments supporting this stance suggest that — far from these readers simply carrying their wearable charger around — their smartwatches simply have great battery life.

Finally, 10.5% of polled readers say they don’t have a smartwatch or fitness tracker.


  • Dion Baker: The only way I run out of battery without a charger is if I leave my phone at home thanks to Wireless Power Share. (GW4 + S21)
  • Northwest Eagle: Both of the smartwatches I owned wouldn’t last a full day on a charge. In the end, after I got a Z Flip 3 with the little screen that basically did everything the watch did, I started leaving them at home and haven’t really missed them.
  • Bonedatt: Mine doesn’t hold a full charge like it used to. It’s a Gear S3 LTE classic. It’s almost 6pm EST as at the time of my comment, and my watch died at around 2pm. I took about 3 calls on it though. I may need to replace the battery.
  • bradavon: No because I use a HUAWEI GT2. Yes when I used a Samsung Galaxy Watch.
  • Curly: My amazfit watch only needs charging every 30-40 days
  • SS03: I have never run out of battery on my watch (Mi watch revolve active) .
  • Joe Black: Not ever, as I always pick my smartwatch with good battery life. My current one Instinct 2 Solar will most likely be even more effortless than the previous one.
  • Jon Slater: Yes, with some previous watches – especially my last one, which turned out to be faulty. Not with my current TicWatch Pro 3 GPS – essential mode overnight and 15-20 mins on the charger every morning while I shower etc keeps it going. Currently at 59% at around midday and it’s not had a full charge for several weeks.