Net Neutrality is the word on everyone’s lips. Today, the FCC meets for its monthly meeting where we expect that it will strike down the Obama-era restrictions that prevent internet service providers from treating some traffic differently than others. The Title II classification of internet providers restricts them from creating paid fast lanes, throttling traffic to sites like Netflix and YouTube, or outright blocking sites.

Chairman Ajit Pai and the two other right-leaning FCC members are poised to remove these restrictions. The two remaining FCC commissioners oppose this move and we’d expect them to speak up today when the vote happens. If you’d like to watch it happen, you can head over to the FCC’s website starting at 10:30 AM Eastern/7:30 AM Pacific to watch it happen. The meeting is expected to run for two hours. Net Neutrality is the only one of the topics that will be discussed during the meeting. It’s fourth on the docket and should kick off during the last hour of the meeting.

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