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vivo standing desk converter review: A flexible, piston-driven option

The vivo V000K standing desk riser is a simple and effective way to add a standing desk to your home.

Published onAugust 25, 2020

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser straight view
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

With a global pandemic shuttering many offices buildings, multitudes of people have suddenly found themselves working from home. Not everyone has a house or apartment setup for spending hours on a laptop or desktop. Moreover, not everyone has a work-from-home setup that’s ergonomically correct. A standing desk can help keep your health and work in line at the same time.

We’ve taken a handful of standing desks for a spin, including the vivo V000K standing desk converter. How does it hold up? Find out in the Android Authority review.

vivo V000K Desk Riser
About this vivo V000K standing desk review: We purchased and assembled the vivo V000K ourselves for this review. I used it as a working desk over the course of several days.

vivo standing desk converter review: Who is this desk for?

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser with gear
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Standing desks, in general, are for those who are conscious about their health. Research has told us that spending all day in a chair is detrimental to our health. Standing for at least a portion of the day is one way to ensure a healthier you. This logic is reason enough for anyone to get a standing desk, but what about the vivo V000K standing desk in particular?

The V000K is a riser, also known as a standing desk converter. It goes on a regular, existing desktop and can rise to elevate the workstation to standing height. It’s a more flexible option than a true standing desk. It’s for people who already have a desk or solid work station that they want to augment.

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The V000K is a way to get a standing desk without the commitment to an entire piece of furniture. You get the benefit and flexibility of a standing desk at a lower cost and smaller footprint.

Four screws, four feet: Assembly is a breeze

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser box
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Assembling the V000K could not have been simpler. I was worried a million parts would spill out of the box when opened. Color me surprised when I pulled the V000K out of the box almost fully assembled.

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser bottom view
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Only one major component needs to be installed, and that’s the keyboard tray. It involves some pins and some screws. Drop the pins in the pre-drilled holes, place the keyboard tray on the supports, and screw the tray down. You’ll also have to attach four rubber feet into the corners of the bottom support. It took less than 10 minutes to unbox and assemble the vivo V000K.

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser assembly
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Anyone who has any skill level at all with a screwdriver can put this standing desk together. It’s not too heavy, either, which means most people can lug it around.

Build materials and strength

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser standing half way
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

The frame of the V000K is made from steel. There’s a bottom support with two bars serving as the feet. A scissor mechanism is supported by a piston. All of these parts are metal. The table top and keyboard tray are made from a laminate material and covered in plastic.

vivo says the desk riser can handle 30lbs. This is just one-tenth the massive 350lbs weight capacity of the Fully Jarvis desk. Keep in mind, the vivo V000K needs to be placed on a sturdy, flat platform. Don’t put it on a card table, set it something like a dining room table or existing office desk. These will have the strength to support the V000K and whatever you place on it.

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The vivo feels solid. It’s not meant to hold your PC towers; rather, it’s for monitors and other lighter gear. I had total faith using it with my laptops and tablets.

How do you adjust the desk?

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser latch
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Adjusting the height of the vivo V000K is straightforward. A clamp with a hook, located on the right side of the desk, holds it in the lowest position. The clamp is designed in such a way that you have to hold part of the table to release it. The clamp is connected to a clasp on the piston. The piston is designed to push the desk upwards.

When released, the piston raises the desk in a smooth, uniform motion. You have to hold the clamp in the released position the entire time. When you let go, the desktop stops rising. It’s designed this way on purpose, as it allows you to set the height just about anywhere you want. Didn’t go high enough? Pull the clamp again and let the desk continue toward its maximum upward position.

The base height of the vivo V000K is 4 inches above whatever surface it’s placed on. It raises a total of 16 inches, bringing the upper tabletop to a height of 20 inches over your existing desk. That’s 16 inches of range, which is a bit less than the 20-24 inches of range you might get from an independent standing desk. Even so, this should be enough of a change so people can properly adjust from a sitting position to a standing position.

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser piston grip
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

What about lowering the desk? Well, that takes a little more work. Since the piston is meant to raise the desk, you have to hold the clamp and physically push the desk downward to get it to retract. You can feel the pressure of the piston as you press. It moves slowly and sturdily until it reached its lowest position.

It may require a little effort on your behalf, but trust me, this is safer for the monitors and other gear on top of the desk.

Are there any extra features?

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser left angle view
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

The most important feature of the vivo V000K is its simplicity. The action of the piston mechanism is smooth and sturdy.

As far as extra features go, the V000K’s biggest advantage is its portability. When collapsed, it’s about the size of a small suitcase. It’s easy to carry around and place on various tables, and desks. That means you can tote it between home and the office, or home and a vacation rental, for example.

The vivo also includes a keyboard tray, something we didn’t see on the Ikea and Fully standing desks. While the keyboard tray is nice to have, it’s not adjustable at all. It doesn’t move up or down, nor does it slide forward or backward. It’s stuck in one position.

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser half way up
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

If you’re really looking for something a bit more involved, vivo has quite a range of desk risers, some of which have more surface area and adjustable keyboard trays.

vivo V000K standing desk review: Should you buy it?

vivo Desk V000K Desk Riser close up
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

I like the vivo V000K standing desk converter for its portability and simplicity. You can use it on any table or desk in your home, which makes it a great option for people who can’t accommodate a new, dedicated standing desk in their homes. Moreover, unlike some of the other standing desks we’ve reviewed, this riser has a keyboard tray for somewhat better ergonomics.

vivo V000K Desk Riser

At $140, the vivo V000K standing desk does not break the bank. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, and efficient way to add a standing desk to your existing work-from-home station, the vivo V000K is the way to go.

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