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We asked, you told us: Yes, OnePlus should bring back the X range

Our poll for the week was all about the OnePlus X, that little midranger that found a lot of love, but not follow-up from OnePlus at all.

Published onMay 19, 2018

This week’s poll across Android Authority’s far reaches focused on OnePlus, just as the OnePlus 6 was revealed in London as a powerhouse, but by no means a bargain.

As the leaks and rumors preceeded the launch of the new flagship, the hints we were seeing on pricing made us wonder if OnePlus should be bringing back the OnePlus X. Why? Well, at the time, it was a compact device that was designed to be hugely affordable. The OnePlus X hit the ground just three months after the Oneplus 2 to show just how much value both the flagship and the mid-ranger could offer.

The X was a 5-inch compact mid-ranger that put the previous year’s Snapdragon processor into a current handset, and retained the solid build quality. It even had expandable storage for the first and only time from OnePlus.

The OnePlus X.

Now, the camera quality wasn’t great, and it didn’t have LTE bands for the US, and generally, represented quite a different approach to the flagship philosophy. Still, it was reviewed as a compelling option. But that style hasn’t been seen since.

As OnePlus phones have grown, from the OnePlus 5 at 5.5-inches, to the 5T at 6-inches, and now the 6 at 6.28-inches (no, we’re not thinking the 7 will be 7+ inches!), it could again make sense for OnePlus to offer another X: the OnePlus X2. Or XI. Whatever. Think a smaller device, wound back to last year’s Snapdragon 835 SoC or even the new value-packed 700 series, cut down on RAM and storage, stock Android, NFC, average main camera, and without too much future proofing everywhere – just going for low-cost. Right? Or wrong?

Your responses were really interesting to read, with great feedback across the 40,000 or so votes we received here on the website, on our YouTube poll, and on Twitter and Instagram.

The breakdown here is quite distinct, which we didn’t expect. Two of the four polls were in close agreement in each case. Our users on the website and on Instagram had roughly the same point of view: 74 percent and 71 percent voted yes, a clear majority.

But AA users on YouTube and on Twitter were quite different, voting 58 and 51 percent yes, which is a much much narrower win for those who want a OnePlus X2, just scraping over the line.

Of course, the ‘No’ vote is also grouped with ‘Don’t Care’, so it may be that it’s not necessarily something you want or don’t want, you’re just looking for something different anyway – fair enough.

Let’s take a look at your feedback in the polls – ranging from positive feedback to negative to some good thoughtful analyses on why it’s a good idea, but might not happen in the broad scheme of things


  • Oneplus X2: 5.6 inch, 1080p, 18:9, OLED Screen, 3300mAh Battery, SD660/4GB ram, Headphone jack – $300-350.
  • Yes as a small phone as not everyone wants a 6+inch phone.
  • I was thinking about the exact same topic today. OnePlus phones have become too expensive to consider over established rivals. An X range with an older flagship chipset would be great.
  • Absolutely!! An X variant that’s a bit smaller would be extremely relevant, especially as prices continue to hike up. I think it could be excellent competition for the smaller Pixel phone.
  • No question about it! The 3T is still bringing strong prices in the used market so launching an updated version of the X would be ideal providing they don’t skimp on features like a dual band AC, WiFi radio or NFC for mobile payments.

No/Don’t care:

  • No, one good device and keep it up to date. Stock Android and fast updates.
  • No. They should bring only the X range pricing to their devices.
  • OP’s strategy has shifted greatly from the days of the X. They want to break into mainstream flagship territory. That means no X.
  • Should they? Yes. Will they? Probably not.
  • Parent company OPPO is planning an EU launch over the next year and probably doesn’t want another budget/midrange phone to compete with its own line of products.

Now that we’ve seen the OnePlus 6, and the disruptive HONOR 10 launch, has your opinion changed in any way? Do you think that OnePlus would be pleased with all the feedback? Let us know your thoughts on all the feedback here on a possible OnePlus X successor, and thanks as always for your vote.

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