vivo thinnest smartphone

Back in 2001, Derek Zoolander had the world’s smallest phone. Ever. Now that phablets are all the rage however, small is out. Thin, though, is still in. Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha is sleek. Apple’s iPhone 6 is svelte. Oppo’s R5 is positively petite, and now Chinese manufacturer Vivo is preparing to launch a device so small, it’s practically nonexistent. Earlier today the company took to Sina Weibo, China’s sprawling microblogging network, and teased a trio of pictures showcasing an unknown phone. One of these must simply be seen to be believed:


The larger phone is clearly an iPhone 5/5s, and based on Liliputing’s estimations, that means we’re talking about a device aroundĀ 3.8mm, or roughly 0.15 inches. This impressive feat of engineering would make this so thin, questions must be raised about what can possibly be inside.

Although, judging by the impressive specs on Oppo’s soon-to-be-dethroned new announcement, there is a chance the internals couldĀ be decent if not actually good. Still, Samsung and Oppo have removed the Micro SD card support from their anorexic devices, with the latter’s offering even loosing its headphone jack in the weight loss process. It remains to be seen just how thin is too thin, and what future sacrifices will be made in this questionable race, but for now we will need to wait for an official product announcement.

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