• Google is reportedly bringing YouTube Red and Play Music together to create an all-new music streaming service
  • The project – dubbed “Remix” – could launch as early as March, 2018
  • It will allegedly include “Spotify-like on-demand streaming and would incorporate elements from YouTube”

It’s been quite a while since Google first admitted that it had plans to merge Play Music with YouTube Red back in July. According to a Bloomberg report, however, it won’t be too long until we see the search giant’s retooled service that reportedly combines both music and video in an effort to break Spotify’s iron grip on the music streaming market.

The latest whispers come from Bloomberg sources that claim the new service – internally dubbed “Remix” – will launch in March, 2018. Said premium service will allegedly include “Spotify-like on-demand streaming and would incorporate elements from YouTube, such as video clips.”

The report also hints that the Play Music brand is likely to drift into the background in favor of putting the YouTube name front and center. The decision to push YouTube as the face of Google’s revised service follows internal restructuring earlier this year that saw much of the Play Music team moved over to work on YouTube-related projects.

Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music
Apple Music vs Spotify vs Google Play Music

From a consumer perspective, a fully-integrated combination of the two services is something of a no-brainer. A Play Music subscription already lets users enjoy ad-free YouTube content and Red originals as part of the package. Merging the two under one name and/or a single app, regardless of any possible new features, makes the proposition far less confusing.

If Google is to hit a March release date, however, it will have to tackle a significant hurdle first. According to Bloomberg’s sources, the overhauled service is partly an apology of sorts directed towards record-industry head honchos that have been less than enamored by the minimal revenue generated by YouTube music videos. Google is fully aware, then, that the support of the industry’s biggest players is paramount to its new platform’s success.

So far, Google has managed to get Warner Music Group on board, says the report, but discussions are currently ongoing with Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and independent labels.